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Solve AOL downloading error 205 issue

June 11, 2019 by sophiawilliams  

AOL mail is quite advanced and easy to use and help you to improve the quality of communication through emails. It is able to provide you some of the quality support with great features that make your email experience more enhanced and exciting. However, from time to time, you  may observe some issues that can lead you into trouble. You may have some problems, but that can be solved easily with some clear approach towards the solution. AOL downloading error 205 is such an issue that can prevent you from accessing your favorite email, but the solution is easy. You may need to install AOL desktop gold again to your computer in such case if all the solution gets failed.

Reset the web settings:

·        If you have a browser already installed in your computer other than the default browser, then you need to alter some settings.

·        So you need to reset the settings of your internet browser.

·        You have to change the homepage settings, search pages, and default browser without getting into the settings of another browser.

Get the download from a reliable source:

You should download the AOL software from a reliable site, and the best option could be the official website itself. Now follow these steps to complete the process:

·        First, you need to go to the AOL official website.

·        Download the AOL software.

·        The go to the downloads and run the file that you have downloaded.

·        You need to click on the option ‘upgrade existing version’ and then click on continue.

·        Then you can choose your AOL settings as per your preferences.

·        Review the settings and install location then follow the screen instruction to install it on your computer.

Use the compatible mode to download and run the file:

You need to download the software again from a reliable source keeping your computer on compatible mode.

·        Now download and save the file on the desktop.

·        Go to the exe.file in your desktop and double click on that.

·        Then choose appropriate properties and click on the option of compatibility.

·        Now chose to run the program in compatibility mode.

·        Click apply and then press ok.

·        If you exist, user, then you have to click on “upgrade existing version” and select your email address to copy the preview version settings.

·        Next, you have to click on continue.

·        You can change the AOL settings as per your choice.

·        At last review your settings and location to install the program in your computer.

Once you do some early steps, you will be getting the exact solutions to fix the issue. However, in some, it is not possible to fix the issue easily. So you will need to AOL gold download again to your computer.


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Unable to open AOL Email in AOL Desktop

June 1, 2019 by sophiawilliams  


One issue which the users of AOL desktop face are when they are unable to open AOL email on AOL Desktop. This is a common issue which is faced by the several users of AOL Desktop. This issue is often experienced when the user install AOL desktop gold on their system. The users can attain a clear understanding of this issue by going through this complete blog.

Steps to resolve this issue are:

The users can quickly solve this issue, which they have come across by taking up some straightforward steps. The steps that you would have to trail are:

The users would have to remove the PFC file for the affected Username

In this situation, it might be possible that the user’s PFC file may be permanently corrupted or even deleted accidentally and the users would then have to remove it from its default location for the mailbox to function correctly. The user would have to relocate the PFC file to the desktop, and the steps that they would have to follow are:

·        Start by closing the AOL Desktop software which is running on their system.

·        Now you would have to the right click on Start, move to the option of all programs after which they would have to click on the option of AOL and further into AOL system information.

·        Then the users would have to open the Data folder and follow the below-mentioned steps:

o   If you are using the AOL 9.0 version or higher, then click on the AOL Software tab and choose the option of the open data folder.

o   If you are using AOL 9.0 optimized, then you would opt for the Data Folder option.

o   If you are using the AOL 8.0 Plus or an earlier version, then click on the option of the folder.

·        Further, after you have opened the Data folder, the users would have to the right click on the username file which would have no extension and choose the option of Cut.

·        Now you would have to close the Organize window as well as the AOL system information.

·        You would now have to the right click on the desktop and then paste the file that you had earlier cut on the desktop.

·        Once you have pasted the file on the desktop, access the AOL Desktop software as you would normally do and make sure that you do not sign in.

·        Further, you would have to click in the file menu and choose the ‘Open’ option.

·        Here the users would have to locate the ‘(Screenname).pfc.’ file from their desktop and after doing so click on the Open option to access their old PFC file.

This is an issue which the users come across once they AOL gold download on their system. It is not a big issue which would need a lot of technical assistance. They users can take up the above-given steps, and it would be enough to overcome the matter in hand. Once the users have used the given steps, they would then overcome the problem of not being able to open AOL email in AOL Desktop.





