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Trouble with AOL email IMAP settings

November 26, 2019 by aolcustomersupport  

IMAP settings are the one that synchronizes all the services with your AOL mail account. That is whatever changes you make in an email on the app, or email service will show up in the interface of AOL too. However, there are times when users face difficulty while setting up the IMAP settings. In a situation like those, you are free to get in touch with the AOL customer support to interact with the professionals. The customer care team will give you the best solution for your query and will make sure that the solution offered by them is eliminating the error from roots itself. One can call at all 24 hours in a day without any location and time constraints to seek the expert's guidance. 

How to setup AOL Mail using IMAP settings?

While setting up your AOL email account on different email provider or app, you need to enter specific information to let other provider’s access your email. Enter the below-mentioned IMAP settings to receive emails in AOL:

IMAP Server Address – imap.aol.com

Username and Password – Enter your account credentials.

IMAP Port – 993

TLS/SSL required – Yes

How to setup AOL Mail using SMTP settings?

You have to enter following SMTP settings in your account so that you can send outgoing mail through your email by using any email program:

Outgoing Server Address – smtp.aol.com

SMTP Port – 465

Security- TLS/ SSL

Username and Password – Your AOL account credentials

AOL highly recommends that one should use IMAP settings in an email client rather than POP3. If you are not able to set up IMAP settings of your AOL account, then you can take the help of experts by calling AOL customer service. This number stays up at all 24 hours to give their clients much needed help they require for eradicating the problem on hand. 

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Troubleshoot dial-up connection and get back into everything AOL

November 6, 2019 by aolcustomersupport  

 Dial-up connection of AOL is an award-winning feature, which makes it convenient for users to use the broadband connection in an enhanced manner and is safer for users to access the Internet. Due to these features, AOL is considered to be one of the best internet service providers available that pay utmost attention towards its users. No matter where you are using the dial-up connection of AOL, if it is not working correctly, you must be very disappointed. So, If you have been encountering difficulty with the AOL’s dial-up connection, you must follow the methods provided below to fix the problem manually. Otherwise, you always have an option to connect with the experts at AOL customer support number and do away with the problem as soon as it bothers you.

Troubleshooting steps to fix Dial-up connection of AOL

Have a look at the following troubleshooting steps listed below to fix the dial-up connection problem:

·        The issue with the dial tone: For setting the problem, one must check whether you can hear the dial tone or not. If you have one, it means the problem is probably with the browser settings or the computer. If you are unable to hear one, the issue has likely to do with the service connection or phone provider.

·        Change in your phone service: As AOL dial-up connection functions through public phone network, any changes in the phone service will affect the dial-up connection for sure. One should always remember that dial-up connections don’t work through services provided by cable companies 

·        Check the physical connection of your phone: Dial-up connections are entirely different from the wireless ones, where you don’t need to worry about loose cables. This connection needs to be securely connected with the required cables to connect with the Internet. So, if any wire is loose or if the cord is broken, the Internet will not work at all.

·        Unplug all the phone devices: You must unplug all phone devices, and then reconnect just the modem. Now, try connecting online, if it is working, you should reconnect the devices one at a time until and unless you identify which device is creating the problem.

·        Restart the computer and modem: One may consider this solution as relatively simple, but it actually works. Switch off the computer and modem, wait for five minutes, and then turn them on again. Now, see if the problem persists.

These are a few solutions to troubleshoot dial-up connections problem of AOL. There are some other methods as well, such as, you can try using another browser, use different access number, check your username and password, or contact your internet service provider. If the issue persists even after implementing each and every step, you must get in touch with AOL technical support number to have a word to word conversation with professionals regarding the problem.


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How to recover AOL Email password

October 21, 2019 by aolcustomersupport  

In today’s time where one has innumerable accounts, so are their passwords. And remembering the passwords is a most cumbersome task. It is common to forget any of your passwords but later resetting them demands mind-strolling hard work. AOL is a webmail service provider where one can send and receive emails instantly without any interruptions. Emails have become a most important mode of formal and sometimes informal communication. From students to businessmen, everyone accesses emails. But the real problem occurs when you forget the password to access your email. In such a situation, recovering passwords of AOL is an easier task, you can do it yourself or simply reach out to AOL customer service number for assistance. Reminding email passwords can be sometimes a difficulty but thanks to the webmail service providers who give us an option of recovering the passwords and resetting them. By following some troubleshooting steps you can recover your password.

