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How to choose a good criminal defence attorney?

February 21, 2020 by Ray Bobo  

When you are facing any criminal charges, it is not something that you have shown. When you find yourself in any kind of legal wrongdoing, it becomes very stressful and put you in a risk of some extensive consequences. No matter whether you are indicted of driving under the influence or white-collar crime, if you choose to go hearing without a criminal defence attorney then, there is a high chance you can put yourself as well as your legal right in danger. When anyone faces criminal charges, like white-collar crime or money laundering, it's better to choose a good white collar crime lawyer. But, before selecting an attorney you should keep certain things in mind. Have a look at some of the important things that you should consider for choosing the best white collar criminal defence attorney.
The attorney experience and field of expertise: Not all attorney posses the equal level of expertise and experience. Some attorney only concentrates on some specific fields like there is healthcare fraud lawyer for defending in healthcare sectors. And, then there is a bank fraud lawyer for defending charges of bank fraud. Some attorneys are there who have experience in multiple sectors. Based on your situation, choose an attorney who has years of experience in the same sector according to your case.
How honest is the attorney? The person who will represent you in the whole criminal case is the person who will stand between you and the criminal record. A person with so much power in your future, should be very honest and trustworthy. When you will first consult with the attorney, pay much attention to what the attorney is saying about the whole case and how far he can assist you in getting some favourable outcomes. A money laundering attorney who is honest, will warn you if there is any chance of losing the case and offer you a real outlook rather than all fake promises.
How much they charge? Even if you meet a highly experienced and honest attorney, they won’t act good to you if you are not able to pay for his or her services. At first, determine how much you can afford and then tell about your budget to the attorney. He’ll manage everything alone. Hiring a good attorney will help you in achieving desired outcomes besides preserving your future.

The Need for Defense Lawyer on Cryptocurrency Fraud

January 23, 2020 by Ray Bobo  

The debate around cryptocurrencies and fraud is growing bigger with each passing day. The laws dealing with cryptocurrencies are vagueso much so that many countries have even eliminated them as a legal tender. Cryptocurrencies are novel in their basic nature and defy most of the traditional legal laws. The digital world is drastically changing and so are the ways of investing, saving, producing and consuming. 

Due to the lack of laws governing the cryptocurrencies, there has been a considerable increase in the fraudulent use of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and others. Some of the most visible frauds involving cryptocurrencies are money laundering, illegal sale, and purchase of products or services, etc. Cryptocurrencies are a virtual form of money that people can use to carry out online transactions with it. Several IT, gaming and other business sectors are trading in cryptocurrencies. This kind of scope makes it easy for the digitally-informed and inclined people to start fraudulent actions. Since cryptocurrency is a decentralized virtual currency, the user's name stays anonymous making cryptocurrency frauds harder to prove.

Another reason for the increase in frauds using cryptocurrencies is that transactions in cryptocurrencies are really hard to track this is because the transactions herein are recorded in a public distributed ledger called a blockchain. Due to this technology of blockchains the transactions are hard to track. At that situation you can contact cryptocurrency lawyer USA.

The rule of court and law are very harsh about handing out punishments if you are found guilty of the cyber crime. Punishment for the fraud is up to 20 years of jail time. It is hard to find securities fraud attorney that have experience in defending the cryptocurrency frauds. It is ideal to find an money laundering attorney with expertise in handling cryptocurrency crimes and is capable of gathering documents and evidence to support your case.
The explosive growth of the cryptocurrency and lack of proper regulations started making the scenario of decentralized transactions worse. Experts say a bitcoin bubble may pop up in near future. But it will not cause as much damage as caused by the dotcom bubble, which led to a painful market crash in 2000. And this is because the cryptocurrency craze remains tiny as compared to the dotcom bubble.
Cryptocurrency is a relatively new phenomenon that is an output of an evolving digital market but due to not getting the right market space its value has been consistently falling. Had there been proper regulations to govern the world of cryptocurrencies, we may have seen a different picture for the future of cryptocurrencies. 

Protect Yourself From Cyber Crime

January 14, 2020 by Ray Bobo  

As technology rise, it has opened up room for cyber crime in 2019. According to a survey conducted by Cyber Security, 45% of businesses were caught in a trap in the last 12 months. In the U.S, people lost more than $214 million through a mode of cyber crime. Though, there is significant action took over past to monitor and control cyber crime. But as per securities fraud lawyer, there are about 2.55 million people who are caught and have been a victim of cyber crime.

