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Logo Packs as an Effective Marketing Move

September 19, 2019 by Alex Smith  

Today, companies have almost unlimited opportunities for market promotion. Contextual advertising, advertising on social networks, video hosting, SEO, outdoor advertising, television, radio, etc. But more than ever, marketers are anxious to draw attention to their advertising at minimal cost.

In this article, we will consider promotional products as an effective marketing tool.

According to studies by the Ad Specialty Institute (an American marketing and educational organization that provides services in the field of advertising branded products), it is difficult to find a more effective tool than advertising products when comparing the cost of one brand display. A brand show is defined as the moment when someone sees an ad. Each commercial when watching a movie on TV is one brand show.

According to the Institute's research, while advertisements on television and in magazines cost 1.8 cents per impression, advertising products cost on average 0.6 cents per impression. The cost of displaying a brand on social networks depends on various factors, such as the number of subscribers to the account, and the amount spent by the business on advertising services. Therefore, in some cases, the cost of one ad display on social networks or on the Internet may be less. However, it is noted that CPM costs - costs per thousand impressions - are growing, in 2012 they amounted to $ 3.17, and the forecast for 2017 is $ 6.64.

According to Nielsen, the Open Advertising Association of America and the Columbus Dispatch newspaper, you can see the comparative cost of 1000 brand impressions per dollar spent:

Incredibly, logo packages turned out to be the most effective tool and bring 1000 brand impressions per dollar, while billboards gain only 500. And this figure drops if you look at television, radio and magazines.

According to the American Ad Specialty Institute, promotional products have the same or even greater payback than other forms of advertising. Viewers can switch the channel during advertising or disregard your billboard, but they will not be able to ignore the logo on a friend’s t-shirt or brand name printed on a pen that they use every day at work.

So which promotional products are most beneficial? The Ad Specialty Institute determines the number of brand impressions that a product brings, multiplying the period of time during which the customer has the product by the number of people with whom the customer contacts each month using this promotional product. In the United States , logo packs are gaining the most impressions - almost 6,000! Thanks to the packages, thousands of people can see the brand, because they are used quite often, and even in crowded places. Also high in terms of the number of impressions of the brand are items that we use or put on daily: such as writing accessories, caps, jackets, calendars and t-shirts.

In addition to traditional advertising itself, advertising products increase the number of brand impressions due to other aspects:

If your company cannot afford a large advertising campaign, or you tried to achieve results with the help of banners, but you didn’t achieve it, promotional products may be what you need. As promotional items change hands and redistribute, as well as help create a good customer experience, they will definitely make people talk about your company. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful forms of advertising, so give your customers the opportunity to talk about you using a personal promotional product that will definitely increase your brand recognition!

How to Buy a Confiscated Car

September 5, 2019 by Alex Smith  

Selling confiscated property in Russia today is widespread. This is quite beneficial for debtors, as it allows you to quickly get rid of the burden of loans, and for financial institutions who want to return the money borrowed to the population. One of the most common lots on the confiscated market is vehicles.

What is the advantage of buying confiscated cars

First of all, by low prices. The cost of a seized car is about 20 percent lower than the average market price. Among the other advantages of buying a confiscated vehicle are:


low mileage (quite often these cars, especially if they were bought on credit, the manufacturer’s warranty has not yet ended)

the absence of serious technical defects (since the machine has been in operation for some time, factory defects would have already shown itself);

there is little chance of running into scammers (if the purchase is made through a bank or a bailiff service, they are the ones who are involved in documenting the transaction, so there is no doubt about its purity).

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There are several options for the purchase of vehicles seized from debtors. This can be done through:




on specialized sites on the Internet.

Consider each of these methods in more detail.


How to buy a car through Auction


An arrested car can be sold at auction or through one of the companies that have the appropriate permission for this. After the confiscation procedure, the car is placed in a specialized parking lot. An appraiser is invited to determine the value of the vehicle. Information about future tenders is posted in the media. Also, the date of the auction can be found on the Internet on the official site of the FSSP. Bailiffs are required to post such information at least one month before the day of bidding. Everyone is entitled to participate in them. To do this, you must:


apply to the FSSP;

present a passport or other identification document;

make an initial contribution - 5 percent of the initial cost of the car, established by a specialist appraiser (if you do not win the auction, you must return this amount within 3 days).

