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How to fix QuickBooks error 6000

January 15, 2019 by Stella Miller  

QuickBooks error 6000 is always followed by 2 or 3 more numbers after it, which means that each of these numbers contributes to the main problem that is associated with this code which is ‘error in opening a company file’. It is important for you to know that this error code 6000 can happen on both local and network setup. Before you apply the comprehensive troubleshooting steps to handle this error, it is recommended that you run the QuickBooks pro file doctor on your system to diagnose the problem and fix it. Only when this fails, you can proceed with the other methods of handling it. So if you are interested in knowing how to fix QuickBooks error 6000 by implementing different methods, you can take this blog as a reference. You can also consult the experts at QuickBooks customer support to help you with this error.

Like the above-mentioned statement, error 6000 can happen on both local and network set up, so choose the steps according to the setup location.

Opening the file on a Local setup.

1. Try to copy the QuickBooks file on the desktop.

By doing this step you can check whether there is a problem with the location of the company file.

Ø  Firstly, you need to open the folder that contains the company file.

Ø  Look for the file with an extension of ‘.QBW’.

Ø  Copy this file and paste it on your desktop screen.

Ø  Now press the CTRL key and open QuickBooks to get directed to the ‘no company open’ window.

Ø  After this, click on the ‘Open or restore an existing company’ button, and open the copied file on the desktop.

Opening the file on network setup.

This just means that you are trying to open the file saved on the server or a different computer.

1. you need to rename the .ND and .TLG and restart or rescan the Database Server Manager.

These .ND and .TLG files are configuration files that give access to QuickBooks to open the company file in a network or multi-user platform.

Ø  The first thing you need to do is to open the company file and search for the files with the extensions ‘.ND and .TLG’. These files should be the same name as your company.

Ø  Now you need to rename each of these files and add the word ‘OLD’ at the end of it.


Ensure QuickBooks Desktop is up and coming. It is additionally prescribed to run and QuickBooks file doctor support  before performing any of the following steps.

Now you must restart and rescan the Database Server Manager. To do that, follow these instructions:

Ø  Firstly, restart the QuickBooks Database Server Manager.

Ø  After that, go to the ‘start’ menu and click on ‘all programs’ and under this, choose ‘QuickBooks’ and select ‘QuickBooks Database Server manager’ and click on the ‘scan folders’ tab.

Ø  You can highlight the folders containing the files and click the ‘scan’ button.

Ø  Make sure that the QuickBooks company files are found by confirming it.

Ø  Now try opening the company files.

Try these two methods to dissolve the error and if you still find traces of the problem you can consult an expert at QuickBooks technical support number.

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How to reset QuickBooks administrator password

January 7, 2019 by Stella Miller  

Quickbooks file doctor download - QuickBooks has made its mark in the world as one of the most reliable and user-friendly software for accounting work. It also provides a platform to carry out payroll task and services. All in all, it is a great accounting software. When you initially start using QuickBooks, you are required to provide an administrator password so that you will be able to access certain files and you will have the authority to make changes. And it is necessary for you to keep changing the admin password for your own security and safety. But this task has proven to be quite challenging for some people or users. The process to reset QuickBooks administrator password has been explained in this blog and the steps have been explained in simple terms so that you can do it easily on your own. So if you are keen on knowing how to accomplish this task, you may proceed with this blog. And if you want, you can also call QuickBooks customer support number to avail the same information remotely.

 Sometimes you might want to reset your admin password because of security reasons, and sometimes you need to do it because you have forgotten or lost the existing password. So for all these circumstances, you must follow the steps mentioned below to reset the admin password in QuickBooks.

 There are two methods available to reset the admin password. One is resetting through QuickBooks and the other is by using the Automated Password Reset Tool.


Method 1.

Ø  Open the QuickBooks log in window or page and click on the ‘I forgot my password ‘link.

Ø  Now on the new page, click on ‘I forgot my answer’ and provide the necessary information.

Ø  Make sure to give the correct email as the code to reset the password will be sent to the information you have provided.

Method 2.

Ø  The first you need to do is to download the Automated Password Reset Tool from the web.

Also, select the version of QuickBooks before quickbooks file doctor install. After that, fill in the correct QuickBooks license number and the business information and click ‘next’.

Ø  The tool will be downloaded automatically after you have accepted the license agreement.

Ø  Now, run this tool on your computer and provide the token number you have received in your email.

