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Fix AOL issues with 24/7 live chat support

August 21, 2019 by Samanth  

AOL technical support number


AOL is an outstanding software working extraordinarily in the communication and entertainment segment. It provides complete satisfaction to the users fulfilling their requirements and ensures a well-connectivity with global events, news, and entertainment. AOL email is one of the advanced and secured email services that is meant to provide complete satisfaction to the users accessing their emails with latest features and innovative advances. Now for further details and assistance, you can call at AOL customer support number and get the enhanced and proficient guidance about using AOL and solving issues of AOL email.


AOL email has established itself as a trusted service provider, and now it is the best alternative to choose among the various email services. However, you may get some issues as well while working with AOL email. There are various issues that may occur due to multiple factors that vary from the server, connection to user inability or ignorance. Here you can find some issues that are quite frequent and bother you from time to time.

·        Unable to sync emails on Android devices.

·        Issues with accessing AOL emails on iPhone.

·        Unable to get display of AOL emails.

·        AOL email forgot password issue.

·        AOL email sending and receiving errors.

·        Unable to access AOL email properly.

·        Issues with creating and changing format of emails.

·        Several error codes.

·        Unable to update AOL platform.

·        Issue with AOL email setup and configuration settings.


Now you can easily remove these issues with the chat support that is available 24x7 with equal proficiency. You will be getting an easy solution quickly with the help of AOL experts. Below you can also find some features of live chat that will be quiet helpful for you.

·        Experts pay attention and focus on every single issue to understand the issue.

·        You get a complete round the clock support all the time.

·        Every minute issue is treated with equal proficiency.

·        AOL users can avail live chat facility without any further requirement.

·        You can also opt remote access to get further support from AOL experts.

Get the expert support at live chat:

Now you have witnessed all the features that you can avail easily in order to get fixed. Whenever you get a tricky situation regardless of the issue, you can avail AOL customer service number to easily review the situation and get expert guidance to move in the right direction solving your issue. There will be comfortable and prominence support for you to have satisfaction in problem-solving.


Source URL: https://www.contactcustomerhelpline.com/fix-aol-issues-with-247-live-chat-support/

How to Fix Errors While Sending Media Files In AOL

August 6, 2019 by Samanth  

The trend of emails has made our lives so comfortable by enabling us to communicate efficiently as well as effectively. Do you have a mobile phone with a secure internet connection? That's all that is required. Sending files via email is an extremely fantastic feature using which we can attach files of required limit and then send it to the recepient. AOL mail has always been one of the leading email service providers available in the market. Suppose you have to send an important media file to someone using AOL mail and you are unable to do so due to the errors. This critical situation can become your worse nightmare if you don't know how to resolve this problem. Well, relax! You can get in touch with AOL customer support number and get assistance from a well-qualified and trained expert. But before doing that, have a look at some troubleshooting steps shared in this blog to help you get rid of the problem:

Steps to fix errors while sending media files in AOL

ØRestart your system: If you have errors in your system or if you have bad memory management, restarting your system flushes the memory which makes your system ready to go. So, this step will resolve your system within minutes.

ØUse a different browser: Due to some extensions of the browser, it becomes difficult for AOL mail to access the database. This is the reason that you are unable to attach or send files from AOL mail. To resolve this browser-related problem, you either have to use any other web browser, or you need to deactivate or delete extensions.

ØCheck your mail settings: If multiple AOL screen names have been set up, it might create trouble for you in sending and receiving messages. So, you need to have a look at the mail settings and then ensure that you have not blocked access to media files for any screen. You will only be able to attach media files when you unblock it.

ØClear the browser cookies and caches: Clearing browser's caches and cookies will remove all the unwanted set of programs available in your device. So, you should clear all the caches and cookies and then restart the browser to login to your AOL mail account. This will definitely solve your problem within a few minutes.

You can implement the steps provided above and get your problem fixed. If you confront any issue while performing these steps, you can get in touch with AOL technical support number to get assistance from the experts. The team of experts is always available to provide you with the most prominent and satisfying solution in no time at all.

