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Exact meaning for BS standard among steel pipe

August 15, 2018 by sara052807  

We will ask for different standards when we negotiating with suppliers for seamless steel pipe or some specific welded steel pipe. Whats the exact meaning for those different standards among steel pipe? Today, we can have a view for some of them and get a basic understanding.


Today, we will take BS standard for example.

First of all, for BS3059 II, we can category 360 and 440 two main categories.

BS3059 II 360:

BS 3059-2:1990 would have the requirements for pipes not exceeding 127mm outside diameter and 12.5mm thickness. According to the operating temperature, it can be divided into two kinds general boiler pipes and high-pressure boiler pipes.

BS3059-II 440:

BS 3059 PART 2-78 is the standard which concludes the steel boiler and super heater pipes carbon alloy and specified elevated temperature prop.

Which kind of steel pipe you have decided to have

August 14, 2018 by sara052807  

No matter you need the seamless steel pipe in stocks or stainless steel pipe customized with your demands. We Threewaysteel pipe company can provide with you in a wide categories of alloys, sizes and schedules. We can supply domestic or import pipe with a quick delivery time and cost-effectiveness.


Today we would like to share part of the stainless steel pipe's parameters concluding nominal pipe size, outside diameter(inches) and pipe schedules. You can tell me if your required steel pipe is on the list. Or you can contact me directly if you don't find the one you need in the list. 

Wide application of steel pipe to different industries(2)

August 13, 2018 by sara052807  

Weve talked part of wide application of steel pipe to Dense Medium System, flanges and Expansion Joints applications. Today, we will show customers the magic power of steel pipes from seamless steel pipe to welded pipe to other areas.


Ceramic Lined Pipe usage: No matter which kind of pipe you are, straight or bend, we need to use it for the work of engineering project. Why? Because it has the benefits of wear-resisting character.

SSAW steel pipe Stories: For sewage drain, we need the help of SSAW steel pipe and thus we cannot leave it for better lifestyle.

With more details, welcome to discuss with us here. 

Brief introduction for whole production process of steel pipe(2)

August 10, 2018 by sara052807  

Except for the production processes of Piercing process, Precision cold drawn steel pipe production process and Pipe Bend calculation listed on last essay, today, we would have a topic on other production process for seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe.


Pipe Beveling: This is the process where an angle is formed between the edge of the end of a pipe or tube and a plane perpendicular to the surface.

Pipe cutting: The length of the pipe cut according to the requirement. Cutting tools have a grinding wheel piece cutting machine (also known as toothless saw), hand saw, cutter and other hand tools.

Packing the steel pipes: The last step of packing is also necessary for the high quality of steel pipe. Only in good packing, can we guarantee the perfect of not being scratched or something else.

Details would be explained in next essay. 

Different impacts of oil and gas transported by steel pipe

August 9, 2018 by sara052807  

Your answer would be oil and gas once we have a topic on what kind of fuel you use for your cooking and shower nowadays. Thanks for the job of seamless or ERW steel pipe transportation, now we can use these oil and gas easily for improvement of our life.


There are some different impacts of oil and natural gas for human beings.

First of all, direct impact would be here. It is measured as the jobs, labor income, and value added within the oil and natural gas industry.

In addition, we can have a view for indirect impact. It is measured except direct impact, we can get value added occurring throughout the supply chain of the oil and natural gas industry involved.

Of course, another impact is induced impact. Except the first two kinds of impacts, household spending of labor and proprietors income earned either directly or indirectly from the oil and natural gas industrys spending should be counted in too.

What is the role for oil and gas transported by steel pipe

August 8, 2018 by sara052807  

With the development of urbanization as well as globalization, no doubt that weve changed and optimized a lot in peoples living standard. Now we would adopt the oil and gas for human beings transported by seamless or ERW steel pipe.  


Data would show us some situation directly. Here is the list for the details of Total Operational and Capital Investment Impacts of the Oil and Natural Gas Industry on the US Economy, 2015. No matter which kind of aspect you analyze, you would figure out the trend of oil and natural gas nowadays. And of course, the popularity is no longer a question for us.


With the blossom of oil and gas transportation. How could we forget the industry of relative? For example, the steel pipes industry would be the transported tool supplier and exploit industry and so on.  

Difference between seamless carbon and mild steel pipe

August 7, 2018 by sara052807  

For carbon and mild steel pipe, they all have seamless steel pipe type. And recently, we Threewaysteel has added mild steel pipe in our products category. In order to solve some customers confusion about the choice of carbon or mild one. Today, we will show the difference between them.


1. Carbon steel pipe contains mild steel pipe to some extent.

2. Mild steel pipe would have a very low carbon percentage when compared with the special carbon steel pipe(we can see detailed components in mild steel pipe's production description).

3. Mild steel pipe may have higher ductility than carbon steel pipe types.

4. Mild steel pipe would not strong as carbon steel pipe.


With more detailed information, you can have a view at the website or you can contact us directly. 

Classification of seamless steel pipe

August 6, 2018 by sara052807  

Talked about the option for seamless steel pipe, some specialist would tell you that you need to focus on the function of it. Some people would warn you that classification is important. Today, we will have a systematic introduction for standard of seamless steel pipe.


From the picture above, we can figure out that different countries would lead to different standards. Here are the cautions for choosing: First of all, does your boss have requirement for the country choice? Second, is it the right standard for your project? Third, does this steel pipe is the right size and other specifications?

5% to 40% for production of shale gas with the tool increase of steel pipe

August 3, 2018 by sara052807  

A chart would be the best and direct evidence for demand of human beings about shale gas. And with the blossom of shale gas market, how could we forget the supply of steel pipe from seamless to ERW steel pipe.


From the picture above, we can see that the data showed that it is 5% in 2006 and it had rise to 40% in 2013. It is almost 35% growth in seven years. This shows that people are gradually figuring out the benefits. Such as the benefits are ample natural gas supplies, continued low prices, and the favorable environmental and economic position of natural gas-fired electric generation plants. Under this situation, we should make fully consideration for the transported tool for all of these gas too. 

Natural gas market with transmission of steel pipe

August 2, 2018 by sara052807  

With the development of urban life, more customers would choose the natural gas for their fuel. Thus, the need of seamless steel pipe for transport would be increased with the high demand of gas.


Natural gas is a kind of charming fuel because of these reasons. First of all, it is clean burning and efficient. Thus customers would like to think about it first if they need fuel for domestic usage. Whats more, the ample suppliers of natural gas would be available for domestic resources. With the blossom of natural gas market, lots of countries have adopted this kind of fuel. Under this situation, they have to take transport tool into consideration. No matter seamless steel pipe or ERW steel pipe, they need to make a bigger budget than before.