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When Will adidas Yeezy 500 Bone White Release ?

July 2, 2019 by Landon Hollingsworth  

After experiencing the “crazy sale” in June, the Yeezy series also entered a flat period. Next, there will be no Yeezy new products for sale throughout the country, and your wallet can take a temporary break. However, this morning, the sneakers account yeezymafia broke out, and the Yeezy 500 will release a new color in August. The overall shape of the adidas Yeezy 500 Bone White continues the Yeezy 500's consistent multi-material stitching design, which has not changed. Judging from the pictures released at present, the outsole is dressed in butter color, which is different from the previously exposed raw rubber color outsole, and the fresh and fresh breath is full. The official designation of this new color is "Bone White", the bone white body is very similar to the first color, the difficulty of starting is not small.

Air Jordan 1 is one of the most classic shoes. In addition to the classic first-year color scheme, the new color matching is also popular among shoe fans. Recently, it has exposed a brand new color scheme, combining the classic black and black and blue and blue color inspiration. Below is the latest picture of this color matching. It is probably the final physical figure! From the color design point of view, the second half of the shoe and the Swoosh are black and blue. The shoe body is not used in the darker shades like Royal Blue, but is more biased towards the lighter shade of UNC. The first half of the shoe and the outsole are black and red, and the classic colors of black, white and red are full of texture.

In addition to Kanye, Travis Scott is the most successful singer in the sneaker circle in the past two years. Together with Jordan Brand, the Air Jordan 4 and the anti-hook Air Jordan 1 are highly popular. Next up is the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6. After the exposure of the real thing and the details, today, the latest pictures of the last foot are finally released. After reading it, I believe that you will look forward to it! The upper is made of olive green suede with black and white splicing midsole and a striking orange accent on the details for a rich military look. The foot is tough and the trend is not lost. The most characteristic is that the outer side of the upper changed the original raised design into a small pocket to pay tribute to the gold rush culture of Travis Scott's hometown of Texas. Compared to the anti-hook Air Jordan 1 double-layer upper, it is more convenient to use, you can really use it to decorate the change. The outsole also has a luminous effect, compared to the Air Jordan 4 and Air Jordan 1, the cool index of wearing at night is better. I have already exposed the recent photos, and the details are really rich. The “Cactus Jack” label appears on the shoe for many times, highlighting its unique identity. The iconic Ghost Logo is hidden in the upper pocket.


2019 Air Jordan 8 White Aqua To Release Next Month

June 24, 2019 by Landon Hollingsworth  

The Air Jordan 8 “Aqua”, which is called the ghost color by domestic players, has always been favored by players. Following the OG “Black Water Ghost” that was re-enacted earlier, the Air Jordan 8 White Aqua is about to be commemorated next month, and recently there is a new physical release. With white as the main tone, in the midsole, a refreshing light blue and light yellow color is injected, and a small fresh breath is ready to come out. The heel, toe and other details are integrated into the popular 3M reflective elements, which give a dazzling visual effect in low light conditions and are very eye-catching.

With its classic versatile shape and colorful color scheme, Nike Air Force 1 has been loved by many sneaker players since its launch. It is an evergreen tree in the sneaker circle. Recently, the Air Force 1 with a deconstructed element of the fire is about to be released. . The overall body of the shoe is black, and the side Swoosh is made of suede and leather, and is displayed in the shape of a broken hook. The vent hole of the toe is only shown in half, and the tongue is flipped inside and outside, and the size of the label is exposed to show the personality.

At the end of each year, we have to contribute our savings to Jordan Brand, and this year we have not run! After the Concord return last year, the status of the rivers and lakes is also the leader of the Bulls' black and red color. The Air Jordan 11 is scheduled to be on December 14th. This is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated finale for this year's shoe players. Is the heel 45 or the classic 23? Does it continue the large patent leather setting that has been re-enacted in recent years? These two widely controversial issues, recently passed the freshly released physical feet, got the answer! 2019 Air Jordan 11 Bred follows the first year of the 23-character embellishment heel, to restore the classic image in the mind of the player! And this 2019 shoe body large patent leather setting is also consistent with the version of the flying man's foot! The red upper of the Jumpman embroidery echoes the outsole of the same color, which not only creates the classic color of the Bulls, but also releases a bloody battle atmosphere! The effect of the upper foot is far from low-key, close-up and hidden visual tension!

