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What is called a temporary filling?

April 19, 2019 by sarah liang  

The temporary filling is a filling for sealing the teeth until the final filling can be placed. It is usually a soft material that has been placed in the teeth to fill the damaged or decayed areas. During this process, the dentist can first check your oral condition with a wall mounted dental led light! Silver or white filler can be used instead. Temporary filling is usually done when there is a need to assess the teeth or when the final repair time is insufficient.

Reasons for placing a temporary filling?

There are various reasons for placing a temporary filling, such as emergency care and urgency care, which aim to alleviate sensitivity and allow for further assessment of the teeth. After root canal treatment, a large drop occurred before the final recovery, where immediate "final" recovery was not indicated and further evaluation was performed later. There are reasons to make temporary repairs. This is not a routine and has an important purpose.

If your dentist is filling the cavity, you can temporarily fill it before you get a permanent filler. Temporary filling is more common when you have a deep cavity and the dentist wants to work on the teeth to eliminate all decay. It may take more than one appointment to get the tooth decay out of the cavity, otherwise your dentist may need to recover your teeth. Once the temporary filling is used, it will cover the exposed parts of the teeth and you will not feel any heat or cold pain. Some temporary fillings contain soothing ingredients that help relieve tooth pain.

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