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Spare Parts (Ⅱ) of Steelmaking Plant

January 20, 2020 by pinkledstone  

1.Water-cooled Furnace Cover

The water-cooled furnace cover is the upper part of the arc furnace body, which can be moved. It is equipped with a discharge entry and a flue exit. It can be manufactured separately.

2.Water-cooled Furnace Wall

The water-cooled furnace wall is located in the middle of the furnace body. It consists of a water-cooled frame and multiple water-cooled plates. Due to transportation reasons, it can be manufactured separately according to the specific size. It is welded and assembled in the installation site.

3.Bottom Ring of The Furnace Cover

Bottom Ring of The Furnce Cover

The bottom ring of the furnace cover is located at the lower end of the furnace body and plays a role in protecting the furnace wall.

Flue Elbow of Water-Cooled Furnace Cover

4.Flue Elbow of Water-Cooled Furnace Cover

The water-cooled furnace cover flue elbow is a transitional connection for exhausting dust from steelmaking.

5.Eccentric Zone Water Cooling Plate

The eccentric zone water cooling plate is used for water cooling in the eccentric zone of the furnace door frame.



The ladle is a container used for the transfer or refining of molten steel.

All above spare parts for steel making plant are supplied by TINVO and you can inquire the details through page of Contact TINVO Rolling Mill or the Email : inquiry@hrbtinvo.com.

Learn About Two-dimensional drawing Dalin Spring Starter

January 20, 2020 by pinkledstone  

The mechanical spring starter is the device for starting the enigne by hand, Dalin spring starter can be applied to each band diesel for the engine displacement from 1L-50L.

2 & 4 Series Dalin Mechanical Starterl

What's the spring starters

Spring Starters are mechanical starters that use energy stored in a high-tech spring pack which is manually wound up and charged for instant release when required to start an engine. A Spring Starter is equivalent to a 5 hp electric starter.

The need for batteries, alternators, regulators and wiring is eliminated as the Spring Starter does not require electricity, compressed air or hydraulic pressure to operate.

Two-dimensional drawing spring starters

1 & 5 series Dalin Spring Starter Motor Series

1 & 5 Series Dalin Spring Starter Motor Series Which also is Hand Crank Starter can be used for starting a diesel engine, most application on engine displacement about the 1L—7.5L. The type of diesel engine includes CAT C4.4 , Perkins 1104 , Cummins 4B/6B , Weichai WP4/6 , Deutz BF3L913, Yuchai YC4F/4D.

2 & 4 Series Dalin Mechanical Starter

2 & 4 Series Dalin Mechanical Starter is a kind of engine starters, applied on engine displacement about the 8L—13L. The diesel engines include Cummins 6C , Cummins QSB7 , John Deer 6068 , Weichai WP10/12 , Deutz BF6M1015 , MWM TBD234 V6/V8/12.

3 & 6 Series Dalin Inertia Starter

3 & 6 Series Dalin Inertia Starter which also is a mechanical starter by compressing the springs with a hand cranking system, can be applied on engine displacement about the 14L—20L.( V16 max can reach 30L) such as Cummins NT855 , Cummins K19 , Scania DI13 , Vman D30 , Deutz BF12M1015 , Yuchai YC6T , Wudong WD287.

Professional Knowledge About Hot Rolling Mill

January 19, 2020 by pinkledstone  

hot rolling mill

TINVO provides the whole rebar hot rolling line to finish the hot rolling mill process including Reheating Furnace, High-Pressure Water Descaling, Mill Stands, Flying Shear, Cold Shear, Cooling Bed, Packing and Collection Machine, Electric, Air, Lubrication System, etc.The blank metal sheet will be rolled, rolled, and strongly extruded into various types of pipe fittings, flat iron, square steel, angle steel, and metal rolling mills such as steel. Among them, hot strip mills are the most common.