2019 Nike Air Max Plus Color Flip To Release This Week

June 11, 2019 by Landon Hollingsworth  

Nike Classic Running Shoes Air Max Plus is impressive with its unique shoe body texture and atmospheric pad settings! In recent years, the new engraved products have made great efforts in the richness of color matching. In front of this, the Nike Air Max Plus Color Flip adopts a unique contrast color design, with a gradient atmosphere of purple, green and orange, which is undoubtedly A good hand in the summer street!

2019 Mens Jordans Based on the atmos x Nike Air Max 2 Light released in April, we are welcoming a new flip color! Atmos × Nike Air Max 2 Light QS Black is based on dark tones for the needs of extra sneaker players. The color of the new upper is the same as that of the first one. The color is dark brown and black instead of the original bright color. Although the visual is not unique before, it also gains a calm and capable.

Following the Concord re-enactment last year, the early announcement of the black-red Air Jordan 11 return design at the end of this year has been the focus of shoe fans. Is the heel 45 or the classic 23? This issue has been widely controversial, and there are many sets of two versions of pictures on the Internet. The latest pictures of the last foot brought to us the answer, the return of the end of the year with a high probability of using the classic 23 words! Air Jordan 11 Bred pays more attention to the image of the Air Jordan 11 in the fans' hearts. The patent leather uses the same large-area design as the large slam dunk and Concord, and the material is more conscience. Other aspects have not been changed, and the classics are still restored.


Buy New Air Jordan 4 Neon on 2019cheapjordan

June 4, 2019 by Landon Hollingsworth  

I used to be popular in Japan for a classic line "I use my Air Max for your BMW". I believe many fans will not be familiar with this, and the protagonist of this sentence is Air Max 95 Neon color matching. Now, the hottest color scheme in this Air Max 95 series is about to be combined with Jordan. The application of this classic color scheme can satisfy the fans of both Air Max and Jordan. The blue version of the Air Jordan 4 Neon shoe is the Air Jordan 4 which is one of the most popular shoes. As can be seen from the current exposure, the upper is made of Neon's classic grey design, and the color tone gradually deepens from top to bottom, which is very layered. The side plastic mesh and buckle feature the signature fluorescent yellow, which combines the Neon color scheme with the Air Jordan 4's body.

Entering the entire sneaker market in June can be said to be a sudden change, and there will be too many heavyweight sneakers to be released this month. The combination of OFF-WHITE and Nike's latest season is naturally one of the most highly regarded new products. With the coming of the release date, Instagram has recently added a shoe account to bring a new footshot of OFF-WHITE x Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 5. This new collaboration between OFF-WHITE and Nike is inspired by women's track and field, and is based on the classic retro running shoes in the stylish elements of OFF-WHITE. In addition to Swoosh, sponge tongues, anti-counterfeiting labels and slogans on the inside of the shoe, the design of the Mini Swoosh at the toe, the design of the double lacing system and the spiked rubber outsole allow the shoes to be uniquely identified. . The inner Swoosh is made of liquid silver material, and finally equipped with Zoom cushioning, which blends the three styles of retro, deconstruction and sci-fi.

Fear of God x Nike Co-branded starting shoes Air Fear of God 1 is once again welcoming the new color, and will be officially released this weekend, it is really unpredictable! Jerry Lorenzo, the principal, personally instincted the official figure, continuing the Nike Air Fear of God 1 high-top styling, the toe cap is covered with delicate suede, and the latter half is made of breathable mesh, which is quite refreshing. Summer atmosphere! Designed with practical basketball shoes, the minimalist silhouette of the simple science fiction, the Zoom Air embedded in the sole of the foot, and an additional Zoom Air in the rear window opening position, to achieve a super high-profile double-layer air cushion structure, whether it is Everyday wear is still on the pitch, and it has unparalleled cushioning and comfort. At the same time, this new color that has just been exposed has appeared in the Drew League scene. From the physical point of view, it is quite similar to the visual performance of the first light gray!

Air Jordan 13 Lakers Rivals Will Release in July

May 28, 2019 by Landon Hollingsworth  

Since the re-entry of the Panda Air Jordan 13 last year, the Air Jordan 13 has not brought amazing new color matching. Until recently, a pair of Lakers color Air Jordan 13 Lakers Rivals first exposed the physical map, should get no low attention. The shoes are mainly white and purple, white lychee with purple suede to reflect the texture, yellow accents in the outsole texture. Although it is based on the Lakers' most classic Zijin color scheme, this pair of shoes is actually to commemorate Michael Jordan's defeat of the Lakers in the 1990-91 season, winning his first NBA title in his career. Air Jordan 13 has its own popularity and a refreshing color in the Lakers.

