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Top 5 reasons why you should buy a plot instead of an apartment

October 3, 2019 by Pionier Developers  

In term of making a choice between buying BDA plots for sale in Bangalore or apartments, everyone struggles. An apartment or a plot, both has their aware plus and minus points. Here in this article I’m giving you five reasons, why plots are a better choice than apartments.

1.                   Plots for sale in Sarjapur Road are always a good choice for building your dream house. You can hire a good contractor who will build your dream house. Additionally, you can utilize the area according to your wish.

2.                   The non-constructed area or a plot always costs you cheaper than buying an apartment. It will be affordable for the first time home buyer to buy a plot rather thanan apartment.

3.                   Maintaining a plot is also cheaper than buying a flat in multistory building.

4.                   You will get immediate possession when you buy a plot where most apartment buyers face a challenge where they find that builder is not completing project till the possession date. But as a buyer of a plot you get possession immediately.

5.                   Plot owners need not share floor space with others. They enjoy complete privacy while living in a gated community.

So, these are the top five reasons why you should buy BDA approved sites for sale instead of an apartment. But you should always keep this in mind that every coin has two ends; therefore you should not make a decision without proper investigation.






Plot or Flat, Which is a Better Option – a Pionier Lifestyle Review

August 26, 2019 by Pionier Developers  

Investing money in a property is not an easy task. Not only does one need to find a safe avenue, but also think about what to buy–an apartment or a built-up house, or a plot. The decision depends on your needs, lifestyle preferences, and other aspects like taxation and bank loan.

While investing in BDA plots for sale in Bangalore or land means building a house as per one's own requirements and approved layout, a flat is a multi-floored construction with no freedom to change the construction layout and size.

In a plotted development, you are responsible for the construction and security of the built-up house, whereas, in an apartment, there is the benefit of security, location, and accessibility.

Plot vs. flat: Which one is a better investment option?


While buying a plot, one has to plan construction on an approved layout and hire an architect or a contractor to execute it. Apart from supervising the construction, arranging finances and dealing with local bodies and contractors, it involves a lot of leg work over little things.

But, when you buy an apartment, the developer is in charge and gives possession upon the completion of the flat. One only has to worry about furnishing the house and not the actual construction.

Moreover, a flat comes with basic amenities like power back-up, water, maintenance, and security and some added amenities like a clubhouse, swimming pool, etc.

If you decide to buy a plot and build a house on it, you will certainly have to make all arrangements on your own. This makes buying a flat a good proposition.


While it may take some months or even years to get the possession of an apartment, plots for sale in Sarjapur Road are usually ready for possession. If your choice of plot is part of a township, you are likely to get possession of the plot earlier than a flat.

As developing a plot is easier, it has more takers, therefore, it is easy to exit your investment when you want to. Appreciation depends on the location and proximity to big infrastructure projects. Also, during stable market conditions, the worth of a plot rises with time.

Location, surrounding infrastructure, and the quality of neighbourhood push up the value of apartments, as they do for premium villa plots in Sarjapur too.


Tax treatment for premium lakeside villa plots and flat is different. When you take a home loan to buy an apartment or a builder floor, the monthly loan repayment allows you to save tax.



If earning a regular rental income is on your mind, you must invest in a built-up flat. An apartment can be rented out to fetch you some income, whenever you want, which is not possible in the case of BDA approved sites for sale.





Tax Benefits of Buying Plots for Sale in Sarjapur Road

July 23, 2019 by Pionier Developers  

There are more number of tax benefits on plots these days, than there ever was before. The benefits provided would double up if you are planning on constructing a house in that plot. The tax benefits would only be applicable to BDA approved sites and layouts in Sarjapur Road. Hence, make sure that the plot you are buying has BDA approval. Sarjapur Road houses numerous plots for sale. Pionier Lifestyle is a popular project among the plots for sale there.

As mentioned earlier, the tax benefits are more for a plot that is bought with an intention of constructing a house, than one which is not.

Tax Benefits:

Reduction in interest rate:

Numerous plots in Sarjapur Road has availed this benefit, according to the rule of national taxation code. This is a huge benefit as it’s the interest of the loan that bothers most people more than the loan itself.

Reduction in other costs:

Along with the reduction in interest, there would also be a reduction in things like the registration fees, the stamp duty etc., if claimed in the same year. This will bring about a huge change in the total amount that has to be repaid.

Reduction in second plot

You get a reduction in the interest rate even for the second plot you buy, if it is for the construction of a house.