Hot Rolling Mill Procedure:

Scrap steel ----melting---- casting----mold unloading----sorting-----deliver to reheating furnace----heating to 1150~1200°C---- come out furnace---- rolling---- finished product ----packing


1. We offer design, manufacture and onsite service of the whole bar or rebar hot rolling line.

2. The main equipment includes Reheating Furnace, High-Pressure Water Descaling, Mill Stands, Flying Shear, Cold Shear, Cooling Bed, Packing and Collection Machine, Electric, Air, Lubrication System, etc.

3. The whole line realizes computer control and reached advanced international standards.

Short-Stress Rolling Mill

The short-stress rolling mill is also called the non-stand houseless rolling mill, a section rolling mill with a short-stress line of the working machine. The shorter the stress line in the mill stand, the smaller the amount of elastic deformation generated, the greater the rigidity of the rolling mill and the higher the precision of the rolled product. When used as a section rolling mill, it does not only have a high radial rigidity but also has high axial rigidity.

SY model high rigidity rolling mill is a new type of houseless short-stress rolling mill, suitable for small and medium-sized rolling mill renovation, and also for small continuous rolling and semi-continuous rolling plants. For example, in a small semi-continuous rolling mill with an annual output of 150,000 to 200,000 tons, 1202 and 1502 continuous casting billets are used, rough rolling mill is with the roll diameter is Ф500mm×2, and the rolled parts after cutting head by flying shear enters the diameter Ф350×4 and the diameter Ф300×4 continuous rolling mills.

Φ200-650 Hot Rolling Mill Machine

Φ200-650 Hot Rolling Mill Machine

Φ250 rolling mill machine uses the roll of 235-275mm diameter, the roll neck has a diameter of 150mm and the working surface length of roll is 500-700mm. The larger feeding billet is 60*60mm. The rolling mill is mainly used for rolling small steel bars and adopts a three-roll working machine base. The rolling mill is consists of three basic parts: the motor, the transmission and the actuator.

The configuration of Φ200-650 Hot Rolling Mill Machine is electric motor - gear reducer - gear housing - rolling mill. The rolling mill reducer is with a center distance of 600-700mm. Since the steering and rotational speed of the rolls are irreversible, the prime driven power applies a high-speed AC main motor with a lower cost. Considering that the rolling load is very uneven, a flywheel is added between the gear reducer and the motor in order to balance the motor load. The purpose of the gear housing is to transmit torque to the work roll. Three cylindrical herringbone gears of equal diameter are arranged in a row on the vertical plane of a closed box. A reliable shaft coupling is installed between the gearbox and the gear housing. The plum shaft coupling is used in the main coupling.

Φ200-350 rolling mill is the equipment of metal hot rolling mill process, which mainly refers to 2 hi roll reversible rolling mill and 3 hi roll reversible rolling mill. The working structure is composed of mill rolls, roll bearings, rolling mill guides, rack, rail seat, roll adjusting device, upper roll balancing device, and roll changing device.

Φ650 rolling mill is generally used as a cogging machine in the rolling mill production line. It is used to roll the slab introduced from the furnace to obtain the desired shape, size, texture and properties, for the lower mill to bite-in. Because the rolled parts just coming out from the heating furnace has the characteristics of high temperature, good plasticity, low deformation resistance, large the pressing amount of the cogging machine (generally up to 50%), the roll of rolling mill is large, and finally the rolling mill roll has good performance and no residual stress, no bubble, small crystal grain, dense inside texture.

The Types Of Dalin Hand Crank Starter

January 19, 2020 by pinkledstone  

Dalin Spring Starter is a hand crank starter for starting a diesel engine without any other power source. The mechanical starting device is reliable, more powerful and no other energy, which can starter max 50L Engine

0 Group System Inertia Stater

The world record of spring starter, breakthrough and innovative.

With super starting capability, Dalin spring starter 0 group stystem is the best starting solution for engines with displacement over 20L.

Multi-starters combination extends the range of starting capability.

For large engine units, the cost of spring starter is much lower than that of hydraulic starter and air starter.

