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Redbridge International School Bangalore Focus on Co-curricular Activities

October 15, 2019 by Redbridge academy  

Why there ought to be co-curricular activities in redbridge international school Bangalore? Are these activities extremely significant? Let us find answers to these questions in the following sections.

Significance of Co-curricular Activities

As per Redbridge International Academy Bangalore there are a few advantages of having co-curricular activities in school educational plan. Maybe a couple of the principle advantages are:

Improvement in Social Skills: Most regularly during co-curricular activities at ICSE schools in Bangalore, students need to take an interest with different students who are concentrating in different evaluations or are in different areas of a similar evaluation.

Such interest assists with improvement of relationship and social skills for youngsters and step by step it changes into a lasting friendship...

Better Time Management: When students take part in co-curricular activities, it encourages them figure out how to successfully deal with their time. This winds up conceivable since they need to organize between various errands they are participating in and work proactively.

Nature Different Interests: IGCSE schools in Bangalore put more accentuation on co-curricular activities since it gives kids an incredible breadth of using various potential outcomes and sustain various interests they have.

Build Self Esteem: Redbridge international school advance co-curricular activities and need them to be a piece of the educational plan in light of the fact that such activities can assume an essential job being developed of confidence in students. It is a reality that few out of every odd understudy in ready to perform well scholastically.

Be that as it may, when they make progress in co-curricular activities or when their commitment is remembered, it helps in structure their confidence. According to redbridge academy, frequently this confidence additionally helps in improving their performance in studies.


Why Redbridge School Bangalore Reviews as the Best School?

September 18, 2019 by Redbridge academy  

At Redbridge Academy  Bangalore, they have adopted integrated, interdisciplinary teaching & learning methods, with the latest technology to assist in curriculum delivery. They organized a curriculum and studying environment which has been focused on the bright future for each student of the schools. That is why Redbridge Academy reviews an enriched environment ideal for learning.

Why Redbridge school Bangalore reviews as the best school?

The reason behind the Redbridge School Bangalore reviews and feedback is their uniqueness in the teaching and moulding the students. Moreover, They are providing state of facilities and features like the following:

  • Campus facilities:

Redbridge School Reviews best for the campus facilities including spacious classrooms,  Laboratories, Pottery room, Creative Arts Programmes, Dance & Drama Studio, Music room- Instrumental & Vocals, Language labs, Robotics lab, and Computer lab.

  • Campus Architecture:

Redbridge academy has a 13-acre campus with lush greenery a biodiversity park, combination of wide-open spaces, abstract designs on colourful walls, well-ventilated classrooms with smart boards and fully equipped science labs.

  • Sports facilities:

Redbridge school reviews for the facilities they gave for co-curricular activities. They are providing all the following outdoor sports facilities like  Athletics, Football, Handball Court, Skating Rink, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Long-jump, Kabaddi, Kho-kho and Optional Adventure sports. The indoor sports facilities like Table tennis, Chess, Yoga Room, Badminton Courts, Basketball, Swimming and Horse riding are outsourced, Carrom, Billiards/Snooker Room,  Modern Gymnasium, Squash and Aerobics.


Redbridge International Academy provides a welcoming and holistic environment with the boarding students to live in. The lush green environment of the school both motivates and encourages the students to learn more about the world around them.

Top Benefits of Studying in International Schools in Bangalore

September 13, 2019 by Redbridge academy  

Schooling is one of the most important elements for creating a unique personality. Nowadays, it is seen that different schools are adding various elements for making study interesting and easy so that, every students can enjoy his/her study.

At the same time parents have also become aware of many things. Many parents put a lot of thought and deliberation into making a choice of a school for their kids.

International schools in Bangalore have also become a good option for completing the needs for modern parents as well as kids. These schools not only offer advanced curriculum but also influence each child’s lifelong learning. Here, I’m giving you ten reasons why you should select these schools for your young ones.

These schools are known for modern as well as advanced education patterns which help in student’s overall development.

