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Unable to login AOL Email in the browser

April 5, 2019 by Aol Email Customer Support  

AOL email is one of the top email service providers in the US and around the world. Millions of customers use the services to communicate with family, business associates and friends spread across the globe. AOL has also introduced a new browser to make it easier for users to access their email. When you download and install AOL Desktop Gold you scout the world of AOL from one platform. But even if you use AOL Desktop Gold you may still encounter login errors that can prevent you from sending or receiving email leaving you with only one option, to call the AOL Mail Customer Support Number and consult an expert to fix the problem. You can also go through this post that discusses simple suggestions you can try when you are unable to login to your AOL email using your browser.

Solutions to solve AOL Login Problems

Since the information shared via email is private AOL has several security features in place to protect user data and keep AOL email accounts secure. That is why AOL users have to enter their user name and password when they want to access their email. However, the sign-in process does not always go as planned and users may find themselves unable to login to their email using the browser. If you encounter this kind of error you can use the solutions mentioned below try and fix the AOL login issue

·        Solution 1: Enable Java Applet Scripting: Java Applets are essential to add interactive components to a webpage such as scrolling texts and buttons. If your JavaScript is disabled many websites, including AOL, will not run as they are supposed to. The way to enable Javascript differs based on your browser, so make sure you are using the correct steps.

·        Solution 2: Sign in to your AOL account again: The may sound simple but it will not hurt to try since it only takes a few seconds to implement. When you encounter login error on your AOL account, the first thing you can try is to log out, refresh the browser and try again.

·        Solution 3: Delete Unwanted Files: If you have too many temporary files stored on your system it will take up memory space and slow down your system. You can use a cleaning software to delete all unnecessary and unwanted files from your computer so that you will be able to login to AOL easily.

·        Solution 4: Check the Web settings on your browser: When users install different browsers on their system it can sometimes disrupt the web settings and cause login errors. You can either restore the general web settings on your browser just use an alternate browser to open AOL email.

If the solutions given in this article do not fix the issue and if you are still unable to login to your AOL email you should call the AOL Email Tech Support and ask for additional help to implement more advanced troubleshooting steps.


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How to Restore AOL Deleted Emails

March 29, 2019 by Aol Email Customer Support  

Whenever you sign up for an email service, there occur many chances of receiving the spam emails or contents which is not at all required or hold the least importance for the user. The concerned often tends to delete the mails so that it doesn’t occupy the space and also doesn’t get mixed up with the other important mails and stuff. The same case is with AOL mail. Many of you might be having an account in the AOL mail system. Sometimes it can happen that while you are deleting the unwanted mails, accidentally you also select the mails that were important and they get landed in the trash folder. You can easily restore the AOL Deleted mails and bring them back to your inbox from the trash folder. But one thing that you need to take care of is that you can only restore the mails that are less than seven days old. If you wish to retrieve back the emails older than that, then you need to contact the AOL Email Technical Support Number help as soon as possible. With the help of this blog, you can easily implement the steps that have been mentioned below and implement the steps in your device. They are quite easy and you may not require any technical support as such.


What are the steps to recover the deleted AOL Mails?


@Power on the device and navigate to the default browser.

@Now search for AOL email login and once it opens, sign in using the username and the password.

@Once you have successfully logged in, you need to look out for the trash folder. It is usually located in the left-hand corner.

@Click on the icon to see the mails that you have deleted.

@Choose the files and the emails that you wish to retrieve back by selecting them with the help of a checkmark.

@Choose to restore the mails.

@Once done, it will automatically land to the inbox folder.


As discussed, this method will only work if the mails are less than 7 days old. To recover the AOL emails which have been deleted past 7 days and were not recovered yet, have a different procedure to follow. You can recover them back with the help of AOL email recovery software. In order to understand the procedure, you can contact the AOL Email Customer Support and avail their technical guidance.

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How email spoofing can affect AOL Mail

March 19, 2019 by Aol Email Customer Support  

Every day millions of people around the world use AOL Mail to get in touch with their friends, family and business associates. The email header helps you to recognize who is sending you the email. But sadly the email header and contact can be manipulated to mislead AOL users about the origin of an email. This method is known as email spoofing and it is used by a hacker to steal sensitive data. This post will give you an insight into what exactly is email spooking and how you can prevent it. You can also contact AOL Email Customer Service Number to get a more detailed overview on spoofing and how it affects your AOL Mail account.

What is email spoofing?

Email spoofing is the fabrication of the email header to deceive the receiver as to the origin and source of the email. Spoofing is a popular method used quite often in spam and phishing campaigns as AOL users are likely to open emails from contact or sources they are able to recognize. The main intention behind email spooking is to get you to open an email and perhaps reply and enter sensitive data because you think that the email is from a legitimate source or from a known AOL contact.

What are the signs of a spoofed account?

Look for the indicators mentioned below to check if your AOL account is spooked:

·        Your AOL contacts are replying to message that you did not send or are giving you details via email that you did not ask for.

·        You keep getting "mailer-daemon" messages that do not correspond to any emails sent from your AOL account.

