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HungerBox App- The B2B Foodtech App

August 22, 2019 by Reshmi Abhijith  

HungerBox is making everyday food interesting by creating a marketplace for vendors. They are trying to build a bridge to remove the huge gap between demand and supply for easy, daily consumable, reasonably priced delicacies options by building a common technology platform that solves the problems in the interactions between the users and vendors. 

HungerBox being as a platform believes in disrupting the usual way catering industry works in India and around the world.

HungerBox operates as a full-stack Business to business food-tech company that helps manage the F&B requirements of large corporates through technology. 

The company today works with over 100+ clients processing 2,00,000 + daily orders across Bangalore, Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Jaipur & Kolkata.

The developers of HungerBox has more than 30+ years of food tech experience in the country and is led by a seasoned management people with rich domain expertise lead by Sandipan Mitra former Co-founder of Justeat India and Uttam Kumar former National Sales head of Foodpanda India and consists of graduates from Top tier institutions viz. IIT-Kanpur, IIM-B, IIM-I among others.

Benefits For Employees

Hungerbox highly beneficial for employees, no more standing in long queues, haggling for cash or waiting idly in the cafeteria for food. In Hungerbox app employees would be able to see the Live Menu, pay through all payment apps, pre-order, get notified of the order status when food is ready and provide feedback for each and every food experience.

 This feedback is shared with the respective Food Vendor Partner regularly to enhance the overall quality of food and the overall experience. There are several other features like AI-based Personalisation, Health Module to track calorie consumption, Gamification and a host of other features.

Hungerbox- The Digitalized Cafeteria

August 16, 2019 by Reshmi Abhijith  

HungerBox is an online platform that allows employees to order food and get delivery service for office and corporate events from the cafeteria. This is exactly what HungerBox, a B2B food-tech start-up founded by Sandipan Mitra, seeks to solve by digitising the entire cafeteria experience. Hungerbox app reviews highlight it as the best food ordering app because it brings together the food vendor, the company and its employees under a single umbrella to remove all the barriers that result in bad eating experience in a cafeteria.




Hungerbox team has the vision to increase the productivity of corporate employees by providing them with a technology-driven food experience which is safe, healthy and evolving constantly with best offers and payment options. They are revolutionizing office food and cafeteria management along with the best caterers in the city with the use of best in class Technology and Infrastructure and robust Operational processes. They are currently serving over 100 clients across the country and continue to delight them every day with their services.


How it works


This is how it works: all employees are given apps, which they can access either on their mobiles or computers, view the list of service providers, scan through their menus, order the food, mention the time of pick-up and pay for it. All of that is happening outside the cafeteria, thus reducing the waiting time and it highlights in the positive reviews for Hungerbox.


The food vendor knows when the food preparation has to be completed and the employee can go to the counter at the specified time, authenticate his or her order by scanning a QR code, pick up the food and leave. HungerBox’s clients include companies such as GE Digital, Qualcomm, Cognizant, Capgemini, Wipro, TCS, IBM and HCL.

Why HungerBox is the Preferred Platform for F&B Management Solutions?

August 9, 2019 by Reshmi Abhijith  

HungerBox is a platform that offers F&B Management solutions in many of the main cities in the country. What separates them from other F&B management solution providers is their use of the latest technology in combination with their operational expertise. In the following sections let us look at some of the products they have recently introduced.

Products Introduced by HungerBox

Employee APP

The primary focus on creating this app was to make life easy for employees. Few of the features of this app include:

  1. Employees can order right from their work desk.

  2. View personalized recommendations.

  3. Check live menu

  4. Enjoy express checkout

  5. Utilize several payment options

  6. Use the health tracker known as Befit

Vendor POS

POS machines execute the customized application and the application functions as a medium for a secured transaction between the service and the user. Other notable features include:

  1. Updation of order status

  2. QR scanning

  3. Editing of live menu

  4. Capability of Cash POS

Supervisor APP

Hungerbox reviews as a dedicated app solely for the supervisors, which aids in monitoring of daily operations as well as activities occurring on the site. This app can be used for:

  1. Reporting of issues

  2. Maintenance of daily attendance

  3. Creation of digital checklist

  4. Use of leader boards

  5. Accomplish secure recharging

Admin Dashboard

The admin dashboard can be used for viewing detailed reports and also to operations at cafeterias on a real-time basis. Few of the other tasks which can be performed are:


  1. Check the structure of invoice report

  2. Implement policy adherence

  3. Perform bifurcation on the basis of cost centres

Top Reasons Behind the Popularity of HungerBox App

July 30, 2019 by Reshmi Abhijith  

HungerBox is presently one of the most popular apps on the Play Store, used by cafeterias in tech parks. Let us explore the reasons for the same.