Diesel Engine Displacement:Up to 50L

Max pinpion torque:240-360NM

Max winding torque:100-110NM


Turns to fully wind:30-34

1 Series Dalin Mechanical Starter

Diesel Engine Displacement :4-7.5L

Max pinpion torque:126NM

Max winding torque:100NM


Turns to fully wind:2+8

2 Series Dalin Spring Starter

Diesel Engine Displacement :7.5-11L

Max pinpion torque:126NM

Max winding torque:100NM


Turns to fully wind:2+11

3 Series Dalin Engine Starters

Diesel Engine Displacement :13-16L

Max pinpion torque:167NM

Max winding torque:100NM


Turns to fully wind:2+15

4 Series Dalin Mechanical Starter

Diesel Engine Displacement :10-13L

Max pinpion torque:126NM

Max winding torque:100NM


Turns to fully wind:2+13

5 Series Dalin Inertia Starter

Diesel Engine Displacement :1-7.5L

Max pinpion torque:126NM

Max winding torque:100NM


Turns to fully wind:2+6

6 Series Dalin Engine Starter

Diesel Engine Displacement :16-30L

Max pinpion torque:184NM

Max winding torque:100NM


Turns to fully wind:2+15

7 Series Dalin Hand Crank Starter

7 Series Dalin Hand Crank Starter

Diesel Engine Displacement :16-30L

Max pinpion torque:184NM

Max winding torque:100NM


Turns to fully wind:2+15

The Introduction of Cold Rolling Machine

January 17, 2020 by pinkledstone  

two ribbed cold rolling mill

Flat Steel Cold Rolling Mill

Flat bar cold rolling machine is a new kind of rebar and cold rolling processing equipment. The machine can process the hot-rolled coil rod and hot rolling disk with a diameter of 6.5 mm and 12 mm into a cold-rolled ribbed bar with a diameter of 5 mm to 12 mm.

Cold rolled ribbed steel bar has been used in buildings, bridges, storage racks, grain bins, car bodies, railway coaches, highway products, transmission towers, transmission poles, drainage facilities, various types of equipment and others.

The flat steel cold rolling mill is a cold rolling mill machine that winds the hot rolling coil to flat steel of a certain specification. The equipment adopts a combination of flat rolling and vertical rolling. The production line is equipped with analog signal equipment to make the equipment run smoothly. Keep the straightness of the product; The mill is equipped with a cold rolling water cooling system to extend the service life of the roller. The flat steel cold rolling mill can produce flat steel products of different sizes and is used in different fields.

Spiral Blade Cold Rolling Machine

Spiral blade rolling machine belongs to cold rolling mill equipment and It is mainly used to produce spiral blades of various specifications.

The Spiral Blade Cold Rolling Machine can squeeze the strips of different materials to a variety of sizes of continuous spiral blades through the relative movement of two conic rollers. The spiral blade cold rolling mill is equipped with a hydraulic cutting device for cutting arbitrary lengths as needed.

Spiral vane cold rolling mill is an automation equipment that integrates electrical, hydraulic and mechanical devices. It has high precision and stability. A set of rollers can produce spiral vanes of different sizes, and the spiral vanes are uniform in thickness.

Helical vane cold rolling mill has the characteristics of variable frequency operation, compact structure and simple operation. The working speed of the cold rolling machine can be changed according to the actual situation. The helical vane cold mill eliminates the cumbersome and complicated processes. A worker can complete the entire process independently.

Two-ribbed Cold Rolling Mill

The two-rib cold rolling mill adopts positive two-rib forming high-frequency quenching and tempering technology. The final product can be comparable to Grade III steel.

The appearance of Two-ribbed Cold Rolling Mill is black and blue, the thread is clear and plump, and the yield strength and tension are better than ordinary cold-rolled ribs steel and Grade III steel, 500MPa high strength steel fully meet the requirements of the building requirements. The two-rib cold rolling mill produced by our company can be divided into small two-rib cold rolling mill, medium-sized two-rib cold rolling mill and large two-rib cold rolling mill, which can meet the different needs of customers.

2 Hi cold rolling mill

2 Hi cold rolling mill is used for cold rolling of low-carbon steel, non-ferrous metal sheet (copper silver lead aluminum), and alloy powder cold-rolled strip.

