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4 Tips When Choosing a Document Translation Service

December 12, 2019 by Steffanassist  

In every document translation services, the process involved is not as easy as it seems. Translation services entail technological resources from human which is invaluable. This service is a form of art that expresses in-depth interpretation and mental activity. Moreover, excellent document translation services are gateways to the globalization of both personal and corporate. It also assists to transfer information that was hindered in the past because of language barriers.

Since there is an urgent and continuous demand to establish a connection with different countries, document translation services are also growing in numbers which include document translation services New York. However, selecting the appropriate translation services can be alarming at some point. You must need to have harmony between the price and quality that document translation services are offering. Also, there are some other underlying factors that must be considered before awarding your project to particular document translation services.

But the question still remains. Which document translation services best suit your requirements? Having this in mind, here are some tips that you must have to consider when selecting the appropriate document translation services for you.

Document translation services company information

To possibly do this, you can browse over the web and look for Certifiedtranslation services in your country. Check for their websites and find out all the necessary information about them. Often, they published the type of services that they are offering and sometimes the list of clients that they served. With this information, you will have an idea of the company’s field of expertise.

Client’s feedback

The company’s working output and working performance are a must to know. To be able to have data on this, check for the company’s client satisfaction rate. Or you may even ask your friends who already experienced the service of such translation companies that you are eyeing. The ranks, clients’ opinions, and translation company’s ratings should also be checked.

Document translation services quality

One important thing to look for in a translation company is their certification. It is very crucial to verify if the company strictly complies with the European Standard EN 15038. This standard was published by the Committee of Standardization of Europe. As it progresses, it originated in the more updated version, the ISO 17100. The above-mentioned standard is the only European standard that establishes quality requirements. It also certifies the translation services. Going after a translation agency that is certified under this standard would assure you that it gives excellent quality services.


You must give emphasis to the exchange of information between you and the translation companies that you are prospecting at the time you are asking for a quotation. The two key points here are the price and delivery time. Be very vigilant with translation rates that are at low prices. Remember that quality work entails costs. In case, you are attracted to that low translation rates, then you are going to take the risk of translation completed by unprofessional translators.

Moreover, be aware of the stiff delivery time. Generally, a professional translator can translate an average of about 3,000 words per day. Having this in mind may allow you to compute for the time it takes for your document to be translated. Being conscious of the factors involved in translation may assure you of high-quality language services.

November 7, 2019 by Steffanassist  

Difficulties Within the Legal Translation Services


Legal documents highly demand the assistance of professionals, an expert in the field of legal terminologies and practices. With this, legal translation services must be hired. Moreover, legal document translation services must be correct and accurate as it is categorized as the most difficult translation work. 


Aside from that, various aspects need legal translation services. These include application letters, financial statements, litigation papers, and business contracts. Further, certified legal translation services must have translators that possess both the knowledge of legal terminology and statutory requirements. 


Areas of Difficulties of the Legal Translation Services


Most of the legal translation services near me entail areas where they may encounter some hardships. The following aspects below may explain those difficulties.


The Method


Legal translation services involve certain skills, techniques, and strategies. Moreover, legal translation services include a more intricate legal method or process. Further, key points are always available that must be often kept in mind during the legal translation services. 


One of these key points is the following of the source text structure. It must have to comply with the legal system which has its language and culture within the legal industry. Another is the target context which may be read by another individual knowledgeable with other language and its system of legality.


Moreover, the duties and the rights involving the whole organization and affected individuals in doing the legal translation services must be identified clearly. Also, keep in mind that the semantic structures of the original language must have a direct conversion in the target language. In this manner, the translator is the one responsible to look for an appropriate language structure the same with the original text.


Legal concerns


Legal translation services include stringent deadlines. This is because any delayed documents in the court may make it null. Moreover, within the legal industry, confidentiality is one of the essential concerns. The reason for this is that all documents within the legal field have sensible information.

The more complex pattern of translation


Legal translation services of the document into foreign languages are far more complicated compared to other technical translations. The terms under the legal field make it more complex because every location has its unique legal terms based on their legal system. Even though the language being spoken is similar, the terminologies may be different from another country. 

Translator skills 

Translators should be professionally competent in distinct areas. They must be competent in the writing style of the target language. Moreover, translators must be familiar with the relevant terms and general knowledge of both the original and target languages. For professional translators, verbatim translation is also not welcomed.  

Furthermore, the translator must know where the translated document is to be utilized. This aspect may greatly affect the way a document is being translated. Other parameters that would affect legal translation may include the tone of the document, phraseology, syntax, and terminology. Another thing, translators must have to decide if they should translate the document in circumstances that it is not written well. They should decide correctly as it may result in vague translation of meaningful ones. 

Voice Over Services – Why Is It Important?

October 28, 2019 by Steffanassist  

When it comes to the production process of the explainer video, it is very obvious that voice over services is really essential in all of its stages. Professional voice over service is hardly needed as it entails various relevance. In order to deeply understand the process of voice over services, one must have to learn its importance to the industry. But, prior to that, let us first define what it means.

Voice-Over Services- It’s the definition

“Off-camera” or “off-stage commentary” are the other words for voice over. Whether it is voice over service New York or voice over service online, it is still a part of the production process. Voice over services typically works by utilizing a voice that is not usually part of the dialogue. Commonly, voice-over services are used in television, theatre, film production, and radio.

The process of the voice over services begins by reading from a script and is generally articulated by another person. Basically, that person is someone who is part of the production or sometimes he is a voice-over talent specialist. Voice over services is also incorporated in video games, special public announcements, and events. This type of service can also be combined with the existing dialogue of a video.

However, voice over services should not be used interchangeably with dubbing, the translated version of voice over. Keep in mind that voice over services is actually dealing with the real voice actor who narrates the dialogue over the video.

Importance of voice over services

Below are some reasons that made voice over services really important.

1.       Express real emotion and touch the human heart

Happiness, thrill, compassion – these are the common emotions elicited in most animated or digital videos. A professional voice actor has the ability to express these kinds of feelings over those videos that connect and reach the heart of every individual. Moreover, the voice of the actor establishes the mood of the video which incorporates an additional human touch.

2.       Incorporate personality

Voice over actors knows the appropriate way to add a strong character thus, making the animated video to be distinct in every scene. With this, the voices characterized by dull and monotone styles have no place in the video.

3.       Offering the best quality

In the video production process, whether it is in film, television or simple presentation, the quality always makes big difference. One factor that affects the quality is video explainer. He acts as a marketing tool that expresses the whole company. This is why the quality of the video dynamism, as well as the quality of the voice-over service, should not be neglected.

Furthermore, other factors that give impact to quality are the appropriate tools to be used such as the sound system software, microphones, and the recording studio. These tools can set a professional video from the flimsy one. In the same way, a novice and an expert voice talent are easily distinguishable from each other.

4.       Reliability

Voice over talent should establish rapport and gain trust from the existing and target customers. For these criteria, it is advisable to go after the voice-over talent of the native land. This way, you, as customers, can able to become more comfortable and susceptible to new ideas.