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How to Fix McAfee Update Issue on Your Windows PC

September 25, 2019 by smithzack792  

McAfee is a popular antivirus. It comes packed with several features and utilities. Like all security suites, it is important to update McAfee to get protection from latest threats. However, at times the update process might work. When you try to update the McAfee program, the updating procedure may fail, and you will get the McAfee update issue on your Windows PC. To fix this issue, follow the different solutions mentioned in this article.

Some of the McAfee Features

•      The McAfee antivirus software includes tools which let you do safe browsing.

•      It warns you about the harmful sites when you browse the web.

•      It protects the password of your all social media accounts.

The McAfee antivirus secures • The personal data, contacts, and online details.

•      In case you have kids, then you should download the McAfee antivirus software on your computer.

All in all, McAfee is a great antivirus and provides real-time protection against all kinds of threats and infections.

Here’s how to fix McAfee update issue on your Windows PC

 If you are getting the McAfee update error on your Windows PC, then follow the steps mentioned below:

1.   Go through the guidelines mentioned on the screen.

2. At the bottom of every step, you need to try the updating procedure once again.

3. In case the updating procedure does not work properly, then this means you have solved this issue.

4. In case you are still not able to update the McAfee software, then go to the next procedure.

•      You need to run the McAfee Diagnostic and Repair Tool in case you are unable to fix McAfee update issue.

When you try to update your McAfee software by clicking “Check for Updates,” and nothing happens, then:

1.   Read the guidelines.

2. You need to update the software once again.

3. In case you are able to update the McAfee software, then go through any other solution.

•      In case you are getting the Your McAfee update is either stuck at 0% or at a random percentage error, then follow the steps mentioned below:

•Check the internet connection.

•Restart the device.

•You need to start the updating procedure once again.

Restarting the entire process of updates often fixes the issue.

Follow the solutions mentioned in the blog and fix the MCafee update issue on your Windows computer.


Zack Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security. He writes about the latest updates regarding mcafee.com/activate and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites. 

Source@:- http://whazzup-u.com/profiles/blogs/how-to-fix-mcafee-update-issue-on-your-windows-pc


How To Setup Juno Email On Android

September 24, 2019 by smithzack792  

The method of setting the mail client can seem tough. If you have chosen the new mail client as Juno, the unfortunate thing is that you need to make the Juno email ID manually on the Android. Here’s how you can set it up.


•By Settings

•Firstly, launch the Settings.

•Then, press on the Accounts part.

•Next, visit the ‘Email.’

•After that, put the Juno sign-in information.

•Then, press on ‘Next.’

•Next, click on the ‘Next’ option one more time in the given menu.

•After that, click on ‘Next’ again.

•Note that the Juno mail ID has been added to the smartphone.

•By the PC

•Firstly, visit the official Juno site.

•Then, press on ‘My Account.’

•Next, you shall get an alert stating ‘Not a Juno Member? To sign up now, press Here’. You need to press on that link.

•Then, for making a free mail account, search ‘Free Services’ and select ‘Free Email.’

•After that, choose ‘Order Now.’

•Next, put the credentials on the upcoming page. Check if you wish to upgrade it and select the ID of yours.

•Then, press on ‘Submit and Continue.’

•If you complete all the steps that have been mentioned above, then Juno shall direct you to the Message Center. It shall be taking you to the email from there.

•The method of removing the app cache and files

•Firstly, visit the Setting.

•Then, view the Apps menu.

•After that, choose ‘Manage apps.’

•Check that under which tab the mail app is present. As soon as you get it, press on it.

•Next, press on ‘Clear cache’ for clearing the app cache. If it does not help you out, press on ‘Clear data’ for clearing the app files. Note that this should be done at the end if nothing works out.

•Then, reboot the gadget to ensure that the modification does take place.

•No net connection

You might have noticed that having no net connection leads the mail app to stop working. If you are using data rather than net connection, put the smartphone data mode to whichever it makes it work. It can be any one of them i.e., 3G, 4G, or 5G.


•No Sync

•Firstly, view Settings.

•Then, press on the Accounts and Sync menu.

•After that, note whether there is an ‘Auto-sync’ CheckBox. Turn it on if it is already not switched on.

Congratulations! You have been able to setup Juno email on your Android device.


Zack smith is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at mcafee.com/activate, and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.

Source@:- http://whazzup-u.com/profiles/blogs/how-to-setup-juno-email-on-android-2

How to Purchase and Download McAfee Setup

August 21, 2019 by smithzack792  

To get started, you must have a subscription for McAfee antivirus product. This can be availed from the website or any local store. After purchasing the product, follow the steps given below and download McAfee antivirus.

  1. First and foremost, head to the download webpage.
  2. For this, launch your favorite web browser, after making sure that it is up to date.
  3. Now simply head to the URL written at the backside of your McAfee Retail Card, such as mcafee.com/activate.
  4. New users will have to sign up and create a new account.
  5. Key in the email ID and password for logging in to the McAfee account.
  6. Select the box located beside Remember Me if you want your login credentials to get saved.
  7. When you are done setting up your new McAfee account or have signed in to an existing one, proceed to the following step.
  8. Just open the My Account tab located at the top right-hand corner.
  9. Select the McAfee antivirus from the dashboard.
  10. From the download page, select the language from the menu.
  11. When you have selected the language and country, you will be prompted to the next step.
  12. On the Get Started Now screen, choose on which device you want to install McAfee.
  13. Press the Download button.
  14. Choose the subscription you have.
  15. In the following Add a Device screen hit the Download button.
  16. If you want to download it to another device, then click on Send the download link.
  17. Let the McAfee setup file get downloaded.