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How to fix AOL Mail Error 11

July 27, 2019 by Samanth  

The “GAH! Error 11” on AOL Mail is pretty aptly named because it really does come as a surprise to many users. AOL Mail Error Code 11 is an indication that your email account is no longer active. However, before you think of pushing the panic button, it will probably help to understand why the error occurred in the first place and what you can do to resolve it. Your account will be deleted for one of three reasons; you specifically requested it, you did not sign in for a year, or your account was used in a way that violated the terms and conditions of AOL Mail. Ideally, you should be able to reactive your account by signing in or by contacting AOL customer  number to check the account activity. You can also have a look at the basic troubleshooting steps mentioned below to try and fix AOL Mail Error Code 11.

Steps to fix AOL Mail Error Code 11

Most technical errors related to your AOL Mail account, including Mail Error Code 11, are caused because of general internet browser issues or server problems. You can refer to the steps below to fix AOL Mail Error 11:

·        Step 1: Update your web browser before you sign in to your AOL account.

·        Step 2: Check and repair the Windows registry entries connected to AOL.

·        Step 3: Download and install the latest device drivers for your computer.

·        Step 4: Run a comprehensive scan and check your system for malware.

·        Step 5: Try and access your AOL Mail account using a different browser.

·        Step 6: Contact your internet service provider to check the connection.

·        Step 7: Use the Windows System File Checker to scan your PC for errors.

·        Step 8: Pause or close downloads that may slow your internet speed.

·        Step 9: Delete the browser history and clear the cache when signing in to your AOL Mail account.

Once you go through all the steps mentioned above, you should be able to reactivate your account. However, you should keep in mind that reactivation depends on the time that has passed since you last logged in to AOL Mail. You can use the account recovery flow on the AOL Mail website or call the AOL technical support number to confirm if your account was deactivated or deleted. AOL Mail experts are available 24 hours a day and will be able to answer any questions you may have about your account. You call the helpline number to get top-quality technical assistance to resolve any error related to your AOL Mail account.

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How to Fix AOL Error Code 5 in AOL Messenger

July 17, 2019 by Samanth  

AOL Messenger is an instant messaging application which is created by AOL, which runs using the proprietary OSCAR instant messaging protocol. Using this application, users can easily communicate in real time. AOL Messenger was highly popular during the late 1990s and then onwards. Even though this service has been prominently effective, there have been specific issues which the users face while working on this instant messenger. One such issue is the Error code 5 which the users come across. The users can understand more in detail about this service and this error by connecting with the AOL support Number The users also have the alternative option of going through this blog by which they would get the required information about this messenger service and the ways to solve issues which you might come across.

What causes AOL Error Code 5?

The users would come across such issues while working on AOL Messenger because of the following reasons:

·        The users would come across this error when the AOL Instant Messenger software has not been installed completely.

·        When there is some change in the Windows Registry of the recent AOL instant messenger.

·        When the system is infected with a virus or malware.

·        When the users maliciously or accidentally remove the important files.

·        The best option which the users would have is to restart your account and check whether you still face the same error.

Solutions to fix AOL Messenger Error Code 5

The users can quickly solve the issue of AOL Messenger Error Code 5 using the below-given steps:

·        The users would have to repair the registry entry for the error code 5.

·        Now you would have to run a complete malware scan on your system.

·        Further, clean up the waste which is on your system by using the disk clean up.

·        Now you would have to update your device driver on your system.

·        You would have to undo the recently reconfigured windows systems.

·        Now re-install and restore error 5 related files on the system.

·        Make sure that you install all the Windows updates which are available.

·        Also, use the file checker for the windows system to ensure all the files are available.

Customer Support Service

If you face any issue while trying to solve the error, then you can take up assistance from trained professionals by connecting with AOL customer care. This services is easily accessible throughout the day and is entirely free of cost. The trained executive would also make sure that the issue has been resolved at the earliest.

