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How to install or uninstall AOL Desktop Gold

January 11, 2019 by rihana adam  

If you are using AOL desktop application in your device, you need to keep it update. It provide world-class security features like screen grab protection etc. Sometime during upgrading the AOL Desktop users need to uninstall the previous install application. If you don’t know how to install or uninstall AOL desktop, this blog will be beneficial for you. Follow the simple steps for installation & uninstallation of AOL Desktop. If in case you are unable to follow steps get help of customer care. Through AOL Desktop customer support number you will get proper assistance. The trained experts of customer care will resolve all kind of issues related to AOL Desktop and AOL desktop gold download


How can I install AOL Desktop?

If you are getting problem to locate the AOL Desktop gold file of installation. Go and check the AOL mail box. You can also check it via AOL Desktop app. Select the file and tap on the install the application.

What are the system requirements for AOL Desktop?

To reinstall aol gold download application, make sure you have at least 512 MB free space on hard drive. If you are getting problem trouble, then make sure your device meet with system requirement.

·         Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

·         Internet Explorer 7

·         1024 x 768 or higher screen resolution

·         1 GB RAM

·         512 MB free hard disk space

·         Internet connection

How can I uninstall the AOL Desktop?

For uninstallation of AOL Desktop application you can try given steps.

1.      Go to the start menu of device.

2.      Click and open it.

3.      Go to control panel.

4.      Select Add or Remove ProgramsUninstall a program, or Programs and Features.

5.      Choose AOL Desktop software from the list of current installed programs.

6.      Now click to uninstall or remove.

7.      If you want to save your personal data then click “if you'd like to remove”

Finally you have done! The AOL Desktop application successfully uninstalled from your device. In case of confusion you can try AOL Desktop support number. By the help of customer care team you will able to find all solution related to AOL Desktop issues.

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Problem with AOL Desktop to AOL Desktop Gold upgrade

January 3, 2019 by rihana adam  

The AOL Desktop Gold is an upgraded version of the AOL Desktop with better features and security updates. And sometimes while you are trying to update your desktop to AOL Desktop Gold, you might run into some update errors resulting in failure of the update. This problem is caused by faults in the computers, or the network or the router and sometimes it may be software related. So before you go ahead with the solution, you need to take into account all these possibilities and then only make the judgment. You need to follow the right steps when you download AOL Desktop Gold as this software has three different plans through which you can download the software. And all these three plans come with different steps of downloading desktop gold. You can download it through the AOL advantage plan member, AOL Desktop Gold trial or subscription and by using the link in the official AOL sign up confirmation email. But sometimes, even after you have followed the proper download steps and ways, you can still have issues in the upgrade and if you are looking to troubleshoot it, this blog will help you do that exactly.

Before you download and install aol gold desktop you need to consider the system requirements as well. Make sure that you have provided all the requirements then only proceed with the install. Now to begin troubleshooting, you can follow the steps below:

Ø  Make sure your router has an adjustable MTU setting and a supporting PPPoE connection.

Ø  To use PPPoE connection in AOL, you need to open the ‘new connection wizard’ and click next.

Ø  Now, click on the radio button near the ‘connect to internet’ option.

Ø  Follow it up by clicking the ‘set up my connection manually’ and after that click on the ‘connect using a broadband connection that requires a username and a password’ option.

Ø  When you click on ‘next’ you will have to enter the ISP name and proceed by giving an appropriate name and click ‘next’.

Ø  In this step, enter the username and the password and click ‘next’ again to finish the connection set up.

Ø  Finally, after you are done with the above steps, select the created network connection and enter the username and password to connect with the broadband.

These are the steps that you need to apply in order to handle the upgrade issue from AOL Desktop to AOL Desktop Gold. If you confront any technicalities or if you still can dissolve the issue, you may contact the online AOL customer service site to receive help from certified AOL experts.

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AOL Gold Automatic update not working

December 21, 2018 by rihana adam  

In this world of rapidly growing technology, every now and then people encounter with new and advanced software’s. Among them is AOL Desktop Gold, which has become the most preferred software of the postmodern times. From the time it has been upgraded, people are now wishing to install it on their devices. It is one of the best software where you can access multiple things and you do not have bear the hassle of opening different software. It also comes with the feature of automatic updates, so you would not have to bother about it. Even though it provides with so many user-friendly benefits, but the dark side of this software is that it is also not free from technical snags, even though they are just minimal. The automatic update of this software may not work sometimes, and this can cause hassles. If you or your friend is facing the same issue, then you can move ahead download AOL Desktop Gold again or read this blog to know about the solution.