Top international schools in Bangalore provide exposure to new culture. These schools follow the practices defined in international curriculum, which often incorporates an appreciation for other world cultures into the learning process. Different international schools use a curriculum that is used and accepted around the world.

In international schools teachers and students also come from different countries. So they learn different things from each other.

Top school in Bangalore also helps in creating unique personality. Students of these schools are blessed with the ambience that not only provides them theoretical education but also becomes a source of good practical awareness. With the diversity, they learn about different languages and cultures.

Top international schools in Bangalore also keep right curriculum for the students. Instead of giving them theoretical knowledge they give students practical knowledge.

It is seen that the students of international schools are more aware and open up. Because of their education pattern they can express their viewpoints easily. They are more frank to talk about any topic.

These students have more career opportunities. It is seen that most employees are in search for individuals who can easily mingle up with different cultures and are exposed to various languages. International schools students have more potential and confident in their field of choice.

Networking is also considered an important part of grouping up and being actually successful. These schools not only help your kid make local friends but also bring your world close to different persons from other parts of the world and as such, networking helps to make their future better.

Students of International Schools in Bangalore also get to learn a wide range of extra curriculum activities, which helps them to develop an attitude to face any challenge with open arms.

Bangalore international schools offer the students a chance to learn the diversity of the world either in form of language, culture, lifestyle, etc.





Redbridge School Review-Top IGCSE school in Bangalore

September 4, 2019 by Redbridge academy  

Selecting the right school for your children can be sceptical, yet it cannot be overlooked as your children's future is at stagnant state.

Before shortlisting IGCSE or ICSE schools in Bangalore, let’s understand how the education system works in India. Currently, there are three mainstream board systems namely CBSE (Central Board of Education), ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) and IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education).  Each board is unique and differ in their curriculum, functionality, abilities, as well as standards.

ICSE and IGCSE emphasize a holistic education, insisting on a child’s overall growth both in curriculum and extracurricular activities. Hence, both have a more balanced syllabus compared to CBSE.  Vast and comprehensive in nature, the syllabus is structured and aimed to give intense importance to practical knowledge and analytical skills in students.

Redbridge School Bangalore Reviews

Redbridge School Bangalore reviews as the top school because of  the following specialities: 

  • Individual Attention

  • Haven for creativity

  • Interdisciplinary approach

  • Expansive green campus

  • Technologically equipped

  • Qualified and trained teachers

  • Holistic development

  • Rooted in values

  • Award-winning institution

  • Boarding facility

Awards: Redbridge academy review Bangalore’s one of the few schools who clinched many awards including “India’s Top ICSE school”, ”Number one infrastructure”, “school of Excellence” and many more.

Another important speciality of Redbridge academy is the complete involvement of Parents. Parents can keep a complete tab on their children. They can access their child’s Academic Progress Report, Attendance Report, Class teacher remarks and can even communicate with subject teachers and also check Fees status, Health status easily. 

When it comes to the growth and empowerment of pupil, Redbridge believes in a holistic approach. That is why Redbridge School reviews as the top IGCSE and ICSE schools in Bangalore.

Redbridge Academy Bangalore Reviews, and Awards

August 29, 2019 by Redbridge academy  

Redbridge International Academy is an international school in every sense of the word. This school is situated in the IT hub of Electronic City at Bangalore, Redbridge has taken education to an all-new level. In a short span of 5 years since its establishment, Redbridge school reviews as the top school has been accredited to offer three school curriculum programs from K-12; the ICSE (from Grade 1 to 12), the IGCSE (UK - Grade 9 and 10) and is an authorized International Baccalaureate World School to offer the IB Diploma Program (Switzerland) or IBDP (Grade 11 and 12). 

Both a day cum boarding school, Redbridge international school is spread over a sprawling 13-acre environmentally-friendly campus hosting over 400 students and 48 well-qualified faculty members in the academic year 2019-20. Complete with an aesthetic appeal, open spaces, spacious classrooms with the latest technology there is ample room for children to learn and play. 

