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How can I fix if Google Chrome is unresponsive

October 15, 2019 by sunnywills  

Google Chrome is unresponsive: Quick Fix

There are numerous factors that can cause your Google Chrome not being responsive. Factors such as unnecessary extensions or add-ons’, outdated or expired version of Chrome, etc are some of the major ones. However, there are quick fixes that can be applied to resolve such issues. So of you are one of the devoted users of Google Chrome and facing difficulties while using it then this article is designed for putting your Chrome issues at an end.

Methods to Fix Chrome Not Being Responsive

Method One: Remove All the Unnecessary Extensions and Add-Ons

To do this,

·         Click on the 3 vertical dots on the top right of the Google Page.

·         Click on more tools   and click on extensions

·         Now you should be able to see all the installed extensions in your Chrome

·         To disable all the unwanted extensions, click on the “Enabled” check box and disable them

·         Now, re-launch the Chrome and see if the problem is solved

Method Two: Update Google Chrome

To do this,

·         Open your Google Chrome and scroll to the 3 vertical dots on the top right & click on it

·         Now click on the “Help” option and then click on “About Google Chrome”

·         On the next screen, you’ll see that Chrome will automatically start checking for any update.

·         Once the update process is finished, re-launch your browser. And see “Google Chrome up to date now” the status if the problem is resolved.

Method Three: Disable Automatic Send Usage Statistics & Crash Reports Variables

To do this,

·         Open your Google Chrome in any browser.

·         Click on the menu button or 3 vertical dots on the top right

·         Click on the settings and then click on the Show Advanced Settings

·         Now, scroll to the privacy section and then look for the “Automatically send usage statistics and crash reports to Google” option. Once you find it, disable it by click on the check box next to the option.

·         After the disabling the option, restart the Google Chrome and then see if it is working properly now.

Method Four: Re-Add Your Chrome Profile

To do this,

·         first, delete your previous profile by clicking on the menu icon and then click on the settings

·         Now, click on the people section and then look for your current profile and remove it

·         Re-open your Google Chrome and then again go to the People section

·         Click on the “Add Person” option and then again add your Profile ID

·         Now, under the newly added profile, you’ll see the Sign In option

·         Click on it and then sign into it.

Once, you have signed into the Chrome browser, you can see if everything works expectedly. However, if you are unable to resolve the problem then you can try removing the cache files from the browser. If still the problem persists then the last option would be to re-install the Chrome browser in your PC.  Therefore this was all about resolving Google Chrome not responding issue.