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How to uninstall McAfee using the McAfee Removal Tool?

July 10, 2019 by John David  

Uninstall Mcafee: McAfee is a worldwide recognized cybersecurity company known for delivering the top-class security software. You can explore its online store to find out the range of antiviruses and security solutions it offers to consumers and businesses. Every McAfee antivirus needs to be downloaded, installed, and activated on a device to protect it against all sorts of online threats.

If you are already using a McAfee antivirus and facing scanning related problems, then the best solution is to uninstall and then reinstall it. Un-installation of your McAfee security software is also required if you are upgrading to the latest version. Whatever the reason is, we have provided you with the most straightforward steps to uninstall McAfee from Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS device.

Steps to Uninstall Mcafee Using McAfee Removal Tool

Firstly, download and run the tool named MCPR or McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool. Restart your device after the download finishes.

1.       Double-click the downloaded MCPR.exe (executable file) from your web browser’s history or system’s downloads folder

2.       Click Yes, Run or Continue, when you see a security warning

3.       Now, hit the Next button, when you see McAfee Software Removal window

4.       Read the End User License Agreement and click Agree to continue

5.       You will see a Security Validation window

a.       Enter the captcha carefully

b.      Hit the Next button

6.       Follow further prompts to complete the process of McAfee antivirus removal

(The aforementioned method is generally used if the Windows removal method doesn’t work)

Steps to Uninstall McAfee from the Windows

1.       Go to the Windows Start menu and open Control Panel

2.       From All Programs or Programs, find your installed McAfee product

3.       Right-click on the same, and choose Uninstall

4.       Wait until the process completes

Steps to Uninstall McAfee from Mac

1.       Close all the ongoing programs

2.       Go to the Dock and find Applications

3.       In this folder, you will see your McAfee antivirus

4.       Double-click the McAfee antivirus uninstaller

5.       Hit the Continue button

6.       Enter your administrator password and other details

7.       Hit OK and then Finish!

Steps to Uninstall McAfee from Android device and Kindle

1.       Go to the Settings

2.       Choose Applications

3.       Find McAfee antivirus and tap on it

4.       Click Uninstall

Steps to Uninstall McAfee from iPhone or iPad

1.       Find McAfee antivirus on your device and press & hold its icon until it starts wiggling

2.       Simply tap the cross (x) button appears on the top left of the McAfee antivirus icon

3.       Choose Delete

4.       Tap the Home button or Done

Un-installation of the McAfee software leaves your system vulnerable to the cybercriminals as well as viruses. Therefore, it is recommended to install its upgraded version or the same product as soon as possible. For further assistance or to receive the solution to the errors that might occur during this process, contact McAfee support professionals.

“After uninstalling mcafee antivirus go to mcafee.com/activate and login to mcafee my account to download and activate your mcafee antivirus”.