Steps to resolve the automatic update error

Step 1: Switch on your computer and click on the Start Menu. Now in the search menu, type update. You will get a variety of options, you will have to select the Windows update option.

Step 2: Then move to the ‘change settings’, select it with a right a click and now choose the heading ‘important updates’. You now have to put a checkmark on the boxes of ‘Install update automatically’

Step 3: Put a checkmark near the prompt that appears featuring recommended and important updates.  When the prompt appears saying

Step 4: Save the changes, after the process has been completed.

The automatic update feature in the AOL desktop gold software takes away the trouble of timely and manually system updates. So it becomes really important to resolve this error, otherwise, you will be troubled with pop notifications, for software updating. After you have saved the changes, you must check whether the automatic update feature is now working or not. If it is then you will now not be burdened with manual updates. But sometimes due to technical snags, the issue can reoccur many times. So it is advisable that if face this similar kind of problem in future, you take the assistance of experts or just AOL Gold install again by using the official site.

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How to Download AOL Desktop Gold on Mac OS

December 14, 2018 by rihana adam  

Living in the 21st century and making all most 80% of the population tech savvy, the demand for newer versions of technology has been on an increased demand. Companies are now on the edge of introducing new innovative ideas to the market that helps them to run their business effectively. Every day the industries may be coming with creative ideas, but it is not necessary that every idea can prove to be a ground breaking reality. When it comes to one of the most remarkable software ideas especially for Mac, then AOL Desktop Gold becomes your easy going and premium solution. It is overloaded with so many advanced features, that it surely will become your all-time favorite. It has also been recommended as one of the best software’s. Worried about its frequent updates? Just relax, as it comes without any hassles. Making the base about the software, won’t you be excited to learn about its novel features and how to download aol desktop goldon your Mac OS?


This blog will help you in exploring the features of this premium software and would also provide you with the basic steps for downloading it especially when you are a Mac user.


Let’s gear up and first look at its amazing features first.


Ø  Advanced and enhanced security features

Ø  Want to capture a screenshot at ease. This software has been enriched with that

Ø  Very conveniently export and import data

Ø  Keeps your matter safe and secure always while you are downloading or browsing with different files.’

Ø  And last but not the least, it is amongst one software that provides with a wide-ranging variety of boons to its users


Aren’t you excited after learning about these exciting features? Does it make you now ponder over the question- How you will download it a smooth manner? This blog will help you answer all your queries and doubts, and once you follow these steps that are mentioned below, downloading or installing AOL Desktop Gold on your Mac IOS would be so effortless.


So what are you waiting for? Follow these given mentioned steps and you are good to go.


Ø  Firstly you need to log in into your AOL account with all of your credentials

Ø  After finishing with it, now go to the AOL Desktop icon and click on it.

Ø  Now a wide range of options will appear in front of you. All you need to do is to select the AOL Desktop Gold option. Then download it

Ø  After the process is complete, you would need to run the program and extract all the files

Ø  Double click on the icon and now launch it.

Ø  After completing with the steps, now restart your device once again


Doesn’t it sound so simplified and easy to download? Just a few steps, a little ounce of patience and you can aol gold install on Mac OS so easily.


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Restore Disappeared AOL Desktop Gold Icon

December 5, 2018 by rihana adam  

AOL Desktop Gold is one of the best product available in the market, which gives a full desktop features at one place. AOL Desktop Gold is a trustworthy and efficient software. Millions of people all around the world use AOL Desktop Gold. If you also want to AOL gold install, then get if from the official website of AOL. Yet, sometimes AOL Desktop Gold users engage with glitches. One of the common issues is ‘Disappearing of AOL Desktop Gold icon’. This issue quite is easy to solve, if you have any technical knowledge of computer. But, if you are not a tech person, then you can take help from customer care number.

Follow the steps to restore the missed AOL Desktop Gold icon

Missing AOL Desktop Gold icon is a little bit frustrating because it prevents you to access into AOL Desktop Gold software. Hope you will be able to restore the AOL Desktop Gold icon by following troubleshooting steps. If you need the help of experts, then reach to customer care team anytime.

Method 1

Step 1. Firstly, click on the system tray, situated at the bottom of the desktop screen.

Step 2. Secondly, click on the triangle sign and allow the system to show all the hidden icons.

