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The Complete Office Furniture Style Guide

March 4, 2019 by Mahi Arora  

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Offering office furniture style guide. “Choose the best style to design your new home office”.

Looking to design your new home office. Just take a deeper look into the various office furniture styles available to you in this helpful guide.

office furniture style guide

Following are the different office furniture style guide

Industrial Office furniture

industrial office furniture

In the present scenario, industrial design is a popular trend in residential and commercial interiors. Provides a blend of organic and man-made elements to create a unique sort of balance.

Rustic Office Furniture

rustic office furniture

It has the unique ability to turn a cold, stodgy office into a warm, welcoming workspace by use of the simplest of elements. With neutral colors, a worn-in look and a little help from Mother Nature. You can easily take your office from corporate to comfortable in no time. Remember to incorporate natural elements. Includes a worn-out design, and warm, neutral colors when bringing this style trend into your office.

Traditional Office Furniture

Traditional office furniture

Traditional offices are a sight to behold and easy to achieve in most workspaces. Be sure to create an atmosphere that’s warm and welcoming by incorporating furniture in a deep cherry.

Transitional Office Furniture

Transitional office furniture

Well, it is a mix of the design of traditional and modern interior design aesthetics. And when it comes to design styles, modern and traditional are fairly well-known and easy to define. But you’ll find that the lines are blurred when it comes to transitional pieces.

Modern Office Furniture

modern office furniture

It has a signature look that is clean and simple. While adding modern design aesthetics to your office, just keep in mind to make it simple, choose a cool color palette and utilize artwork and other decors that makes a statement.

Mid-Century Office Furniture

Mid-century office furniture

It is basically reminiscent of furnishings made popular originally in the 1950s and ’60s and made popular again by hit TV shows like Mad Men.


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The benefits of a standing desk at work

March 4, 2019 by Mahi Arora  

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“Sitting for a long time can affect your health. Start using the Standing desk and stay healthy, stay fit!”.


According to a survey, it is seen that sitting too much is bad for your health. It can increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and early death. And, this is a major problem for office workers, because they sit down for most of the day. So, fortunately, standing desks are becoming increasingly more popular.

Before heading towards its benefits, first, you need to understand what is a standing desk?

A standing desk is also known as a stand-up desk. It is basically a desk that allows you to stand up comfortably while working.

standing desk

As many modern versions are adjustable, so you can easily change the height of the desk. Also, you can adjust the position between sitting and standing.

Also, these are referred to as height-adjustable desks or sit-stand desks. So, using this type of desk can partly negate the harmful effects of sitting too much.

Moving further, let’s discuss Standing Desks benefits;

height adjustable standing desk

  • Standing Lowers your risk of weight gain and obesity: By simply standing at your desk each afternoon, you can burn almost 1000 extra calories each week. And this caloric difference could be one of the reasons why sitting longer is so strongly linked to obesity and metabolic disease.
  • It lowers Blood Sugar levels.
  • Also, negate the risk of heart disease.
  • Using standing desks you can easily reduce your back pain.
  • It helps to improve mood and energy levels.
  • Standing desks help in boost productivity.
  • And, standing more may help you live longer.


Hope the above-given information will help you. And, if you want to try Standing desks then you can visit them who sell office furniture as they also offer sit-stand desks. Or, if you are planning to start using a standing desk then it is recommended that you should split your time 50-50 between standing and sitting.
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Important Tips To Keep Your Workspace And Desk Organized

March 4, 2019 by Mahi Arora  

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“Simply organize your workspace and stay productive”.

Are you getting bored and tired with your workspace and desk? Well, it’s time to say goodbye to all your worries. Here I’m going to highlight some important tips that will help you to keep your workspace and desk well organized. Let’s discuss then;

First, you need to know why you should keep your desk and workspace in an organized manner. The reason is that a clean and well-organized desk or workspace can help you feel energized and productive. And increasing productivity begins with a clear desk free of clutter. You can simply maximize the amount of your workspace by making it organized.

Tips to keep your workspace and desk organized

  • You need to purge your office and choose a desk layout that fits your Natural flow: Simply take out all the unnecessary furniture, files, and group items and arrange them according to their different useful categories. And, doing an ‘office purge’ will help you analyze the items that you need to keep or toss.
  • Place a Trash Can by your desk: The trash can will help you stay organized.

tips to organize your workspace and desk

  • Keep a Document Storage system on your desk: Document Storage boxes are life savers! You can simply store almost anything in containers to help you stay organized.

tips to organize your workspace and desk

  • Segment your work zones: Having different work zones can a quick solution to your problems.
  • Organize your desk accessories: Another way to stay productive is by keeping your desk organized. Try to organize everything from your stationeries, laptop, files, and trays.
  • De-clutter and Organize your Laptop/Desktop: Also, the content on your computer or other electronic devices affect the output of your work and life. So, try to De-clutter and organize your desktop by deleting those folders, pictures or software that you don’t need anymore. Simply, just try to organize your work into different folders and use digital sticky notes and calendars were necessary to help you stay productive.

tips to keep your workspace and desk organized

  • Keep inspirational reminders: Just to stay constantly inspired and motivated to work, you need to have inspirational reminders around your workspace. As it is easy to lose motivation and get distracted by tons of work that constantly piles up. So, consider putting up an inspirational wall or area to remind you of your goals and dreams.
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Main types of office chairs and their benefits

March 4, 2019 by Mahi Arora  

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To meet the demand for more comfortable user experience in office many different features of office chairs have continued to increase over the years. Different office chairs come with the consideration of frequency and environment where the chair will be used. Most of the office chairs are frequently high adjustable and are often can be interchanged as a desk chair or computer chair.