Redbridge school promotes academic rigour, creativity and holistic child development through personalized attention. Redbridge aims to make education as a force to combine people, nations and cultures for a peaceful, sustainable and equitable future for the world of tomorrow. 

Redbridge academy has small class sizes with expert mentors who provide individual attention to wards, fostering excellence in academics as well as co-curricular activities. Sports and athletics are taught within state of the art indoor and outdoor sports facilities. Teachers are well-qualified experts with a wide range of interdisciplinary research, project work and encourage technology-enhanced learning for all subjects, including English, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Studies, Business, Economics and Psychology. 

Subjects like digital art, drama, dance, painting, martial arts and music are also given equal importance. Students are experientially taught values, competences, positive dispositions, excellent communication and leadership skills through outbound adventure campus. The school has an excellent career counsellor with collaborations with top Universities across the world. 

Redbridge School Bangalore reviews as a proud recipient of various prestigious awards in the realm of Education offered by reputed international institutes and educational bodies. These accolades include various awards and appreciations for its innovative architecture, visionary leadership, individual attention to students, co-curricular activities, and for excellence in Steam Education.

Review of Reasons behind Popularity of International School in Bangalore

August 27, 2019 by Redbridge academy  

Redbridge International Academy is an international school authorized to offer both ICSE and IGCSE Curriculum. Redbridge is also accredited as an IB School and is authorised to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP).

Review of 10 reasons behind REDBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY is among top international schools in Bangalore:-


1.       It is an academy whose vision is to “To create & nurture a learning culture that believes its transformation through education”. The mission of this academy is "To mould independent, thoughtful, and compassionate individuals who will play a positive and responsible role in contributing to the progress of the country in the changing global environment".


2.       The vast campus area filled with all sorts of facilities whichmakes REDBRIDGE vulnerable to all sorts of facilities like Campus facility, Sports facility, Classroom facility, boarding facility etc.


3.       REDBRIDGE School provides top quality Faculty members & professional trainers for the students in order to make them competitive for ICSE & ISC curriculum respectively. Not only the academics but it is made sure that the students are involved with all sorts of co-curricular activities as their integral part so that the talent of every individual is shaped.


4.       At this ICSE School in Bangalore, top modern technology classrooms are built in order to sharpen every individual’s attention in the class to ease the process of gaining academic knowledge.


5.       As one of the top schools in Bangalore, Redbridge offers Sports as an integral component of its co-curricular activities. The creative facet of sport ensures that the responsibility of learning shifts from the teacher to the students, thereby making learning self-directed, student-centric and personalized. Sporting activities develop a healthy smart disposition in students and 21st century competences like team work, risk taking, group dynamics, decision making, physical fitness, mental agility and confidence. The Integrated sports complex has professional indoor and outdoor sports facilities for all major sports. Emphasis is laid on inter-school competitions and outdoor camps that encourage students to develop a healthy competitive streak.


6.       Redbridge School Transport Management System helps to ensure the safety of our students by getting real time information from our school vehicles. The system deals with concerns like optimizing school bus drop patterns, children’s safety, and the

Driver’s driving. There are female attendants in each bus until the final drop point. All buses are fitted with speed governors to limit the maximum speed that the vehicle can travel at, and a GPS tracking system. Our School Transport System also gives an alert message in the event of rash driving, over-speeding, breakdowns, or accidents.

7.       REDBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY has also made its mark in media & newspapers where the talented students not only attracted the viewers by their skills & talent region wide.


8.       During the admissions of the students the prime priority of any parents or guardians after academics is the security of their children in the campus. Thus the entire campus is under 24 hour surveillance.


9.       Redbridge International Academy provides a welcoming and holistic environment for our boarding students to live in. This facilitates the growth of mutual respect among the students from across the country and other parts of the world.


10.   It is very easy to get in touch with the school authorities by either calling in the phone numbers mentioned in the school catalogue & website which connects the parents & guardian directly to the school authorities. Apart from that they can also query by mailing the authorities directly to their official email id.






