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How To Secure Your Home When You’re Away On A Vacation

September 5, 2019 by Hafid Saidi Alaoui  

Vacations are the best way to let go all of your worries and enjoy some much needed break. However, the best way to enjoy your vacation is by assuring that your house is protected while you’re far from it. Unoccupied & unguarded homes are at great risk for break-in. We talked to a professional locksmith in Raleigh NC on how homeowners can make their home protected while they they’re on vacation.

Make your house look occupied:

Intruders usually look for houses with no occupants – so regardless of if you are planning to be away for a few days, weeks, or even months, it is necessary to make it seem like your house is still occupied.


  • Ensure that your backyard is landscaped all through the time you’re far from home.
  • Have someone pick up your mail so that they don’t accumulate in the mailbox.
  • Have lights in your home on timers to make it look like there are activities going around inside it.
  • Ask a reliable friend to keep an eye over your house & let you know if they see anything doubtful.

Install remote surveillance:

Install a smart home security system that has remote video surveillance features. This technology let you view your house from any region in the globe by just logging into a website. Home security systems often come packed with monitoring services & motion detectors that mechanically get in touch with local authorities if a threat is detected.


Put your home on rent:

Many homeowners prefer to sublet or rent out their house when they’re away through sites like Airbnb. This is an excellent way to make some additional earning and make sure that your house won’t be left unoccupied when you’re away.

  • Ensure you know the renter by meeting them physically prior to handing over them the keys. It is necessary to have an idea of if they look reliable.
  • Put all valuables in a highly secure & hidden safe.
  • Document the state of your house with a time stamped picture prior to your leave to offer insurance in the circumstance of having to file a damages or theft claim when your come back.


Keep these points in your mind and you well be well on your ways to enjoying a vacation that is full of fun. Contact Swift Locksmith if you are looking for a professional Locksmith Service in Raleigh NC.

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How To Know If The Alarm System In Your Home Isn’t Working Correctly

August 9, 2019 by Hafid Saidi Alaoui  

Like all pieces of technology, residential alarm systems are fallible & susceptible to malfunction and error. Nonetheless, it can be tough for the typical home or business owners to find out when their alarm system is not working the way it should, or determine precisely why it is not doing its job right. In this article, an expert locksmith in Cary NC will guide both home and business owners on how to know if their alarm system is not working properly.

Complete System Failure:

If the security system in your home or business is experiencing complete system malfunction, unnecessary to say, it isn’t functioning correctly. If you have switched on your system but it is still not functioning correctly, it may be because of broken hardware or software. Ensure to do frequent maintenance checks on your security systems to make sure that it is actually functioning the way it should. System checks differ based on what kind of manufacturer made your system. Feel free to call the company that made your security alarm system to find out how to run a diagnostic test on it.


Fake Out Alarms:

 If the security alarm system in your home persists to offer you false sounding alarms, it is probably because of different reasons, including:

  • Damage circuitry or wiring
  • Shoddy power supply
  • Drained Batteries
  • Human / User Error
  • Software Corruption

Not just false alarms are disturbing to your family life, but they squander precious time & resources of emergency services who should be concerned with reacting to actual dangers. Ensure to keep your alarm unit up to date with current system software.


Beeping Sounds:

If your home’s alarm system is frequently producing beeping sounds, it is probably experiencing maintenance problems. Solutions for this irritating issue include:

  • Replacing older batteries with fresh ones
  • Resetting your total home security alarm system
  • Using a device known as a voltmeter to help check the system’s wiring for possible corrosion or physical damage.

If none of the above-mentioned tactics wok to eradicate the beeping noise, get in touch with your security alarm company. Their support staff can guide you through a troubleshooting process over the phone, or probably send an emergency locksmith in Cary to sort out the issue.

Last but not least it becomes really essential that you should invest on a top quality alarm system to give your home or business the protection they deserve. As far as your home or business’s security is concerned you shouldn’t bargain with quality for price.

This Blog Originally Posted Here: https://swiftlocksmithinc.wordpress.com/2019/08/09/how-to-know-if-the-alarm-system-in-your-home-isnt-working-correctly/

How Intruders Outfox Home Locks

July 15, 2019 by Hafid Saidi Alaoui  

Burglaries are often committed unexpectedly, but some intruders plan beforehand & manage their misdemeanor with much more accuracy. However, there is common ways that thieves enter properties that don’t differ for the most part. We discussed with a professional locksmith in Raleigh NC about the most common ways intruders outsmart home locks.

Unlocked doors and windows:

This is surprising the most common way burglars outsmart residential locks. To steer clear of it just ensure that your doors and windows are unlocked prior to going to sleep or leaving your house. Even the strongest security locks means nothing if it isn’t locked properly.


No Alarms:

If your house does not have an alarm, and situated on a poorly lit street, intruders have enough time to accomplish the procedure of bumping or picking your lock. However, if you’ve an alarm system in place, intruders will probably not even trying bumping to avoid activating the alarm. We suggest a monitored alarm system that’ll mechanically inform the authorities in your locality when it finds any vulnerable activities.

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It is estimated that more than 30% of intruders get through front entry doors & more than 22% enter via backdoors. Any lock weaker than top-notch deadbolts will do nearly nothing to stop them from entering with great force. Ensure to incorporate top-quality, and durable deadbolts to all the main entry point to your house, including the back door.


