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The general public friends that if you are trapped unfortunately

March 25, 2020 by escalatorbrandsd  

5. If you have any questions, please contact us. If your alarm does not get the attention of the staff on duty, or the call button does not work, it is best to call the police for help. Because there is usually a safety anti-fall device at the bottom of the elevator, the elevator will not fall down. At this time, the elevator may start abnormally. In addition, because the trapped people did not know the floor location they were on when the elevator was shut down, they blindly opened the elevator door and risked falling into the elevator shaft. This is a self-rescue method that fire officers and soldiers are trying to resist. Source:

Qilu Evening News Disclaimer: Since some of the information on this site comes from the Internet, this site does not completely guarantee the accuracy and Elevator Ceiling Company timeliness of the information. Once trapped in the elevator, do not panic. In the case of calling for help, the safest way is to stay calm, retain physical strength, and wait for rescue. 2. Immediately use an alarm bell or walkie-talkie to ask for help. All elevators can be put on the market only if they achieve ventilation. At present, the main factors that cause the elevator safety hazards are the negligence and loopholes in the daily elevator management unit's usual management, the inadequate maintenance, and the hidden dangers to the elevator safety.

If there is no alarm bell or walkie-talkie, you can call the door for help. Please rest assured that the current new national standards for elevators have strict regulations. At present, many elevators are equipped with mobile phone launchers, which can normally receive and make calls in the elevator. In addition, the elevator has many moving parts, for example, some connected locations, such as the gap between the car wall and the car roof, are generally enough for people's breathing needs.. Here, Tai'an Fire reminds the general public friends that if you are trapped unfortunately, please do the following: 1.

If you force the door, it is very dangerous and easy to cause personal injury. 4. 3. Some trapped personnel will try to open the elevator from the inside by themselves. Keep calm, don't panic, and at the same time comfort the people trapped.There are frequent accidents when people are trapped in the elevator.

The owner has implemented elevator related funds to ensur

March 18, 2020 by escalatorbrandsd  

Therefore, in the use of elevators, there are a number of responsible parties such as owners, property service companies, elevator manufacturing units, elevator maintenance units, and so on. In order to enhance the owners' legal awareness and guide the owners to fulfill the relevant obligations, in the 'Chengdu Elevator Safety Supervision and Management Measures', a guiding clause was proposed for the responsibilities of the owners of the residential district and the industry committee.

The main duties of elevator safety management are to formulate the corresponding management system and emergency response plans, set up an elevator management agency or provide management personnel, post safety precautions, warning signs and effective elevator use signs, and organize and supervise elevator repair and maintenance work ,

Organize emergency rescue, etc . For the safety management of elevators in residential districts, the elevator use management unit should also: publicize the elevator safety management and operation status, publicize the elevator safety knowledge to the owners, and timely deal with various problems in elevator use management, especially to raise (or assist in time) The owner has implemented) elevator related funds to ensure the normal operation of the elevator.

In different communities, the main body of responsibility for elevator use management is also different, especially the community property service companies entrusted by the owners to undertake elevator management have important responsibilities. Property service companies are entrusted by the owners to undertake elevator management, which is the elevator management unit.; elevator safety management personnel should do a variety of specific safety management tasks, such as: responsible for the daily inspection of the elevator, formulate and implement the elevator regular inspection plan.

Source: Chengdu China elevator parts News Disclaimer: Some of the information on this site comes from the Internet, so this site does not completely guarantee the accuracy and timeliness of the information.Elevator's main body of responsibility in the quality supervision small lectures Lesson 4 Civilized Riding You and I are responsible for the elevator safety protection device mentioned in the previous lesson, mainly to ensure elevator safety from a technical level. 

The earliest appearance of similar lifts should be traced back

March 12, 2020 by escalatorbrandsd  

Jinan Longzhu Hydraulic Machinery China elevator parts then, the veritable 'lift' has officially appeared. It can be installed with or without a hoistway. Advanced domestic and foreign hydraulic, motor, pump station system, hydraulic system explosion-proof device and hydraulic self-locking device are selected. As a traditional lifting platform machinery industry, it has also been deeply affected. The initial lift was driven by a steam engine, so the building must be equipped with a boiler room. Widely used in plant maintenance, industrial installation, equipment maintenance, property management, warehouse, aviation, airport, port, 4S shop, station, machinery, chemical industry, medicine, electronics, electricity and other high-altitude equipment installation and maintenance.

