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Exquisite Wedding Hall in Coquitlam - The Royal Palace Hall

October 13, 2017 by Assadullah Haroon  

The Royal Palace Hall is an exquisite and elegant wedding hall in Coquitlam that helps in celebrating your special day in a glamorous and memorable way. As one of the best wedding venues in Coquitlam- the Royal Palace Hall provides a great platform for hosting a dream wedding event. Our top class wedding hall is the best place to celebrate your once-in-a-lifetime wedding event with a great splendor, pageantry, and pomp. If you are looking forward to a gala wedding event that people will remember and talk for days, then consider the Royal Palace Hall.

The Best Wedding Hall in Coquitlam with Reliable Services:

As an elegant and beautiful wedding hall, the Royal Palace Hall provide reliable service to take care of everything for you. At the Royal Palace Hall, we have the experienced team to coordinate the flow and manage the event in an efficient way to ensure your guests are satisfied and pleased.

Good Food and Beverages:

We have an expert team of professional chefs who are capable of providing sumptuous ethnic menus that include the most satisfying and demanding gourmet dishes. By keeping in mind your requirement and specification, we are capable of serving you in style a wide variety of delicious food and beverages that satisfy your guests.

Wedding Decoration:

By booking our beautiful wedding hall, you will get the most reliable service that will make your dream a reality. We have the highly experienced team who are experts to take care the lighting decoration, flower arrangements, entertainment (like DJ, music, and dancers), firecrackers, video, and photography. Our main aim is to add a special royal and unique touch to your wedding that will make it an enjoyable, glamorous and memorable event of a lifetime.

Wedding Hall in Coquitlam with an Elegant Ambiance:

The Royal Palace Hall is one of the most elegant wedding halls in Coquitlam that offers an inviting and wonderful ambiance. Our classy wedding hall suitably blends with your wedding theme to host memorable wedding event. From having the vast parking spaces, magnificent hall, open spaces to gorgeous approach, our wedding hall is the best venue to celebrate your wedding in an exotic yet affordable way. Our elegant wedding hall has a grand and impressive facade, which serves as a great backdrop to gorgeous wedding photography.

We go the extra mile to make your wedding the most happening and glamorous event ever. Booking the most exquisite wedding hall in Coquitlam- Royal Palace Hall will prove to be affordable and value for money! Contact us today at 604-521-6969/ 604-723-4800 to get more details about the wedding hall package and pricing!

Tips to Choose a Wedding Catering Hall in Vancouver

September 13, 2017 by Assadullah Haroon  

Planning a wedding is a mix of endless details and decisions, which can prove to be stressful. There are several things to consider for your wedding preparation and planning at Vancouver. But the most important thing proves to be choosing the best and elegant wedding catering hall in Vancouver. To make the right choice of selecting an elegant catering hall, you need to narrow down the options as per your personal preferences and requirements.

Here are some useful tips that will help you to choose the perfect catering hall for your wedding in Vancouver:

  1. Wedding theme & Style:

Choosing a catering hall that is capable of hosting a simple traditional wedding to glamorous king-size wedding in Vancouver will prove to be useful. By keeping in mind the theme and style of your wedding, you need select the perfect catering hall to get the most out of it.

  1. Space & Size:

When you are choosing the right type of catering hall for the wedding, it is always important to consider the size of the venue. The size of a catering hall is one of the prime factors in finalizing the wedding venue in Vancouver, which depends largely upon your guest list. It is important to look out for a beautiful catering hall for your wedding in Vancouver that can suitably accommodate the number of guests and enhance the celebrations.

  1. Ambience & Services:

It is a great idea to find an elegant catering hall that provides value for money services to enhance the wedding celebrations in Vancouver. A quality catering hall is capable of providing a perfect gateway to wonderful wedding celebrations with unparalleled services like event management, coordination, lighting, decoration and more. As per the requirement and budget, you can book a catering hall and enjoy the benefits of some impeccable services that will make your wedding memorable and enjoyable.

  1. Drinking and Dining:

It is believed that the best catering hall stands apart from the rest for its quality of service and exceptional beverages and gourmet food. Nothing impresses as the quality of catering! Choosing a Vancouver catering hall that has excellence in catering to diverse ethnic communities by keeping in mind the cultural food preferences and cuisines will prove to worth. This will impress the wedding guest and leave them stomach full and satisfied.

If you want to choose the most elegant catering hall in Vancouver for the wedding or reception, then consider the Royal Palace Hall. Our beautiful catering hall is more than a venue for celebrations. At Royal Palace Hall, we are committed to delivering you the highest quality service by keeping in mind your budget, requirement, and specifications. We have an expert team to take great care of your wedding decoration, flower arrangements, lighting, DJ and more. From managing the event to coordinating the flow, we are capable efficiently handling every aspect of the wedding to make the event memorable and ensure everyone is happy and satisfied.

To know more about our elegant and beautiful catering hall in Vancouver, please browse through this url: https://www.royalpalacehall.ca/posts/catering-hall! Call us today at 604-723-4800 to get more information about the booking price and package!

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