Recovering Email Password of AOL

Before you start the process of recovery, try to check your browser first. You might have allowed your browser to save your password through the pop-ups that occur mostly everywhere you try to login.

Password Reset Procedure

AOL has shifted to offering a password reset than password recovery for the more secure approach. It has developed an easy procedure to do so.

Step 1: Go to AOL Mail login page and select ‘Login’

Step 2: Type in your AOL username and click ‘next’

Step 3: Choose ‘Forgot Password’ then type your username and click ‘next’

Step 4:Type the phone number associated with your account and click ‘next’.

Step 5: You can also choose to receive an email to reset your password. The email will be sent to the recovery mail address you added at the time of sign up.

Step 6: Enter the ‘code’ AOL has sent to your phone number and click ‘next’

Step 7: Enter the new password you want to set and click ‘save’

 At the time of troubleshooting to recover your password, if you get stuck, instantly get in touch with the AOL customer support number, where you will get assisted in solving the problem.

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How to add AOL mail account into windows 10 mail app

October 10, 2019 by aolcustomersupport  

Having to go through various email accounts is a tiresome task and would also consume a lot of time in the process. To overcome this issue, AOL provides the users with the option of add AOL mail account into Windows mail app. This makes the process of checking mails more convenient. Often the users get tangled in the process of adding AOL mail account into Windows 10 mail app. The users can learn more about the process by connecting with AOL customer care number. Users can also get a clear understanding of the process by going through this entire blog.

What is the process of adding AOL mail account into Windows 10 Mail app?

The process which the users have to follow in order to add AOL mail account with Windows 10 mail app is as given below:

ØThe users have to press the ‘Settings’ option which is available the bottom left side of the mail.

ØThen the users has to choose ‘Manage Accounts’ from the menu which is displayed on the right side of the program.

ØFurther select the ‘Add Account’ option.

ØNow you would have to click on ‘Other Account’ from the list of options that are available.

ØThe user would then have to enter the AOL email address into the first field, along with the rest of the required information.

ØOnce you have entered the information, click on ‘Sign in.’

ØYou can then press the ‘Done’ option to complete the process.

ØUsers can then press the menu button which is at the top left of the mail to switch between the email accounts.

When the users accurately follow all the given steps, they can then easily provide the most effective solution by contacting AOL technical support number. This service is accessible throughout the day and is completely free of cost and would also ensure that the issue is eradicated from the roots. The professionals at this service are well trained and possess vast experience in their field of functioning.


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How do I turn off AOL auto-login

September 20, 2019 by aolcustomersupport  

AOL Desktop Gold is software which has been efficiently catering to all the requirements of the users. They have been capable of providing the users with features which would aid their functioning the most. This has been the core reasons why this software in one of the most preferred software among users. Amid the various services that this software provides, there is a feature of auto login. There are times when this software turns out to be a menace for the users. There are times when the users wish to turn off this feature as they do not want to be logged into AOL Desktop gold when the system starts up. The users can learn more about this aspect by going through the blog, then even have the option of connecting with  AOL contact number where they would get all the assistance that this required.

Several computer manufacturers pre-install AOL Desktop software on their systems. So there are times when your business does not use AOL software but it would initiate automatically, and this would create a lot of confusion. This wastes not only the time of the users but also their resources. The users can easily prevent this from happening by disabling the feature. Once this feature has been disabled, you would not come across this issue in the future.

Steps to disable Auto-Login of AOL

·        Press the start button and choose the option of ‘All Programs.’

·        Now scroll down on the list to the folder of ‘Startup’ and click on it to display its contents.

·        In the contents, you would see the program named ‘AOL’ or ‘AOL Desktop,’ right click on it and then opt to delete it.

·        Once you have done this, AOL would stop the automatic login.

Steps to remove AOL Desktop Software from your system

·        Right click on the Windows taskbar and then select the option of ‘Start Task Manager.’

·        Now under the tab of ‘Processes,’ you would be able to find ‘AOL,’ now right click on this tab and choose the option of ‘End Process.’

·        When you click on this option, it would completely close all the functions of AOL.


·        Access the start menu and then click on the option of ‘Default Programs.’

·        Further click on ‘Programs and Features’ which can be found on the left pane of the display screen.

·        Now scroll down on the list that you have attained to find the option of ‘AOL Desktop Software.’

·        Once you click on this option, you would get the option of ‘Uninstall.’

·        Click on the uninstall option and then follow the prompts given on-screen.

·        By following all the steps accurately, you would efficiently be able to remove AOL software from your system.

