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August 13, 2019 by Scoopify  

Growth is aphysical change marked since birth of child the male child tends to hit puberty between the ages 12 and 15 by the age of 16 the growth in boys stops but their muscles keeps growing, the Average Male Height In India depends on several factors like genes, parental height is a good indicator of how tall a child is going to be but how true that prediction goes is not sure. Growth and development in males is changing its been increasing rapidly due to their food consumption habits, involvement in various physical activities such as sports, cycling,  jogging work outs at the gym has led to better  health andnutritionwhich led to increase in the male height.

India is a land of diverse population and socio economic groups and the height varies in large numbers as the large part ofIndia is under poverty and do not get proper diet it’s the one reason that large group of men in India is short.

At present the average male heightindex of India is 166.3 cm i.e. 5ft. 5 inches whereas height growth varies state wise men in Punjab are tallest when compared to overall male height in India whereas men in Jharkhand are quite short.

Indian men were ranked 101 among 200 countries in terms of height in 1914 they ranked 178 in 2014. Malnutrition and poverty is high in India which leads to poor growth post-Independence Malnutrition may have also affected the growth of child poorly and adversely. Indian diet is rich in carbohydrates but poor in protein with the changing world Indian life has also changed lot becoming dependent on machines and gadget  lead to less physical activities and slow growth in height. In India the mean height of men increased only by3 cm from 161cm to 164 cm

Along with height one of the most important fact goes around is weight one must keep its body weight aligned with height maintaining healthy weight to prevent from wide range of problems like heart diseases, diabetes,arthritis, blood pressure etc.

 As in genes male height in India is 5 ft. 5inches but this doesn’t means that Indiadoes not have tall men there are many examples Dharmendra Singh is the tallest man in India with a height of 8 ft. 1 inches tall a few inches away from world recordJagdeep Singh is 7 ft. 6 inches tall and works in Punjab Police and many others.

Height is aheritable trait, different population varies in height not only in India but other countries also various studies highlightsthat height in early adulthood varies overtime  growth rate provides a measurable indicator forsustainable development linking longevity health, nutrition, education and economic productivity. Increase in height in other terms also determines health of nation revealing the average male height these reports measures immediate actions and programs to ensure better environment nutrition and growth.


August 12, 2019 by Scoopify  

What would be better than laughing and enjoying funny trivia questions if you are at party and its feeling difficult to wait at such numb and boring place then you can start a set of some funny trivia questions to spark the environment at the party, you can try this among your friends and relatives too. I t is suitable for all age groups covering wide range of topics and fun.

The funny trivia questions you will find below will not only raise your eyebrows but the comic side will also tickle you funny bones.

Funny trivia questions (INFORMATIVE)

1.      Who invented the wheel?

2.      Who discovered the cell?

3.      How many countries are there in England?

4.      Which city is known as the city of love?

5.      When was Microsoft established?

6.      What is the official nickname of Texas?

7.      Name three novels of Shakespeare?

8.      How many degrees are there in circle?

9.      What does BP in biological term means?

10.  Name the world’s longest road?


1.      What is the full name of A.R Rahman?

2.      What day is celebrated as 26th December?

3.      Which country invented football?

4.      Who is the owner of Facebook?

5.      Which country has the highest population of redheaded [people?

6.      When is Easter celebrated?

7.      When did the Oscar award begin?

8.       When Did Princess Diana die?

9.      How many types of teeth are there?

10.  When was angry bird created?

11.  Where is the largest volcano in the world?



2.      Name two countries which do not allow tattoos?

3.      Who is the founder of 21st century fox?

4.      What does HTML stands for?

5.      What does MSN stands for?

6.      What isBill Gates famous for?

7.      Who wins the Oscar award for the category of best actor in 2017?

8.      How much money did Apple sue Samsung for?

9.      Who is the creator of angry Birds?

10.  How many mile do a typists fingers travel during an average day?


1.      Which country owns every Panda in the world?

2.      Who was the first openly announced gay politician?

3.      Where is the largest Aquarium in the United States?

4.      What was the very first women’s magazine called?

5.      What is the Scottish drink made from whisky and heather honey called?

6.      How many points does a compass a have?

7.      By what name is Norma Jean Baker more commonly known as?

8.      How many American Cents make up a dime?

9.      How many sets of petals does Tudor rose have?

10.  What do you call the smell which wine gives off?

Funny Trivia Questions are amazing, interesting and informative also, they help you to testyour knowledge levelas well as challenges your friend on different questions. The best part of funny trivia question is that it goes well with everyone and can be played at public places.