Sliding doors:

Sliding door locks are rather simple to get around, but you can avoid this by fitting a safety bar for wedging a dowel rod into the frame of the track, making a physical obstacle that stops the door from opening.



Intruders usually try to make the most of large, obstructing trees & bushes to hide for as long as feasible in order to use the time to break through your locks. We suggest cutting back tall bushes or hedges – particularly those nearby your home’s boundary – or at least having natural deterrents such as thorny or sharp plants. Also we recommend home owners to fit motion sensor lighting around entrance points of their house. This will scare off prospective intruders roaming around your property at night.

Any time you need an emergency locksmith service in Raleigh, you can count on the experience and expertise of Swift Locksmith. We are available round the clock for any kind of lock and key emergency. We can also help to strengthen your home’s security. Call us now to schedule our locksmith service in Raleigh.

This Blog Originally Posted Here: https://swiftlocksmithinc.wordpress.com/2019/07/15/how-intruders-outfox-home-locks/

How Burglars Invade Home Locks

July 2, 2019 by Hafid Saidi Alaoui  

Burglary is usually a crime of opportunity instead of premeditation. There’s no such thing as an unpiackable lock, so the best thing you can do to safeguard your house is to make it as unappealing as possible to intruders. A mixture of security features is usually suggested, from strong locks to security systems. Listed below are some typical ways that burglars evade residential locks, and how to protect against them from a point of view of professional locksmith in Raleigh.

Unlocked windows or doors:

Intruders like it best when they can just get through an unlocked window or door, and this is more widespread than you might visualize. You can significantly strengthen your house security by taking a few moments to check all the window and door locks prior to going to sleep or leaving home. Even the most advanced lock in the globe is unhelpful if it is not locked.


No alarm:

Intruders dislike alarm systems for the same reason homeowners like them: they draw awareness to the home incursion. Without an alarm system, the intruder has adequate time to work on picking your locks. With an alarm system, the intruder is expected to evade your house instead of risk attempting to immobilize it. The ideal option is a monitored unit that’ll send the cop to your door, but even a basic, low-priced alarm us better than nothing.


No deadbolts:

Over 30 percent of intruders get through the front door, and over 22 percent enter through the back door. Any lock short of a deadbolt does little to slow down them. While it’s critical to secure all entrance points, just integrating top-quality deadbolts to your back and front doors can make a significant impact on your property security.

Sliding doors:

Sliding door locks are a joke to pro intruders. Fit a safety bar, or at least fix in place a cheap dowel rod into the track frame, to dishearten burglars from getting through your sliding door.

closeup of locksmith on old wood door , repair

Open garage doors:

The door between your house & your garage is hardly secure. Several contractors fit hollow interior doors with cheap locks, on the premise that your overhead door will offer security. Yet it’s all too simple to by mistakenly leave your overhead door open. Not just is it easy for an intruder to walk in through the garage & get through the door to the home, but the garage offers excellent cover to avoid being noticed by the neighbors. Invest $50 in a garage door timer that’ll mechanically close the door following a set time span.

Get in touch with a locksmith in Raleigh if you want to make your home less appealing to burglars. Contact Swift Locksmith for this purpose.

This Blog Originally Posted Here: https://swiftlocksmithinc.wordpress.com/2019/06/18/how-burglars-invade-home-locks/

Top 5 Most Reliable Lock Brands

May 31, 2019 by Hafid Saidi Alaoui  

When we talk about the most trusted door lock brands we’re not talking about the brands that you should trust. These are the brands that people have already trusted. We had a friendly banter with a professional locksmith in Cary about the top 5 most trusted door lock brand exist today.


Even if you don’t know Kwikset by name, you’ve almost surely used their products. In the US, this firm’s locks look to be on every home’s door.

A standard Kwikset lock is generally the cheapest brand of lock you can purchase. Sadly, this translates to a standard Kwikset lock being quickly picked and is not very bump resistant. It’s worth mentioning that its SmartKey cylinders are more resistant to burglary.



If you do into any home improvement store to purchase a lock, you’ll have access to Schlage locks. They’re slightly more expensive compared to Kwikset, but offer a sturdier physical construction & are difficult to pick and bump. The locks that Schlage makes are by far the best low-priced option out there. Much like Kwikset, the amount of people that use this lock is where we see the trust in the brand.



If you’re at most home improvement stores, you’ll possibly find a Baldwin door lock. They’re the most widely accessible decent quality lock. Not the best & not the worst. Still, though, people rely on this brand significantly. It’s a strong lock, with solid construction. Just by holding one you can feel the difference in weight between it & a cheaper lock.



When it comes to the repute of Yale, it’d be hard for anybody to say they don’t trust them. The largest reason that you can’t take a shot at Yale is that they’re widely considered to be the originators of the modern day pin tumbler lock. That means that all the technically better brands are standing on the shoulders of these giants.



This brand has done an excellent good job of getting their name out there. Mul-T-Lock is easily identifiable as the company with the key that’s morphing into a strong man. Many people trust the strength they perceive from the silhouette’s bicep flex. Their reputation precedes them. The locks themselves are very safe and sound. Often keys are integrated with an active element that takes a little more knowledge & experience to pick. They’re of course pickable, but they depict a challenge.


No matter which brand you prefer to use as your door lock, you can depend on Swift Locksmith – the best locksmith service in Cary. Call us now to appoint a professional locksmith in Cary.

This Blog Originally Posted Here: https://swiftlocksmithinc.wordpress.com/2019/05/18/top-5-most-reliable-lock-brands/