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AOL Desktop Gold Address Book has disappeared

March 18, 2019 by sophiawilliams  

AOL Desktop Gold software has become a favorite of those who have been using it. There are many benefits of using this software and the best feature that AOL Gold has to offer is the system of address books, where one can easily save all the contacts. An address book of the software is basically a memory folder where one can save all the important dates and events of an individual’s life. It is just like a diary but on an online platform. The Address book can be seen as the most important feature of this software for some people, as it acts as a storehouse, where one can save their emails, birth dates, anniversaries and other events. But due to some technical errors in the software or due to some carelessness, the address books get disappeared or misplaced. It can easily be retrieved back by some troubleshooting steps. And if you find that the steps do not prove to be effective, then there must be a serious issue with the software and you can try with the last resort that is Reinstall AOL desktop gold again. This usually happens in AOL mail, when the contacts get misplaced due to any given reason. Sometimes, the users do not download the software properly at the initial stage and this may cause issues at any given point.

You can try the given solutions to recover back the address book. The first method talks about how you can sort it out through the category and the other when Address book file screen name gets damaged, and you need to fix it.

Method 1- Changing the category listing in the Address book.

·        Click on the AOL Toolbar and then on Mail menu and after that navigate to the Address book.

·        Choose the appropriate category listing as per the requirement.

·        Make sure that all contacts are selected.

Method 2- To fix the Address Book files screen name

You need to delete the files from the AOL software that are damaged. Don’t worry, the software automatically takes a backup and will create a new one. The contacts and addresses won’t get deleted.

·        Go to the start menu and choose all files.

·        Now in the search bar type “Your screen name. ab*

·        Click on the search button and then delete the file which has damaged screen name

·        Repeat the steps for all the files.

·        Restart the system and then open AOL software to see whether the dilemma has been resolved.

If these two solutions do not help you to recover the lost address book or the missing contacts from AOL software, then the best thing that is recommended and you can do is to first uninstall the program and the install AOL desktop gold in the system again. This can surely help you to resolve the issue.


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An overview of AOL Desktop Gold

March 11, 2019 by sophiawilliams  

Users are always on the lookout for a faster more holistic browsing experience. AOL Desktop Gold is designed to meet that exact expectation. Although AOL Gold is fairly new to the market users are quickly gravitating towards it because of its amazing features and exciting functions. AOL Desktop Gold has something for everyone. It does not matter if you just want to chat with friends, catch up on the headlines or immerse yourself in a game, you will find whatever you need when you AOL desktop gold download on your system. This article will paint a brief picture to show you exactly what makes this new browser stand out from among the rest.

Fun Features of AOL Desktop Gold

AOL Desktop Gold makes it easier than ever for AOL users to tour the vast world of AOL. Here are just some of the amazing features of AOL Gold that users find so captivating:

·        Easy Setup and Installation Process: It is very easy to download and install AOL Desktop Gold even if you are doing it for the first time. All you need to do is visit the official AOL website to download the .exe setup file and simply run it on your computer then select ‘Install Now’.

·        Personalized Email Features: AOL Gold users can choose from a wide range of attractive font to personalize their email as they please. You also have the added advantage of being able to add, edit, delete and set the default signature on your AOL account through Desktop Gold.

·        Bookmarks and Favorites: To make it easier to browse the web, AOL Desktop Gold include the option to save your favourite websites so that you can access them easily. You can edit, save and organize all the website you visit frequently so that you save time while browsing. AOL Desktop Gold also has the option of backing up your Favorites so that you are protected from possible data corruption.

·        Security Features: AOL Desktop Gold has built-in anti-phishing software, including anti-key logging and screen capturing features to ensure maximum security while browsing the internet. If you are using the AOL Gold browser then these premium security features will automatically alert you whenever you visit a dangerous website.

·        Smooth Data Transfer: Managing your personal data has never been easier thanks to AOL Desktop Gold. This software allows you to import or export data to a file so that it becomes easier for you to copy it onto another computer. Whether you are looking to transfer email, setting, address books or favourites you can use this feature to efficiently manage all your data.

If you can believe it this is just the tip of the AOL iceberg. It is only when you download AOL desktop gold software and begin to explore it yourself then you will be able to fully appreciate all the wonderful benefits of this browser. If you want to know more you can always contact AOL customer support to gain a more comprehensive view of AOL Desktop Gold and how exactly can it benefit you as a user.


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