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Knowing The Signs Of A Sewage Backup Can Help You Take Immediate Action

October 30, 2019 by plumbinghub  

Sewage backups are as disturbing as they’re disgusting & hazards. Once sewage begins to back up in your home’s plumbing unit, it can prompt all kinds of issues & damage – and the longer the backup is ignored, the worse it can get & the more dent it can produce. 


The good news is that knowing the indications of a sewage backup can help you take instant action to fix the issue & prevent extra damage.


Sewage like smell coming from your drain:


Your drain must be transporting wastewater away & outside of your house. So, any unclean stink approaching from your drain – or a recurrent sewage odor in your house – can be a sure-fire indication of a main line sewer backup. 


Bubbling drains:


If air bubbles are approaching through your drains & toilets when you are employing them, wastewater possibly cannot flow through your plumbing unit as it should. And if wastewater is not able to go through your system, it will start backing up because it has elsewhere to go. So bubbling toilets and drains are likely to be among the 1st red flags of sewage backups. 


Slower draining in more than one fixture:


When wastewater cannot go through your pipes & sewer line, multiple drains will be slow. This issue usually begins with the lowest drains in your house as the backup creeps up your piping & sewer line. Hence, if your basements are all low to clear wastewater, take it an indication that you could be dealing with a sewage backup issue. 


Blocks in many drains at one time:


Identical to the earlier indication, if multiple drains in your house is blocked & not allowing wastewater go through at all, a sewage backup is perhaps to blame. Like slow drainage issues, these drain blocks will generally affect the lowest drains in your house first. 


Bizarre behaviors from one plumbing fixture when using another:


This red flag can come in various forms, like a sewage backup in the shower when flushing the toilet or backups in sinks when using a washing machine.


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