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Growth Hacking with the 12 Key Strategies for Success | RAP Success System

December 17, 2019 by rapsuccess  

Today we’re going to discuss growth hacks. What the heck is growth hacking? Growth hacking is a way to hyper-grow your business. There are 12 key strategies to accomplish that. The first strategy we’ll cover is marketing. At the end of the day, if you don’t have a rock-solid marketing game plan and your marketing game plan doesn’t match the psychological profile of the client that you want to attract — good luck scaling your business over the long haul.

So we’ll begin by trying to understand the psychology of the home seller and what it takes to market to them the right way.  Here’s the deal, if you don’t do this, then your marketing plan will most likely fail, your ROI will go down and you will get crushed financially. If you don’t have some of the key things we’re covering here, then failure is inevitable. So, make sure you tune in and listen closely.

One common mistake to avoid when you’re putting your marketing plan together is making the primary motivation about you. That’s mistake number one. Here’s how that works: we talk about how long we’ve been in business, how good we are, or how many transactions we’ve made. Now that information does have a time and place. It should be a part of your marketing game plan. But if it’s at the forefront of your game plan you’ve lost the game, here’s why. Sellers have access to so much information and opportunity that they will pass you by if you’re not doing something to catch their attention.

Homesellers start making decisions based on your personality and not from listening for what value you can offer them. I will submit to you that if you don’t follow what I’m sharing with you, if you don’t implement it, over time, it could cost you millions of dollars in transactions, marketing dollars and profit.

Before you build your marketing plan you need to identify the psychological profile of the person that you’re want to attract. So let’s first focus on Expireds and FSBOs. When I first started my brokerage, although we were scaling for homebuyers, Expireds actually became a huge part of our growth. We got so good at managing Expireds that I could get on the phone, attract four out of seven and literally be out on an appointment the very next week, next day, or even the same day.  In some cases, we would begin listing the same day that we first made contact with them. 

So how do you do that? How do you get good enough? How does your marketing prospecting message get that good? Well, it starts with a focus on the psychology of the homeseller.  

The first step is to ask ourselves what are some of the key problems Expireds are having?  Most likely, communication with their last agent was probably a big one. We know this because, statistically, the number one problem that homeowners with an expired listing report that they had poor communication with their agent. They further report that the agent just stuck a sign in the yard then disappeared. So how can your marketing plans speak to that issue? Homesellers are thinking about it. Before they consider engaging the next agent, if they decide to go that route again, that agent will need to prove that they have excellent communication.  

Listen to the full training video to hear the other steps that help agents better understand and account for the psychology of the homeseller. Better yet, just get the full Master Class at ulmmasterclass.com to access the entire Ultimate Listing Machine blueprint. The ULM Master Class covers the 12 Key Strategies for success.




You’ve made it to the top, but your work isn’t done. Here’s what you need

December 10, 2019 by rapsuccess  

How some of the nation’s top producers stay ahead of the curve

By RAP Success Systems

“It’s more difficult to stay on top than to get there.” Mia Hamm, a two-time Olympic gold medalist, and two-time FIFA Women’s World Cup champion.


Being the top agent in your market means building a practice that is not just okay or average. It means building a business that surpasses all the norms. Doing that means going beyond what the ordinary agent would do. Top agents stay on top by effectively managing productivity, innovation, infrastructure, and marketing. Once top agents set these cornerstones of their business strategy, they stick with them for the long haul. Here are ways you can hold tight to your top position:


Reports show that nearly two-thirds (64.8%) of sales agents’ time, on average, is spent in non-revenue-generating activities,1 On the other hand, the productive agent spends more than half of their day in productive activity2. They spend less time on administrative, repetitive tasks, and more time on the tasks that generate revenue. 

Time management is one of the best ways to improve productivity. This is always a real challenge. Between phone calls, mountains of emails, listing presentations, prospecting calls and office administration, how do you stay productive? Time blocking is a practice that calls for you to schedule every minute of your workday. It’s an effective technique for real estate agents because it encourages you to spend your time on the activities that have the greatest impact on your bottom line, such as:

1.   Lead generation

2.   Client follow-up

3.   Marketing (your practice and your listings)

4.   Compliance and ongoing training

You should outsource or leverage technology to take over any non-revenue generating activities you’re performing. All-in-one platforms such as RAP Success Systems are designed to do just that. Are you using your time wisely, so you stay on top?