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Why won't Desktop Gold connect so I can get online

May 20, 2019 by sophiawilliams  

AOL desktop gold is quite a useful software that help you to connect with the internet in a exciting way. It offers a lot of cool and useful features that make the internet browsing more enhanced. It allows you to watch the video, paly the games and listen music along with the normal internet surfing. Now If you are unable to get online through your AOL account you should become active to resolve the issue at the earliest. You can easily fix the issue with the steps given in this. Otherwise you have to uninstall the AOL desktop and need to Install AOL Gold software again to your computer.

What case AOL desktop Gold not connecting issue?

You must need the reason behind the issue that is preventing AOL desktop gold to connect to the internet. Here some probable reasons that can cause the trouble:

Operating system:You may not have the updated operating system that can cause the issue. Some other issues in operating system can also cause the issue.

Your computer settings:You can try to log in to your AOL desktop gold with another computer and if you are able to use it easily, then make it sure that the problem is in your computer settings that you need to fix.

Issue with router or network:your router or network connection may be the reason for AOL not connecting to the internet issue. So you need to check all the connection to fix the issue.

Easy methods to solve the issue:

Once you get the reasons of the issue you can solve the issue with these easy methods:

1.     By enabling the settings of Automatic LAN detect

This method is applicable to all the users for all browser and solve the issue by following these steps:

·        Open your internet browser such as Chrome or Mozilla

·        Then go to the gear option and choose settings

·        Now you have to navigate ‘Advanced’ option and open it

·        Then go to the system option and open proxy settings

·        Now you can find connection option in the ‘Internet properties’

·        Then click on LAN settings and review the settings there

·        You have to enable ‘Automatically detect settings’ and unmark the box ‘use a proxy server for your LAN’

·        Then exit the window


2.     By disabling the internet protected mode:

·        You can temporarily disable this feature with these steps:

·        Go to the internet browser other than AOL

·        Then go to the gear option and settings

·        Now click on advanced option and then system

·        By clicking on proxy settings you will get the security option

·        Now you need to unmark the box ‘Enhanced protected mode’

If these methods failed to provide you proper solution you need AOL gold desktop download again but before the downloading you need to uninstall the software.


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How to fix the issue of AOL desktop Gold icon missing?

May 7, 2019 by sophiawilliams  

AOL Desktop Gold is a software which is capable of fulfilling all their desktop needs. This software provides the users with features like a web browser, multimedia player, email service and even makes you capable of playing games. The amazing aspect of this software is that they ensure the users get all the features without compromising on security. This software can efficiently function on Mac as well as Windows operating systems. The process that you must undertake to Install AOL gold on your system is also very straightforward. The users also get the option of choosing the required package as per their need.

AOL Desktop has been successfully satisfying the needs of millions of users all across the globe. The mesmerizing features that this software has on offer is what makes the user prefer AOL over any other software. Being a software, AOL is also not immune to malfunctions and glitches. There are times when the users of AOL Desktop Gold face malfunctioning of the software. One such issue is when the icon of AOL Desktop Gold goes missing. There can be several reasons for having to encounter this issue. The files in the AOL Desktop Gold folder could be damaged; there could be some malware or virus on your system. By going through this blog, you would get a better understanding of this issue and how to handle it when you come across this issue.

Ways to solve the issue of AOL Desktop Gold icon missing

If you wish to resolve the problem of your AOL Desktop Gold icon gone missing, the steps that you would have to use are as stated below:

Step 1: Look at the system tray which is located at the bottom of the desktop screen.

Step 2: Find and search the AOL desktop gold in the hidden items of the system tray.

Step 3: Once you find AOL desktop gold in the hidden items, right click and choose the option of creating a shortcut.

Step 4: After you have opted for this option you would then have the AOL Desktop Gold icon on your Desktop.

When you see that your AOL desktop gold icon has gone missing, there could be a chance that the AOL software has been uninstalled from your system. In this situation, you would not be able to find the icon even in the hidden items. Hence the only option that you would have left would be to AOL gold desktop download on your system again.

•The steps to download AOL desktop gold is as given below:

•Open the browser and then navigate to the official website of AOL.

•Once you are on the official website, search for AOL Desktop Gold and then click on the option of Download.

•When the download is complete, run the .exe file that you have downloaded and follow the instructions that are given to you onscreen.

Once you successfully install the software again on your system, you would be able to find the shortcut available on your desktop. If you face more anymore issues in this process, promptly connect with the customer care and avail professional assistance.


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