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How To Access An Aol Email Account Using Windows Mail

July 9, 2019 by Samanth  


AOL has been one of the most prominent email service providers in the market with the best features. It is very easy to get your AOL mail in windows mail. This can be made your only email account on the system, or you can add it in with your other email accounts such as gmail, outlook or yahoo mail. You need to know about AOL’s IMAP server settings as well as AOL SMPT server settings so that you can send mail. Although new Windows mail programs are aware of these terms. So if you have to access an AOL email account using windows mail, you can follow the following steps depending upon your version of Windows. You can also ring up AOL tech supportso that the experts will guide you a detailed way to do so.

Windows 10

-         Go to the settings button and select manage accounts option

-         You need to pick Add account option and tap on other account

-         You will be asked to enter the required credentials such as email id, name, and password to sign in to the account

-         You need to click on ‘done’ and proceed by switching between your email accounts from the menu button

Windows 8

-         You need to hold Windows and C button together from the keyboard

-         Tap on settings

-         Now you need to choose the Accounts option.

-         You need to tap on Add account and select AOL from the list

-         Enter your login credentials, i.e., email id and password and click on connect to add AOL email account to the mail app

Windows Vista

-         You need to go to tools and then accounts from the main menu

-         Now you need to click on Add button and ensure email account is highlighted. Proceed by clicking on next

-         Now you will have to go to step 1 again and follow the given instructions

These are some steps that are required to be followed to access an AOL account using Windows mail. If you follow these steps carefully, you will be able to do the same. But if you still face any difficulty, you can get in touch with AOL customer service number to get professional and technical guidance by the experts. Professional experts are available 24 hours at your service, and they provide you a detailed solution to your problem.

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Step By Step Guide to AOL SMTP Setting

June 29, 2019 by Samanth  

Using an email client or a third-party application allows you to sync multiple email accounts and efficiently manage your email. However, while using an email client to access your AOL account, you will need to enter the correct server settings so that you can send and receive emails. This article will give you a general overview of how to use the AOL Mail Simple Mail Transfer Protocol server settings to set up your account. The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol server, or SMTP as it is more commonly known, is the server AOL uses to send email to your contact. IF you have any trouble sending email from your AOL account, you can call the AOL customer support number  and consult a trained email expert to check the SMTP settings on your account.

Step to Configure AOL using SMTP Settings

The AOL configuration settings allow you to set up and link your AOL Mail account so that you can access your emails using a third party email client or application. Although the steps to set up AOL Mail using the SMTP settings depend on the device you’re the application you are using, you can refer to the basic steps mentioned below to configure your account:

·        Step 1: Open the email client or application you are using to access AOL.

·        Step 2: Go to the account settings and look for the ‘Add Account’ option.

·        Step 3: Select the option that lets you manually set up your AOL account.

·        Step 4: Enter your registered AOL email address and click ‘Continue.’

·        Step 5: Ensure SSL encryption is enabled for incoming and outgoing mail.

·        Step 6: Select the relevant mail protocol, i.e., POP3 or IMAP, and enter the server settings accordingly.

AOL Mail SMTP Settings

Even if the steps may differ depending on the device or the app you are using the AOL Mail SMTP server settings are the same no matter what. You can enter the SMTP server settings given below to finish setting up your AOL Mail account:

·        SMTP server address: smtp.aol.com

·        SMTP username: AOL Mail screen name before "@aol.com."

·        E.g.: if your address is ‘ABC@aol.com,’ then "ABC" is the screen name.

·        Password: Your current AOL Mail password

·        Port using SSL/TLS: 587

·        TLS/SSL required: Yes

If you have any trouble entering the AOL Mail SMTP server settings mentioned above, or if you find that AOL does not work even after entering the SMTP settings, you can call the AOL customer service number and consult a certified email expert who will be able to respond to all your queries. The customer support helpline number is available 24 hours a day so you can reach out to a professional email tech support representative whenever you need any technical assistance related to your AOL email account.

Source URL: Step to Configure AOL using SMTP Settings

How to Delete AOL Mail Account

June 19, 2019 by Samanth  

If you are looking forward to deleting your AOL mail account, you must keep this in mind that you will be required to eliminate the AOL account and would be ceased from using the AOL services. There can be many reasons for this decision. Maybe you aren't satisfied with the email services, have found some better options or much more. You must first make your mind because after deleting the account you won't use the AOL features like AOL app, AOL Instant messenger, etc. Since AOL mail is a service provided by AOL, so deleting AOL mail means losing access to other AOL services. This blog will give you appropriate information about the process, and if at any point, you need external or technical assistance; you can always dial AOL customer care.