As June approaches, the temperature in Beijing is really rising steadily, and the temperature last week was as high as 37 degrees. If you really want Xiaobian to recommend a pair of sneakers recently, it is definitely the hottest Yeezy 350 V2. The adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Antlia not only has a breathable woven upper, but the Boost midsole also allows you to walk for a day without getting tired. The most important thing is that the design is tidal and there is room for appreciation. Among them, the new European-qualified Yeezy 350 V2 "Antlia", with its light yellow dress and side-through design, was nicknamed the butter side by the netizen.

Air Jordan 3 is one of the most popular positive generations, with a large number of loyal fans, and friends who like Air Jordan 3 must remember DJ Khaled's ultra-limited "Grateful" red color. This pair of red color match Air Jordan 3 has only a chance to get a reservation at the time, it is very difficult to get started. The Air Jordan 3 Chicago All-Star is expected to be available at the All-Star Weekend in Chicago in February 2020. The appearance is very similar to the sky-high “Grateful” color scheme, except that the midsole has a white design instead of a large red tone, and the WE THE BEST word is removed. Although the back heel is removed, the iconic ALL STAR star pattern is added to the lace hole section, which is still full of detail. The overall use of a large area of ‚Äč‚Äčlarge red dress, lychee skin material is quite delicate, with classic gray burst cracks and black midsole embellishment design, very eye-catching.

2019 Nike M2K Tekno Fluorescent Green to Release

May 22, 2019 by Landon Hollingsworth  

The prevalence of vintage old-fashioned shoes is still continuing, and the return of spring and summer, whether adidas or Nike are more focused on the color scheme. Earlier today, Nike officially released a pair of Nike M2K Tekno new color maps, let's take a look! The shoes are made of the most popular fluorescent green dress this year. At the same time, there are a number of fluorescent orange Mini Swoosh embellishments in the middle of the shoes. It is fresh and vibrant, and it is definitely the most eye-catching shoes on the street. At the same time, the mesh and the leather stitching body can also provide good breathability, even if it is not too lame in the spring and summer.

After the announcement of “The Ten”, the recent OFF-WHITE x Nike opened a new series. Previously, the joint spike version of Zoom Terra, Vapor Street was exposed. Today, there is another real-life picture of a joint shoe model based on the classic shoe type Waffle Racer. OFF-WHITE x Nike Waffle Racer is similar in style to the previous two models. The most distinctive feature is the outsole rubber spike design, which brings a unique avant-garde shape and echoes the new series of track and field themes. The upper is also similar to Vapor Street. The classic design is covered with a translucent flap material, and the special strap design is the same as the other two models. Currently exposed color, the body is dressed in ice blue and light khaki, embellished with an orange label and printed with iconic text on the inside of the vamp. It can be seen that many elements of the "The Ten" series are still continuing. Like the previous Vapor Street, this shoe was also debuted last year's female athlete catwalk. Now available on the market, it will also be available in WMNS specifications.

Whether it's the deconstruction trend brought by Virgil Abloh or the Travis Scott anti-hook design, it is transformed on the original classic shoes, breaking the routine and finally gaining high popularity. The Air Jordan 3 RTR Explorer Lite also has the same design concept. Recently, this unique pair of shoes has a new color release. Based on the classic Air Jordan 3, the upper, midsole and outsole are retained. Transform the iconic 3/4 high-top design into an exaggerated high-top shape. At the same time, the zipper is also set on the transparent flap material, which is convenient for wearing and detaching, and also has the avant-garde trend attribute. At the same time, the shoes are stretched back and forth, and the "fancy tie" is given to you to make room for it. The overall design of the upper is made of dark brown fabric, which is simple and calm. The green shoes and pink laces add a touch of vitality to the shoes. With exaggerated shape design, it is absolutely eye-catching.

