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Relation of line pipe with sour environment

October 15, 2018 by sara052807  

Different types of steel pipe would be used for different engineering project. Therefore, before the installation of the seamless steel pipe or ERW steel pipe, we should have a research for the installation environment. Thus, we can choose the rightful steel pipe for the project.


Today, we would take line steel pipe for example to give customers explanation. Line pipe steels used in sour service are prone to hydrogen-induced cracking (HIC) depending on metallurgical and environmental factors. Thus, our first goal is to check the environment factors and decide the type of steel pipe. Whats more, the metallurgical factors consist of alloying elements, micro-structure, strength, segregation, and shape of non-metallic inclusions. Some environmental factors which influence HIC, also known as stepwise cracking (SWC). Thus, we should get well for the partial pressures and other factors like temperature, PH and so on. All of the research would lead you to the right steel pipes choice.


Special craftsmanship giving benefits for seamless steel pipe

October 12, 2018 by sara052807  

It, seamless steel pipe, has expensive price than ERW steel pipe with same characters. Why? Due to the special craftsmanship, it gives special benefits for it too. Today, we can can the advantages first.


Increased pressure ratings: Because of no damage for the whole steel billet like the welded seam on welded steel pipe, this would increase seamless steel pipes ability to hold on the high pressure.

Uniformity of shape: Seamless steel pipe would be round for each kind of engineering project as it is never treated as welded steel pipe. Through heat, stress, and other extraneous variables to the forming process, welded steel pipe would have effect on round aspect. While, there is no trouble for seamless steel pipe.

Strength under loads: Due to the first two advantages for seamless steel pipe. There is no doubt that they would have powerful strength under load when they work for us. Empty pipe must always support its own weight, but when a pipe is filled with materialor under loadit must also support that weight as well.

Relationship between natural gas and steel pipe

October 11, 2018 by sara052807  

As good partner for serving human beings, natural gas and steel pipe(whether seamless or ERW steel pipe) would be here both one you see either of them. Today, we would have a connection discussion for both of them.


Need natural gas for cooking? Exploration would be necessary. How? By machine and seamless steel pipe for transmit. Finding the natural gas by machine, and then developing natural gas by drilling wells would be the first step. Next, we should transport the crude oil by steel pipe.

Need purify the crude oil? How? By the special machine. And the whole process cannot ignore the role of steel pipes here.

How to send them to human beings? By steel pipe. Natural gas is transported in high-pressure pipelines from producing areas to local distribution companies, storage areas, industrial end users, and electricity generation facilities.

Which demand for your steel pipe

October 10, 2018 by sara052807  

A kind of steel pipe, no matter seamless or ERW steel pipe, would have its relative price with the corresponding price. So as steel pipe supplier, we would ask which kind of demand youve made for your steel pipe firstly, then we will discuss the details for our wholesale.


Steel pipe varieties, usages, piercing methods would lead to different final products for our customers. Here are some examples for you to understand.

Different purposes would have various choices. For general purpose steel pipe, we would have relaxed quality demand during the whole production. And the requirements would be strictly if you need them to use among important applications like oil and gas transmission. As the latter would concern about the stress condition, deformation perforation method and so on.

In short, steel pipe technical condition is to ensure the quality and smooth production process as the basis to determine, and with different methods vary perforation, with the technical conditions of steel to improve and increase. Technical conditions can be found on a variety of tube standards and technical protocols. 

Requirements for steel pipe produced in automatic rolling machine

October 9, 2018 by sara052807  

What kind of demands would be here if a seamless steel pipe or ERW steel pipe produced in general automatic rolling machine? Today, we can have see the magic power together.


First of all, deviation on steel pipes diameter. The steel pipes bending in any part would be 6mm / m, the end face of the cut slope would be 6 ~ 8mm, and flattened pipe end face of 8%.

Secondly, if you want the steel pipes surface has no cracks, scarring, hairline and other defects. You need to know that the height or depth of the steel pipe is not more than 0.5mm small grooves, pitting, ears and height of more than two-sided ears of 1mm.

Whats more, for the low magnification steel pipe, we should make sure that there is no allowed for the residual shrinkage 1 level. And so many factors we need to focus on during the whole production process.


