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Master beauty tips & tricks through the Best Makeup Course in Mumbai

September 11, 2019 by BHI Makeup Academy  

BHI stands for Bollywood Hollywood International makeup academy is among the top-rated academies present in India.

BHI training course is specially designed to prepare aspiring students with skills and knowledge to work in the makeup Industry.


If you are a student and want to work in the Makeup Industry then you’ve got to learn all the makeup tips and hacks from experts and professionals who’ve successfully managed to pull them off beautifully.


While deciding your career as a makeup artist and willing to master those makeup tips, you’ve got to get the right amount of training related to cosmetics working on different skins and also marketing to land other jobs. You're fortunate enough to work for many organizations under BHI or even after their training. Doing runaway shows, makeup for Bollywood stars, Hollywood stars and even International level of artist exposure you’ll get, working with brides and for numerous production companies.


There is a huge undiscussed competition in the Beauty Department and it’s hard to make your name among this competitive Industry. You don’t need to get worried as in this competitive career you will get a perfect partnership of BHI, as they have worked in this industry and are aware of its ins and outs. With their experience and expert guidance, everything would be achievable.


It’s not just makeup business it’s also about medical stuff as there are different products available in the market but knowing about the suitable one which won’t cause any defect is the vital part you get to learn with the variety of makeup artist.

After learning about the makeup business, it is quite essential that you should be aware of promoting yourself to other Industries and should be in contact with various Companies.


When you are taught under BHI academy you become fully knowledgeable about makeup and would be completely confident in your talent. In short, you will be ready to take over the world and paint beautifully.

So it’s important that you should be built with training to master the makeup Industry as there is no place for candidates with basic skills and knowledge.


There are many makeup course available in the Industry but generally, then don’t manage to give the basics of makeup training and tips. They make numerous promises to the young candidates but in return, they just consume their money and fail to turn them into professional makeup artists. So it’s very necessary to choose from an Industry which has experience and numerous students under their training.


Their various Makeup courses are:

  • They start with the basics including the Starter pack
  • Defining makeup artistry
  • Understanding Face
  • Sanitation and Hygiene
  • Acknowledgment Face Shapes
  • Know Bone Structures and many more.


Shifting to other portion of face in detail version starting from

  • Face – Concealing, Foundation & Powder
  • Eyes -Brows, Shadows, False, Eyelashes, Liners, Mascara, Smokey Highlighting & Contouring
  • Blush- Blush to use with different skin tones
  • LIPS- Perfect symmetrical lips, fuller lips, nude Lips and many more
  • Different Looks-Natural Makeup, Red Carpet Makeup, Basic Indian Bridal Makeup, Advanced Bridal Makeup, Arabic Bridal Makeup and many more.
  • Special Effects Makeup for Cinema, Television, Films and Theater and more.
  • Professional Unit- Bridal, Film, Communication
  • Marketing Yourself and many more.


These are how you will be trained to give you a professional makeup artist tag along with professional secrets makeup tricks and hacks.


Source: http://bhimakeupacdmy.booklikes.com/post/1950050/master-beauty-tips-tricks-through-the-best-makeup-course-in-mumbai

Special Makeup Look for Raksha Bandhan - BHI Makeup Academy

August 11, 2019 by BHI Makeup Academy  

What’s better than doing Makeup and looking beautiful?


Nothing! Yes, you got it right.


For the fair sex, nothing could be even better than that. Whether it’s an occasion or not, beautifying and keeping adoring for hours is always on the top. And, the next is to receive accolades, praise, and appreciation for all, what they did for hours.


The way the Makeup varies from occasion to occasion, it varies from person to person too, that for whom you are doing it. There’s only a single occasion when one does the Makeup for someone else than the fiancée or the friend.


Yes, you again got it right, and he’s nobody else than your brother himself. Your brother matters for you the most, and this gets proved by the age-old tradition of tying rakhi on the grand occasion of the Raksha Bandhan. Here your Makeup is different, uniquely unique, and exclusively done keeping in mind the likes and taste of your brother. Though, it varies from person to person but, there are few beauty tips which work equally well and are the best fit for all, who care for their brothers and leave nothing in impressing them to gather his appreciation in full.


Let’s unleash the best beauty tips one should adhere to remain charming, glowing, and mystifying the entire day. You will agree it’s going to be a hectic day to spend the whole day with your brothers and family as the whole. And, when you are with family, the best is to remain light and avoid wearing heavy Makeup. As the weather is generally sunny with scorching heat, the wisdom lies in going for waterproof products while keeping it simple and minimal. Keep your skin hydrated and flawless by applying primer before going for the foundation.