Structural characteristics of two-roller mill: The machine consists of main motor, gear reducer, herringbone gear seat, universal joint shaft, working machine base, electric control cabinet, etc. The mill roller system adopts special rolling mill bearing, and the roller material is 9Cr2Mo.

4hi Cold Rolling Mill

4hi cold rolling mill

4hi cold rolling mill is suitable for cold rolling of carbon steel, alloy steel, copper, aluminum and stainless steel strips below 3 mm. This kind of rolling mill can be divided into rough rolling and finish rolling.

The 4hi Cold Rolling Mill has the characteristics of large rolling force, high precision and strong stability.

Structural characteristics of two-roller mill: The machine consists of main motor, gear reducer, herringbone gear seat, universal joint shaft, working machine base, electric control cabinet, etc. The mill roller system adopts special rolling mill bearing, and the roller material is 9Cr2Mo.

Dalin mechanical spring starter is a good choice for diesel engine emergency starting solution

January 17, 2020 by pinkledstone  

Dalin mechanical spring starter can start a diesel engine with manpower only. It's a good mechanical starting device and the best diesel engine emergency starting solution.

Dalin mechanical spring starter

The Feature of Dalin mechanical spring starter


Simulated condition bench test shows trouble-free experiment for more than 3000 starting cycles. In the field, customer's feedback: DaLin spring starter can work more than 10 years and longer.


The unique spring starting condition simulation test bench to do independent test and check/record automatically for every starter.

Cost Performance

All parts are made from mature material, manufactured by qualified heat treatment and machining process. On same power level of the starters, DaLin spring starter costs less than similar competing starter.

More powerful

Dalin spring starter has exceptional starting ability especially on large displacement engine( 6 cylinder can be up to 19L, 16 cylinder can reach 30L, Max can start Cummins K50).


As pioneer of spring starter protector, it effectively reduces mal-operation failure ratio and make sure safety of operation.


Humanization after-sales support, resolve customer trouble back at home.

Contact information

Chongqing Starting Power Unit Co., Ltd

Address: Chenjiaqiao Town, Shapingba District, Chongqing City, China(401331)

Sales : Julie He(Ms.), Tel/Whatsapp/Wechat: +86-13637706003


Marketing : Harland Wang(Mr.), sundayritian@cqstart.com

Brief Introduction of TINVO

January 16, 2020 by pinkledstone  

HARBIN TINVO, found in 2007, is a company among the manufacturer, trader & technical service provider of hot and cold rolling mill rolls, steel making machinery & accessories. Our leading products are precisely engineered and fabricated from fine grade materials and advanced technology, some of them are procured from certified top-class partners. These products have been mainly served in Southeast Asia, Russia and Latin, as well as known for their optimum performance, low maintenance, dimensional accuracy, sturdy construction and user-friendly operation.

rolling mill roll manufacturer

Furthermore, TINVO is engaged in offering excellent custom-making services and one-stop solution to the customers in the steel industry and metallurgical industry. We have appointed a team of highly experienced engineers and technicians in order to achieve TINVO’s flexible approach to engineered systems design and product sourcing. Owing to a sophisticated manufacture facility and logical management, we have been able to manufacture and supply a wide range of products within the stipulated time.

Key Client



Bao Steel

Steamline Industrial Ltd

JSW Steel Limited

ESSAR Steel India Limited

Ma Steel

Shandong Iron & Steel Group

Please contact TINVO mill roller and we will be exhausted to ensure your functional demands are always catered for.

Reliable Mechanical Starter Manufacturer- Dalin spring starter

January 16, 2020 by pinkledstone  

What is Dalin spring starter

mechanical starter

A kind of mechanical starter which transform manual cranking energy into dis spring potential energy. The potential energy can be released all in once so as to starter engine.


Complement electric starter defect(battery needs to be maintained frequently). Ensure that engine can be started when the battery lack of power. Unlike air starter and hydraulic starter, Dalin spring starter is a complete system. It doesn't need maintence and other auxiliaries(like battery, power generator, compressed air tank, hydraulic actutor and valves). and it's with natural explosion-proof structure.