The winner of the auction is the one who during the bidding offers the highest price for a car confiscated by bailiffs. It should be borne in mind that the rest of the funds must be paid within 5 days from the date of bidding. Otherwise, the transaction will be canceled. At the same time, the money deposited as collateral will not be returned to the unlucky buyer, and the car will again be auctioned after 14 days.


The bailiffs have 2 months to sell the confiscated car. Moreover, if within 30 days the car has not found a new owner, its cost automatically halves. Therefore, with a certain share of luck at the auction, you can buy a practically new car at half price.


How to buy a car confiscated by a bank

The procedure for acquiring a seized car from a debtor in a bank is similar to purchasing through a bailiff. Information on the sale of confiscated vehicles is located on the official websites of credit institutions or on specialized online sites, for example, konfiskator.com (only here are more than 500 billion rubles worth of various assets presented). Therefore, if you wish, you can always buy a confiscated car according to its financial capabilities. The price range is quite large: from several hundred thousand to several million rubles.


How to buy a car confiscated by a bank

One of the main advantages of buying confiscated cars through a bank is the ability to get a loan. Financial institutions willingly offer such services at 15-20 percent per annum. You can not worry about the legal purity of such a transaction - the bank will present you with all the necessary documents for the car. If there are doubts about the condition of the vehicle, credit organizations provide it without any problems for inspection at a service center. You can also order a test drive cars.


Cons of Confiscated Car Purchases

One of the main dangers of buying such used vehicles carzaamin.com lies in the fact that sometimes the seizure procedure is carried out incorrectly. In this case, the former owner has the right to appeal the unlawful confiscation in court. There are several reasons for filing such claims. In particular, the court will side with the former owner if:


the seizure of the vehicle took place in accordance with a preliminary and not final judicial decision;

the interests of a third party are affected (for example, the spouse of the debtor);

if the car is put up for auction at too low a price that does not correspond to its real condition.

Money for the purchase, of course, will be returned, but the proceedings will take a lot of time. Therefore, before you buy a confiscated car, it is important to carefully check all the documentation and the technical condition of the vehicle.

7 Ways to get Most out of your Pebble Time Smart Watch

August 15, 2019 by Alex Smith  

The original Pebble Watch could offer its users nothing but accessibility and compatibility with iOS and Android platforms. But the new Pebble Time (and Pebble Time2) model is an improved Pebble Watch, with the same charming color E-Ink screen, Android and IOS compatibility, and affordability, given that they still cost less than $ 200. But how can the owner of Pebble Time Watch make the most of all the features of his device?

In order not to lose their first users, the developers came up with a smart move, adding the ability to install a new Timeline element (Chronicle) on the original Pebble, as well as on Pebble Steel. The new firmware version 3.8 allows users to install an unlimited number of applications and interfaces, as well as the Timeline function, which allows you to view past and future events by scrolling up and down.

The latest model of smart watches Pebble Time built-in pedometer and an application that allows you to track sleep. As for the pedometer, the watch has the ability to automatically determine the speed and duration of the walk. The Timeline interface allows you to see how long the training mode, the distance traveled, and the number of calories burned lasted.

Sleep tracking with smart wake-up function is configured in the Alarms app. If you do not remove Pebble Time before bedtime, then 30 minutes before the set alarm, the clock will begin to monitor the phases of sleep and wake the owner with vibration in the REM phase.

Sleep data, as well as pedometer data, in the form of detailed reviews are transmitted to the corresponding Pebble applications, which can be installed on both iOS and Android. A special new application Pebble Health (Health) allows you to see monthly, weekly and even daily activity graphs with a detailed assessment of individual exercises.

With considerable effort, the Pebble developers were able to add a voice API with the given answers and emoticons, which works with both iOS and Android.

To try out these features that are close to those available with the Apple Watch for women, you need to download the Snowy app. Then, using voice commands, you can leave notes, add events to the calendar, or use the IFTTT to manage smart home devices.

It should be noted that while the Snowy app is only available for Pebble Time, Pebble Time Round and Pebble Time Steel.

