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Some Vital Options of AOL Email Users

August 8, 2019 by macy smith  

AOL Email is one of the most popular email services used by millions of people. It is an internet email service provided by AOL. The users who have created an account in AOL can access it either as an email service by operating it from AOL software, or as webmail through any web browser platform. One also knows it by the name of AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) and ranks among the top 5 email service providers. It is currently available in 54 languages, and one can access the services through its official website mail.aol.com.  Many people have been widely using AOL as their primary email account and for solving queries getting in touch with the proficient advice of AOL Email Customer Support.

Have a glimpse of some efficient and vital options of AOL Mail

AOL Mail users are aided with amazing benefits. Have a look at some of the features shared below.
  1. It offers an immense size of the mailbox. One can store up to 1000 new messages, 4000 old messages, and 4000 sent messages. You do not have to delete the previous messages to store the new ones. This email service can be seen as a valid option as it provides infinite space for accumulating the messages.
  2. AOL also provides the users with POP and IMAP configuration, which means that you can view your emails and messages from any other device. Only your messages will be downloaded and not the attachments (till you ask for) while viewing on another device
  3. You can send attachments up to 25 MB in a single go while using AOL mail
  4. Another essential option that the users can intake is configuring their AOL email with third party desktop email services such as Outlook or Gmail
  5. Helping you out that you do not make any spelling mistakes while formulating the message, this email service also provides a complete and accurate spell check
  6. It also supports SSL and HTTPS authentication after you log in to the email
  7. Taking care about your privacy and for security matters, spam and virus protection features are embedded
  8. You can also add your signature at the end giving it a more professional look
  9. It works even on the mobile platform, and one can send and receive emails directly through AOL app

AOL Mail Technical Support Number

Offering a user-friendly interface and ability to provide almost everything which a user can desire for in an email service, AOL mail stands apart from others. Although there are no drawbacks of using this email, sometimes it can be targeted with some errors. In that scenario, it is better to take the advice of an expert who is capable enough of handling the matters with technical research and background. One can always dial AOL Help and have a word with the professionals at any given time. They aid you with practical solutions making sure that you do not have to face with the particular error again (provided you take care of a few essential requirements)

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How to Fix AOL Error Code 130?

July 13, 2019 by macy smith  

AOL Support Number

AOL error code is one of the most significant errors which results due to a server issue. There is a sudden disruption in the server, and when this snag appears, the performance of the computer slows down, it hangs often and doesn’t respond to the commands input by mouse or keyboard. Some of the other symptoms may include, Windows restarting all of a sudden, boot errors, and many more. Since there is no particular reason behind the occurrence of this error, it becomes difficult for the users to resolve it. Sometimes, the error occurs due to the incompatibility of the Bluetooth device with a system or when insufficient consent has been given to read base component or when the Desktop Display Facility is not connected correctly. It becomes tough to identify the actual reason behind this malfunction. You can read the procedure shared below for fixing this particular error or reach out to the experts at AOL phone number any given time.

Fixing the particular error by different solutions

Method 1- Perform System Restore Task
•Tap on ‘Windows Key’ and then from the menu that opens, select ‘Computer.’
•Right click on ‘My Computer’ and then click on ‘Properties.’
•From the Properties Tab, select ‘System Protection’ tab and after that, click on ‘System Restore.’
•Once done, click on ‘Okay’ to save the changes
Method 2- Plug the Driver Device
•Uninstall the device Driver and then restart the system.
•Click on Start icon and in the search box type ‘Device Manager.’
•Once done, you need to select the device category for which you wish to install the Driver. To do that you must be logged in to the system as an administrator and not as a ‘Guest or Other User.’
•After you have selected the device category, right click on it to choose ‘Update Driver Software.’
•After that click on ‘Browse my computer for driver software’ on the display window
•Choose the option of ‘Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.’
•Click on the Driver which ends with ‘Legacy’ and install it in the system
Method 3- Install AOL Repair Tool
•From the web browser, search for AOL Repair Tool. One of the suggestions can be ‘Smart Fixer.’
•Click on the download link and save the setup file in your desired location
•Once the tool gets downloaded, double click on it to install AOL Repair Tool in the system
•Run the tool in the system to opt for ‘Scan and Clean’ option
•Once it completes the scan of the system, click on ‘Fix all’ button. This software will repair all the issues.
In case, after performing the given solutions you still face with this error, then it is suggested to reach out to AOL Email Support and converse with the techies to avail prompt response.

