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Autorickshaw advertising in Bangalore - IM Solutions

December 12, 2019 by imsolutionsseo  

One of the most affordable medium of advertising is autorickshaw advertising for a targeted hyper local advertising. Autorickshaw advertising is affordable than most of the other similar options like buses and metros. Auto advertising can be implemented for a price very low depending on the area you want to target. It could range from a couple of thousand rupees as compared to metros and buses, where an advertiser needs to put up a few lakhs to actually get any results and create an impact. If a business is looking for local targeting, auto advertising is the best option. Autos drive in certain areas of a city so geographical targeting becomes easy. Autorickshaw advertising is also visible and reaches many people in shorter span of time. 

IM Solutions a leading auto branding and Auto Rickshaw Advertising Services in Bangalore is one of the most preferred choices of businesses looking for autorickshaw advertisement. Having years of advertising experience, IM Solutions has served more than 200 clients and executed every project with due diligence delivering measurable results. We direct them to visit prime traffic junctions, railway stations, bus stations, malls, hospitals, banks, schools, colleges, markets, etc. With distance tracker, each of the autos is to be run at least 40-50 kms a day for maximum distance coverage. They are made to cover lanes, streets and other congested areas where larger vehicles cannot reach.  This helps get maximum exposure to the advertisement on the autos. Standing out from the clutter of posters, banners, hoardings, and kiosks, IM Solutions auto rickshaw branding in Bangalore runs in every part of the target location 24 hours a day, as it man-oeuvres into even those areas which other vehicles cannot reach! IM Solutions has a fleet of more than 200 autos that can eventually help you to reach your targeted audience depending on your location with detail information. Other than urban areas, IM Solution’s auto branding operates even in rural areas. We understand autos are important public transport with high demands in rural areas. Therefore, we also work with autos in rural areas for maximum advertisement display. 

What makes IM Solutions - Auto Rickshaw Advertising in Bangalore the best advertising company is its quality service. We hire autorikshaw space and display advertising on the hoods of the autorikshaw for maximum display of the advertisement. We also use good quality material that is weather resistant and pollution resistant for ads to be displayed for longer duration. Other than Auto hoods, we also use stickers on auto of varying shapes and sizes to display the ads better. Other than using animated graphics we also use real pictures for displaying the ads on the stickers. Colors and graphics are the key to grab the attention of the viewers in an outdoor setting. To make our auto advertisement more dynamic, we work with clients to choose bright and high contrast color combinations for displaying the advertisement.  

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Top Advertising in Mall and Multiplexes agencies in Bangalore-IM Solutions

November 25, 2019 by imsolutionsseo  

Malls are a great way to advertise in an increasingly competitive market. Malls make a quick, easy and effective impression. People at the malls are in the right frame of mind to shop, enjoy and relax. Shopping malls have become popular amongst the elite class and youngsters, irrespective of all ages. Your business can be of any size or any age, if it needs to matter, it needs to stand out. Advertising in malls and multiplexes can enable your business to cross the digital divide and reconnect with real people and customers in the real physical world.

If you are a business and want to advertise at the shopping malls, look no further;IM Solutions is the Top Advertising in Mall and Multiplexes agencies in Bangalorethe one stop advertising solution for all your needs. With IM Solutions mall advertising solution, your business will attract more customers. IM Solutions advertising solution in malls and multiplexes can help you reach an astounding number of customers, with increase in recall rates after seeing an advertising display.

Leveraging our advertising expertise and consummate skills,IM Solutions design the most effective campaigns and employ a winning combination of mediums to create unique, long lasting impact. Each mall and multiplex advertising project we undertake is articulated to attract, entice and generate interest of the people. Our mall and multiplex advertising package include live demonstrations, sampling, contest, table top stickers branding, stall space advertisements, cinema advertising in malls, wall branding, lift branding, kiosks & tons of other options that will enable direct advertisement and build your brand value.

From banner ads to kiosks, we will handle all your advertising needs to reach out to the wider audience.IM Solutions has one of the largest aggregator of advertising; your business will have the opportunity to advertise in 2000+ multiplex screens. The areas for advertising in malls and multiplexes cover leading shopping mall advertising Bangalore as well as other major metropolitan cities. Our wide-spread reach of 50+ cities across India, 300+ professionals, 65+ operations & execution team enable us to be present at the right avenue at the right time to reach out to the right audience. IM Solutions have tie-ups with some of the well-established and popular malls in Bangalore and other major cities to ensure your ads get right visibility to a wider audience. As a leading mall and multiplex advertising company, IM Solutions constantly evolve in order to encompass more and more innovative advertising solutions for your business.

Should you want to book an appointment or consult our expert, contactour team at IM Solutions and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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