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How Do You Buy Collapsible Gates?

October 12, 2017 by Westwood Security Shutters Ltd  

Buying collapsible gates is a great option to enhance the overall value of your property.  However, placing an order for sliding doors need not be complex, the important tip is to know the possibilities.


What are Collapsible Gates –

Collapsible gates are also known as retractable gates, folding gates, trellis gates and concertina gates. They are the perfect option for security and appearance at both residential and commercial locations. These gates are an appealing yet highly visible deterrent to potential intruders.


Designed to protect against any intruders from breaking into any commercial or private property, collapsible gates remain easy to operate fully and reliably at all the times.


If you are planning on buying these gates for your residential or commercial properties, here are a few tips to help you place an order on the right product for your needs.




Step 1 – What, Where and How?

The first step is to decide before placing an order is where your collapsible gates will be placed, what their function will be and how they will serve your safety needs. It will let you know the rest of the process, so it’s necessary to get it right.


For your quote you should consider:

– The size of the space where the collapsible gates will go

– The way the sliding doors are used daily

– Your existing windows, and whether you want the collapsible to match or contrast

– Your privacy


If you definitely want collapsible gates, ease of outdoor access should be a main consideration. You should consider certain things like the direction the doors will fold, where they will split and whether the doors will stack inside or out.




Step 2 – Get a Quote

Once you know what exactly you want, it’s time to get a quote for collapsible gates.


When gathering your quote, it is important to ask a lot of questions – don’t just make a choice on price alone. How long will it take to manufacture the gates? What type of building work is required? What type of security is included, and is there any guarantee?


Asking questions can help you get an important suggestion, since there might be a better way of designing collapsible gates to meet your needs and there are always a lot of factors to weigh up.




Step 3 – Confirm Your Choice and Place an Order

When you’re happy with your choice, you will be required to confirm the design and sizing. It’s highly recommended that you should get an estimated date for installation.


On the day of installation, you don’t need to do anything except clear off all the furniture from the area. It can also help you to clear the driveway to make it a bit easier for the doors to be unloaded.


Collapsible Gates need no maintenance and are easy to instal although you can make sure the runners are kept neat and clean. You can close the doors in high winds to ensure protection against any kind of damage.


Conclusion –

Want to install additional security solutions to your offices, schools, public buildings or the vulnerable areas of the home? Place an order for collapsible gates at Westwood Security Shutters Ltd and get perfect solutions for your security needs.


For more information about our products, please make a visit to our website at https://rollershutter.co.uk/.

Increase Your Business Efficiency By Installing High Speed Doors

August 22, 2017 by Westwood Security Shutters Ltd  

High speed doors are faster versions of typical industrial roller shutter door systems like sectional door or roller doors. These types of doors are usually engineered to integrate with the traffic movement inside the organization, whether that is forklifts, pedestrian traffic, or automated conveyors.


Where high speed doors are employed?

  • Freezers and cold rooms for temperature control
  • Food production doorways for zoning and temperature control
  • Logistics and transport for security and traffic control
  • Pharmaceutical for constructive pressure regulation and hygiene control
  • Grain and milling industries for dust control


Why Invest In High-Speed Doors For Your Business?

High Speed Doors


Flexible for both indoor and outdoor use: High speed or rapid doors can be fitted both outdoors and indoors. When employed as an outer aperture, the doors are exceedingly weather defiant as they’re composed of robust PVC which can tolerate speed of up to 80km/h when closed completely.  At the same time, when installed indoors, the doors can act as a thermal break between controlled climates in different warehouses and units employed by a business.


Decreases Air Leakage and Regulates Temperature: Apart from being quick and easy to run, high speed doors also help decrease the volume of air leakage from the property. The insulated fence developed by the door when closed completely means that air is prevented from escaping and entering the property, allowing for work atmosphere and temperature to be regulated effortlessly.


Moreover, efficiency of people movement efficiency is achieved and this improves work efficiency and smart atmosphere by reducing dust interference.


At Westwood Security Shutters we offer a variety of high speed doors across a range of industries. Our advanced PVC high speed doors are particularly well-suited to high-usage or external applications. For any further information about our services and offerings, feel free to get in touch with rollershutter.co.uk!  We’re available for your help 24×7 on 0161272933.