Many banks do not give loans for plots which are non-residential. Also, in most cases they do not grant loans to village area plots. Plots for sale in Sarjapur Road, being a residential area right in the city, fulfils all this criteria and hence, would definitely get loans sanctioned pretty easily, which in turn would allow it to get various tax benefits.

Tax benefit on non-housing property:

There are very few tax benefits on plots which are not meant for construction. But even if it is bought as just a plot, you can avail the benefits later on, when you plan on building a house in it and would receive them on the completion of the construction.





Which is a better option, buy a plot or an apartment?

June 19, 2019 by Pionier Developers  

Everybody wants to own a house. It is regarded as a lifetime achievement if an individual owns a house. Is it good to buy BDA plots for sale in Sarjapur road, Bangalore or rather go for an apartment? This dilemma still runs in everybody’s mind. Investment in property is always a reward earning decision.

So, why invest in an apartment?

You need not run to look for a vacant site or enroll in government schemes for site allocation. Rather, you can search and narrow down best builders who have a reputation of constructing great apartments.

Owing an apartment is regarded as a social status now. An apartment not only offers safety to homeowners but also provides amenities such as club house, swimming pool, gym, parks, library, etc. all facilities under one roof.

Maintenance is pretty easy when you are living in an apartment since it is taken care of by the association. Additionally, there is Homeowner’s Association to bring all the residents together for all occasions. Few of other positives include parking facility and 24/7 security. However, you will have to find an apartment close to your work area to avoid traffic and commuting issues. But, you need to remember that you will be living in a stacked atmosphere.

So, why invest in plots?

On the opposite end of the spectrum we have plots in Sarjapur Road that are good for investment purpose and also for building our own home. After buying a plot you can build a home over it or convert it into a commercial property. Thus, you will be able to harness income from it, it will be like a white canvas in front of a painter.

Right after you buy plots in Sarjapur they start delivering results in the form of appreciation. In addition, you need to be aware of the fact that resale value of a plot will always be higher than that of an apartment. Few of the things you can do with your plot are:

Build your dream home

Develop it as a residential land

Utilize it for live-stock rearing

Turn it into a mini-farm to cultivate flowers and vegetables

Make it into a vineyard or orchard





BDA Approved Sites for sale, plots for sale in sarjapur road

May 27, 2019 by Pionier Developers  

Pionier Lifestyle Plus offers BDA Approved Sites, plots for sale in hsr layout in a Gated Community with luxury amenities. 1st of its kind high end and largest integrated villa plots for sale in HSR layout which is available now at an attractive rate. Get complete details of villa plots near Wipro corporate office.





Top Reasons to Buy BDA Approved Plots in Sarjapur Road

May 27, 2019 by Pionier Developers  

Why to buy premium lakeside villa plots at Pionier Lifestyle+? In the following sections we will be analyzing the reasons you should do so.

Reasons to Buy BDA Approved Plots in Sarjapur Road from Pionier Lifestyle+

If you like nature and want to live next to a pristine lake, Pionier Lifestyle+ offers you this opportunity at premium villa plots for sale in Sarjapur. Moreover, these plots in Sarjapur road offer world-class features and are located in excellent neighborhood.

Villa Plots near Wipro Corporate Office

Pionier Lifestyle+ a luxurious plotted development with unique amenities and features those property investors will like. Let us give you a brief overview of amenities available at villa plots for sale in HSR layout.

1.       Cafeteria and restaurant, Club house, Swimming pool, 1,500 sqft. Gym

2.       Vibe-The Lounge Club, Bliss-The 4,800 sqft. Spa

3.       Skating rink, Jogging trail

4.       Mini theatre, Guest Rooms, Party hall, Conference room

5.       Tennis court/Badminton court

6.       Basketball & Squash court, Table Tennis

7.       Play area for children

The Right Location to Buy a Plot

Being at a distance of ten minutes from Electronic City Phase II and Wipro Corporate Office, you will be living close to prime locations within the city. Let us give you a brief overview of distance between these premium BDA approved villa plots in HSR Layout and some important destinations.

APR Bellandur, RMZ Ecospace, and Sakra world hospital are just nine kilometers away

At four kilometers you will have Harvest International School

Decathlon sports arena, Carmelaram railway station, and Bosch Limited are five kilometers away

At seven kilometers you will find there is more supermarkets

Hospitals such as Columbis Asia are eight kilometers away& IBIS hotel is at a distance of ten kilometers