How To Make Her Squirt

July 17, 2019 by Scoopify  

Squirting is a female ejaculation leads to the overflow of fluid from female urethra during sexual arousal or orgasm. The fluid is usually colorless and odorless sometimes it occurs in large quantities or sometimes in only few drops. There is no clear vision about female ejaculation some people confuse it with peeing but it is perfectly normal as it is believed that all females squirt but many might not be aware of it as sometimes the fluid flows back to the bladder rather than leaving the body. Squirting is an art of sex enjoyed as foreplay or to arouse sexual feeling to attain pure pleasure and spending some more time together.

This article will lead you to the right way on how to make her squirt.

1.    Do some preparations: if you are hoping for something amazing from your women thenit’s time for some hard work, prepare yourself and your room to make her avoid all anxieties, stress, cares and distractions. Give her some romantic feelings by seating the atmosphere, firstly remove the harsh lights and make it bit dark and shady for this you can also use scented candles. Apply aromatherapy as an arousal method as the smell of lavender takes the sexual arousal to the other level you may go for some light sensual music for you and your woman to enjoy and most importantly do not forget about your grooming and hygiene.

2.    Select the right position: for her and your experience find a proper and comfortable position on How To Make Her Squirt. A comfortable position can lead you to hang on her clitoris and g- spot, right position is considered necessary to keep your lady relaxed and free.

3.    Focus on foreplay: that’s the best part to play before you go deep down for more fun. Foreplay techniques prepares your lady mentally and physically easy to reach outstanding climax and especially when you are about how to make her squirt.

4.    Use high quality lube: when it’s to bring on more fun use good quality lubricant on her clitoris, insideher vagina,to your palm and fingers, slowly stimulate her clitoris with your finger and oral manipulation oral go deep inside with your finger performing motions with your finger which will stimulate her to squirt.

5.    Go for combination: you can go for combination of clitoral and vaginal stimulation  providing her body with body-rocking, breath-taking, and moaning including orgasm but also remember to pay equal attention both on clitoris and and vagina.

Time and effort goes together when you are intended on how to make her squirt as its just not cup of coffee that you will spare your free ten minutes on it and that to when you are lady is going to squirt first time so before making her to reach that pleasured moment you must follow some points so both of you can remember your joyous moment for longtime.


·         Do no explain her what it is and how it feels.

·         Do not mention how you are going to explore it.

·         Give her lots of cuddles and love bites.

·         Keep her stress, care and anxiety free.

·         Make her to trust you.

·         Be nice and sweet to her.


July 16, 2019 by Scoopify  

It is a fantastic drink to gulp down through your throat, its a non- alcoholic mixed drink traditionally made with ginger ale and grenadine, garnished with a maraschino cherries in gelatin. This drink is modest enough as it can be served to children in lieu of cocktails as is the Roy Rogers and Arnold Palmer are. Shirley temple drink also got makeover with the change of time,called as modern Shirley Temple drink substituted with lemon-lime soda or lemonade or sometimes mixed with orange juice in some part or in whole.


Have you ever wondered a drink is asked in your name doesn’t it feel like capturing you in some glass full of sodas. Child actress Shirley Temple began her career in 1932on her 10th birthday bartender at Beverly Hills Restaurant Chasen’s is said to have discover non-alcoholic cocktail to serve her while she dined with her parents and other older celebrities.

The RoyalHawaiian Hotel in Waikiki also claims to discover this as once when Shirley Temple was frequent guest at their place, The Brown Derby in Hollywood marketed drinks in Hollywood with the name of celebrities and may also have invented Shirley Temple Drink though the artist never liked the drink she was totally against of cocktails idea for children and never went in favor of using her name on an unauthorized bottled sodas.


Anon-alcoholic drink that suits everyone needs, soothing, refreshing, icy, popping drink is great for kids holiday parties, expecting mothers, designated drivers, family dinners.

Let’s taste the ingredients and recipe of Shirley temple drink.


·         Grenadine

·         Ginger ale

·         Maraschino Cherry

·         Lemon wedge

·         Lemon soda

·         Orange juice

·         Ice

Above mentioned ingredients are used to prepare Shirley Temple Drink.


Preparation time: 2 mins

Serves: 1


4 ounces ginger ale

2 ounces orange juice

Splash grenadine

1 Maraschino cherry, for garnish

1 lemon slice

Take a Collins glass, add cubes of ice and over that pour ginger ale, orange juice and grenadine, use spoon to stir well.

Garnish it with Maraschino cherry and lemon slice, serve it with straw.

Shirley Temple drink became more vibrant with the time and now available in different names.

