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Benefits of SEO for Business

October 3, 2019 by IMSolutions  

If you are running a Business and wants to venture it to the next level , then consider SEO. this can totally transform your Business.

Ways your Business benefits from Search Engine Optimization

Investment in SEO is cost effective

SEO is not as expensive as ads, make a decent investment by selecting Best SEO Company/Agency/Service in Bangalore. That can help you to get a good reputation with less Investment. Conversations will be happening online for your Business.when you do SEO campaign , you are providing complete information.

Increase Website Usability

People on internet became impatient , if your website does not offer quality and unique content , they will be off to your competitors. when you hireseo services Bangalore ,they will help you  to enhance user interface and user experience of your website.

Builds Trust:

 Google gives genuine results . people trust Google .if your site appears on the first page of Search engine result page , they trust your site.this is very essential to prove how trustworthy you are.

Increase Traffic:

Having a website is of no use. It should present on top of the search result
page , then only people know about your Business. SEO is the best way to increase Organic traffic and Brand Awareness.

Longtime  Results:

If you are doing advertisements , your result will disappear in a short period of time , but if you do SEO your result will appear for long

If you build your Business to the next level , then SEO is the best decision that you can make.

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Why your Brands needs to be in Airport?

September 30, 2019 by IMSolutions  

Nowadays Every Product/Service  needs Marketing, it can be done in many ways . Airport Advertising  in Bangalore plays a vital role in Branding your products.Because Airports are looked as a possible Channel for Advertising Consumer Brands.

Air travel is More

Air travel, both in Developed Countries and globally, is growing and predicted to grow exponentially in Future.According to  Air Travel Statistics Air Travel grew by 7% and it will double within a few years.Airlines are trying to maintain ticket prices to be affordable to meet the Demand.The reasons behind this growth are global population rise, and the ability and want of the middle class to travel globally, along with increased trade.

Airport Travelers are a good fit for your products

Air travelers are more Educated than the general population, so there will be a good scope for lot of Emerging brands  for Expansions of their Brand Identity through branding in airports such as trolley advertising in airports.


Airports supports omni channel Branding

Here you can promote your brand in both, online and offline ways.Airports provides travelers an opportunity to discover your products by properly utilizing airport advertising in Bangalore.




What is Residence Welfare Association Activities? (RWA Activities)

September 25, 2019 by IMSolutions  


RWA Activities or Residential Welfare Association Activities in Bangalore is one of the Best and  effective brand promotion way that can bring gathering of a society and helps them to know about the service and products.Inorder to create our Brand/Services we have to rely on these types of services.

How Advertisements in Apartments works? 

Advertisers from different verticals connect with Apartment Societies.when the activation from the apartment is done , an advertiser can get maximum members and viewership for their products and services, and we can target our custom audience.Residential Welfare Association activation or RWA activation helps as a platform to  reach easily target audience.

Benefits of RWA Activities in Bangalore

  1. Target Different Economic Groups: RWA activation helps brands target different socio-economic groups in  efficient way. It can be done because people staying in Apartments are from different Economic Status.we can target different groups.

  1. Repetitive Users:We can get repetitive customers once they rely on our services.

  1. Easy Advertisements for  New Launches: Once we get the activation in Apartments , it became a good platform to promote new brands.since the Society size is big.

Why Marketing Activities in Apartments  Bangalore?

Uses ofMarketing Activities in Apartments Bangalore

  1. RWA Activities provides one to one interaction between the customers and Agency. So that you can customize the activity.

     2. Since Societies and Apartments have many people , maximum viewership  will be there. And we can get hyper local Marketing.

Types of  RWA Activities in Bangalore

Apartment Notice Board: Generally, Advertisements posted on apartments Notice Board.

Kiosk in Apartments : This allows direct interaction with the customers.this is kind of Stalls/ Canopy in Apartments.

Flyers Distribution : It can be done in two ways ,one is directly at doorstep and other is mail, but before we need to take approval from the society.

Banners:Banners creates instant brand awareness and result in brand recall, they are cost effective.

Society Events : Advertisers can sponsor an Event in  Apartments during festivals and special Events.

Poster Advertisements in Bangalore

Where campaign in apartment societies in Bangalore?

Advertisers are Conducting  RWA Activities in HSR/Marathahalli/Whitefield/JP Nagar, South/North/East.



What is Airport Advertising in Bangalore ?

September 16, 2019 by IMSolutions  

The Process of Advertising your products /Services in Airport is called Airport Advertising



Why Advertising Services and Hoardings  at Bangalore Airport?

We can reach 26 million people Every year. It is worth saying that 75% of flyers give their time to readAdvertising and Hoardings at Bangalore Airport. Bangalore Airport ads are considered as reliable , trustworthy, prestigious  and we can get more ROI in this. Display Ads at Bangalore are very much  helpful in spreading your Advertisements.Airport advertisement is considered as most targeted advertisement option because many of the travelers are top ranking executives and decision makers.

Benefits of Bangalore Airport Advertising

Prolonged Exposure 

Guaranteed Visibility. 

 Cost-effective Investment.

Multiple Advertising Options 

More Exposure options

24/7 Advertising

Higher conversion rates so that Maximum ROI.

Wider Reach –we can attract More Audience. 

The B2B and B2C Advantage.

Repetitive People 

Stay More time 

Impact Advertising Formats

In-shop Advertisement in Airport

 Trolley Advertising in Airport

  Descriptive ads

  Digital & display ads

The Advertisement in Airport is a Targeted Advertising because  all are Decision Makers.

Features of Airport Advertising at Bangalore Airport

Airline travel will be  there overall the year, so we can get more Visibility.There are many locations where we can advertise in ticketing zone , baggage counter, security area, departure and arrival zone, gates, VIP lounges, and other locations.It is very easy to Target your audience, since everyone will follow the same path while travelling.we can do  Banner and ,

Airport Advertising Services/Agencies in Bangalore

Inorder to get Best Airport Advertising Services/Agencies in Bangalore, search for  Best Airport Advertising Services in Bangalore, so that they will  assure you will be getting the best available service in the industry, that help your brand to go in front of million people in a year.