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Do you really need antivirus?

May 31, 2019 by Maria Chiriac  

It's 2019 and we now spend most of the time online whether it's personally or professionally. There is a good chance where your data and security can be compromised easily, until you are not a tech savvy. Consider it like you walk into battle without your armor, shield then you're going to get hurt easily. This can be relating why you need antivirus software to be installed in your computer. Here is some example where we explain its benefits and importance. Avast Customer Service Help

Purchase things online:

Have you ever been to ecommerce sites like amazons, eBay, Steam? Did you provide your card details? Did you enter your residential address? These are some things which raise a few red flags but some sites provide their own safety to you. But you'll not get it from all sites. Spyware collects information about your surfing habits or personal information (such as card, address, etc) and can pass it to third parties without you knowing. A foreign key logger can even monitor your keystrokes.


Hook, line and sinker:


Have you heard of phishing? A hiker can easily get your information access and can send some messages regarded to payment in legitimate way. It may also looks like you getting all this from organizations like PayPal or from your Personal bank. It works in a way like you go through with legitimate sites but actually that one is fake site and suddenly you observe that you're a victim of identity theft.

Your password isn't strong enough

Passwords acts like the first line of defense when you're making payments or opening your email or Face book. Avast has detected over 19 billion stolen passwords taken from security breaches. A strong password manager can be safer, more reliable, convent. Some antivirus may provide this feature as a by default feature.


It's not only about you computer!

Being protected your computer with password doesn't mean that you are safe enough. A hacker knows that there is a lot of another way to enter into your system. Also bad guys ay attack on your home network in which you’re PC, mobile, smart TV, everything which is connected to your home internet may be affected.

Avast has your back!

There is much antivirus software in the market, and 2019 update updates have only made it stronger still, offering enhanced webcam guards, improved anti-fingerprinting, and an email hack check to alert you if your email address has been compromised. Moreover, Avast antivirus has a huge threat-detection network, machine-learning virus protection, easy password management. Also, it is well programmed enough that it won't let your PC slow down. Stay tuned with https://antivirus-phone-number.com/ to receive the latest in essential threat-detection and real-time protection.