How to use it on the engine

(1) Most of engines have two starter bores on flywheel housing with an electric starter and Dalin spring starter either on same side, or on diffrent sides.

(2) For engine with one starter bore, the Dalin starter stands by to replace the electric starter when needed, and is installed in same place as electric starter located.


Adaptation(Adapt to various conditons including where is sensitive to spark chemisttry and moist atmosphere)

Safe(A mechanical starting device which is opereated by humanly possible indirect hand cranking)

Compact structure(independent work system without electricity/gas/liquid system configuaration)

Cranking device(as a tool to slowly crank the engine)

Fast(complete energy storage and release process by convenient human operation)

Manitennace-free(best lubricated antifriction corrision resistant)

Protector(effectively reduce the mal-operation failure ratio and dual starter engine)

Parameter List

Parameter list of spring starter motor

To learn more information about Dalin spring starter, please visit the company introduction page of Dalin spring starter motor

Learn More About TINVO

January 15, 2020 by pinkledstone  

TINVO is an industrial, engineering and trade integration company. The headquarter office is located in Harbin city, northeastern China, the main manufacturing bases are located in Jiangsu and Henan province, close to the seaport Shanghai and Tianjin, in order to facilitate maritime transport easily.

TINVO depends upon the order quantity, characteristic of custom-making products and production season. For steel mill stands, rolling machine and its auxiliary machine, mill rollers, etc, the delivery time often is 30 to 180 days. If buying a full set of steel making line, the delivery time is 180 to 360 days.

Quality Standards

All the factories of TINVO have ISO9001;2008 certificate and implement the in-factory quality control if the customer does not consign the 3rd party of inspection and also accept 3rd party of inspection and buyer’s inspection when the products are ready to ship.

The producing standards including but not limited to GB/T, ISO, ASTM, DIN, JIS, etc.

Trade Clause

The trade clause of EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF, DDU all are accepted

Engineering Service

For machines and accessories, TINVO provide free training of installation, operation and maintenance in China. The on-site engineering service is available in charges when a customer requests.

For EP project, TINVO can provide design, engineering and procurement, we have the own technical team, and can handle all the technical issues and will be the only one who responsible for all quality issue.

Payment Term

T/T, L/C, other payment is negotiable. The main trade currency includes USD, EUR, RMB, etc.

Packing Information

According to the shapes and weight of ordered products, TINVO have crates, pallet, iron frame, iron carton and naked, all packing are seaworthy. We apply FCL container transportation to avoid the unexpectable risk of damage and loss during shipment.

Quotation and Proposal

For most customized products, TINVO need the customer to supply correct specification requirement, materials composition and mechanical drawings. Only if the necessary information is collected completely, can we provide the offer within 3-5 days.

For the E&P general design or equivalent design work, it takes different time according to project scales, generally speaking, one month is enough to a middle size steel making project.

To learn more information, please contact TINVO mill rollers.

Trustworthy mechanical starting manufacturer- Dalin spring starter

January 15, 2020 by pinkledstone  

Chongqing Starting Power Unit Co., Ltd was established in 2008, which specialized in researching and manufacturing of the artificial storage starting device ----Dalin Spring Starter.

We have successfully developed a special starter apply to military , fire , marine emergency , emergency rescue , telecommunications , petrochemicals , mines and other high reliability requirements totally incapable of being dependent on electricity.

The company has a R & D team leading by a senior engineer, with a number of national patents , and strict manufacturing assembly process , maintaining a leading position in product quality and technology.

As the representative of Chinese mechanical starting device for diesel engine, the company has CCS certification of Quality Management System and ERP material and operation control system, providing high quality products and services to customers.

All products are tested by the unique spring starting test bench, ensuring that all products have detailed test data

6 series dalin hand crank starter

The world record of spring starter, breakthrough and innovative, supporting the large displacement engine. The world's largest spring starter starting capability. The 6 Series Dalin hand crank Starter can start 6 cylinder in-line engine with displacement of 19L and 16 cylinder V-type engine with displacement of 30L. The spring starter syetem can start Cummins K38(38L). Our target is to start the Cummins K50(50L).