Step 3. In the hidden icons list, find AOL Desktop Gold icon. Then right click on that and choose to ‘Create a shortcut’ for AOL Desktop Gold icon.

Step 4. In the final step, restart your computer.

Method 2

If you don’t find the AOL Desktop Gold icon the hidden icon list. Then, search for AOL Desktop Gold software in the search bar. Then right-click on AOL Desktop Gold and select ‘Create a shortcut’.

Method 3

If any above method doesn’t work, then you should just perform the reinstall AOL Desktop Gold process. For that, uninstall AOL Desktop Gold from the ‘programs & features’ manager. Then again download gold AOL

Hope, you have fixed your problem by using the above techniques. In case, you need experts to help with this problem. Then anytime, call on the customer care number, and get the assistance of an expert team.


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What to do if AOL desktop gold icon is not working

November 27, 2018 by rihana adam  

AOL desktop gold is an all in one desktop software. It gives all the common features someone needs in a computer in a single software. AOL desktop gold has an efficient web browser, you can stream videos and audios, and it gives a secured working environment and much more. AOL desktop gold has millions of users all around the world because of its features and service.

AOL has a customer care service for its users through which AOL desktop gold users can get the solutions of their technical problems anytime, anywhere.

AOL desktop gold Icon is not working is one of the common issues AOL desktop gold users face. If you are an AOL desktop gold user and facing this issue then read this article to know the origin as well as the solution to this issue.

If you are not able to fix it then click here – AOL desktop gold reinstall

Reasons behind AOL desktop gold icon not working issue:

The reasons behind this issue are some very simple mistakes users made.

Let’s take a look:

If AOL desktop gold has some corrupt or damaged files.

If AOL desktop gold is improperly installed.

If your computer HDD has very low space available.

Due to the action of a virus or malware.


Fixing of AOL desktop gold icon not working issue

Try these techniques one by one and check if anyone of it solves your problem.

Restart your computer: One of the common and mostly worked technique is to “restart the computer”.

Reinstall AOL desktop gold: You can reinstall AOL desktop gold because AOL desktop gold can be improperly installed.

Go to the program manager and click on Uninstall next to AOL desktop gold.

Then delete all the AOL desktop gold files from the computer.

Go to AOL login page and login into your account. After that download AOL desktop gold and do a proper installation carefully.

Clear HDD Space: Remove every unnecessary file from your computer because it captures HDD storage and the computer can work slowly due to this.

Anti-Virus: Use any 3rd party Anti-Virus to remove every suspicious file from your computer. After that restart your computer.

These were some common troubleshooting techniques to fix the Icon not working issue. You can reach out to AOL Desktop Gold and get the assistance of experts regarding any technical issue face to downloading AOL desktop gold.

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Cannot open AOL Desktop Gold

November 15, 2018 by rihana adam  

AOL desktop is one of a kind and probably the best web-based software present in the market. No doubt that it is one of the most selling software in the market in terms of providing a better user experience in desktops. They have various different versions for every type of user and the best amongst them is the AOL desktop Gold. For any kind of support and assistance, you can contact the AOL customer care support number. So there is an easy way to AOL desktop gold reinstall

But at times you might face some glitches and problems in the AOL Gold. If are one of those who has repeatedly failed in succeeding with an answer to your problem, then this blog is the right place to be at. Although, there might be a number of reasons that could make your problem bigger here are some of the prominent ones that could possibly be the boulders in your work. If you are facing a problem in opening the AOL desktop Gold then you might run diagnose first and then you can also try updating the software. Doing this can successfully fix the glitch you are facing. Now if this problem still prevails then you can follow up with these steps:


·         AOL desktop gold needs a stable internet or a Wi-Fi connection. So, it is very important for you to check that while you are using this software, you are connected to a very strong connection. Because a slow network can force the desktop to not open. Just check the speed of the net before launching your software.

·         Now, this can also be a problem for many users. They enter the wrong credentials while logging in. Once you have opened the login page, punch in your ID and password carefully.

·         Now one more thing you should be aware of is the changes that you make while using the AOL gold. Now one of the reasons for you not able to open the software can probably be the changes that you might have made while lastly using the software. So now input the changed things to get the access.

·         If you are having any other software in your desktop which might create problems then do check that, because there might be a slight chance that another software might be posing problems and restricting the AOL to work properly.


Once done all of this, if you still are unable to sort the problem then probably you need to get in touch with an expert and you can do that using the AOL customer care support number. And of course you can follow the above mentioned procedure to reinstall AOL desktop gold

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