Reasons Behind the Popularity of HungerBox App

  1. It has helped in the digitization of more than 307 cafeterias

  2. HungerBox has a presence in 11 cities

  3. There are over 112 corporate clients

  4. Daily transactions handled by HungerBox are over 4,16,000

  5. There are more than 1,100 food vendors that are part of HungerBox’s network

Let us now look at the main benefits of using HungerBox App.

5 Main Benefits of HungerBox App

Benefit #1: Customizable Technology

HungerBox app makes use of a technology platform that is ISO certified. This makes it easy to customize it so that it can be used with any existing setup.

Benefit #2: Assured Food Safety

They closely monitor their food vendors to make sure all the vendors are audited for safety and hygiene according to FSSAI guidelines. Such a compliance check is performed by ISO certified auditors working for HungerBox.

Benefit #3: Real-Time Monitoring

HungerBox makes available an analytical platform which can be used for monitoring F&B operation on a real-time basis.

Benefit #4: Performance Tracking

HungerBox provides review and rating platform along with a dashboard that helps in monitoring the performance of vendors that result in better F&B management.

Benefit #5: Seamless Transition

There is a change management team dedicatedly working at HungerBox to facilitate the effortless and seamless transformation of cafeterias and food courts into digital cafeterias.

A Closed Look into Different HungerBox Products

HungerBox reviews as best because it  offers different products that businesses can choose from such as:

  1. Employee App: This app lets employees review the live menu, go through personalized recommendations, use health tracker, and choose from different payment options.

  2. Vendor POS: Customized POS machines run applications which provide a secure connection between the service and the employees. Few of the capabilities include updation of order status, editing of the live menu, provision for NFC reading and QR scanner.

Admin Dashboard: This dashboard can be used for checking reports as well as tracking operations inside cafeterias.

Review of How HungerBox App Accomplished Digitization of Cafeterias?

July 18, 2019 by Reshmi Abhijith  

HungerBox is arguably India’s first app to digitalize cafeterias. It brings three sections of an organization together- the cafeteria vendors, the employees (customers) and the Company (the administration group). This B2B food tech start-up was founded by Sandipan Mitra and according to HungerBox app reviews, it was founded in order to make things easier for all these three sections of people.

People working in large companies would often know about the painstaking process of ordering food in their company cafeterias. HungerBox reviews that, the long queues, the mix ups that takes place and the confusions during payment, all make it a very lengthy procedure. Sandipan Mitra states that the problems of all three sections are different. The companies have no idea what exactly is going on in cafeterias. The employees find it tiring to wait for long durations to get their food and for the vendors, they literally have no control over the business. Various statistics suggest that around 18- 20% of the business income is not recorded at all. There were even instances where almost 50% of the sales were not recorded.

How it works?

HungerBox reviews show that using this app, resolves all these issues by digitalizing the entire process. According to HungerBox review, all the employees of a particular company would be given apps, which are accessible through mobiles or computers. They can then scan the number of providers, select the type of menu they want and order food by mentioning the time and place of pick up. HungerBox app reviewssuggest that, since the entire process is online, there wouldn’t be any rush or queue inside the cafeteria, making the process easy and simple.

Future Plans

India’s first digital cafeteria was launched by HungerBox along with it’s first customer, which was First Source. HungerBox app reviews show that their present clientele includes companies like GE Digital, Cognizant, Capgemini, Wipro, TCS, IBM, Qualcomm and HCL.  They presently manage around 200 cafeterias in 10 cities and deliver 2.40 lakh orders every day. Their aim is to increase it to 3.5 lakhs a day. HungerBox has now started tie up with restaurants outside the companies so that it would be able to serve employees who work late and enable them to order food to their office.