By following the above-given steps, you would efficiently be able to solve the issue of auto login by AOL. If you find the need for more assistance, you can promptly connect with  AOL phone number. The professionals would cater to all your requirements and would also ensure that you overcome the issue immediately.


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AOL Mail Not Syncing

September 10, 2019 by aolcustomersupport  

AOL mail provides the users with the option of connecting their mail account with an email application to assist them in organizing and accessing emails in a more efficient manner. By syncing your emails with the phone or tablet would also allow the users to stay connected to your AOL while the user is traveling. There is also a possibility that the user would face trouble connecting with their emails, or the users can find that the AOL is not syncing. When in such a situation, the users can go through this entire blog to understand the position that they are in. The users also have the option of connecting with  AOL contact number to seek guidance to solve this malfunction.

Ways to solve the issue of AOL Mail not syncing

The solutions which the users can use to resolve this error depends completely on what has caused the malfunction in the first place. When the users accurately identify the source of this malfunction, they can then effectively implement the solution. Solutions to resolve the error is as mentioned below:

Solution 1: Logout from your AOL account and then add it again

The easiest way to troubleshoot this issue of not being able to sync is by logging out and removing AOL from the application which you are using. Once the user has successfully removed their email, they can then re-add their AOL email account. This error might have occurred due to corrupted configuration settings. It is also necessary that the users update their email application before they add their AOL email account so as to sync the account without any errors.

Solution 2: Check the AOL Mail server settings

One common reason for AOL email to not sync or fetch email is because the server settings that the user has entered while configuring their account is incorrect. The users can then contact the customer service team and consult a certified expert to find the exact server settings that are needed to sync the emails.

Solution 3: Review the Privacy settings of the email application

There are certain instances where the email client or the application that the users are using to access AOL does not have sufficient permission to sync their emails. When in such a situation, the users should open the privacy settings and then enable the ‘Let apps access my calendar’ option. Then the user can navigate to the account settings and click on AOL so that you can change the sync duration.

Solution 4: Edit the settings of your security software

Sometimes the users might come across a compatibility error between your email application and your anti-virus or firewall software. This would often act as a hindrance while syncing the emails. The users can also try and disable the antivirus software temporarily and then check if the syncing issue has been resolved. The users should also edit the settings of firewall and whitelist the AOL email application to resolve the syncing or fetching emails error.

If you are unable to resolve the error using the given solution, then the users have the option of contacting  AOL phone number. This service is reachable on a 24-hour basis and is completely free of charge. The users would complete assistance in solving any issue which they might come across.

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Clear the Browser footprints in AOL

August 22, 2019 by aolcustomersupport  

In the age of 4G internet and fiber optic routers, patience is not something many netizens are inclined to follow. Research suggests that the more time it takes for a webpage to load, the more stressful it is for the user. When you find that your AOL Desktop Gold browser is slow or that webpages take time to load you should try deleting the browser history and clear the cache. This article will give you a brief overview of the steps you need to follow the clear the browser footprints in AOL Desktop Gold. However, since clearing the footprints may not always fix the situation you are facing, you can also call the  AOL contact number and get in touch with a team of tech support expert to troubleshoot the problem further.

Steps to clear the browser footprints on AOL Desktop Gold

You AOL Desktop Gold browser cache, like any other browser, stores temporary website files so that webpages can load faster in the future. The data and files stored in the cache are recreated every time the user visits that particular webpage. However, as time passes it is possible that the cache files get corrupted and slow down your browser speed. To improve the browser speed and resolve the issues related to outdated webpages you should clear the browser cache and delete the stored files. You can have a look at the steps given below to get a better idea about how you can clear the browser footprint in AOL Desktop Gold:

·       Step 1: Click on the AOL Desktop Gold icon and launch your browser.

·       Step 2: Enter your current AOL username and password and sign-in.

·       Step 3: Press the settings icon, indicated by the gear image, in the menu bar.

·       Step 4: Navigate to the left side of the menu and select the ‘Browser’ option.

·       Step 5: Select the Security tab and choose the data you want to delete.

·       Step 6: After you select the relevant data, you can click the option that reads ‘Clear Footprints Now.’

Apart from manually deleting the browser cache you can also select the Browser Cache checkbox and mark the box so that the cache is emptied automatically each time you close AOL Desktop Gold. If you find that your browser is slow even after you clear the footprints, then it’s possible there is a deeper technical issue with AOL Desktop Gold. You can call the AOL tech support number and speak to a professional software expert to implement advanced solutions to resolve any AOL browser error. The customer support number is available 24 hours a day to give you the chance to clear any doubts you may have about AOL Desktop Gold.

