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Turn Your Special Day Extraordinary With Our Affordable Classic Car Rentals In Inland Empire

August 25, 2018 by Claremont Vintage Limousines  

Classic cars still are in trend as these provide a stylish and royal feel. There are many classic cars available today which make your special events extraordinary and memorable.But buying them is not a cup of tea for everyone! And hence classic car rental companies like us the Claremont Vintage Limousines have come up to help you.




Let us check out some of the affordable classic cars available today!

MGB GT/ Roadster

MGB Roadster


This classic car got the attention of most of the enthusiasts worldwide in 1945. It gained huge popularity then and still is considered as one of the most accessible classic cars. These are easy to repair with variety of models available today.




It was the final Jaguar model that received attention of the company’s famous founder, Sir William Lyons. Today these cars carry a reputation of an expensive maintenance. But still it has a special place in the hearts of its owners.


Mercedes Benz CE (W123)

These cars have got a well-deserved indestructibility reputation and that has made it a popular and lovable affordable classic car among people today.


Porsche 924

The classic Porsche 924 is a practical, inexpensive starter classic car with relatively basic mechanics.


Ford Cortina

ford cortina


Ford Cortina still enjoys a bit of renaissance amongst the classic car enthusiasts. The nostalgia of 70s that made Jon Culshaw to get a series of Cortina purchases shows how this classic car has still kept its effect alive in the hearts of people.


If you are looking for some affordable Classic Car Limousine rentals Inland Empire for your wedding then we at Claremont Vintage Limousines can help you with that. Our classic cars are nicely restored and well maintained vehicles that make your special day even more special. Our drivers are extremely courteous and friendly who are there to assist you to help make your special day run smoothly without any hassles.




For further details regarding our classic cars and services do not forget to give us a call at 909-621-3502 or email us at byrdlimo@netzero.com  . You Can stay connected with us on our twitter pages .

4 Vital Things To Consider Before Hiring Your Big Day Transfer

August 4, 2018 by Claremont Vintage Limousines  

The only time the bride & groom get a chance to spend some quality time together on their special day is when they are inside their wedding vehicle. So how you get from point A to B matters a lot. The mode of transportation you choose is important, but it is also more important to don’t forget the practicalities.



Be Ready:

Classic Cars for Wedding Claremont are a popular wedding transportation option, so it’s recommended to book as early as possible. While 6 months prior to your wedding is generally all right to book a transport, you’ll find far more options if you reserve earlier. The on-demand cars are usually reserved one year beforehand. You’ll have a million things to stress on prior to & when the big day arrives. Make sure transportation should not have to be one of them.


Understand the guidelines of the transportation company thoroughly:

First of all, make sure whether the company you’ve appointed will charge per hour or have a flat fee. If there is a possibility that you’ll wish to keep a vehicle longer than anticipated, make sure that nobody else has it booked on the same day. Ensure any DIY decorating ideas that you’ve planned are allowed by the transportation service.




Have an itinerary in place:



While making a booking for your wedding day transportation in Riverside California, make sure to send your transportation service provider a written note of your planned itinerary. This way you can avoid confusion or mistakes between the 2 parties. If your itinerary changes at any point, ensure to let know your transportation firm as soon as possible to avoid any disasters on that day.


Are you on a budget?

Some classic car rental firms provide self-drive options, which is ideal if the groom has always fancied himself behind the wheel of a Rolls Royce or a Porsche. If you are on a budget, do plan to have the ceremony & reception at the same place because by doing so you can save big on the transportation expense.




If affordable classic car wedding rentals in Riverside California is what you are looking for, then look no further than Claremont Vintage Limousines. Be it a church wedding or a destination wedding, we have the right classic vehicles in our fleet to give you that special ride. For More Information stay connected with our twitter page .

Make Your Date Night Unforgettable With A Classic Car Ride In Claremont

June 13, 2018 by Claremont Vintage Limousines  

Have you ever speculated what are the elements to a happy and successful relationship? I will give you one that hardly fails – Date Night. It is a time where couples get the opportunity to spend some quality time with one another which helps enhance their bonding, intimacy and of course communication.




Date nights are not about any particular thing, but just envisage how much you can make your date happy by going the extra mile.


Not sure how? It is simple! Consider a classic Rolls Royce rental in Claremont that can take you wherever you want on your special date night.




Dine At A Restaurant With A Wonderful View:

So you’re desperate to let your date know that you are romantic & you’ve great taste? Rent a classic car limousine in Claremont and take your date to a restaurant with a stunning garden or sea view. Some of the most romantic restaurants in Claremont that you want to check out are Orange Hill Restaurant, The Raymond Restaurant, and LA Prime among others.




Plan A Trip To An Amusement Park:

If you’re looking for something timeless, a date night in an amusement park is the way to do it. Fortunately, Claremont is no short of amusement parks where you can enjoy a great outing with your loved one. Hop on a classic Rolls Royce to explore top amusement parks in Claremont like The Cove Waterpark, Knott’s Soak City Water Park, and Great Wolf Lodge among others.


Shop, dine and enjoy the extraordinary at the Claremont Village:

Snuggled in the historic province, the Claremont Village provides different “date bait” opportunities encompassing wine shops, boutiques, bakeries, casual & fine dining and movies. From May to September, you & your date can relish live music every Friday night or movies in the park.




Contact Claremont Vintage Limousines if you are looking for a reliable Claremont Limousine Service that specializes in classic car rentals. No matter whether you are planning for a date night or looking for a classic wedding transportation, you will simply fall in love with our classic car collection. Our well-equipped and maintained vintage cars are here to make your ride to your event more luxurious and entertaining than you can imagine. For immediate booking, feel free to call us at 909-621-3502.