Grown Shirley Temple Drink

Dirty Shirley Temple drink

Orange dirty Shirley

Alcoholic Shirley Temple drink

SultryTemple layered drinks

Non-alcoholic Shirley Temple drink

Pomegranate Shirley Temple drink


Flavor: bubbly sweet

Base spirit: Non alcoholic

Cocktail type: Classic non-alcoholic

Served: on the rocks

Preparation: stirred

Difficulty: simple


To make this cool cocktail first we need some magical ingredients to fill glass full of exotic taste, below are the ingredients to follow up the recipe.

.25 oz. Grenadine

Ginger ale 7UP or Sprite

Garnish with Maraschino Cherry

One lemon wedge

Glass type Hurricane or Collins

Steps to make Shirley temple drink

·         Fill a hurricane or Collins glass with ice and add the grenadine

·         Fill with ginger ale, 7UP or Sprite

·         Stir well and garnish with Maraschino cherry and lemon wedge

·         Now the Shirley temple drink is ready to soothe you.

If you want to enjoy the version of dirty Shirley drink then just add an ounce of vodka or rum to the drink but beware it must not be in the reach of children as it becomes alcoholic.

The Shirley temple drink is an irresistible drink that everyone loves specially its very popular among children, refreshing for hot summer noon’s and tastes great at dinner.


June 17, 2019 by Scoopify  

Girls are the female generation of the human existence they are as strong as any other gender of the human race. Every nook and corner of the world is now growing out of its traditional malpractice and making world a better place for girls to live. It is very important that girls must seek proper nutrition, guidance and education to grow and enhance their personality but the most important biological fact of girls growth cycle is when girls stop growing naturally.

Let’s study briefly ‘When do girls stop growing’.

Girls are like the sweet essence of flowers they grow faster than boys but it turns out at the age when girls stop growing after getting their first periods and stepping into the age of puberty.

How tall a girl will grow and at what age the girl enters puberty also depends genetically, where as girls starts puberty  between ages of 8 and 13, girls have biggest growth development at the age of 10 and 14 , the fastest growth spurts  for girl is usually between 12-13 when girls gain 3 inches increase in height per year.

When do girls stop growing is a major onset they normally stop growing at the age of 14-15 after 2 years the onset of menstruation.

There are no alarm set that indicates when do girls stop growing but when a girl enters puberty her body changes she feels breasts and hips have grown , pubic hair appears within 6-12 months of breast development, increase in sexual organs, more sense of maturity and understanding.

There are several factors that influences the height growth in girls

·         Healthy eating is a major factor that plays vital role in height growth, consuming proper balanced diet sustains nourishment , calcium , protein and other required contents that helps in muscles and bone development, growth can stop or slow down if body does not get proper diet.

·         Genes also play major factor in girl’s growth and likely ensures the girls growth similar to her parents. Parents with tall height will tend to have taller children where as shorter parents will have short heighted children.

·          Regular exercise keeps the body fit, healthy and maintains proper body pasture girls who exercise regularly lengthen their spine and strong back muscles which forms good aligned body pasture and finally influences the height growth of a girl.


When do girls stop growing is just not biological issue it’s a matter of concern for parents to focus on child’s growth before clock stops ticking. A period of transition in a girl’s life is stage where she experiences something different happening in and around her body, parents must keep an eye on her growth and must introduce her to body changes before they freak out. Parents must initiate healthy eating habits and must not stress a child related to its shape and size of her body, parents must always develop positive attitude towards their daughter’s growth and development.


June 14, 2019 by Scoopify  

Cyber bullying is an offense where an individual or group of people uses the internet to dominate, harass, and suppress another person mentally and emotionally. Cyberbullies inflicts devastating effects leading to depression, mental imbalance and sometimes it leads to committing suicides. In some jurisdiction itis an illegal offense but globally this has to be established yet.

Cyber bullying is a continuous processfollowed using electronic tools like smartphones, emails, text, videos, laptops and other means. Traditional bullying is less harmful as bullying is done in small frame but cyber bullying has wider aspect, the person being bullied gets frighten and insecureof being exposed, which results in depression, mental disposition and the count of Cyber Bullying Facts increases

It’s difficult to keep a pace with internet and social media, parents and educators must focus on prevalence of cyber bullying facts.

Here is the list of some Cyber Bullying facts

·         According to Cyber Bullying 87% of teens witness cyber bullying through communicating tools.

·         The most shocking cyber bullying fact is that one out of three kids feels that they are more accepted on social media networks than real life.

·         39% of children do not maintain their privacy on social media.

·         As per cyber bullying facts survey 15 % of teensor children bully their own friends.

·         24% of children, students do not know what to do if harassed online.

