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Why Do You Add CPR Masks in First Aid Kits?

April 14, 2019 by Home Medical Equipment  

Most people have a strange perception that CPR is very much complicated or risky process to attempt. It may seem that CPR may be a hassle for an average person in the street and should be performed only by a highly trained professional.



However, this notion is quite hard to dispel. But the experts say that any attempt of performing CPR is quite better than none. Being trained is amazing for sure; don’t be afraid to make an effort.





While the American Heart Association says that chest impressions are the most important aspects of CPR, they also recognize the doing mouth-to-mouth compressions is even better. But some people are unwilling to perform mouth-to-mouth compressions even when a life is on the line.



It’s because most people are concerned about the possible infections or any fluid or blood in and on the victim. This is the main reason why every first aid kit should include CPR masks. They provide an amazing barrier in order to ease those objections and fears while increasing the success level of CPR.



The Significance of CPR Masks



The main aim of CPR masks is to prevent against cross contamination. The person administering CPR should remain protected against any kind of infection and any blood or other fluids that may be found on the victim.

When you perform resuscitation, it’s possible that patient may eject body fluids through their nose or mouth. It’s equally significant that the person suffering to be protected from any germs the resuscitator may carry. A CPR mask eliminates the risk of exposure to germs, fluids and viruses completely.



A barrier is all you need out and about.



There are two types of barrier devices for CPR – a molded mask and a flat barrier. No ordinary person is likely to carry a bulky molded mask in their first aid kit. This is the type of barrier used by paramedics and emergency rooms.



This mask fits over the nose and mouth while sealing onto the face. The rescuer blows through one way valve. It’s a perfect device, but takes up enough space and training to utilize effortlessly.



A flat barrier comprises of a plastic sheet that covers the mouth and nose of the patient. The rescuer blows into a one way valve through the middle of it. However, it’s easier to use and the whole device is very compact.



A keychain CPR mask will fit in any first aid kit.



The American Red Cross Society recommends the use of a CPR mask with a face barrier sheet and one way resuscitation valve. It’s small enough to connect to a key ring. This type of CPR mask can fit anywhere including a first aid kit.



No more excuses.



Do you carry a first aid kit daily? If yes, then this means you are well prepared to help other people suffering at a moment’s notice. Make sure you’re well prepared for every possibility. Including a key ring CPR mask into your first aid kit is a breeze and could help you save a life!



Therefore, it’s time to buy CPR masks available for sale at HME Locations to choose from for your needs. 

5 Useful Tips to Buy a Right Air Purifier

March 25, 2019 by Home Medical Equipment  

An air purifier is a simple and easy to use device. It uses a series of electronic and mechanical filters to flush out the ambient amount of air and clean it continuously during the time of its functioning.



The use of air purification units may help to minimize the levels of smaller allergens or particles in the air. It can reduce adverse health impacts especially in susceptible populations like babies, the elderly and people with allergies and asthma.




The air purification device is effective in reducing asthma symptoms associated with small particles like smoke and dust that remain in th.e air and also such as those from some dust mite allergens and cat dander. The larger particles that are present in the air may contain allergens which settle quickly before their removal through filtration.



Therefore, effective allergen control measures must be taken, like frequent vacuuming of carpets and furniture as well as dusting and cleaning of hard surfaces. Air purifiers can help reduce the frequency of these measures. Here are a few useful tips to choose the right air purifier:



1. Understanding clean air delivery rate.



Clean air delivery rate is a term used for the illustration of an air purifier’s skill to eliminate harmful pollutants inside the room. This rate is calculated in cubic feet per minute. It shows how quickly your air purifier can remove smoke, dust, and pollen in the indoor air.



2. Know the coverage area.



The coverage area of an air purifier is one of the most important things you should consider. It needs you to understand that the nearer you are to the air purification device; the more efficiently the air can be purified. This means, air purifiers can clean up inner spaces and you should think about the area coverage of air purifier before buying.



3. Understand the noise level.



This factor is not actually very important for everyone because some people remain unaffected small noise level of air purifiers. Some may consider it enjoyable and think that the noise helps them get to sleep easier. However, lots of people tend to buy a quiet air purifier to avoid excess noise.





4. Air purification for asthma and allergy care.



The air purifier can eliminate allergy and asthma-related health problems by removing the harmful particles present inside. The air purifier should have the following characteristics:



-The purifiers should have the filters installed in order to reduce the bio-allergen levels in a specific space.



-The device should never contribute to the ozone level inside the home, causing serious health hazards.



5. Understand the rate of air flow.



The rate of air flow is nothing but the measurement of the amount of air passing through the purifier after a specific time period. An air flow rate in an air purifier is measured by cubic feet per minute. The most necessary aspects of air flow rate are the efficiency of the inside filters installed and the power of fan connected in the device.



Bottom Line –



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