1) Face, making it from glowing to charming- Let's begin with preparing your skin from cleansing to toning, from moisturizing to hydrating, to have the right base to stick the applications. A matte primer along with a concealer work miracle to let you achieve it. A sponge or a makeup brush dab the foundation and your little patience make it settle down. Now you are ready to take your preferable shades to get you a sculpted look.


2) So, how to have Blushy cheeks – If the cheeks are not blushy, then what’s the fun, and to have it is no mystery. You have to contour the cheeks on hollow with a blusher, and then you have to intensify it with the bronzing powder. The gradation with highlighter and illuminator on your cheekbones would be the best bet in case you want to remain subtly natural. A fan brush’s gentle stroke of highlighter makes your face temple look beautiful and glowing.




3) Sparkling Eyes matters– You have a lot of choice from going for a Kajal stroke with matte finish eyeliner to shimmery smoky eyes to mysterious ombre eyes. Concealing under eyes and lid with matte concealer followed by a gentle blend of a blender brush does all magic you require. A golden shade in the inner eyes and the contouring your eye corners with eyeshadow, followed by matte kajal white application, on your waterline and lower lash lines makes them further beautiful. Now it’s time for the brow bone to have a light shade highlighter, and your lashes the mascara besides your brows getting groomed by definer.


4) Rosy Lips are must - Lips are to be exfoliated to remove the dead skin before any application, to have the pink rosy lips. To have further, are prepared with the primer and followed by the lip liner.


So, here’s our take away for your Raksha Bandhan.

Just let us know how you did and don’t forget to tell us the compliments you received.

BHI Makeup Academy is an exclusive makeup academy that provides a whole bunch of professional beautician courses to train, groom, and prepare the future professional beauticians. With an expert team of trainers, experts, and consultants, they are the torchbearers in the makeup industry and have become the trendsetters of the latest styles and portfolios. This Makeup academy is just unmatchable.


Source: https://www.bhimakeupacademy.com/special-makeup-look-for-raksha-bandhan

Pursue the In-Demand Beauty Careers with best Beauty Courses at BHI

July 22, 2019 by BHI Makeup Academy  

The beauty industry is booming at a rapid pace. In recent times, several cosmetic brands and salons have come up with myriad products and services to meet customer needs. Hence, the demand for professional beauticians has seen a spike. A trained and certified beautician is one who has mastered the skills to deliver professional services in specific areas of beauty and wellness.

The field of beauty & wellness with its glamour and ardors is generous with opportunities and rewards. Ambitious professionals spend years before they make their mark in the industry. But if you set out on your quest with the right guidance, you can achieve big in this industry and soon too. Now, you can pursue the most in-demand careers in beauty industry with best Makeup Coursesavailable at BHI Makeup Academy.

Following your passion always demands hard work, patience and immense determination. The success stories we see and hear every day are not built in a day. They are a culminated result of long hours put into learning, creating and pursuing what you dreamt of relentlessly. If you are creative, ambitious, and want to give shape to your artistic skills, sky is the limit for you. Before you settle down with specific jobs in beauty industry.

In-demand careers in beauty industry

·         Cosmetologist: This is one of the most in-demand job profiles in the beauty industry.  With the right training, you can start your career in as a professional cosmetologist. Learn nitty-gritty of skin care, hair care, makeup, and personal grooming during the course. After completing a course in cosmetology, grab a chance to work as a professional cosmetologist in leading salons and spas across the world. Be it facial, waxing, haircut, makeup, or consultations, a cosmetologist can deliver the best of services in different areas of beauty. As an experienced cosmetologist, you can also work with celebrities for cinemas, shows, and fashion shoots.


·         Beauty Therapist: From teenagers to adults, and from professionals to homemakers, a skilled beauty therapist has the potential to work with people from all walks of life. As a beauty therapist, your job is not confined within a salon. You can work in pharmacies and departmental stores or for beauty brands. A certified beauty therapist can work as a waxing technician, nail artist, makeup artist, skin care expert, or hair stylists independently or with salons and cosmetic brands. Meet people, deliver the best services, and keep climbing up the ladder as a beauty therapist.