Pebble Time Round have a fairly short battery life - about two days. If you enable the standby mode in the device - in the settings menu in the "System" section - you can save up to 30 percent of the charge, since the device will automatically turn off some functions, such as Bluetooth, at a time when the watch is not on hand, but somewhere lie.

One of the most important features of a smart watch is the ability to instantly access the applications that you need daily, well, or almost daily. The Quick Launch feature in Pebble Time allows you to select two of your favorite applications for quick activation using the up or down buttons.

To install a quick launch of applications, you need to click the button "Select"> "Settings"> "Quick Launch (Quick Launch)>, and then select the button" up "or" down "), which must be assigned to the application by clicking" Set App ". You can launch the assigned application by long pressing the selected button. Everything is simple.pebble-watch

Pebble’s new application, Dislock, formerly known as the “Pebble Locker”, acts as a “passkey” that unlocks the phone’s screen.

When Pebble Time is in close proximity to the smartphone screen, the screen lock is automatically disabled. Conversely, the phone locks when Pebble is far enough away.

Which model of smart watches is better: Pebble Time or Apple Watch
There are many applications that you should pay attention to: translators, maps, as well as updated applications, such as, for example, 'Glance' for Android, which allows users to view the date, weather forecast, check email, see unread SMS messages and missed calls. . The version of "Glance" for iOS is called "Smartwatch +".

Although Pebble is the product of a small start-up company funded by the Kickstarter crowdfunding service, they successfully compete with existing enterprises that have begun to develop numerous sophisticated devices.

Using SmartWatch Pebble is becoming more convenient and efficient.

Most recently, Pebble added custom vibration settings, introduced support for sleep mode for the sleep tracking function, set up display of exercise data on the display, as well as the ability to link your Pebble Health account with Apple HealthKit and Google Fit accounts.

How to Choose your Trash Bag during House Moving?

July 4, 2019 by Alex Smith  

We no longer present the garbage bag which is a must-have packaging to keep a house or a company clean. He is our everyday ally for collecting and storing waste of all kinds. That's why the choice of a garbage bag is not insignificant because it guarantees the good hygiene of your factory or your warehouse . What are the criteria to consider when choosing the right garbage bag?

Criterion 1: the material
The first criterion to take into account is the material. Indeed, it is imperative to choose a trash bag that is strong enough not to tear during transportation to the incinerator but also flexible enough to be easily manipulated. In addition, if its content is mainly composed of organic waste (such as the remains of a meal), it must also be tight so as not to let anything escape.

The material that meets all these criteria is polyethylene whether it is high density (HDPE) or low density (LDPE). The LDPE is recommended for light debris while HDPE is designed for heavy waste . It is strongly recommended to use polyethylene garbage bags especially as this material is recyclable .

Criterion 2: the capacity
Another criterion is the capacity of the bag: do you want a small bag for your office trash or a very large bag for your warehouse?

Our range of trash bags ranges from 50 L to 240 L, so it is primarily intended for warehouses and factories that need to consolidate a large amount of waste before disposing of it. Large garbage bags are more economical than many small garbage bags.

Be aware that a garbage bag must be 30% larger than the trash it covers to avoid the risk of overflow and overflow. You can close your trash without any problem.

Criterion 3: the thickness
Do not neglect the thickness of the trash bag because it could play tricks on you! The thicker the bag, the more it can lift heavy loads . That's why you need to think about what you want to discard before choosing your trash bag:

for office stationery, a small trash bag is enough (40 μ)
for plastic packaging, a trash bag of 50 μ is enough
for large or bulky objects, it is necessary to use a trash bag of great thickness (at least 70 μ)
Criterion 4: Closure

What type of closure to use: with sliding straps or strings?

The slider bags are certainly more expensive but they are more hygienic and offer a better comfort of use. Indeed, the sliding strips allow you to close the bag without much effort but also to extract it easily from the trash. In addition, they can fill up to 20% more than a conventional closing bag. And they can serve as rather ergonomic carrying handles.

The independent link bags are mainly found in the bags of trash entry. They are relatively easy to use but it is not unusual to lose the link before having to close the trash ... which causes some complications when it is scrapped.

Other essential accessories
For impeccable hygiene in your company, we recommend that you equip yourself with paper towel rolls so that you can quickly wipe away any traces of oil or any other liquid. And why not put carpets at the entrance of each room?