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Advantages Of Online Food Ordering Systems

November 16, 2019 by Reshmi Abhijith  

The online ordering trend is exploding and for good reason.

There are so many advantages to using an online food ordering app like Hungerbox. These days it's a critical component of a successful food business.

Below are a list of benefits and advantages that you gain from using such a system

Improve customer loyalty

An online ordering system helps build customer loyalty.

The main reason is that it makes it easier for modern-day consumers to place an order.

For the customer it means easily re-ordering their favourite order, not needing to wait in a line and no errors in their order.

These customer advantages help improve your relationship with them and in-turn lead to greater ordering frequency

Improve operational efficiency

Perhaps one of the main advantages of an online food ordering app is the improvement to your operational efficiency.

With an ordering system, you can accept any amount of orders at once.

There is no bottleneck with staff availability slowing down order taking.

There is no need to worry about always answering the phones.

All this leads to smaller lines, lower wait times and less chance of incorrect orders.

These benefits have a tremendous impact on your store efficiency which will lead to greater sales and revenue to the app

Gather valuable data

Imagine being able to collect valuable customer information during the ordering process.

Acquiring customer e-mail's and phone numbers helps you market your restaurant.

You can use the information to send our your latest promotions to all customers.

It also provides you with a record of everything ordered, the times they have been ordered and who ordered what.

This kind of business intelligence is invaluable and can help you make better decisions that are in line with your customer's interest.

Entice your customers

Online ordering systems like Hungerbox allow your customers to view all your dishes with high-quality pictures.

They can also easily view all the customization options available.

This is very enticing for customers as it means they know what they are ordering and what can be modified. There is no need to ask a staff member whether its possible to add this or remove that.

Remember, customers, eat with their eyes first.

Acquire customers who only order online

Let's face it, more and more customers are jumping on the bandwagon of only ordering food online.

They simply will not order from businesses which don't offer this service.

They are looking for convenience, if your business doesn't provide this, they won't be a customer.

For the price of ordering systems these days, it's definitely worth using if only to acquire these customers.

Build your web presence

A good web presence is critical to marketing your restaurant digitally.

More and more hungry consumers are looking online for where to have their next meal.

An online ordering system puts you on the map and helps customers find you online.

Best of all, if they like what they see, they are only a few clicks away from making an order.


It also gives you another point of contact to be shared around on social media channels.

Digitalization of Corporate Cafeterias- Hungerbox

November 7, 2019 by Reshmi Abhijith  

HungerBox as a platform believes in altering the current way of serving food in the online delivery industry works in India and around the world. People working in large companies would often know about the painstaking process of ordering food in their company cafeterias. 


HungerBox reviews that, the long queues, the mix-ups that take place and the confusions during payment, all make it a very lengthy procedure. Sandipan Mitra states that the problems of all three sections are different. The companies have no idea what exactly is going on in cafeterias.


 The employees find it tiring to wait for long durations to get their food and for the vendors, they literally have no control over the business. Various statistics suggest that around 18- 20% of the business income is not recorded at all. There were even instances where almost 50% of the sales were not recorded.

From the scratch of the food ordering process like setting up the initial system for each corporate place, Hungerbox enables each process in the easiest way.  According to HungerBox review, all the employees say it is an excellent idea to get cafeteria food of a particular company would be given apps, which are accessible through mobiles or computers. They can then scan the number of providers, select the type of menu they want and order food by mentioning the time and place of pick up.

The companies like GE Digital, Cognizant, Capgemini, Wipro, TCS, IBM, Qualcomm and HCL are utilizing the well-developed services of Hungerbox.  Hungerbox has a rigid team who can presently manage around 200 cafeterias in 10 cities and deliver 2.40 lakh orders every day through these locations.



HungerBox has now started tie-up with restaurants outside the companies so that it would be able to serve employees who work late and enable them to order food to their office if the cafeteria becomes closed.

