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What to Look For in Hardscaping Contractors?

October 24, 2019 by Smartscaping  

Installing hardscaping or paver on your property is an important investment as it has the ability to transform your yard and lifestyle while bringing in a great value to your home. Like every home improvement project, you feel some anxiety about choosing the contractors and there’s a plenty of things you need to consider.



Here are a few useful tips for choosing one of the best hardscaping contractors in Oakland CA. If you’re thorough during the hiring process, it’ll take your anxiety and assure that all will work out very well.

Choosing Hardscaping Contractors in Oakland CA –

  • Start the process by narrowing down the candidates after doing a research for terms like hardscaping contractors in Oakland CA or paving contractors near me in Oakland CA.
  • Get referrals from the locals who have had hardscaping previously. After all, there’s no substitute for a recommendation from people who have used a specific company.
  • Work with an insured and bonded company in Oakland CA and get confirmations from contractor licensing board in your state.
  • Hire the company that specializes in providing hardscaping and paving solutions rather than a general contractor. This process requires specific technique and set of skills.
  • Please take a look at online customer reviews of companies you’ve narrowed down. While they’re not always authentic, it’s helpful if you can find companies with consistent feedback of over a specific time period. Start your search on Angie’s List, Yelp and Google and check for user reviews.
  • You can check with local Better Business Bureau (BBB) for ratings or complaints, if there’s any.
  • Take a look at company portfolio of completed projects on their website or brochure and go through the details closely. You should never hire hardscaping contractors that don’t provide you with the photos of projects that have done already.
  • Focus on their attitude and communication during initial consultation and take a note of companies that are most helpful, responsive, friendly, etc.
  • Prepare a list of most important questions and try to get the answers from the hardscaping contractors in Oakland CA.
  • Request for a free estimate as any reputable paving and hardscaping contractor is more than happy to help you out. Remember that, it should meet your budget and timeline preferences.
  • Make a proper evaluation of estimate procedure, including how professional and pleasant your hardscaping contractor is to handle, how good they listen to you and what they exactly provide during the planning process to ensure that your vision is fulfilled.
  • You should work with a professional hardscaping contractor that sets out everything in a contractor and give yourself enough time to review before taking a final call.


Bottom Line – For making a right selection among the available hardscaping contractors in Oakland CA, you should look no further than Smartscaping. We provide residential and commercial hardscaping services to enhance the overall value of your home or business that will stand out from the rest.

Choosing The Best Paving Contractors in Berkeley, CA

October 10, 2019 by Smartscaping  

Are you planning for renovation projects in Berkeley CA? Do you want to add a driveway or resurface an existing lot? No matter whatever you do, it can add a great value to your properly; but if they’re done by an experienced contractor. Please check out below discussed tips to make a right selection:




Do research on local.

It’s wise to choose the paving contactors in Berkeley, CA with experience of working in your area. In fact, local contractors are very much familiar with certain things like weather conditions of the specific area and the soil composition. Local contractors are more likely to give the attention to your project it deserves.


Get yourself informed.

You should check reviews for contractors you’re considering. Feel free to ask around and get to know about their reputation. It’s really good to ask them about the experience with the project type you’re going to consider.


Furthermore, you need to find out the materials they’ll use for your project and make sure that they’ve been properly trained to install the materials by manufacturers. You can search the information online and if you don’t get, you need to ask them directly.


Get consultation.

Good paving contractors provide free consultations; so get them to visit the project and ensure to get a right estimate from them. When getting an estimate, you should ask contractors to break down the costs of excavation, materials and labor. You need to check with them that everything is included in the estimate to avoid unpleasant surprises. A break-down estimate will make it a lot easier to evaluate your options available.


Hire insured contractors.

Your paving contractors in Berkeley CA should have insurance that covers the damage caused by in-house employees. In addition to, if a contractor doesn’t have insurance coverage, you could face severe mishaps that may occur on your property. It can result in considerable expenses and a rise on your insurance costs.


Choose licensed contractor.

Licensed paving contractors make sure that their staffs meet local industry standards and building codes while going above and beyond client’s expectations. If you hire contractors that are not licensed, you will have to pay for any type of repairs to bring up new construction to code, you may also void the insurance policy of your home.

Relying on Paving Contractors in Berkeley CA –

At Smartscaping, we specialize in providing commercial and residential paving solutions in Berkeley CA. Our paving contractors in Berkeley CA have the right machinery and tools to get your project done without impacting on theenvironment.





With our daily clean up policy, you get the access to your house or business whenever you like. Our responsible paving contractors provide interlocking concrete pavers to form a strong, durable surface in a beautiful pattern.



We at Smartscaping offer different paving alternatives to meet your budget and have extensive years of experience with hardscapes. Contact us today and let us help you design your dream residential, commercial outdoor hangout in Berkeley CA!