If you experience this kind of activity then it possible that your AOL account is spoofed.

Steps to prevent email spoofing on your AOL account

Even though there are no sure ways to stop spoofing you can use the suggestions given below to protect your AOL account as much as possible:

·        Set up a strong spam filter to scan all your incoming messages. You can also use a priority inbox tool to allow the AOL mail server to filter important messages.

·        You can also do a little research to figure out how to read the message headers and track the IP address of the sender. This will allow you to match the IP address of the sent email with previous messages from that AOL contact to make sure everything is in order.

·        As far as possible you should avoid downloading unknown attachments or opening random links sent to you via AOL Mail even if they are from a known contact. Always ask for clarification before opening AOL email attachments.

What is AOL doing to prevent spoofing?

The security of user data is one of the top priorities for AOL. AOL will regularly update its DMARC policy to inform other email services to disregard emails with AOL address that are sent from non-AOL servers. You can call the AOL Email Support number and consult an expert if you have any more questions about email spoofing on AOL.


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How to solve AOL mail sign in or login problems

March 12, 2019 by Aol Email Customer Support  

AOL mail can be accessed either via logging in from AOL Desktop Gold software or also with the help of any web browser. If you wish to sign in via a different web browser, you need to search on AOL.com website and can navigate the features of this mail. But do you know that there is a high possibility that users face issues in signing into their account? There can be numerous reasons behind this trouble. Sometimes it might happen due to server errors or technical problems or sometimes when the users have forgotten their password. It is always advisable that you create a password that you can easily remember and you must also write down the password somewhere which stays within your reach. You must also not change them quite often as it may create troubles for you and should not even share it, anyone. And if by chance you have forgotten your password or is facing sign in troubles due to any given reason, then you can read the steps given in this blog. The steps mentioned here are given in brief and if you wish to know the details, then you can always opt for the option of contacting the AOL Email Technical Support Number and look for their guidance.

What can be the reasons for sign in issues to occur?

·        Forgotten password

·        The server may be busy or site is down

·        Net connectivity errors

How to resolve the issue of the forgotten password?

If you have forgotten the AOL email password, then you need to reset it and solve the login problems. For that you can follow the mentioned steps:

·        Open the AOL mail account page

·        Enter your username and tap on the option of ‘I have forgotten my password’ in the given field

·        Now you will be given the option to reset the password with the help of three given options.

·        If you choose the option of registered email ID, then write the ID in the required space. You will receive a code at the address and a link. Just enter the code in the link provided and reset the password.

·        The two-factor authentication must be enabled if you have chosen the option of resetting the password via phone number. You can change the password with the number code that you will receive at your mobile

·        The last option by which the password change can be done is by answering the security question.

How to fix other issues that might lead to AOL mail login errors?

All other troubles can be fixed by implementing the given options. These should not be taken as steps but rather different methods. You can try them in any given order. It is not necessary to execute all of them as far as the best option works for you.

·        Update the AOL Gold browser or try signing in via a different platform

·        Clear the browser’s cache, cookie, and history

·        Try signing in after some time or restart the system and then try again

·        You can also use the smart phone’s hotspot if the Wi-Fi connection is creating troubles.

·        Close all other programs that might be running in the background

These were a few options that you could choose for resolving the AOL mail sign in troubles. And if you find that these methods have not fixed the issue and it occurs frequently, then you should surely look out for the expert opinion at AOL Email Customer Support anytime you want.


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How to import contacts in AOL mail

March 4, 2019 by Aol Email Customer Support  

AOL Email is one of those emails which is most demand by the people of the world. The features which increased its craze among the people of the world include large inbox size, greater attachment size, protection from the viruses and other malware. Even after having so many features this email service is not far away from the glitches which people have to face every single time they access their emails. These errors can be either technical or manual. But one thing is for sure that people don’t forget to call AOL Email Customer Support Number every time they witness any issue.

One such issue which can become a headache for the users is importing of contacts in AOL email. Here importing means moving data from any other device or program to these emails. And if the topic is importing of contacts then it means that you are moving contacts saved into your device to your AOL email. Importing of contacts into AOL email require little concentration from the users end so that they can execute the below-mentioned steps in correct sequence they are given:

·        You need to login to your AOL account by entering the accurate username and password. Don’t forget to check the Caps key while entering the login credential.

·        Once you are successful logged into your account, you will see your inbox

·        Now you need to look for Contacts on the page that is opened. You can find it on the left-hand side of the panel

·        Above the contacts list, there is Tools option available you need to click on it

·        And then you must click on the Import

·        Here you will be asked to locate the CSV file on your system which you want to import. Just browse the file and once you have selected the file of your choice just click on ‘Import’ button

·        This process will take few seconds to complete and once it is completed you will be able to see the contacts you imported on your AOL emails Contact list.

·        Now if you want you can edit your Contacts by adding pictures, info and job description.

If while importing the contacts if you led yourself into any trouble then you don’t need to panic as by just dialing AOL Email Customer Service your problem will be fixed. This number is known for remain active at all 24 hours so thatpeople can avail the help from experts at any time of day despite having time and location constraints.


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