The development trend of the industry in the future is to eventually achieve fully intelligent operation, complete autonomous loading and unloading, lifting and other human-operated functions at this stage. It is widely used and does not require a machine room. Since then, the use of lifts has gained widespread acceptance and rapid development. Modern elevators are the product of the invention of the steam engine in the nineteenth century. In 1845, the first hydraulic lift was born when the liquid used was water. With the passage of time, products have become more and more intelligent.

The development history of the elevator reflects the development history of human beings, and it is also a perfect display of science and technology. has a strong technical research and development team. For high-altitude operations, the work of transporting goods up and down requires With the help of tools, this tool is called a lift and a lifting platform.

Technological innovation, social development, and the transformation of enterprises themselves are all indispensable foundations for improving market competitiveness. Most of the products are still Stay in the traditional device operation mode of the last century. The earliest appearance of similar lifts should be traced back to ancient China and European countries. In the future, the development of elevators needs to keep up with the trend of the times in order to meet the development of society!. At that time, people and goods were transported vertically using tools such as puppets., Ltd. 

A ladder cage is used for double-cage construction elevators

February 26, 2020 by escalatorbrandsd  

Overloading and overstaffing are strictly prohibited., and fill in the operation records carefully. Check the condition of the stoppers and safety devices of each part. 5. The driver should be familiar with elevator maintenance and repair knowledge, and perform routine maintenance on the elevator in accordance with regulations. Illegal operations are strictly prohibited. The driver of the construction elevator must be familiar with the performance and structure of the elevator being operated, and operate in accordance with the relevant regulations of the elevator. 9. 11.

The driver of the elevator must be in good health, of which both eyes have good vision, no color blindness, no hearing impairment in both ears, no hypertension, heart disease, epilepsy, dizziness and sudden illness, and no diseases and physical defects that hinder operation. Materials should not exceed the ladder cage. 4. should be stopped; unknown lights and signals should be stopped; the elevator machinery should be stopped before it is completely removed; wire ropes should be broken If the wire is worn more than specified, it should stop running. 7. 8. In Elevator Ceiling Company severe weather, such as thunderstorms, high winds above 6 degrees, fog, and icing on the guide rails, etc.1. 3. 2.

When a ladder cage is used for double-cage construction elevators for external maintenance, the other cage cannot be operated . On site construction, trenches shall not be excavated within 5 meters of the elevator base; solid protective shelters shall be installed within 2. Construction elevator drivers must be trained in safety technology, be in good health, and obtain special operation licenses before they can operate independently. shall be carried out. 6.

When running to the upper and lower ends, stop at a limited position (except for inspection); maintenance operations are strictly prohibited during operation. Carrying cargo should be evenly distributed to prevent partial load. 12. After the storm, the safety inspection of the elevator's base, power supply, grounding, bridge crossing, temporary support, etc.. 

Elevators have become an indispensable part of urban life

February 18, 2020 by escalatorbrandsd  

Right now, elevators have become an indispensable part of urban life. However, compared with adults who have a stronger sense of self-protection, children are more active and lack self-control. As long as their parents are not paying attention, they will easily push their fingers, toes or belongings into the elevator gap. The consequences It is very serious and can even be life threatening. On October 12, Liaoning Province Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, Liaoning Province Quality Miles Promotion Association, Shenyang City Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau and other units together with the children of the Shenyang Military Region Command Kindergarten experienced a unique "Riding Education Class".

Teach elevator panel factory sense in elevators in daily life: you cannot deliberately damage the elevators; do not chase on the escalators; you must be accompanied by an adult when you ride the elevators; and how to ask for help if you encounter elevator problems. In these situations, children need to know how to respond to--


After the elevator stops halfway, we must first keep calm. Do n’t panic when the child is trapped in the elevator. Do not try to climb out of the elevator by yourself. You should try to notify the maintenance unit. You can use the telephone in the elevator for help. If there is no phone, you can scream or slam the door. People responded that the safest way is to stay calm, save energy and wait for rescue.

power failure

If there is a sudden power outage or power supply line failure during elevator operation, the elevator will automatically stop operation without any danger. Once the power outage occurs, the elevator's brake will automatically brake, making the elevator unable to run. It's best to stay where you are waiting for a call.