Series quality thinking over steel pipe production

October 8, 2018 by sara052807  

As we all know that, seamless steel pipe is rolled metal blank. And of course, there are series quality thinking over steel pipes production. Today, lets have a basic understand for it.


In the situation of smelting strict control, we should figure out the delamination defects before producing. And we should know that this would lead to the plasticity and toughness trouble for us. How to solve it? Improving the cleanliness of the steel would be one of the option. In order to solve this, to reduce osteoporosis center segregation and center on the need to increase the proportion of equiaxed slab. Under this situation, series problems would be here for our manufacturers to solve. Meeting technical standards would be our final goal to guarantee high quality steel pipe for our customers. 

Usage and maintenance for abrasion resistant steel pipe

September 29, 2018 by sara052807  

Except the high pressure steel pipe, we also get the abrasion resistant steel pipe which concludes seamless steel pipe for customers. Today, we would like to have an introduction for the usage and maintenance for abrasion resistant steel pipe


For the usage, we should know that the current commonly used wear-resistant pipe is to rely on a layer of composite wear-resistant materials to improve the life of the pipeline. And this situation, we will know it would benefits for the protection of goods as well as steel pipes.

Secondly, when talked about maintenance, we should know that although the hardness of the composite layer is large, but often very brittle, especially ceramic wear-resistant tube. Thus, we should make protect methods for it. For example, we can make control the factors we can control. During the transportation, maintenance process should be strictly prohibited to fall, knock, hit, to avoid the composite layer and the base of the separation.

Uses difference for seamless and galvanized steel pipe

September 28, 2018 by sara052807  

Due to the different production process and materials, we know that there is huge difference between galvanized and seamless steel pipe. Today, we will compare these two kinds of steel pipes for their uses difference.


For seamless steel pipe, it is used among lots of industries widely. Except the general usage of water, gas, oil, general low pressure fluid line pipe, it can be used among heating oil oil industry in particular, marine oil field oil well pipes, pipelines, chemical coking equipment and so on.

For galvanized steel pipe, it has more limit than seamless one. Generally speaking, we would like to make it in the project of fence, balcony guardrail, roads, factories, development zones and so on.


When talked about high pressure or high dense medium transportation, we would like to choose seamless steel pipe for the basic guarantee during the whole transmit process. 

Different welded steel pipe with corresponding wall thickness

September 27, 2018 by sara052807  

For welded steel pipe, there are categories of ERW steel pipe: Electric Resistance Welded pipe; HFI: High Frequency Induction weld pipe; and EFW: Electric Fusion Welded Pipe. Different outside diameter would have corresponding wall thickness.


Here is the chart for the details about the relationship:


From the picture, we can figure out that the larger of the outside diameter, the thicker of the wall thickness. Under this situation, the corresponding relationship would benefit the best resistance to the soil and other damage coming from environment. For example, the relative steel pipe can hold on the high-pressure service at moderate temperatures. 

If there is no steel pipe in the world

September 26, 2018 by sara052807  

Nowadays more and more people care about the exploration of the natural resources, such as oil. Today oil is under pressure as never before. The price of oil keeps rising all the time. In many countries, the governments encourage people to save oil as much as possible. Even so, we need seamless steel pipe for the exploration as usual.


Oil can be used in many ways and it's difficult to imagine what the modern world will be like without oil. But oil isn't easy to find and get out of the earth. Men must study the rocks. When they think the rocks in a certain place may have oil, a metal tower is built, A machine in the tower cuts a hole down into the ground. At the same time, a steel pipe is pushed down to stop the sides from falling in and to keep out water. At last if the men are right, usually the oil rushes up the sides with great force by the pressure of the gas in the top of the rock, and it rushes high into the air. If the oil catches a light, there will be a terrible fire. So a kind of cover is fixed on the top of the pipe, and the oil can run out through taps. If we make a well near the middle of the oil field, we can also get gas. Such gas is sent through pipes to towns far away and used in houses and factories like coal gas. Today oil is under pressure as never before. The price of oil keeps rising all the time. In many countries, the governments encourage people to save oil as much as possible.