Redbridge School Review Benefits of Studying in an International School

July 31, 2019 by Redbridge academy  

Are you a parent? Have you ever thought of what type of school would be better option for your children? If not, this blog would definitely guide you through the process of best schooling options for your child.


Schooling has always been a dread for almost all the parents of the world. If you are a parent you would never want your kids to get low quality education. As a parent, you would want them to acquire the best possible knowledge, right? It’s obvious that you would never want your kids to be behind in today’s competitive world. As a parent, you’re only desire is to see them flourish in their field of interests. Therefore, as per Redbridge school reviews, international schools are the best option for you then.


This blog would take you through various pros of having your children admitted to an international school.




Best education by qualified teachers

According to Redbridge Academy reviews Bangalore, the foundation of every child in the field of education has always been the teachers. Therefore, best teachers will always provide the best knowledge to your child, which connects us to the quality of teachers a school appoints, how many qualified teachers does the school have? What is their highest rank of qualification? Are they qualified enough to impart knowledge to the students? These are the questions that have always troubled parents.


Well, international school fulfills the demand in this case. They appoint highly qualified teachers

and staff who would not only provide quality education to the students but also shape the life of the students. International schools appoint teachers having a B.Ed degree with many years of experience.


Exposure for your child


As per Redbridge school Bangalore reviews, the most beneficial fact about international schools is that, your child would have opportunity of getting oriented with students of different states, communities, culture, religion, etc. which would not only broaden their mind but also would make them humble towards people of various diversities, which is important for the growth of any child apart from academics.


Development of your child’s personality


In the competitive world today, knowledge of academics alone would not suffice to compete with the intelligent world today. To get in the race of excellence, personality development is one of the significant elements anyone should have to stand in the odds. Obviously, you would not want your children to come out of the race later in the future.


According to Redbridge International Academy review, in order to be on the track of excellence, international schools prove to be the best option that you would want to have in your mind. I will tell you the reason why? Well, it would have your child exposed to high quality English language as well as highly confident teachers and fellow students, which would sharpen your child’s confidence.


Barrier to different languages would break


What would your child do when he or she has to step out from the native and go to a new place? Have you ever thought of that? If yes, you would understand that knowing the basics of different languages would break the barrier in this case.


Exposure of your kids to international schools would fill in the gaps and would break the barrier of not knowing some popular languages that are used in most parts of the region. In fact, it would encourage your children to go to different places for various educational or job purpose in the future.


Career opportunities, last but not the least


As per Redbridge school review, a student who has been exposed to various diversities through an international school has the chance of getting hired by great organizations. This is because big organizations hire students who have a wide knowledge on other things apart from academics which would benefit your child in every way possible.


Therefore, international schools have always been one of the best options that you would have your children to be admitted to. It sharpens children, make them confident about everything, and make them stand out from the people around.


Review of reasons behind popularity of Redbridge International Academy

July 19, 2019 by Redbridge academy  

Review of reasons behind popularity of Redbridge International Academy

Redbridge International Academy has been so far the best school in Bangalore I have put my son in. He is currently an 8th grader and this is his third school. We checked out around six to seven schools for him before deciding on Redbridge. We came to know about the institution through a friend and later on checked for Redbridge International Academy Bangalore on internet. Since the reviews were good, we paid a visit to the school just to cross check before actually putting him there. Once we saw the school, we were convinced that Redbridge school reviews were not hyped and that it would certainly be the ideal choice. This is his second year there and we absolutely do not have any regrets or complaints.

Why has Redbridge become so popular?

What caught our eye immediately was its infrastructure. They had spacious and well lit classrooms equipped with Smart Board and all kinds of modern technologies, various recreational rooms like pottery rooms, dance and drama studio, music rooms with different instruments, fully quipped computer and robotics labs. They also had facilities for various sports and games such as football, cricket, basketball, hockey, badminton, volleyball, throw ball, athletics, skating, karate, snooker, table tennis, carom, squash and yoga.