The procedure to delete AOL Mail account

·        Open the default/home internet browser and type aol.com. To remove the AOL account, you must log in via desktop/laptop as deleting AOL mail via mobile application is not possible.

·        If you aren't log in to the AOL account, then do so by adding your login credentials. Once done, you will be navigated to the home page.

·        On the home page, look down for the option of ‘My Account’ at the bottom of the page and click on that.

·        Now select ‘Manage My Subscription.’ Sometimes it happens that once you click on the given option, you will be asked to answer the security question. It is the same question which you had set while opening the account.

·        Answer the security question and click on Continue

·        Once you reach the page, click on Cancel.

·        You will be asked to provide the reason for Cancellation. Either you can type the specific purpose at the box given, or you can choose the reason from the given options. But it is mandatory to provide a basis because, without that, you won't be able to proceed further.

·        Once you provide the reason, you will be given a list of benefits that you will lose. Some of them include AOL app, AOL Instant messenger, AOL Photobucket, etc.

·        Once done, the AOL mail along with other mail services will be deleted

·        But if you wish to retrieve the account back, you can do so within the limit of 90 days, as it takes this period for AOL to delete the account permanently. You can log in back again with the help of the same login credentials.

This procedure will help you to delete your AOL mail account. But if by any chance, you come across technical difficulties while going through the process, do get in touch with AOL toll free number and have a word with the techies explaining your dilemma.


Source URL: How to Delete AOL Mail Account

Fix problems reading or receiving AOL Mail

June 11, 2019 by Samanth  

AOL email service is one of the most promising email communication services that can serve its users at best extent. As an AOL user, you must have seen the quality features that make it easier for you sending and receiving emails with such a comfort. In some cases, you also may get some issues with AOL email that can cause you trouble. You may get some tough situation in reading and receiving emails, and that can happen due to some specific reasons that are mentioned below in this blog. You can also choose the AOL technical support phone number to get the easy and professional support to fix your problem.

Easy steps to fix reading or receiving AOL email issue:

Now if you are facing the issue of reading and receiving emails in AOL you, they should not need to worry and should follow these easy steps to solve the issue:

1.     Check your filters:

Sometimes the problem is quite simple and associated with the filter setting. In case you have you directed some emails to another folder you will never get the email in the inbox and you will assume it as missing.

2.     Delay in delivery:

When someone sends a message, it doesn’t get delivered right then. But it takes some time due to routing problems or high traffic. So it may be possible that the sent mail may not have reached you. So it would be better to ask sender send the mail again.

3.     Check your spam folder:

AOL offers high tight security features for spam messages and puts all the doubtful emails to the spam folder. So you should check spam folder for once. If you find the message there select it and click not spam to remove it from the spam folder.

4.     Reset your web settings:

Sometimes downloading several browsers may cause the issue related to settings in AOL mail. So you need to reset your general web settings without changing the settings of all web browser, and that can solve the issue immediately.

5.     Clear caches:

Using your browser for a while may result in a lot of caches and cookies stored in your browser data. So you need to delete them to free the space in the browser. You should delete all the caches, cookies, history and even saved the password and make browser free.

6.     Disable pop-up blocking:

If you are using the pop-up feature to show you mail in the pop-up window, then it may cause you trouble, and mat gets email error. So it would be better to disable the pop-up window in your AOL mail compose settings and enjoy AOL services.

These features are useful and able to solve your issue. After applying these solutions, you can solve the issue of not receiving emails properly. In case you are unable to solve the problem you should contact at AOL customer support phone number and get the most advanced email support service to solve all your problems easily.


