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The student’s collection and SoWeSign’s solution

May 16, 2019 by sowesign  

The follow-up of the students is established in a pedagogic approach implemented in the American system of education. This approach is following a process of checking the exit of each minor students from elementary, secondary or after school structures. To check that process, the parents or the person legally designated as in charge of the child must sign and communicates his personal contact details in order to be checked and assure to the school his legitimacy and pick up the child in a secure environment. The collection of the signatures is made mainly by paper. The paper management is tedious and complicated.


SoWesign facilitates this process by offering a paper-free system to gather electronic signatures.  Administrative procedures are managed with comfort, security and easiness.


Our electronic sign in sheet software can be used through multiple devices like a tablet, computer or even a personal mobile phone. Indeed, this software of digital sign in sheet enables a management and an instantaneous transmission of the information running from an interface. Moreover the platform offers the possibility to perform data input on a secured way.

SoWeSign (1).jpg

The legal responsible for the child can types in advance in the software the details contacts of the person who they authorize to get their children back to the school. So in this case the person could easily choose and select his name in the list of authorized person stored in the database of SoWeSign, in this way it would simplify the mission of checking the identity teachers or administrative staff have to complete. Furthermore, the software will be able to create an electronic sign in sheet and register the personal historical of the signature for each children and compile them in a single certificate traceable by an audit trail.


SoWeSign software provides a secure and easy new vision of the management with a digital attendance. This process matches with the digital strategy of the American government which clearly defines these intentions to simplify and digitalize these departments and services by using new technologies.


SoWeSign, the solution of modernization governmental infrastructures need

April 29, 2019 by sowesign  

The main objective of the American Job Centers (AJCs) and the consulting companies specialized in the re-employment is to provide diverse and various supports and solutions to the job seekers. However, the terms of subscription to some services are constrained by legal obligations like the attendance follow-up by paper.


Moreover, a recent study ordered by the United States Department of Labor highlights the will and wish of the users of the AJCs to have simplify administrative procedures for registration or for the follow-up of their case. Their recommendations mention they expect a more digitized service to drive their process easier while securing their personal details contacts.


The fact AJCs are funded by different partners involves some legal diverse and various obligations. The sending of report certifying the presence of the participants to the services or workshops freely available is one of the mandatory conditions which must respect the AJCs.

SoWeSign (2).jpg


SoWeSign offers an appropriate solution adapted to the expectations of the AJCs and also to these of the job seekers. Indeed, the managing digital signature software allies convenience and rapidity that are expected by the job seekers as well as security with the positioning of trusted third party of SoWeSign. The interface allows flexible and easy management by the administrative staff members added to the production of probative value documents which SoWeSign stores because of his quality of trusted third party in order to respect legal requirements.


The solution offers the opportunity to the job seekers to use a meeting sign in app. The solution enables them to prove their presence through an iPad sign in sheet or others devices, during each participation to the workshop. Digital attendance allows the administrative staff to check in real time the missing and present person attending to the workshop. When the controlling organisms want to inspect the electronic sign in sheet for any job seeker, even many year later, they would be able to do it because the electronic sign in sheet are available at any time and easily consultable by the authorized person.


SoWeSign is a solution designed for the AJCs and consulting company whose are depending on financial partners. Undeniably the solution will ensure an efficient management of the attendance from diverse numeric devices and an optimization of the governmental services inside the American Job Centres Network.



Electronic sign in sheetsin training centers

April 9, 2019 by sowesign  

More ergonomic, more ecological and less expensive, digital solutions are at the heart of corporate news. Receipt of documents, digital signature, invoices, etc. Dematerialisation become an issue for all fields. Solutions like electronic signature on tablets allow to gather from an interface, all the participants whether they are: nearby or remotely. The contact is easier and faster thanks to digital document management which allows a significant time-saving.

From signatures’ gathering to signatures’ archiving, all services are concerned by training attendance sheets:

  • Financial service who handles invoices related to training costs.

  • Administrative service who spends a lot of time adjusting formats and paperwork instead of following students.

  • Students who sign in attendance sheets twice to five times a day.

  • Trainers who are delayed by taking the register, the circulation of attendance sheets during classes, checking attendance sheets at the end of the course, etc.

  • Accounting service who defers errors due to paper handling difficulty.

Training centers needto optimize their internal arrangement: whether SME or large companies, private or public, solutions exist to dematerialize documents in training centers.

These business solutions simplify administrative procedures and legislative obligations. SaaS offers flexibility and adaptability, because there are no more geographical or temporal constraints: SaaS solutions are accessible at anytime from anywhere. The implementation is fast and easy because it does not require infrastructure investment and few IT resources.

The most important point is that the storage and security checks are no longer the responsibility of the training center, but under the responsibility of the provider who hosts the data: he must be licensed, secured and also acts as a trusted third party.

Attendance management (sign-off, follow-up, reminders, invoicing, etc.) represents 75% of the time spent and 75% of the administrative costs of students:

  • Creation and distribution of attendance sheets
  • Collect of daily attendance sheets, return problems, completeness, etc.
  • Verification for the presence and quality of signatures (distinguish one signature from another and that the quality is acceptable for the proof constitution).
  • Store attendance sheets until editing of invoices.
  • Photocopies, duplicates or certificates for sending funders or companies.
  • Reconciliation of attendance sheets with invoices (without errors and with absence proof if necessary)
  • Possible rejection of files sometimes causes late payments.
  • Archiving attendance sheets for future controls
  • Loss or misplacement of certain documents by students, trainers, external stakeholders, etc.

So many tasks that are significantly simplified by digital sign in sheets: the time saving can go up to 75% for tasks related to paper management.


Indeed, electronic sign in sheet softwareor sign in sheet app, can be used on wall-mounted tablets at the entrance of classrooms. The information is sent in real time to the online system through a simple internet connection. Electronic attendance register is recorded student by student the associated to the proof of absence or academic agreements in order to constitute billing files in PDF format for safe and simple sending to the funders.

Choose the electronic sign in sheet

March 27, 2019 by sowesign  

Electronic signature is the best way to throw paper away for a digital solution. The most important thing is to ensure that security and legal requirements are met. Companies such as training centers, language centers, job seekers training centers, etc. are trying toensure the probative value, the security of their data and students one. On the other hand, a quick ROI and ease of use accelerate the choice of an electronic sign in sheet software.


Digital sign in sheets is the best way to know in real time if students are attending a training or not. All absences are quickly detected;attendance sign in on app allows students to sign on any device, at any time, at any place. Administrative staff can supervise all training lessons from its service or desk and know everything that happens. The electronic attendance register is always up to date, if a control organism has to check attendance in the center, all digital attendance sheets are available and printable to prove the reality of provided trainings.



It is essential to choose a trusted solution to digitalize training attendance sheet. If you are looking for a such solution, signature on tablet, on smartphone or all other devices is the best solution.


Here are some tips to make sure you choose the best sign in sheet app:

  • The probative value: you should be able to prove your digital attendance sheets are the original copies, are unmodified and that it meets the legal requirements.

  • Fast ROI: It is important for any business to measure every expense. Today, the market has many digital signature solutions, but the solution you choose should bring you comfort, precision and process automation to save time, energy and money.

  • Ease of use: Digital tools brought simplicity and speed to certain tasks (approvals, signatures, confirmations, etc.). Adaptation with advanced technologies is sometime difficult for users, so companies have to spend a lot of money to train their employees. It is therefore very important to choose a user-friendly solution, intuitive, easy to use without training.