It’s tough to stay on top of innovation in the marketplace, but with some focus, it will allow you to stay a step ahead of your competition. Start by regularly researching and staying on top of real estate technology trends. There’s a lot out there, so you can’t react to everything, but you’ll be able to identify solutions to gaps in your business or the market faster than your competition. 

One great example is the Real Database Pro platform which uses Artificial Intelligence to help real estate agents know, with impressive precision, which homeowner is likely to move and when. Imagine getting a pipeline full of leads that are “move-ready” while the agent down the street is still making cold calls to cold leads the old fashioned way.


To stay ahead, top agents should maintain effective teams and processes. Do this by ensuring that you and your staff stay well trained to take advantage of the latest best practices and tools. Ensure that everyone is participating in ongoing training and taking advantage of every available educational resource. RAP Success Systems has a full suite of educational resources for real estate teams. 


If you build it, they will come. Yeah, right. You can build the best practice in the state, but you’ll need quite a bit of marketing juice behind it to stay top-of-mind. Successful marketing campaigns needed to keep you on top include videos, infographics, blog posts, Facebook bots, email-drip campaigns, text messaging, direct-to-voicemail, and more!

This type of all-in marketing takes a team of diligent, focused people who execute consistently and flawlessly. There is nothing that gets you a better return on your investment than the right marketing strategies and campaigns. Staying on top requires that you leverage every available resource internally and externally to put together killer marketing plans for your practice. RAP Success Systems (RAPSS) combines the latest technology with the most effective strategies to make it easier for top agents to stay right where they belong, at the top.  


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Use artificial intelligence to improve lead conversion rate – RAP Success

September 27, 2019 by rapsuccess  

Today’s real estate agents face enormous obstacles to maintain a consistent revenue stream — market dynamics and growing competition from other agents and digital alternatives are a constant threat. RAP Success Systems (RAPSS) simplifies and reduces the agent’s workload, providing immediate access to essential database management resources.

With all the technology choices out there, it’s important that agents try to find the most advanced and affordable solutions that can be easily deployed while meeting their market demands. Specific focus should be placed on three key frustrations faced by real estate agents:

  • Wasted time working leads who are just tire kickers vs. those truly ready to make a move.
  • Inefficient spend of marketing dollars that were meant to convert leads.
  • Missed opportunities in a highly competitive, fast-paced industry.

Agents who face these challenges will find a solution in the predictive technology employed by Real Database Pro, the latest service being offered by RAPSS.

Overall, agents spend a lot of money generating leads. Then they spend even more money working those leads or paying an ISA to work them. And many put just as much energy and time into cold leads as they do for warm and hot leads. How much more effective would they be if agents had a “move-readiness” score for insight before they worked the leads? You can imagine the dramatic improvement agents could achieve in their bottom line if they spent time and money more efficiently on scored leads.

Fortunately for agents, today there is artificial intelligence powered by advanced algorithms to find the “most-likely” movers.

Through its Real Database Pro platform, Rap Success System is the first all-in-one real estate marketing service company to give agents the opportunity to build a SMART database using predictive analytics to help improve their bottom line. The powerful “most-likely mover” prediction technology automates the painstaking process agents normally go through to uncover opportunities who are ready to take action nowImagine knowing, within a small margin of error, when your past clients, your new internet leads, or geo-targeted data are most likely to buy or sell a home. This is now possible utilizing the “Social Score” feature of the technology.

RAPSS leverages intelligent software along with other technologies to deliver a done-for-you solution to real estate agents. Through these technology-stack strategies, RAPSS offers unparalleled features and support, including database aggregation, consolidation and optimization capabilities that address the most demanding market dynamics.

The Real Database Pro platform also fills a void where agents have been unable to stop the bleeding of lost sales from a poorly managed lead database. With RAPSS, agents can feel confident knowing there is a clear path to managing and optimizing their entire sales funnel, including Lead Generation and Lead Conversion. Simply put, they can close more deals.


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