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Lifelike Sex Dolls Are Used as A Method of Sexual Experimentation

November 14, 2019 by Annabelle Garcia  

In the second half of the 20th century, real sex doll photography gained popularity because it was used as a method of sexual experimentation and prevented people from being exposed to sexually transmitted diseases. This makes the lifelike sex doll widely available. They started making high-end TPE and silicone real dolls and used them for sex. They make the appearance more real. Therefore, the creation of a female sex doll includes more detailed features such as hair color, eye color, skin tone, and in some cases real human hair.

So for clarity. If you have found a love doll that you really like, but you have a body that you are not really interested in-you can choose only the head and find the body you like. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. Real sex doll should be somewhat similar in size. The head size varies between them, so you cannot select a head from 100cm and put it on 170cm. If you are not sure which head is facing which body, contact your provider.

In today's Japanese sex doll, they are retained to some extent, so you get great works. Many men like it. Because they are different recently and how they feel. You don't have to use them for sexual activity, but you should also use them for displays. The quality of this may shock you, and the fact that they are super-functional can make everything much easier for you as well.

silicone sex doll

In addition, consider all the different configurations you can get. If you really want to try something new, you can always get a sex doll by voice or with a heating system. All of these different factors are undoubtedly the ones that allow you to have the best silicone latex AI sex doll you can have. You will really feel like it is real, and the fact that you can get this warmed will definitely add to the effect. Of course, if something gets hot, make sure it is silicone. It is often with all bells and whistles. By the way, if you want to have a boyfriend, we also can meet your demand. Just because we provide male sex doll too. Welcome to purchase!

The last thing you must to do is clean up your sex doll. After washing, dry the doll with a towel. If you store her in a dark place, do not leave water on her body as it can cause mold to grow. It is also recommended to apply baby powder to her body. This procedure removes unwanted moisture and softens your beauty skin. In particular, the TPE material after washing may be slightly sticky. Applying baby powder will make the skin of your anime sex doll smooth and silky.

Everything you need to do a proper survey on the internet to find the right life like a love doll. Lifelike sex doll made by TPE are for everyone who wants to explore sexual fantasies, but you don't have to pay a large sum for such products. So book your product today from Oksexdoll.com and get fun and joy every night at night.

Oksexdoll is the leading approved online sex doll store for delivering all type of sexual dolls, such as blonde sex doll, which guarantees delivering complete and realistic sexual pleasure. Then it is well designed with a catchy and wonderful look, so it brings a real girlfriend experience with respect to the time spent and hopes it is very safe and enjoys more.

History and Development Prospects of Real Life Sex Dolls

October 29, 2019 by Annabelle Garcia  

As sex dolls become more popular, according to the style real dolls are divided into cute love dolls, sexy real life sex dolls, male sex dolls and so on. However, there are still questions about the use of realistic sex doll.

Once McMullen points out that sex dolls are not used exclusively for sex. “I can say I sell a lot of uniform sex dolls to photographers,” he says. “I've borrowed a sex doll more than once for a movie or entertainment program, but I don't always know the role of a realistic sex doll or a corpse. Special for nurses to train troops Created a figure, you are likely to use it for a full-scale, fairly realistic heavy and posed person. “I think there are many misunderstandings about the people who buy and own these real life sex dolls, but I think they are wonderful, often very kind and subordinate people." McMullen says:" They are generally amazing people and I've met my friends for several years."

You can't imagine love dolls here. It is about the history and facts of real life sex dolls. About how these sex dolls changed from time to time. In June 2006, Henrik Christensen, the European Robotics Research Network of the Sunday Times in the UK, published an article "People have sex with robots within five years." Even more, you may not be able to imagine that with the development of science and technology and continuous innovation, scientists will innovate AI sex doll based on the inspiration of robots, but what about this? Everything has its two sides. As long as it can be used reasonably, it is also a contribution to human society.

After World War II, conversion of sex dolls into more sophisticated and realistic sex dolls. In 2009, the Germans raised their ante with "Seemannsbraut", meaning pocket pussy, and developed it into popular modern real life sex dolls. These sexy real dolls have customizable skin, eyes, breast, hair and more, also they can exhale and even pulse for a more realistic sensation.

silicone sex doll

Realistic sex dolls have restored hope to those who have lost trust in human sexual activity. These dolls are available in various shapes, sizes and colors. In an industry spoken language, they can be called BBW sex doll, black sex doll, blonde sex doll, Japanese sex doll and so on. All of these sex dolls will never harm you. Adult love dolls are very docile and ready for behavior without mood changes, discussions and hormonal imbalances. The only adjustments that a real doll can have are those set by you. On the other hand, having a realistic sex doll is very economical because she goes only to a few select clothes, dinner and other expensive outings.

By the way, when you are buying a $ 2000 or $ 4000 real sex doll, you are probably interested in keeping her face as long as possible. And trust us. If you take care of your sex doll properly, it is an investment that will last you for a lifetime. Tips, when you have used the sex doll, remember to clean and care for her, not only for your next experience, but also for your safety. Cleaning your big booty sex doll after use is actually a very simple process and can be completed in minutes with the right tools. Here are some of the tools we recommend and tools to make your sex doll look good as a new one.

In conclusion, the reality of having to buy a realistic sex doll cannot be overlooked in the current world where human sexual relationships have broken people. The real doll will definitely give you choices and ways to get rid of the bad experiences you have experienced from past relationships. Tell me what you think! Have you ever seen a person using a sex doll in a way not listed here? Let us know! We are always looking for great photos and stories of readers. To say a digression, in fact, I think that the black sex doll is the most distinctive type of recognition doll. If you like her, you can take a closer look at her picture.