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How to produce a group email in your AOL mail

July 27, 2019 by aolcustomersupport  

There are several situations where the users would come across the need to connect with a large number of people to send the same message. This could be while you are planning a business meeting or while organizing a birthday party, this is often when the users wish to bring everyone on the same page. In situations like this, it is usually ideal that the users use the option of group email which is available on AOL mail. This feature eases the work for the users while connecting with a large mass. By going through this blog, you can find a complete overview on how to produce a group email in your AOL mail. The users can also connect with AOL customer care by which they can attain all the required information regarding this feature.

What is the process of creating mail list in AOL mail?

If you come across the need to send a group email, you can then create a distribution list and add the contacts that you want. You can understand the whole procedure by following the below-given steps:

·        The users would have to open their browser and sign in to their AOL Mail account.

·        You would then have to select the ‘Contact’ option, which is located in the left panel of the inbox.

·        Now you have to look for the name or email address of the person you wish to add.

·        Then press on the contact icon, which would then add the person to the distribution list.

·        Finally, you can review all the contacts that you have added and then click on the ‘Add List’ option to save the changes that you have made.

Ways to edit the mail list in AOL Mail

Once you have created a list, you can then easily follow the instructions that are provided below to make the necessary changes to the said list:

·        First, open your AOL mail inbox and then navigate to the ‘Contacts’ section.

·        You can now select the distribution list on which you wish to make the changes.

·        Finally, click on the ‘X’ symbol, which would remove a contact, or you can even click on the ‘Add’ option to include a new name to the existing list.

Process of send a group email in AOL Mail

Once you have created a mail list, you can easily send emails on the same using the below-given steps:

·        Open the AOL mail account and click to create a new email.

·        Then write down the email content in the space that is provided.

·        Once you finalize the content, move to the ‘Send to’ field.

·        Here you would have to enter the group name in the field and click on ‘Send.’

If you still face trouble while trying to send a group mail on AOL, then it is suggested that you immediately connect with AOL customer support. The users can easily avail this service throughout the day, and the most ideal aspect of this service is that the users can connect to the professionals using a toll-free number.

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How to Change AOL Password on Apple Devices

July 16, 2019 by aolcustomersupport  

AOL email is one of the most profound email services which is available in the world. AOL email was founded during the early stages of the year 1990. Ever since they have been providing the users with highly efficient and effective email service all across the globe. Users all around the world are highly satisfied with the kind of service which they receive from AOL email. After all the pros that this email service provides, there are certain issues too which the users face while using this email. Among several issues, one common issue which the users face is when they wish to change the AOL password using an Apple device. Often users come across the need to change the password when they forget their password. When the user forgets the password to their email account, they would not be able to gain access to their email account. When faced with such a circumstance, the users can avail assistance from trained professionals by connecting with Aol tech support number. This is a service which the users can use from any corner of the world, during any time of the day and most importantly free of cost.

What is the need to change the AOL Email password?

There are numerous reasons which the users should keep in mind while working on the internet. The most important reasons are when the users suspect their email to be hacked. It is necessary that the users always keep their email account protected from malpractices which take place on the world wide web. There are several people who are on the internet who work to steal personal data, and this happens by hacking the account. Emails to at time contain sensitive data which can be crucial when it lands in the wrong hands. Some points which the users must keep in mind while working on the internet is as mentioned below:

·        It is necessary that the users change their password on a regular interval.

·        It must always be kept in mind that the users do not share their password with anyone.

·        It would be ideal for the users to incorporate multiple characters and numbers in the password.

·        The ideal length of the password would be up to 12 characters.

·        To an extent, avoid logging into your email account from unknown and different locations.

Process of changing the password on an Apple Device

If you wish to change the password of your AOL email account using your Apple device, then the steps that you would have to incorporate are as given below:

·        The users must access the settings on their Apple Device.

·        Now click on the option which says “Mail, Contacts, Calendar.’

·        Further, access the “AOL” option and then click on your email address.

·        Now you would have to press the “Password” option.

·        You can then create a new password for your AOL account.

·        In order to save the changes made, click on the Save button.

·        Once you have done all the mentioned steps, the password would be changed successfully.

If you come across any concern while following the steps that have been mentioned, then you can promptly connect with AOL technical support number and seek additional assistance. The professionals there would take up your issue and solve it in the least possible time.

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