CK0892-001 Nike Air Max Uptempo 95 Will Release Soon

May 14, 2019 by Landon Hollingsworth  

As one of the classic boots of Bulls star Scottie Pippen, the Uptempo series has always been loved by loyal fans, and Nike Air Max Uptempo 95 has a new color match this year. These shoes have Air Max Uptempo's signature leather upper, which provides excellent support stability and is loved by big-weight friends. The overall body of the shoe is made of pure black upper, and the Swoosh logo and AIR lettering are highlighted by fluorescent yellow. At the same time, the exposed full palm Air Max air cushion is also fluorescent yellow, which echoes the Swoosh color, and the contrast of the color of the dark color of the shoe body gives a stunning feeling. The design of the sole is also a highlight. The pure black sole is matched with the fluorescent yellow wave point design, giving a feeling of flashing lights in the dark night. After turning the pure black upper, you will see a large number of bright spots, and you have to lament the designer's intentions.

2019 Sneakers Release ,Nike Air Presto has always been loved by Nike's classic shoes, and the combination of OFF-WHITE makes this pair of shoes known. This year's classic shoes are ushered in a full upgrade, and two new colors will be available on the official website. The shoe continuation of the integrated body and TPU frame design, Swoosh in the center of the upper can be associated with its original version at a glance! The midsole uses the full palm React cushioning technology, which is softer and more comfortable than the previous version! The heel is marked with Nike's famous Alpha Project five-point logo, and a modular design like Element 87 is used on the outsole to create a full-featured technology experience! The two shoes are made of light blue and light yellow mesh uppers, with a pure white React midsole, complemented by a variety of color accent details, highlighting the vibrant spring and summer atmosphere, perfect for everyday wear.

Jordans 2019 Shoes Along with the growing popularity of the Air Max family, more new color schemes have appeared in front of sneakers. The Nike Air Max 2 Light, as a collection of classic shoes, has also ushered in a new color scheme. Some time ago, the Air Max 2 Light, which was co-branded with the Japanese trend store atmos, received a lot of praise. Unlike the previous one, the new color scheme introduced this time did not use so many color designs, but chose a more stable color. Nike Air Max2 Light QS shoes are made of multi-piece splicing design, and the main body still uses the mesh material to ensure the breathability of the shoes. The contrast design of black, gray and blue colors also greatly enhances the appearance of the face value, very bright. The exposed bottom side Air Max cushion uses light green design, increasing the overall vitality points a dull tone shoes.

Where to buy new Air Jordan 1 Mid ?

May 8, 2019 by Landon Hollingsworth  

The "Bumblebee" movie that was hot in the past few months is believed to be familiar to everyone. Nowadays, the popular Air Jordan 1 Mid will also launch a new color scheme with the theme of "Hornet". The last Air Jordan 1 Mid with black and yellow color scheme is sure to be impressive. It is the new color matching that the market price has taken off. This sale is undoubtedly a good mobile phone for friends who love black and yellow color matching. The upper has changed the style of the leather material. The matte material and the silk material are used as the upper. The texture is far superior to the regular version of the Air Jordan 1 Mid. At the same time, the black and yellow contrast color design also adds a lot to the appearance of the face value. The combination of these two colors makes the style of the "Bumblebee" theme vividly reflected. The midsole is still in the middle of the standard with a white classic material, and the sole is designed with the same yellow crystal base as the AJ1 Mid new color.

One of the most classic colors, Oreo color finally appeared on the popular adidas Originals Crazy BYW X. Adidas Originals Crazy BYW X has won a group of loyal fans with its unique design and comfortable feet. This classic black and white color match is even more irresistible. These shoes are made of black and white knitted uppers, which are matched with some suede materials to enhance the overall texture of the shoes while ensuring the breathability and comfort of the upper. The tongue is designed with a translucent pull ring that echoes the translucent material of the Boost cushioning technology on the forefoot, adding a sense of technology to the classic Oreo color scheme.

Nike often launches exclusive color sneakers for outstanding rookies. He has previously produced a pair of Air Max 97 for Tatum, and this time he created a new color matching Air Max 1 for the new star De’Aaron Fox. Nike Air Max 1 SWIPA shoes are designed with a enamel design. The left foot has a light blue upper with a red dot pattern, the right foot has an orange upper with a blue dot pattern, and the Swoosh has a blue and pink enamel design. The same thing is that the two shoes are matched with black fur material. The nickname "SWIPA" of Fox is printed on the heel, which indicates the special identity of the shoes. It is quite new that the insole is also printed with a mathematical formula. With so many details, it really makes people have to love.