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How to resolve the error while sending AOL Email

July 3, 2019 by macy smith  

AOL mail is considered as the most prominent email communication service that is meant to solve the issue with a clear approach of customer satisfaction. AOL offers a range of features to all the users making their email communication a quality experience. However, sometimes you get that sending emails don’t work, and your contacts are not getting emails. To remove the issue of sending emails, you can contact at AOL Help Number and get the better solution. This blog will also help you to find the issue and fix them easily. 

Simple steps to remove the issue:

You can easily fix the issue related to sending emails from AOL email account. There are several methods you can try to sending email issues. Now you should follow these steps as given below:
1.Restart your computer:
You may encounter this issue if you are using your system for a long time without shutting it down for a while. So you need to close down all the running programs and save open files and then restart your computer. It will help to clear the RAM of the computer and may resolve the issue easily. 
2.Try a different browser:
An outdated version of the browser may also create an issue, so you need to update your browser instantly. You should try to use a different browser that will provide you clear information if the problem is associated with the browser. If you find that problem lies with the browser, then you should update it or download a newer one. 
3.Review your display name:
When you mention AOL in your display name, you may get some error in sending emails. So you should check your email settings and review the settings to getting acknowledging of hacking. Your account may have been compromised, and you will be unable to send emails. 
4.Clear your browser’s caches:
You should clean your browser and delete all the cookies, caches and browsing history from the browser. you can reset it and make it running fresh. 
5.Disable pop-up blocker: 
You can also disable the pop-ups for a while and add AOL to your whitelist. This may also help you to fix the issue. 
6.Disable firewall using antivirus software:
Windows firewall may also create some issues to the email and may prevent you from sending emails. So you need to disable your firewall for a while and get the access of AOL email. you can also use any installed antivirus software that will help you find virus and malware from the computer. And then you can try to open the AOL email again. 
7.The email account has been hacked:
When you get some strange emails in your sent folders that you have never sent, then you should be aware of hacking issues. In such cases, your account may have been hacked and should try to fix the issue. 
8.Problems with images challenges:
In some cases, the problem may happen due to the image challenge question. If you are unable to complete the image challenge, then you will not be able to send emails. So you need to fix this issue and try to send emails again. 

Get customer support for further assistance:

You can contact at AOL Email Helpline Number if you need any support and further assistance. You will be getting prominent support and professional guidance from the expert community to remove the issue. 

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Source URL:- https://usa-mailsupport.doodlekit.com/blog/entry/5009882/how-to-resolve-the-error-while-sending-aol-email

How to Recover Forgotten AOL Email Password

June 20, 2019 by macy smith  

How to Recover Forgotten AOL Email Password
One of the most common issues which the users come across while using the services of AOL email is when the users forget their account password. In a situation like this, the users are unable to access their email account. This is a situation which the users would have to solve at the earliest if they wish to continue using AOL email services. It is an easy process which the users can undertake where they can regain access to their email account. The users can learn more about this situation by going through this complete blog. The users also have the option of connecting with AOL Helpline Number where they would get all the required assistance.
AOL email is one of the most sought after email service in the world. The process of troubleshooting any issue with AOL email is not a big task and can be done with the help of some really simple steps. These days the users have the option of using additional features which are provided by the web browsers, where you can use the feature of Auto-fill, and the browser would save your password. The users can also check the browser history first in the process of trying to recover the password; if you had opted for the auto-fill option, then it would be really easy for you to recover the password or else you would have to use the AOL password reset option.

The process to reset AOL email password

There are multiple instances where you would come across the issue of having forgotten the password. The function of password recovery comes in as very handy in maintaining the privacy and security of the user's account. The ways in which the users can recover the forgotten AOL email password is as given below:
  • The users would have to access the official AOL login page.
  • Then you would have to fill in your username and then choose the option which would be shown as ‘I forgot my password.’
  • You would then be provided with the various options through which you can recover your password.
  • The recovery options which is available is as stated below:

oRecovery using the registered mobile number.
oRecovery using the registered email address.
oRecover password by answering the security questions
  • Further, you would receive a verification code if you have chosen the registered mobile number or email address option.
  • You would now have to enter the verification code you received on the page which you are redirected to.
  • You would then be taken to a new page where you can create a new password.
  • Now you will have to enter the password that you want to use and then also reconfirm it for security purposes. 
  • Once you are done with the said steps, you would have to save the changes that you have made.

If you come across any issue while trying to recover the forgotten AOL email password using the above-given steps, then it is suggested that you promptly get connected with AOL Email Contact Number. By connecting with this helpline number, the users would get professional guidance from trained experts. 