Ø  Now look for the file you want to reset the password for and enter the new password and confirm it.

Ø  Finally, click on the ‘reset password’ button to finish the process.

 Hence, you can adopt any of these two methods to reset your QuickBooks administrator password.

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How to install QuickBooks File Doctor

December 27, 2018 by Stella Miller  

QuickBooks needs no introduction, as it has been known as well-known software. Did one ever think, that managing the accounts and finance would be so easy? Now you don’t have to worry about keeping all your data records into paper files. It is one of the most preferred software, especially by those who run their startups or small businesses. If you want to supervise all your data records, related to the company’s expenses, the profit and loss scenario, etc. then you must install the QuickBooks software now. But, doesn’t it become really crucial to protect and safeguard your data once you have fed them into the QuickBooks software? It is managing all your business related details, so it should be made sure, that the files that are being saved in this accounting software don’t get damaged or corrupt. To safeguard your files and to protect them from getting corrupt, it is advised that you download the QuickBooks File doctor. It is a software that helps to manage all the internal errors, thus shielding the files from getting error induced. It becomes really important to download this software in your device, along with the QuickBooks accounting software. If you wish to understand, how to quickbooks file doctor install, then you can proceed ahead and have a quick glance at this blog.  The option of getting in touch with the QuickBooks support number is always open to you.

First, let us have a glance over the uses and abilities of this software:

Ñ      It helps to interpret and pinpoint all the errors that are related to your company’s data files.

Ñ      All the error codes are repaired by this software

Ñ       If the QuickBooks software is encountering with any of the mentioned errors-Error 6146, Error 6150 and Error 6130, this application helps to rectify those

Ñ      It helps to fix the networking errors

Ñ      Use it when you encounter with multi-user arrangements

Doesn’t it seem pretty impressive about hearing the applications of this software? Then, you must not waste even a single minute, and install QuickBooks File Doctor right away.

v  Go to the desired web browser that you use, and open the official website of QuickBooks File Doctor

v  Choose the download button (it would be green in color). The installation process is absolutely free.

v  Once, the download process will be complete, open the qbfd.exe file and then proceed with the instructions.

v  After the installation process is complete, the software will open automatically

v  Provide with the admin password and choose the host network.


After going through the following steps, you will be able to perceive how to quickbooks file doctor download in your device and use this amazing software to detect all the errors related to the QuickBooks File Application.


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QuickBooks file doctor not working or responding

December 15, 2018 by Stella Miller  

Don’t you just hate it when you are trying to use QuickBooks and because of a corrupted company file or network issue your work gets delayed? It is not only you, but millions of users worldwide have complained about this two issue and Intuit has responded back by developing ‘QuickBooks File Doctor’, which is a tool which can be used to fix problems like the two mentioned before. It is an amalgamation of file diagnostic and network diagnostic tool which was later integrated along with QuickBooks software. So, whenever you are having trouble accessing the company file or the network, simply quickbooks file doctor.  However, you might face instances where instead of repairing the broken file or network connectivity issue, the tool itself crashes down or stops working. There are a lot of reasons behind this error and even though the reason is different, the solution is the same. So stick around if you want to learn how to fix this error. You can also talk to the representatives at QuickBooks customer service.

To handle this error you can choose from many different methods, but one, in particular, stands out and that is the ‘restore the backup of the corrupted file’ method. This is a very effective solution in times like this and has resolved this issue many times in the past. So to get started, follow the instructions below:

Ø  Start things off by backing up the damaged files which help in replacing the corrupted ones with the new files.

Ø  Open your QuickBooks program and go to the ‘file’ menu. And under this, choose ‘open or restore company’.

Ø  And under that option, click on ‘click open or restore a backup copy’. And then move forward by clicking on the ‘next’ button.

Ø  Now, click the option that says ‘local backup’ and proceed to hit ‘next’.

Ø  Now choose a secure backup file location on your computer to save the files.

Ø  Locate and select the files which end with ‘.QBB extension’ and ‘open’ these files and click on ‘next’.

Ø  When the ‘save in drop-down’ message box appears, select the location to store the restored files.

Ø  Make sure to put the name of the file in the same field and when the ‘save as’ field appears with the entry of the ‘.QBW’ file, click the ‘save’ button to finish the restoration process. 

Now, if you have applied the steps accordingly, you would have successfully resolved the error. However, still if you are not able to solve the issue then you need to quickbooks pro file doctor again by following the correct procedure.


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