Do You Know Why Realistic Sex Doll Is More And More Popular

October 9, 2019 by Annabelle Garcia  

Many women and men of different ages and positions purchase realistic sex doll as a way to satisfy their sexual desires and fantasies, and also some manufacturers are trying to incorporate artificial intelligence into their love dolls. That is why TPE and silicone sex dolls are gaining popularity and are controversial.

Days have been gone when people were crazy about sex but not open to show their wishes to the whole world. However, many changes have occurred in human perception over time. As a result, today's people are relatively hesitant than previous people. So many adult toy makers are moving into action with the introduction of the finest range of products to users. A lifelike love doll can make your day and night full of fun and pleasure. They look just like your real woman and are affordable.

These realistic sex dolls are so beautiful and are always ready to make you feel fantasy and pleasure in the best possible way. Sexual differences, foreplay's exciting attitude, and unparalleled oral sex, there's more you can explore when you're with your favorite love doll. You can also look like your favorite model or celebrity, or you can ask a doll maker to customize mini sex dolls by looking at a girl who was crushed in school days. The truth is that the possibilities for allowing you to a world full of sex are endless.

mini sex dolls

There are many benefits that a sex doll will bring to your relationship. They will enliven your boring sex life, otherwise it may help your partner indulge in sex more often. Think of it like using a dildo to add extra inspiration for your female partner while having sex. You can also use these cheap sex doll to have a threesome with your partner. They also help you fulfill your broadest fantasies. Using an adult love doll is the same as using an adult toy, but it is better. Helps you achieve ultimate joy without hassle. In this way, you can meet your fantasies without bothering your partner. Knowing this, your partner will also be happy that you are sexually satisfied.

In addition to all this, sex dolls do not share the emotional benefit of being with humans. They cannot express love, passion and affection. So they cannot reciprocate human emotions. They can only create sexual experiences. These artificial love dolls have no life and no emotional quotient. They can only be used to give you sexual pleasure. On the other hand, the relationships you share with your partner cannot be expressed in words. These silicone sex doll can't help you with real human interactions. Men using realistic sex dolls are very similar to women using vibrators. If women can use dildos to meet their sexual desires, why can't men use sex doll to try and satisfy sexual desires? This will not do any harm to you, your partner, or your relationship.

Sex toys are for sex only, but are also used for socializing with other people. Real sex dolls come in a variety of forms, but with a sexual robot, which is a little more anthropomorphic work that is designed to show more complex behaviors and soon be enhanced by artificial intelligence Can be confused. Everything you need to do a proper survey on the internet to find the right real doll, such as Japanese sex doll. The love doll is for everyone who wants to explore sexual fantasies, but you don't have to pay a large amount for such products. So book your product from oksexdoll every day and get night fun every night.

How Does It Feel To Live With A Sex Doll

August 5, 2019 by Annabelle Garcia  

I have been single for so long. How many times have I wanted a really nice relationship. It was really a pity. No matter how many women I have gedated, I always had something to complain about. My buddies always said that I was an attractive, handsome man after all. Why it just did not want to work with the women, I just do not know. One evening when I was alone and depressed at home again, my best buddy asked me if he could bring his acquaintance for a beer. At first I was skeptical, because I had renounced the women's world once and for all. A few weeks earlier, said mate said that I could buy a sex doll against my loneliness. That hurt me deeply, but I forgave him in the meantime. So I agreed. Maybe his companion was nice.

A few minutes later, the lady was sitting with me in the living room. My buddy got an urgent phone call shortly after he dropped her off at my place. He had readiness and had to go to work. So it came about that I was sitting on the couch with the pretty sex doll. She looked really hot. Their roots were in Asia. You could see that. It did not bother me, because I like such women. How she sat there with her brown, wavy hair and how she looked at me with her brown eyes. It was just amazing. I was blown away. This TPE sex dolls have enchanted me directly. I would never have thought it possible that I should again wish to have a wife as a partner.

So I stroked her through her wavy hair, she slid down on the couch a little. Her sweet kimono slipped and her cute lingerie flashed out. Now I was really hot and came up to speed. Unknowingly, I opened her kimono and slipped it over her shoulders. So this Japanese sex doll was only in underwear before me. Her black lingerie flashed towards me. For me there was now no more hold. I knew exactly what I wanted. And I wanted to see this hot girl naked.

mini sex doll

As we kissed, I tenderly opened her bra. Then I pulled her black, small string over my legs. Here I felt for the first time the desire of this lady. I knew that on the one hand in a relationship she embodied the shy girl next door, but on the other hand, she could be a wild partner for a few hours. This versatility made me special. Finally, she lay stark naked in front of me. She held out her luscious bust to me. Surely this mini sex doll was equipped with a D-cup. I found that really cool. I felt the excitement in my pants. I tenderly began caressing her breasts. Why had not I heard about my buddy before? Buying a sex doll is not such a bad advice. This hot real doll almost drove me crazy. While I indulged her everywhere with my tongue and kissed her, I kneaded her plump breasts. Her hard nipples just felt wonderful.

Finally, I wanted more. I wanted to know what her vagina looks like. So I spread her legs. She just looked stunning. I knelt between her open thighs and looked at her wet pussy. She was a little hairy. Few, brown pubic hair curled over her private parts. With my middle finger I stimulated her clitoris, she rocked in time. It was just divine. Now I was hot enough. I just wanted to spray on and experience a fantastic orgasm with this sex doll. So I got rid of my pants and knelt between her legs. I gently penetrated her. She was so tender, her skin was so soft and felt so real. That particularly aroused me. This girl was not used up yet. She was truly virgin. The sex with her was just amazing. After coming to climax, I snuggled up to her and stroked her body a bit. This was the best sex I have had in a long time. For the first time I had heart palpitations right up to my neck. Who would have thought that with silicone sex dolls you can have such a stunning, beautiful sex?