A Food Delivery App- Expectations Of Customers

October 24, 2019 by Reshmi Abhijith  

Online food delivery apps and loyalty rewards apps offer greater value to customers seeking to get more out of their engagement with a restaurant. Apps are revolutionizing the food and restaurant industry. Food delivery used to through a phone call, which took up time and needed the information of the restaurant. 

Now, mobile apps like Hungerbox allow users to order food directly to their homes, sometimes with the click of just a button. Meanwhile, Apps which integrated with the restaurant allow users to easily accumulate rewards points and get a free drink, meal, or discount.

The Best Choice:

Give us a curated choice of food. Maybe ask some questions about customers food preferences while making the initial set up the app and show recommendations based on that.

Delivery Time:

The sooner you can deliver food, the better it is. Normally people are starving, we end up ordering when we feel hungry. So making sure that rapid delivery is very important while considering the time factor.

Crowd Management System:

The analysis of the crowd in the restaurant will make more easy for customers to choose and collect the food at the right time. That will be a convenient option for each person.

Payment Options:

The customer-centric practices are to pay easily without any delay through their favourable method. That might be cash on delivery, other payment apps, or debit and credit cards. Most of the food delivery apps like Hungerbox gives multiple payment options to make the process much more easy.

Fair Delivery:


The notifications about each stage of the food preparation and delivery status make the delivery system fairer. So that customers can know the status through online without any delay.

Advantages of Online Ordering for Restaurants

October 18, 2019 by Reshmi Abhijith  

We're digital nomads, living a digital life! And one thing that we have learned over the course of this evolution is that whatever we want or need, can be obtained with just a few clicks on our beloved smart devices. Even the food - all kinds, to satiate our different cravings on different days of the week. 

  1. Easier the ordering

Normal Ordering in food through manual menus, and by a person or by phone. It will take much time and mistakes are comparatively higher than online ordering. Restaurants owners can log in to the online food ordering apps like Hungerbox and customize based on their requirements.

  1. Management

An online ordering system for Restaurants helps enhance the customer-restaurant relationship by providing end to end Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. It provides a complete sales dashboard with information about new/active/cancelled orders, lifetime sales details, etc. The reviews and feedback also can manage easily.

  1. Expense Monitoring

Payment gateway integration with the app makes perfect way to manage expense, Easy to pay and collect the money too. These apps give precise information about the cash flow in the restaurant.

  1. Free and cheap marketing

This is free and cheap marketing method too. You can publish your new dishes, offers, and much more.

  1. Customer data

You can collect your best customer data with these online food ordering apps. Also, the trending food, location and pricing methods you can understand. 

  1. Manage Competition

Did you know there are only very less per cent of restaurants in the world that offer online ordering facility? This is your chance to make the most of this opportunity and make the restaurants which allow online delivery available to your customers on their fingertips. With the growing consumer demand for faster, more convenient ways to order in the apps like Hungerbox, independent restaurants are investing in this new takeout technology to stay ahead in the competition.

HungerBox - B2B Food and Beverage Technology

October 11, 2019 by Reshmi Abhijith  

HungerBox is arguably India’s first popular app on the Play Store, used by cafeterias in tech parks. It has helped in the digitization of more than 307 cafeterias through brings three sections of an organization together- the cafeteria vendors, the employees (customers) and the Company (the administration group). 

This innovative B2B food tech start-up was founded by Sandipan Mitra and according to HungerBox app reviews, it was founded in order to make things easier for all these three sections of people.

Employees working in large companies would often experience the hustles of the cafeteria, which makes difficulty in ordering and collecting food. The never-ending queues, manual action for ordering food and collecting cash are the primary problems of these tech park cafeterias. 

Hungerbox : 

  • Did digitization of more than 307 cafeterias

  • Presence in 11 cities

  • 112 corporate clients

  • Over 4,16,000 Daily transactions

  • 1,100 food vendors that are part

Hungerbox has an ISO certified customizable technology that is flexible to use in a new system or blended with any existing system. 

Hungerbox also provides healthy and safe cuisines which maintain FSSAI guidelines. Also, each cafeteria is continuously auditing by ISO certified auditors to ensure food quality. 