The main use of office chairs:

Office chairs doesn’t only mean that they will be used in corporate areas but there are so many other places too which require chairs wherever computers are, used be it your home, internet cafes, and many more, where one can’t just use any chair which turns out to be unsuitable for the usage purpose. It only states that one can’t use any kind of chair while doing a particular kind of work since it often results in neck pain, back pain or body pain.

Your office is not only just to give you profit but also to look impressive at the same time, so eye-catching that in numerous employees gets attracted to work there giving them the pleasing look and the feeling of joy and comfort in working at that environment. Chairs play a very important role as a major part of the office furniture.

Different types of office chairs:

  1. Executive Chairs

These are comfortable chairs and have ergonomic seating facility and thus are a bit costly. They usually have the lumbar support, padded back, seat and armrest. They tend to combine all the best features from other types of chair.

  1. Ergonomic Chairs

These chairs are usually helpful in reducing the load of the neck, back and the shoulders of the people to keep them hooked into work for the longer duration. They increase the work efficiency of the office workers as they can now work comfortably for longer hours.

  1. Conference Chairs

The most important area of the office where all the business meetings and decisions are made is the conference room. This place is flocked more than often by the visitors and guests. Thus the chairs which are comfortable, stylish and adds grace to the room are picked up. Thus the chairs used here are to be chosen with a great care.

  1. Computer chairs

Most of the time of the office workers are going to be spent here thus it is recommended to pick these chairs carefully to let them work more efficiently. The back of the chair must be comfortable enough so that they don’t need to take a break frequently to stretch themselves. These chairs are available in many different styles to choose from.

  1. Folding Chairs

These chairs are the most efficient if we talk about space, they are one such example of a great space saver. These chairs are usually light in weight, one can remodel and redesign the look of the office as per desire thus it helps in keeping the office neat and clean.

  1. Mesh Office Chairs

They may look like a regular normal office chair but they use a net fabric which breathes and let the air circulates through the pores instead of foam or leather. These are replacing cushioned regular chairs at a high speed since they are proved to be more comfortable and gives more rest to your back.


Always remember your office speaks of you as a person and work, therefore it is necessary to redesign your office in a creative and more official way to bring that feel and zeal to work in the office. The more interesting and sophisticated the office interiors will be, clients and visitors will walk out more impressed.


The range of office chairs available are so much in number that they might leave you confused but after going through this article hope the selection gets easier and you might have got a slight clear idea about the office chairs.

How bad posture at work affects your health

March 4, 2019 by Mahi Arora  

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Bad posture at office work is a serious and very common problem seen nowadays. The human body is designed in a way that it can move around rather sitting on a chair for several hours. Our busy and mostly sedentary lifestyles attached with a digital-heavy existence has resulted in a large number of young professionals being afflicted with back pain. It can give rise to severe mental and physical health issues and both are to be understood equally and should be taken care of.

Thus it is important to know how to improve bad posture, to be able to avoid unnecessary complications. Office furniture plays a vital role in your posture. Here are some of the bad effects of bad posture,

Effects of bad posture:

1) Increased stress

Increased stress can be both mental and physical which are the results of negative posture. Sitting upright can be a good strategy to help build capacity to fight stress.

The more physical stress our body experiences, it causes soreness and pain, and can also translate into mental stress.

2) Poor Circulation

We often tend to cross our legs while sitting, which actually causes a bad impact to our body since it increases the pressure of fluids and gases moving through our body and can lead to lower back pain and spider veins.

3) Soreness and Pain

Soreness and pain are again one such example of bad posture which often leads to long term health issues. Chronic pain is one such result of bad posture, especially in the lower back area. Poor sitting posture puts a lot of stress on the spine and causes lower pain in the lower back.

4) Poor Digestion

When you slouch and hung over, your organs usually bunch up together thus it gets harder for the body to digest food which often leads to constipation. Which even impacts your metabolism rate and ultimately damage your bodily processes which focus on consuming and processing of the food, leading to life-altering metabolic issues.

5) Fatigue

Due to the poor working posture, our body constantly tries keeping our back straight upright since it is the only normal position where our body tends to feel comfortable in, thus due to the constant efforts of our body it often leaves us tired.

How to improve your posture:

  1. Boost your flexibility: Bad posture can put your whole body out of alignment. Boost your flexibility by adding a few stretches to your daily routine that can help in relaxing the muscles that support your spinal column. Even add practicing yoga to bring more calmness in your busy life and lengthening your muscles.
  2. Keep your core tightened: Core muscles are the support system of our body especially the back. They take the pressure off your back and helps to maintain the good posture with ease. There are plenty of core strengthening exercises which improves your stance and overall health.
  3. Keep posture in mind: If you are continuously sitting doing some work or watching something always keep check that you are sitting up straight. Even when you are exercising, like running or climbing stairs, periodically check your stance to make sure you are standing straight. While performing exercises or yoga maintain a proper posture which is needed for that.
  4. Keep your body hydrated: Hydration maintains soft tissues elasticity and fluidity in joints. Take warm water baths, using a heated compressor lying under a heat lamp relaxes your back muscles and stimulates blood flow.
  5. Proper Diet: Maintain a proper diet eat as much variety of nuts and seeds as possible. Try to take more and more of vitamin D like eggs and fish like anchovies and salmon are one such great source of it.


It’s a common issue that you forget about your posture while you are so engrossed at your work.

Although back pain these days are more common than you think recurrent pains should not be avoided and proper precautions must be taken as stated above. Problems which are left untreated only worsen the spine and result in a life long malaise. Thus proper care must be taken and the problem must be taken seriously.