·         34% students claimed that they have been bullied once in a life time.

·         72% children reported their experience as they were cyber bullied for their looks

·         Cyber bullying fact states that 41% girls faces cyber bullying than boys (28%).

·         10% of children tried to take their own lives and that’s the most devastating cyber bullying fact.

Technology is a boon for human being but when shocking events take place which causes someone’s life then it is a bane

Parent’s, adults and educators must make efforts to develop mental strength, to teach how to observe one’s behaviorand make them believe that there is someone trust worthy behind them always for help, support, love and care.

The National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) drafted guidelines for cyber bullying

·         Block cyber Bullies on Social media sites and add  a report to website admonish=tar=tors

·         Avoid placing personal details and your whereabouts online.

·         If you are facing cyber bullying don’t be shy or hesitant express your problems to a trusted adult or your parents.

Ask funny things to siri to get the best in class response

June 13, 2019 by Scoopify  

First of all you should have to proper information what is siri? Siri is the digital voice assistant into your favorite Apple iPhone and iPad. It is not human being but provide a great job to give proper response to the user in iPhone supported devices. You get the same thing for Mac supporting devices. You should be familiar with some technical term that guide the easy and the best in class responsive result.  The voice assistant can add plenty of purpose to prevent misunderstanding. You should be very creative and responsive question to ask siri to get hilarious response. You can ask knock knock jokes to sire to get fast response. Here is the list of question that you can ask to siri to get the best in class funny and hilarious response. You should feel free to ask siri as your choice and the best suitable as per your requirements.

Your favorite animal: You can ask to siri about your favorite animal. You get the best in class response according to your choice and provide the response that match to your personality. You can ask about the name and color of your favorite animal to get the hilarious response.

Best Operating system: You can ask about the best operating system. You get the response in very systematically way. You get the details information about the features and benefits of the best operating system. You can get the valuable information and just a fun according to the choice of your mood. You can ask question related to your mood. You get the exact response in fast processing way.

Funny Things: You should very creative to know Funny Things To Ask Siri. You can ask about jokes in your best suitable language. Siri is good responsive in all popular language worldwide. You can ask about husband wife funny jokes, two meaning jokes according to your mood and choice.

Philosophy query: You can ask philosophy query like do you believe in God. You can ask about the ghost and demon to get hilarious response. You can ask many philosophy related issue that help you to get the hilarious response in short time.

These are the list of easy to ask question to siri that help you to get the best in class fast response. You should be very familiar with some interested topic and ask to siri as per your choice and according to your mood. You can ask question related to your study and hobby and get the hilarious response. Siri is multi language support and easily understand different language in easy way and provide fast response.


May 20, 2019 by Scoopify  

According to Billy Graham’s famous quote “if wealth is lost, nothing is lost, if health is lost something is lost” so why to loose anything apply healthy habits and stay healthy for a long time in a same way having safe and protected sex leads to good sexual health free from infections and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease. Both men and women can be victim of this bacterial infection, it does not develops symptoms initially but if left untreated it can lead to severe conditions.

Chlamydia Symptoms In Women is curable with antibiotic medicines if treated at right time. It spreads through sexual contact from your partner or multiple partners having oral, vaginal or anal sex it spreads through anus, vagina, urethra, penis, semen, pre-cum, and other vaginal fluids. Eyes, nose, throat, mouth and rectum can get infected with chlamydia if touched with hands.

Let’s discuss some facts about chlamydia symptoms in women.

1.    Women suffering with chlamydia does not know that they are infected and feel totally fine.

2.    Most women who suffers with chlamydia does not notice any symptom.

3.    Chlamydia symptoms in women usually appear within 1-3 weeks of having unprotected sex with an infected person.

4.    In some cases symptoms do not occur for many months.

5.    Sometimes chlamydia symptoms in women disappears but the infection remains and the person is able to pass it on.

6.    Around 70% of women are infected with chlamydia and the fact is that they do not acknowledge it.

7.    Approximately 3 million women in America gets infected with chlamydia trending in age group 14-24.

Here are the most vulnerable symptoms of chlamydia in women.

·         Lower abdominal pain with fever

·         Bleeding between periods

·         Painful periods

·         Pain while having sex

·         Itching or burningin oraroundthe vagina

·         Abnormal vaginal discharge that may have an odor

·         Pain when urinating

·         Bleeding after sex

·         Pain in pelvis

Women suffering with PelvicInflammatory Disease, one of the most hyper active chlamydia symptoms in women, can face severe damage to fallopian tubes causing infertility, ectopic pregnancy, premature birth causing eye infections, blindness or pneumonia in babies passed on from mothers.