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Fix Problems Reading or Receiving AOL Mail

May 29, 2019 by macy smith  

AOL email is one of the most promising online email service providers. This service has been serving the users to a great extent with all the aspects of online emailing. Most often the users are highly satisfied with the services of AOL mail; there are hardly some situations where the users face issues on AOL mail. One common issue which the users encounter on AOL mail is when they are unable to read or receive emails in the email account. This is often a very complicated situation which must deal with a lot of care. The user can go through this blog to understand this situation in more detail. The users also have the option of connecting with AOL Customer Care Number to avail professional assistance regarding this issue.

Steps to fix reading or receiving AOL email issue:

If you have come across an issue in reading or receiving AOL Mail, then there is nothing that the users need to be worried about. This issue can easily be solved using some really simple steps. The solution to this issue is as given below:

Examine the filter 
When you find that the issue is associated with the filter settings, then it can easily be solved. In this case, it is seen that the emails are redirected to another folder, and then you feel that the mail has gone missing. You can correct this issue by accessing the settings option of the AOL email.

Delivery Delayed
There are times when the user sends the email, and the receiver does not get the email immediately. This is often because of the time consumed in routing problems or high traffic. So there are chances that the user would experience a delay in receiving the email.

Check the spam folder on your email
There are also chances that the emails that you receive are going into the spam folder. If you come across the issue of not receiving an email, then it suggested that the user check their spam folder once. If the email is found to be there, then they should select the email and mark it as ‘Not Spam.’

Rework your web settings
There are possibilities that you are facing this issue because there is some malfunctioning in your browser settings. In such a situation, the user would have to set the general web setting. Once you reset the settings, the issue would be resolved immediately.

Clear Caches
It is always ideal for the users to clear the caches from the browser. When the web browser is filled with unnecessary caches, then the users would encounter an issue in receiving emails. It would be best that the users delete all the caches, cookies, and history from the browser.

Disable Pop-up Blocking
If you are using the feature of the pop-up to show you emails in the pop-up window, then there are chances that this could be causing the malfunction. So it would be ideal for the users to disable the features and then check whether the issue has been solved or not.

Following the information given above would help the users solve the issue at the earliest. If they find any difficulty in following the above-given steps, the users can then solve this by connecting with AOL Email Helpline Number. The executives would promptly take up the issue that you are facing and then provide you with the best possible solution. This service is available on a 24-hour basis and is completely free of charge. This ensures that the users do not incur any additional charges for solving the issue that they have come across.

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How to Fix AOL APP for Windows Not Working

May 14, 2019 by macy smith  

Windows is a widely used operating system for computers and is highly appreciated as well because it supports all types of software and makes users able to use them. Now if you want to use AOL on your windows, you can do it easily because AOL is well supported by the windows and you can enjoy the highly advanced services that it offers. You can enjoy the complete new world of internet with some cool features of accessing the videos, music, and games interestingly. However, in some cases, you may get stuck into a critical situation when AOL stops working on windows, and it prevents you from processing any activities through the software. If you are facing the same condition, you are not alone because this is quite a common issue experienced by several users. You can contact AOL Support Number and get the expert support to fix this issue, but if you follow this blog till the end, you can easily solve the issue on your own. 

Probable reasons behind the issue:

Most of the users feel the same way that you are experiencing right now and have no clue how to fix the issue. But before you go for solutions, you need to check the root cause that is creating the issue. Once you get the root cause, then you can easily fix the issue either on your own or with some expert help. Below are some probable reasons that can cause AOL not working on windows:
•Your windows are not updated 
•You may be experiencing a poor internet connection 
•Other third-party application may cause the issue 
•You may have got some corrupted downloads 
•System compatibility issues
Now check these reasons respectively and try to find out which one is exactly responsible for the error. Once you get the idea of causes, then go for the solution that has been mentioned below. 

Easy fixes of AOL not working on windows issue:

Once you get the exact reason that is preventing AOL not working on windows, you can get some easy solutions and will be able to fix the issue easily. You need to follow these steps to fix the issue:
•You need to update your windows if updates are not available you need to reinstall it 
•Then check your internet connection and make sure that you have smoothly working internet. 
•Try to identify any misbehaving application that is installed on your computer
•Once you get such apps, you can remove them or fix their issues 
•You can also disable the firewall or any other third-party antivirus software
•At last, check the space if you have in system’s disk and also recheck the system requirements for the software

Get the AOL Customer support for maximum support 

This blog has tried to solve your issue earliest and may have been helping you to fix you. Nevertheless, if all these methods get failed and you are still in the same critical situation, then you need to call at AOL Technical Support Number without wasting time any more. There you will get an easy solution for your specific problems.