Source URL: Fix problems reading or receiving AOL Mail


How to Delete Ads from AOL Mail Page

May 21, 2019 by Samanth  

AOL email is an online email service provider which is brought to you by the American web portal. This email service is available for users in 54 languages. The users can avail interruption free email services while working on AOL. Ads which run on such services are essential for them, as it is one way for them to earn revenue. Having said this, it could turn out to be highly frustrating for the users when they are using the email service. AOL does not allow users to completely turn off the ads as it is a source of their income in return of providing free email services. However, they do provide the users with the option of disabling these ads temporarily. The users can learn more about this by going through the complete blog; they also have the option of knowing more by connecting with AOL customer service.

The option to permanently remove ads from AOL mail for free is not yet available, whereas you can temporarily stop encountering their ads on AOL email for one session by following the given steps:

·        You would have to sign in to your AOL account first.

·        Now click on the email button which is available on the top left corner of the home page.

·        Further, when you click on ‘New Window,’ it would then email in an ad-free window.

As ads play a major role in any platform that provides you with free services, it would not completely remove the ads for you. Similar is the case with AOL Email, but if you wish to have a completely ad-free experience while using AOL, then you would have to purchase the Ad-free AOL email platform.

Ways to stop Ads on AOL email

Most of the browser that is available these days come along with the option of pop-up blockers. These pop-up blockers are essentially to stop ads; there is also a negative side to it. When you turn on this pop-up blocker, it would at times block some authentic emails from reaching your account. In such a situation it is advised that the users use the pop-up blocker temporarily only.

The users can block these ads for a longer duration with the help of the given steps:

·        Access your AOL email account using your account credentials.

·        Further access the settings tab, after which you would have to click on the option of ‘Marketing’ which can be found under the label of Accounts control.

·        In the new page that would open, click on the circle which is up next to the pop-up preferences.

·        On the new pop-up preference page, opt for ‘No, I do not want to receive AOL members-only pop-up offers.’

·        Now click on ‘OK’ to save the changes made.

If these steps do not help you with the problem of unnecessary ads, then you would have to connect with AOL technical support. The trained executives would professionally aid you in solving this issue.


Source URL: How to Delete Ads from AOL Mail Page

How to Add Signature in AOL Account

May 14, 2019 by Samanth  

AOL is a highly efficient email service provider; they have been catering to all the needs of the users for numerous years now. AOL enjoys the customer base of over a million user all across the globe. Among the several features that they provide to the users one is the feature of adding signatures to the emails that you send. Being able to add the signature at the end of your email is a valuable aspect for marketing your business, building your brand, promoting your blog or for even providing contact information. Signature is a snippet of text which can be added to the bottom of your email. Generally, the email signature consists of your name, essential contact information, if required a link, and sometimes a quote, marketing poetry, etc. AOL also provides its user with the option of creating up to five custom signatures for their emails. The users can learn more about this feature by connecting with AOL customer support number.

How to set up email signature in AOL

If you wish to set up an email signature in AOL then you can efficiently do so by following the below-given steps:

·        Firstly, you would have to log in to your AOL email using your account credentials.

·        Then you would have to select the option of Mail, in which opt for Set Mail Signatures from the menu which is provided to you.

·        Further click on the option of ‘Create.’

·        Now you would have to give the signature that you are about to create a name which would distinguish it. This is important when you set up more than one signature there are chances that you might get confused.

·        Now you can type the desired signature text in the allotted text field.

·        You would also have the option of using Rich Text/ HTML Editing if you wish to inculcate styling to the text. You also have the option of adding images using the formatting toolbar.

·        Once you are done with all the above-given steps, click on OK to close the window.

Things to keep in mind while creating email signature content

Email signatures give you the freedom to add any information; it is essential that you focus on the crucial aspects. The content that you must give attention to is as given below:

·        Constrain the email signature to not more than five lines of text.

·        Use the Pipe symbol (|) to separate elements in an address.

·        If the signature is used for a business purpose make sure you include the company’s full address and contact information. It would be ideal for adding the company’s website link in the signature as well.

·        Whenever you feel it is applicable, include a Facebook URL.

·        It is also suggested that you include the Standard Signature Delimiter when required.

·        A personal email signature can also include social networking information or a quotation.

If the users face any issue in accurately setting up their signature for AOL email, then it is advised that they connect with AOL support Number. The professional there would give you all the required assistance on setting up the signature.

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