This clearly showed the importance they gave to co-curricular activities. And I realized I was not wrong, within around three months of my son joining there. They did give equal weight-age to other activities along with studies. They focused on the overall development of their students rather than concentrating on bookish knowledge alone. My son had greatly improved his social and oration skills. He also started bringing in a lot of moral values in his behaviour. Probably because of the stress free environment there, his marks started getting much better.

It was described in one of the Redbridge International Academy reviews as to how well they ensured their students’ safety. This was true indeed. There was CCTV cameras installed everywhere, adequate number of securities throughout the school, mandatory id card system, etc. There were even options to track the bus route from the parent’s phone. This hugely impressed me as safety was my top concern when it came to my son.

The curriculum offered included both ICSE as well as IGCSE which makes the students work a little harder and gain practical knowledge. This has clearly worked in good stead as far as my son is concerned. Instead of mugging up the information, they try to apply it in their real life situations, which I believe will greatly help him when he starts working in future.

Boarding facilities are also provided here. So just in case one of us has to move out, due to job requirements, we would not have to be worried about shifting his school again. We have already changed his school thrice and wouldn’t want him to go through the painstaking process of adjusting to a new environment once again.






Top five benefits of studying in ICSE schools in Bangalore

July 9, 2019 by Redbridge academy  

Top five benefits of studying in ICSE schools in Bangalore


Redbridge International Academy is an international school in Bangalore, which provides both ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) and IGCSE (International General Certificate for Secondary Education) curriculum. Being one of the top ICSE schools in Bangalore, it’s also accredited as an IB school in Bangalore and also offers International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP). Spreading over 18 acres, it provides both day scholars and boarding facilities, which makes it one of the most popular schools in Bangalore.


The school has over 400 students enrolled in different curriculums. Although admissions are open throughout the year, it’s advisable to complete all the related procedures by 31st June of every academic year.

Benefits of Studying in ICSE Schools

There are numerous benefits of studying in ICSE schools in Bangalore:

- ICSE schools in Bangalore are more practical based when compared to others, which are hugely dependant on theories. This is a huge benefit to the students, as it makes them better equipped for their further education.

- It lays great emphasis on the English language. The medium of instruction in ICSE schools is also English. This can greatly help students who are planning to continue their studies abroad, as they find it easier to crack exams like IELTS, TOEFL etc. which hugely depends on the knowledge of the language.

- The syllabus is much more widely recognized around the world when compared to other Indian syllabuses. This can help students get into prestigious universities around the world with more ease than others.

- ICSE also facilitates an extensive understanding of the subject due to the vastness of their syllabus. Although it might seem tough in the beginning, it will gradually enable the students to get a deeper understanding of topics.

- ICSE schools also have a more personalized way of teaching due to the smaller class size and fewer students. This helps students get more attention from their tutors.





Benefits of IBDP Diploma Program – Redbridge International academy

July 5, 2019 by Redbridge academy  

As per Redbridge Academy Bangalore, the main benefit of International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is that it assists students develop certain skills, which will support them throughout their life. Let us explore the benefits of this 2-year pre university programme available in IB schools in Bangalore in this Redbridge International Academy Bangalore.

Review of IBDP Diploma Programme                            

Benefit #1: Positive Impact Over University Admissions

As per study performed by UK’s HESA (Higher Education Statistics Agency), IB Diploma graduates stand a better chance of getting enrolment in any of the top 20 UK’s HEIs (Higher Education Institutions).

According to Redbridge International Academy review and research performed by CPSTP or Chicago Post-Secondary Transition Project, it is more likely that graduates from IBDP will get enrolled in universities, remain enrolled, as well as perform better in their studies.

Improved Research Skills

There are two components in IBDP curriculum taught in best IB schools in Bangalore, Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay. These components helps students develop better organizational as well as research skills. According to Redbridge International school Bangalore, the Extended Essay helps students increase their comprehension of how to prepare research projects while they are pursuing undergraduate courses.

In addition, Redbridge International school reviews show that the Extended Essays also help IBDP students excel in their undergraduate studies after they pass out from best IB schools in Bangalore.