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Let us discuss the existence of steel pipe in the world

December 14, 2018 by sara052807  

Its known to us that there are varieties of types of pipes in the world. Each kind of them plays important roles in different areas in society. Can you imagine that what our society will be like if there is no steel pipe like seamless steel pipe in the world?


Every big city has countless gas piping. These pipes are used for long distance transport of petroleum and natural gas. If there is no gas pipe in the city, there will be no petroleum and natural gas be imported, then, we will be lack in the gas and petroleum. If without gas and petroleum, it will be impossible to cook, heat up water, drive a car or even take a bus.

Then, there is another kind of pipe, namely construction structural pipe. This kind of pipe can be seen in the superstores, theater, airports and bridges. It is the basic cells of these buildings. Even the scaffolds are the steel pipes. Without this kind of steel pipe, there will be no buildings can be built up.

The steel pipe can be seen everywhere in the world. Although they seem to be puny, they play a vital role in the society. If there is no steel pipe in this world, the world cannot run so normally maybe.

Scan if you are finding the right steel pipe

December 13, 2018 by sara052807  

The convenience and high quality would be significant factor in our decision to which kind of pipes, from seamless steel pipe, welded steel pipe like ERW steel pipe, to choose from.


When we live in outskirt, humble room is a common annoyance of life in suburbia. It would make us feel fine if we just for travel. However, there is a big trouble if we live here for a long time. With the deficiency of the steel pipe for water transportation, we have to get them by tub. This would be very bad experience for us. Under this situation, if our master granted us a small ingot of steel pipe for transportation tool, we would be cheer up. From this story, we can find that productivity needs to be increased and happiness would be here too. 

Discount sale on SSAW steel pipe in threeway

December 12, 2018 by sara052807  

Weve updated our price list about SSAW steel pipe yesterday. And you can see details on our website. Today, wed like to make a short analysis about the price discount here.


First of all, there is a real discount over the price for all kinds of SSAW steel pipe. For example, each type of this pipeline has reduced the price over 26 dollars/ton, some of them may reach 40 dollars/ton. Thus, we can get more high quality steel tubes for our engineering project. Secondly, it would be the cut price after half a year due to the lunar happy new years coming in China. And it would be a good opportunity to save money. For more details about the price, you can check on the website or ask us directly. 

Different series for stainless steel pipe

December 11, 2018 by sara052807  

Even for the same category of stainless steel pipe we sell now, we know that there are different series among it. Under this situation, we would have a detailed introduction for customers. And we hope this would give your guide once you need to purchase them.


First of all, we can see whole situation for stainless steel pipe. Their diameter would range from 6-630mm for seamless steel pipes and welded pipes 6-300mm.

Then, for the 300 series stainless steel pipe, we can figure out the grade from 304- 304/L304H309/S309H310/S310H316L317L- 321321H347347H.

For 400 series stainless steel pipe, there is the category of 410.

Of course, nickel alloy grades can be classified into Alloy 20200400600601625825H825HTC276. For example, Threewaysteel pipe company can provide Alloy / Stainless Steel Pipe for the usage place of petroleum, chemical engineering, electricity, and boiler. 

High anti-corrosion technology used in steel pipes

December 10, 2018 by sara052807  

Anti-corrosion for a kind of steel pipe, whether you are seamless steel pipe or ERW steel pipe, we know it is very inevitable for the customers. With the advanced technologys development, there is no doubt that the usage of high anti-corrosion technology used in steel pipes. Here is the basic technology weve got in Threewaysteel pipe company.


From the picture, we can see that there are some points we need to pay attention to for the anti-corrosion technology.

First of all, we should classify the coating type before the coating work. For example, ask yourself is it Three layer polyethylene or epoxy and so on.

Secondly, figuring out the different procedural for various coating layer.

What's more, coating thickness is another factor we need to take care. 

Seven cooperative partners join our steel pipe company

December 7, 2018 by sara052807  

Our manager told us that we should add seven new logos about our recent cooperative partners into the website. We will send them sincere thanks for the join of our steel pipe's work. No matter seamless or ERW steel pipe, we shall work hard together to make life better.


The new partners are PETRONAS, SAMSUNG, bp, NIOC, PDVSA and so on. For the detailed logos about them, you can check in the following pictures. As for now, there are almost twenty major companies joined us with the steel pipeline's career. We shall work together for the high quality of each kind of steel tube. 

Tell us which kind of steel pipe picture is your favorite

December 6, 2018 by sara052807  

In order to complete the view experience, we steel pipe supplier SRT steel pipe company would like to change some steel pipe products for customers. Now we would like to have a survey for which kind of picture you would like most. No matter seamless steel pipe or SSAW steel pipe. You can tell us for more progress.


You can say that you want the product picture showing more details on products surface so that you have a better understanding for them.

You can tell us that you need the out diameter and inner diameter representing in picture as far as the picture they can.

You can even tell us you want there is a tag for some basic information in the picture.


We would know the direction for each kind of customers demand and we can even make customized picture for your convenience check. 

Trouble and reasons for seamless steel pipe

December 6, 2018 by sara052807  

Even the price of seamless steel pipe is higher than similar ERW steel pipe, we still figure out the trouble with it. Today, well see the defects of it and find out the reasons so that we can avoid it during our usage period.


First of all, abscission would be the most superficial one as we can see by our eyes. There would be spiral separation in steel pipes inner surface. Due to the poor non-metallic inclusions, residual shrinkage of the material, we get the trouble. Thus, we need to figure out the characters of the medium needed to transport. Finally, we will choose the suitable steel pipe for it.

In addition, fold in the steel pipe. A symmetrical or single linear folded sometimes in the steel pipes inner surface. Due to the poor lubrication of the mandrel, we may see this trouble during the use. Thus, we should pay high attention to the products production process.

Other troubles, such as wall contraction, rolling scars, may also here. Thus, we should pick up the master to make the steel pipe for our engineering project. 

One two three go steel pipe

December 5, 2018 by sara052807  

Please follow us and say loudly-one, two, three, lets go to find out our steel pipe. Is it seamless steel pipe? Is it ERW steel pipe? Is it stainless steel pipe? Lets move and get the best one for our engineering project.


Threewaysteel pipe company offers a wide range of steel pipes from seamless steel pipe to welded steel pipe. These pipes are made by supreme quality. They would be made based on customized qualification through original material to manufacturer process. According to their steel pipes characters, such as corrosion resistance, high pressure taking, high temperature holding, these pipes are widely recommended for lots of industries from food to water, oil and gas transportation. 

Choosing standards for urban gas steel pipe coating

December 4, 2018 by sara052807  

With the trends of urbanization, urban gas steel pipes demands would be increasing too. No matter ERW steel pipe or seamless one, we still have some standards for the choosing of them. Today, lets have a view for the standards of ERW one.


The aspects we should pay attention to during the whole purchasing process would be here:

good insulating and mechanical properties;

good resistance to cathodic dis-bondment performance;

good resistance to water, gas permeability;

good chemical resistance soaking performance and anti-aging properties;

resistance to low temperature and high temperature performance;

easy mending and mending;

at reasonable prices.