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Essential Factors to Consider in Essay Writing

February 13, 2019 by Semuel Figaro  

For effective essay writing, you need to put into regard various factors. Writing is a process, and the outcome depends on multiple variables. If you can successfully identify and apply the various variables, then your writing capabilities will be unquestionable. Essays in colleges measure the level of intelligence and understanding of students; if you can score high in your articles, then you are considered a good academician. The various factors to consider include:

The topic of discussion. Select a problem you will be comfortable writing or one that interests you. Careful selection of a good question will make the writing process more comfortable. However, if an item is selected for you ensure you familiarize yourself with the subject before actually writing. The topic you choose will determine your success or failure in writing. 

Audience. Consider the target audience. The target people the message is intended to reach. It is essential to write a language that is suitable to the target audience. The audience will determine your language and style of writing. You don’t want to write in an informal tone for an essay intended for formal use. A wrong assessment of the audience will make your essay rank lower.

Outline. Most essays tend to be lengthy, and you need an overview. The draft is the process of writing down your points before actual writing. It is essential though not necessary for writers. The outline will help you draft points that will be used in your article. You can gather information and put them down roughly on a  paper. The framework will assist you in arranging your points strategically in the final copy. Writing without an outline will mess up the whole process of writing.

Sources of your information. Most essays in colleges are based on factual data. You need viable references to make your data credible. Your data needs to be sourced from reliable sources. If you want higher marks in your essay paper ensure your data is always backed up with reliable sources.

Structure of your essay. Essays follow a specific structure. You need to incorporate the standard arrangement in college writing for you to earn marks. The basic structure includes an eye-catching introduction, intensive body, and conclusive ending. Your ideas should flow for it to be a professional paper. The essay is used to gauge the level of your intelligence; you must make an effort to make it as good as possible. Your article needs to have a minimum of 5 paragraphs. 

The above tips will assist you in effective essay writing. However, if you lack time or knowledge you can hire online writing services. They have hired professionals that are experts in essay writing. They will equip you with the necessary skills and expertise to assist you better your skills in essay writing. They also do assignments for students at a fair price. Their availability 24 hours makes them convenient for many students. You can buy essay UK to assist you in familiarizing yourself with the structure used in essay writing. 



Tips and Checklist to Revise Your Research Paper

February 8, 2019 by Semuel Figaro  

            If you have successfully completed your research paper, then this is the time to go through it once again and make necessary amendments, it requires. Remember, the quality of a research paper is highly dependent on the quality of editing and revision. So, don’t take the revision process a normal practice. Pay higher attention to it because it will improve the standard of your end product manifold.

Checklist Actions for Paper Format

·         Does your paper follow the desired writing format?

·         Is the thesis statement of your research paper clear and concise?

·         Does your paper show logical cohesiveness, starting from the first line till the last section?

·         Have you discussed subtopics of your main topic separately in different paragraphs?

·         Did you follow a logical or chronological order?

·         Have you provided supportive arguments in favor of your thesis statement?

·         Do your arguments agree or disagree with the main idea?

·         Have you provided a critical overview of the findings?

·         Is there any repetition in your writing work?

·         Is your paper optimized with in-text citations?

·         Have you provided the detail of all in-text citations in the bibliography?

Checklist Actions for Writing

·         Have you used clear, simple, and most appropriate words?

·         Do you have a natural and smooth flow of writing?

·         Are there any spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistakes in the content?

·         Have you deleted the filler words or phrases?

·         Have you used the desired font size and formatting style?

·         Have you committed any accidental plagiarism?

·         Have you checked the plagiarism twice?

Tips for Effective Editing

·         First of all, make a copy of your initial draft and save it in a separate folder along with all relevant material. You may use it at any time during the editing process.

·         Avoid difficult words and lengthy sentences. Short, concise, and accurate words/sentences improve the quality of your term paper.

·         Never include unproven facts or data in your paper. If there is any uncertain statistics in your essay, the reader will lose interest. So, double check the main body of your paper and remove all unverified data.

·         Take a break before initiating the second run of editing. A pause will let the new ideas to come into your minds, otherwise, you will not bring meaningful changes in your assignment.

·         Take feedback from your seniors, friends, or parents before finalizing the paper. Take their recommendations objectively. You will not only get editing tips, but you will also have a few innovative ideas to include them in your final draft.

·         Set a target each time to edit your text, e.g. in the first run you should edit 25% of the content, in the second run 15%, and in the third attempt 5%, etc. You will see each time editing will improve the quality of your research work.

Besides other academic assignments, many students do part-time jobs to handle their budgetary requirements. Thus, it becomes difficult to meet the deadline due to additional engagements. If you are also facing the same challenges, then you need to find the best custom essay writing service  on priority. They offer prime quality writing and editing services at the best affordable rates. Their Ph.D. level writers carry out in-depth research prior to writing a paper for you. They ensure no plagiarism and offer unlimited revisions without extra price.

Why You Should Consider Paying Someone to Write Your Essay

February 7, 2019 by Semuel Figaro  

Have you ever paid another person to do something for you or on your behalf? It’s a pretty good feeling that you get something completed without having to do it yourself. Some people argue that it is illegal to pay someone to write a paper. Well, that is debatable. Think of a company outsourcing some of its core functions to another company. It makes economic sense and is purely legal. Outsourcing services are, literally, an integral part of the modern economy.

There are many reasons that I would want to pay someone to write my paper

The common reason is usually time. Students have competing needs for a time. You have to work, you need to attend classes, you have some discussion groups you are part of and meet regularly, you have a class project here and here, and most of all you are taking several courses to complete your college education as quickly as possible. With all these demands, you hardly have time to complete your writing assignments.

College is an expensive affair. You have huge college tuition to pay if you do not have a scholarship. If you have a scholarship, you also need to maintain good grades to keep the scholarship. In addition to the tuition fees, you also have to pay for accommodation and meals which also don’t come cheap. Most courses also require you to buy books recommended in the syllabus. Some also require a subscription to education tools for assignments that will be located outside the college student portal. Having made such a huge investment, there is no economic justification for failure. As a student struggling with a load of assignments, you are likely to fail in some if you do not have enough time.

I find that paying someone to write a paper is a reasonable investment. You have already invested much in college. In that sense, you stand to lose a lot if you fail your classes. In that case, it makes a lot of economic sense to pay someone a little amount of money to handle write papers that you can write but do not have time to write on your own. A lot of students have testified that they have paid someone to write their college papers at some point in time. I like to think of it as outsourcing. You have a need and money but do not have time. At the other end, someone has the time and ability to write your paper. The two of you engage in a transaction where pay the person with time and ability to write your paper and you invest your time in other activities.

Do not allow your lack of time to ruin your future while you can do something. Bad grades can get you kicked out of school. They also delay your graduation as you spend time redoing classes you have failed, not to mention that additional payments you will have to make. It is just too costly to fail. In such situations, I advise students to pay someone to write their papers and avoid a headache that comes with missed assignments, low grades, and failed classes.