 Visiting doctor and consuming right treatment at right time may clear the infection within a week or two. It is better to complete the medicine course even if one feel better after treatment, make sure to be retested to check  whether it is fully cured or not.


May 17, 2019 by Scoopify  

Willard Carol Smith Jr. popularly known as Will Smith was born on September 2 in 1968. Will Smith is an American actor, producer, comedian, rapper and songwriter. He is the most lovable, and successful actor throughout his career.

Will Smith’s estimated net worth is $300 million making him one of the richest actor in the world. Let’s find out how Will Smith raked millions into his account.

Will Smith earned$500,000 in 1987 from the album rock the house with hip hop duo DJ Jazzy Jeff andthe fresh prince.

In 1988 the estimated earnings from the album ‘He is the DJ and I’m the Rapper with the hip hop duo DJ Jazzy Jeff and the fresh prince was $ 3,000,000,

 Will became millionaire by the age of 20 and great amount of money was added to Will Smiths net worth from 1988 to1993 through music sales.

The rapper turned actor once was in serious debt of $ 2.8 million to the government but he turned the tables and brought things back into his favor when he landed for the role in the ‘THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR’and cleared of his debt by its 3 season’s earnings.

Will Smith never looked back after paying his debts and kept on earning good money and space in Hollywood from his movies like BAD BOYS 2,ROBOT, THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, HANCOCK, KARATE KID AND MANY MORE.

Will Smith’snet worth adds up the huge sum of $ 100 million for men in black 3 as agent J remains one of the highest paid role of all times, the film took $ 624million gross earnings and Will Smith took$100 million of it.

Will smith made $ 20.5 thousand in 2016 from SUICIDE SQUAD, its movie bright was consideredas the worst movie of 2017 fortune added$ 42 million in 2018 to Will Smith’s net worth from from the Netflix.

In April 2007 Newsweek announced him as the most powerful actor in Hollywood. He has been nominated for 5 Golden Globe awards and Academy awards, he bagged four Grammy awards also. Will Smith Net Worth not only holds wealth but Goodwill as well. He entered into the Guinness book of world records for attending three premieres in a24 hour time span.

Will smith the multitalented man has achieved success in numerous arenas of entertainment industry.


May 16, 2019 by Scoopify  

Bill Gates is the most inspiring, influential and ideal personality of the 20th and21st century. He is a game changer who changed the way the computers and technologies were with his positive judiciousness. Gates  is not only   a business tycoon but a Philanthropist too who does billions of charity for the world welfare and founded Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, he is as focused to Philanthropy as he was to Microsoft.

Learning surprising facts about Bill Gates the billionaire entrepreneur will leave you mouth wide open.

1.    During his school days at Lakeside Prep School Gates wrote his first computer program on General electric computer, it was a version of tic-tac toe game where you can play against the computer.

2.    Once when school realized Gates capabilities for coding he was asked to writea program for scheduling students in classes and to that he featured himself into a class with disproportionate number of interesting girls.

3.    During his teenage years Gates read the entire series of World Book Encyclopedia. This is really an amazing fact about Bill Gates.

4.    Another interesting fact about Bill Gates is that at his young age he scored1590 out of 1600 in SAT’s.

5.    Like many other famous people Gates is also acollege dropout as he wanted to concentrate fully on Microsoft.

6.    After dropping out from Harvard University in 1975 two years later Gates was arrested in Mexico for running off red lights and driving without licenseisn’t that interesting fact about Bill Gates

7.    At Microsoft Gates used to memorize its employees license plate to keep a check on their coming and going but eventually the company grew up largely and it was not possible anymore to memorize.

8.    For air travels Gates used to fly coach and since 1997 he flies in his own plane which he call his big splurge.

9.     Gates big splurge other than his plane was Leonardo Di Vinci’s “CODEX LEICESTER”which he acquired in 1994 auction for $ 30.8 million.

10.Despite of his immense wealth of $ 90.9 billion his children would inherit $ 10 million each and rest will go to Charity.

11.Though Gates being a great Philanthropist and dedicate most of his time to Bill and Melinda Gates foundation he is still working with Microsoft on its “Personal Agent” which will remember everything and help you go back find things and help you pick what things pay attention to.

12.Gates would have been Artificial Intelligence Researcher if he was not working with Microsoft.

13.Bill Gates feeds his brain with reading 50 books a year which makes him to learn new things and test his understandings.

14.Gates biggest regret is that he does not know any foreign languages.

15.The most interesting Fact About Bill Gates is immense love and passion for cars he owns Porsche 959 sportscarwhich was bought 13 years before it was approved for American roads.