Also, it has been providing review and rating opportunity to give instant feedback for each cuisine as well as cafeterias.


The main attraction of the app is the unique features like health tracking through analysing the calorie consumption and crowd analysis in the cafeteria through completely AI-based systems. 

Hungerbox- India's Number One Institutional Foodtech Company

September 26, 2019 by Reshmi Abhijith  

HungerBox as a platform believes in disrupting the current way catering industry works in India and around the world. The product built by HungerBox is the website (hungerbox.com) and mobile apps (HungerBox), these products help connect caterers and customers via a very moderated channel.

HungerBox provides technology stack to manage cafeteria services for corporates as well as a vendor network. It allows employees to order food and pay for cafeteria food online, integrating multiple vendors present in a cafeteria.

Hungerbox achieved  Cafeteria Digitalization through:

1. Browse through a variety of cuisines available at your cafeteria.

2. Order your choice of cuisine and get notified when the order is ready

3. Collect your orders at the counter and rate the dishes.

Hungerbox has a number of benefits that make the E-cafeteria app is simple and convenient

1. All the vendors, tuck shops and food joints in your cafeteria are available at your desk

2. Order food for all your friends and colleagues at once

3. Order food from a common tablet placed at your cafeteria

4. Get notified when the food is ready.

5. Go cashless and pay online or recharge your wallets at Hunger Box helpdesk

6. Queue optimization.

7. 24/7 helpdesk and query clarification

8. Boost your productivity

Currently, HungerBox has more than 75 corporate clients like Qualcomm, Microsoft, FirstSource, Accenture, Capgemini, Genpact, ABB and McKinsey across cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi/NCR and Jaipur.


HungerBox also claims to use an IoT internet of things based solution to seamlessly connect vendor side hardware with employees of its corporate clients. Its app provides personalized recommendations to employees using Artificial Learning. The app also has the ability to undertake group-ordering and orders from restaurants in the locality.

Learn About the Ultimate Hungerbox World of Food.

September 19, 2019 by Reshmi Abhijith  

Hungerbox helps you to get the best meals from the top vendors of the corporate cafeteria from your fingertip. Here’s a one-stop guide on how to navigate your way around what is probably the nicest app available to make your life easier.

Here we have the complete guide to use Hungerbox:

Users of Hungerbox can view the fresh food menu provided by all enlisted food vendors at their corporate cafés, place orders and track preparation as well as delivery accurately and instantly. They can also provide ratings and feedback for each food items, which are used to assess and enhance the Food Vendor Partner Performance.

Hungerbox offers special features to the companies which integrated with the app, that they will be getting the admin access and they can track complete food order and delivery process including food consumption, orders, feedback, etc. in real-time.


Hungerbox reviews best for the payment methods because more than 65 different payment methods are integrated into the service offering including in-app purchases by an employee, payment via smart cards, m-wallets, self-serve kiosks at the cafés, etc. HungerBox uses latest technology advancements like IoT in its solution to seamlessly connect the vendor-side hardware (designed by HungerBox) and the corporate employees through digitalization of cafeterias.

 The HungerBox solution also provides features like ‘Personalised Recommendations’ to employees through its AI-driven technology, ‘Health Mode’ for health-conscious employees, ability to undertake group-ordering and orders from restaurants in the vicinity when corporate cafés are closed, etc.

The Key Features for the employees are:

  • View live menu

  •  Order food from the desk

  •  Personalised recommendations

  •  Health Tracker - Befit

  •  Express checkout

  •  Multiple Payment options

The Key Features for the vendors are:

  •  Live menu editing

  •  Order status updation

  •  NFC reading capability

  •  QR scanner

  •  Cash POS capability

The Key Features for the admin area:


  •  Customised reports

  •  Live dashboard

  •  Real-time reporting

  •  Invoice report structure

  •  100% policy adherence

  •  Cost centre wise bifurcation

Advantages Of Using Delivery Management System For Your Restaurant

September 12, 2019 by Reshmi Abhijith  

If you’re looking to boost your sales, adding delivery service to your restaurant will help you distinguish yourself from the competition – or at least keep up with them. Keep in mind that delivery will not grow your sales if you focused on corporate offices and employees.