Cybersecurity and cyber crime are significant issues confronting business and many individuals today. There is colossal implementation done to keep updated with rapid development; there are opportunities as well as misuse of the internet and computers. There are more crimes done through mobile rather than other devices.

Some examples of cyber crime

Cyber crimes are criminal activities that are committed to technological devices such as a computer, laptop, or mobile phone. There are different kinds of cyber crimes that include sexual offenses, hacking, harassment, espionage, fraud, and much more. If you have been bullied by cyber crime or accidentally fall in the trick of committing a crime, then you need cyber crime lawyer.

Cyber Bullying - Sending or posting hurtful messages or photos about someone. It is the most common crime among youngsters.
Cyber Terrorism - It is to create fear and sometimes even violence.
Distribution of child pornography - Child pornography is a global problem. Many times, the source of child pornography remains anonymous on the internet. Internet crime lawyer can help you with it.
Identity Theft - When someone steals the personal credentials of another person for financial gain, it can result in a crime. It is done through phishing and illegally accessing a bank account or other information.
Money laundering - It is caused when criminals transfer money electronically that is achieved from criminal activities to different business and bank accounts.

The cyber crime is a threat to intellectual property, personal data, hardware, software, and personal data. Every individual or organization is at risk of cyber-attacks, fraud, or data breaches. With increased global cyber regulation, there are laws imposed for huge fines and punishments on those who do not comply. Your business could potentially fall in insolvency or penalties for greater than 20 million euros.

Securities fraud lawyer are leaders in the industry, and they can become a vanguard of cyber crime and security.


Importance of white collar Criminal Defence Attorney

January 8, 2020 by Ray Bobo  

White collar crimes are quite different from street crimes such as drug peddling and robbery. There is some disagreement among criminologists about the classification of this type of crime. However, white collar crimes are generally financially motivated, associated with professional business individuals. white collar crimes are committed during the work activity of the individual. 

The seriousness of white collar crimes is comparable to a violent criminal offence. When a person is convicted of fraud, it often leads to an increased risk of depression and suicidal tendencies. Not surprisingly, about 36 percent of businesses and 25 percent of households are victims of white collar crime. Having the backup of a good white collar criminal defense attorney is a very good idea since an average person is very likely to be mixed up with white collar charges. 

Advantages They Provide

Chargers of white collar crimes can ruin a man’s reputation, social status and mental health as well. Usually, such cases involve thousands and millions of dollars and must not be considered lightly. A white collar crime lawyer who is well learned and experienced can often aid the person dealing with such charges. 

The attorney can find weaknesses in the case put forward by the prosecution. In many cases, the charged individuals were dismissed or proven not guilty by the assistance of specialized internet crime lawyer. Alternatively, many times defense attorney successfully negotiates a plea deal to avoid worse circumstances. 

White collar crime lawyers with years of experience are of high demand. Since they already have defended accused parties at the federal level, you can rely on their professionalism. Across all the major apprentices of financial marketing, a lot of professionals are likely to face white collar criminal charges. The accused can be anyone, a lawyer, corporate directors, accountants, executives or anyone else. 

Necessity Rather Than A Luxury

Since white collar crimes are common, anybody, including you, could end up facing such charges. Thus, having a strong defense ready is always the wiser choice. The types of white collar crimes are varied, ranging from identity theft, computer theft, bribery, bank fraud to mortgage fraud, Internet fraud, credit card fraud and many more. You can also consulting a business fraud lawyers.  

When you have the experience and excuse expertise of veteran lawyers, you can come up with a solid defense to safeguard your interests. Though it seems like an unnecessary option to hire an attorney right away, this move might ultimately help you come clean whenever accused of white collar crimes. If you are a professional in the financial field, you should consider consulting a mortgage fraud attorney to deal with fraud charges. 

The Worst-Case Scenario

The worst outcomes of white collar charges are severe. A person, if found guilty, may face from one to twenty years of prison time and a fine of up to a hundred thousand dollars! Payment for costs of restitution, criminal attorney’s fees and other related charges are calculated and added later.

A charge like this leaves a long-lasting negative impression to the person. The sentences are not at all pronounced lightly. To avoid undesirable happenings, always take white collar crime charges seriously.