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Explore Selous Game Reserve Safaris with the help of SED Adventures


SED Adventures offers the best Selous Game Reserve safaris. You can enjoy Selous Game Reserve safaris at an affordable price through SED Adventures. Selous Game Reserve is a vast of 48,000 square kilometres area lying at the heart of southern Tanzania. Its staggering wildlife diversity and undisturbed natural landscapes have seen it designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, although the region was first set aside as a protected area as far back as 1896 by the German Governor of Tanganyika, Hermann von Wissmann.
While many areas of the reserve are still used for game hunting as privately leased concessions, the northern part of Selous Game Reserve along the Rufiji River is a popular safari destination and photography zone. It’s dotted with high-end lodges and camps that run daily game drives and walking safaris, as well as boat safaris to spot animals as they refuel along the banks of the Rufiji River.
The Selous Game Reserve is not the easiest Tanzania safari destination to access by road but it’s well-served by flights and can even be visited along with the country’s rail system. It also forms part of the Southern Circuit, which includes the Ruaha National Park, the Mikumi National Park, and the Udzungwa Mountains National Park, making it a great option for those who want to explore multiple parks during their Tanzania safari tour.
Selous’ vast numbers of animals have seen it identified as one of the greatest surviving African wildernesses and one that’s not to be missed. If you’ve already experienced the Northern Circuit or want to get away from the crowds, here are a few reasons why you should consider the Selous Game Reserve safari.
Animals you can see in the Selous Game Reserve Safari
Encompassing Acacia savannah, wetlands and extensive Miombo woodlands, the Selous Game Reserve is a spectacular natural destination. Much of the wildlife action concentrates around the Rufiji River while the dramatic, 100-meter-deep Stiegler Gorge is another frequently visited tourist area. It boasts some of the largest populations of species in Africa, although their densities are lower than other reserves due to the sheer size of Selous.
The Selous Game Reserve is home to huge numbers of buffalos (120,000 - 150,000), as well as large numbers of hippos and around 4,000 lions - among the largest populations in Africa. It also supports healthy populations of wildebeest, zebra, and impala, together with giraffe, greater kudu, waterbuck, Lichtenstein’s hartebeest, and eland.
The Selous Game Reserve is also considered an important sanctuary for the endangered African wild dog, as well as sable and puku antelope. Add to that spotted hyena, leopard, black rhino and Nile crocodile and it’s no wonder Selous is renowned amongst safari enthusiasts. While the park was once home to around 109,000 elephants (at the time the largest population in the world), numbers have significantly dropped due to poaching and there are only around 13,000 left today.
The best time to visit the Selous Game Reserve Safaris is the dry season from June to October. The wildlife is much easier to spot as it gathers around limited water resources and the vegetation is also much thinner during this period. Clear and sunny skies make it an ideal time to be out on safari and there are far fewer mosquitoes.
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Adventurous fun at Usambara Mountain Hiking


People prepare lots of enjoyable plans for a tour of their tumultuous busy life. A splendid tour which associates lots of attractions will always give the fruitful gratification to a visitor. If you are making an adventurous tour to Tanzania, then you will definitely be stumbled upon the gorgeous picturesque from Usambara mountain hiking. That place is so mesmerizing with the beauty of Lushoto and Usambara Mountain hiking in the itinerary of Tanzania travel. In the mountain ranges of northeast Tanzania, Usambara Mountains are located. Basically, it’s an alluring place for the region with plantations of tea, chameleons with the splendid mountain views.

In Lustodo district Usambara Mountain is excellent especially for hiking, trekking and walking. Usambara Mountain hiking also offers a visit to Magamba rainforest and spectacular viewpoints to waterfalls. There is a good connection by bus from Arusha, Tanga, Dar es Salaam and Moshi. From all parts of Tanzania, Lushoto is easily reachable by bus also. Usambara mountain hiking can possible in East Usambara, West Usambara, or in Amani forest reserve and also a combo of them all. It can also be done by bike ride also. By some people, it’s also called by Switzerland of Tanzania. This area will give the tourists a multitude of treks and destinations to choose amongst all as it is a part of eastern arc mountains. These areas have backdrop villages, cool climate and provide you Tanzania’s typical pleasure of north-eastern. 

Usambara Mountains Hiking

Activities to enjoy on Usambara Mountain Hiking:

·         Traditional trekking, hiking and walking safaris among the UsambaraMountain.
·         Armani nature reserve visiting.
·         Make walking to irenteview pointthrough the ranges of eastern arch mountains and pare mountains.
·         Visiting the Lushoto village will also melt your heart.
·        To numerous backdrop villages you can extend your day hiking or trip to Mkomazi National Park or Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking

Beauty of its nature:

In the western range, tourists will find some traditional tourist programs. The village has its multiple numerous views from rain forests and hilly villages to the Amani nature reserve. Also from the vibrant village to another, hiking lovers will get a multitude of treks. Either by hiking or camping! The most attraction of Usambara Mountain is those are made with high-quality granites.
The visitors willing for Usambara mountain hiking will make their tour more adventurous by the help of SED Adventures Tours & Safaris and team. They will make visitor’s wish true in a satisfactory manner.