Potential customers can’t order from you if they’ve never heard your name and they will choose other methods of having food. Once you’re on the delivery circuit, though, you’ll be available to customers who may not have tried your food before, which can lead to increased profits.

The state-of-the-art delivery management software like Hungerbox helps in improving delivery efficiency, allowing direct tracking of the most favourable routes and deliveries. Using delivery management apps your productivity will increase.

Here are the benefits of ordering food through apps:

1. Reach out to your More Customers

2. Attract hungry customers

3. Easy to Manage Menu’s

4. Gives better management

5. It is more accurate

6. Convenient digital mode replaces manual processes

7. Improve relationship with customers

Moreover, apps like Hungerbox you can easily…

• Monitor the different placements of your consonants in the menu so that which one's are the most engaged

• Set up daily ads

• Promote stock stores that are an available or limited shelf. Furthermore, if a good online menu and customer is manually configuring online orders, sales were just to be done. This means that if they look at Desert Page they will also be added to their order with their favourite main course.


Hungerbox App - An Innovative Option For Food Ordering

September 4, 2019 by Reshmi Abhijith  

Everyone is aware of the demand for online food delivery service. People prefer a food delivery service and online traffic to the restaurant is growing steadily.


Success in the food industry is inevitable but it depends on technology, trends and market analysis. Many entrepreneurs like Hungerbox are successful in the food delivery industry because of its demand and potential business.


Hungerbox is one of the fastest-growing food delivery platforms and holds no 1 position in India’s corporate offices. They are partnered with a wide range of restaurants and backed by the latest technology to support their platform.


What is Hungerbox?


Hungerbox is a subscription plan for corporate employees where you can get homemade meals from the chosen chef from the corporate cafeteria. Hungerbox app brings a solution for people who are dependent on hotels and restaurants can order from handpicked chefs who can delivery homemade meals to the customers’ workspace itself. Hungerbox assures you with the quality of the food from the trusted vendors and tracks your health through their health tracking features.

How Does Hungerbox App Works?

  • The user has to sign up with Hungerbox 

  • User can choose cuisines from the restaurants of the corporate cafeteria

  • The payment has to be made by the user through various payment gateways integrated to it

  • In each stage of food preparation, the user will be notified

  • Finally, healthy meals will be ready for delivery and can collect from the cafeteria

Features of Hungerbox:

  • With the Hungerbox, You can order a variety of cuisines from the cafeteria.

  • You can track the health through its health tracker

  • Various payment options are available

  • Instant notification will save your time


Hungerbox App - The Corporate Food Solution

August 28, 2019 by Reshmi Abhijith  

On-demand restaurant food ordering apps is not something that is a new concept for an online business idea. However, it has become a new trend among the startups and entrepreneurs for its technological improvements, efficiencies & market demands. Hungerbox added a revolutionary change into this trend which is used to save enormous time.

Ordering food from your favourite restaurants during peak hours can often become a hassle. Hungerbox- The online restaurant food ordering software makes it very simple and practical to place an order without any trouble. It is providing a wide range of options for its customers with also a wide range of choice with various payment options.

Hungerbox app aims to save the productive time of employees by providing them with a technology-driven food experience which is safe, healthy and evolving constantly. They are revolutionizing office food and cafeteria management along with the best caterers in the city with the use of best in class Technology and Infrastructure and robust Operational processes without compromising on Food Quality and Food Safety. 

They leverage their strengths and experience to deliver the best in class corporate food experience, which results in enhanced employee productivity and employee satisfaction. They are currently serving over 100 clients across the country and continue to delight them every day with our services.

Hungerbox grabbed users attention in many corporate places including 


  • Qualcomm, 

  • Microsoft, 

  • Accenture, 

  • IBM

  • CapGemini, 

  • Genpact, 

  • ABB, 

  • Amazon,  

  • McKinsey