·         Hairstylist: The search for a good haircut, hairstyle, or hair color is never-ending. So is the demand for hair stylists! As a hair stylist, you can offer a wide variety of services like cutting, coloring, spa, smoothening and styling. A course in hair care teaches the fundamentals of hair cutting, styling, perming, coloring and spa. If you wish to upgrade yourself, join the advanced course and get trained in advanced hair treatments, cuts and coloring techniques. As a professional hair stylist, keep yourself updated with the latest trends in hairstyles, and the world will be all yours!


·         Makeup artist: Makeup application is an intrinsic part of a makeover. Only a skilled makeup artist can do that with perfection. From corporate to cocktail and bridal makeup, a skilled makeup artist can create a look for every occasion. As a professional, you can work with salons, beauty brands, and celebrities. If you aspire to be a professional makeup artist, get the right training and keep yourself updated with latest makeup products, styles and application techniques. Reward your clients with a look they are going to remember forever.


·         Skincare expert: A skin care expert suggests clients on skin care regime and beauty products as per skin types. A certified skin care expert provides specialized services like facial, body massage, pigmentation and anti-ageing treatments, manicure, pedicure, bleaching, and waxing. Most skin-care experts work in salons and spas, or as a representative for skin care products in medical stores, departmental stores, and cosmetic shops. You can also work as a makeup artist or skin consultant for celebrities and top personalities. Have the right business know-how? You can be an independent skin consultant and develop your own products. Jobs in beauty industry are challenging yet glamorous. Give it a try!


·         Nail artist: As a nail artist or nail technician, your career is not confined to a manicurist or pedicurist. An exclusive course in nail art throws light on specialized areas like nail treatments, gel extension, acrylic nail extension, and cut, file and polish. From basic to extravagant designs, a skilled nail artist can make dull nails look attractive with the right color, design, and technique. As a professional, stay updated with the latest nail art designs, maintain a professional attitude, and work with precision. You can work as a nail artist in a salon or nail studio, or even set up your own outlet.


Now don’t let your passion down but pursue your dream career in the makeup industry. Join the best Makeup Academy in Mumbai and become a Pro Makeup Artist.

Source:  https://bmakeupacademy.blogspot.com/2019/07/pursue-in-demand-beauty-careers-with.html

Make a Career in Makeup Industry with the best Makeup Courses by BHI!

May 17, 2019 by BHI Makeup Academy  

Are you passionate about beauty and want to build your career in the fashion industry? If you really want to improve your reputation in makeup in India, it is important to complete a special training. With the help of Makeup Master Class, you can build a solid foundation and make yourself a name in the market.

There are many makeup institutes for artists and designers where students learn a lot. If you are new to this business or plan to start it, a good makeup school in London can be a blessing for you. These fashion schools offer a range of courses such as nail art, hairdressing, clothing design, etc. You can choose a course that suits your interests.

Role of makeup tips

Hundreds of people on the market can give you makeup tips, but it is necessary to choose the right person. Only a makeup expert can provide proper advice that will not only improve your appearance, but also others. You can imagine being a professional makeup class in India and making a lot of money.

When it comes to leveraging your work, talent comes in. You should have a lot of experience in the fashion industry to become popular because many individuals in the market are competing. You can also show their wisdom to take your customers or clients. So you have to fight against them and do your best. This can only happen if a person has a good education.

Refresher courses offered by professionals already working in this field can reinforce your self-confidence and compete. If you know what you need to do and what to avoid, you are more likely to be absolutely free. You only need to focus on the things that are necessary for your career.

Makeup for special occasions

Everyone has some special occasions in their life. People want to capture such beautiful moments and click on different photos. When it comes to makeup for weddings, festivals or other occasions, you need to be more attentive. Make sure you think about the things you need so you do not have problems to beautify faces.

Just cosmetic knowledge

The term makeup seems to be incomplete without cosmetics. To improve the appearance of a person, various types of cosmetics are applied to the face. A person who has a good knowledge of the types of cosmetics that must be used for makeup can succeed in this profession.

During the make-up class, you will also learn special lessons on cosmetics. Be sure to write down the key points needed to find out more about the cosmetic products you need. Remember that beauty companies often offer new products to their customers. Your priority should therefore be to research them and keep you informed of the current trend. It's a good mantra to succeed in the fashion industry.

The BHI Makeup Academy offers you quality education and the expertise to advance your career. During the course, you will be trained by industry experts who have worked with celebrities. This helps to build the relevant skills the industry needs to succeed in a career. At the end of the professional makeup course, you will receive a recognized certificate.