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Things to Know Prior To Installing A Smart Lock In Your Home

April 26, 2019 by Hafid Saidi Alaoui  

A smart lock installed by a professional locksmith in Durham NC offers superb convenience for entry & exit of the office and home. The majority of the smart locks are driven by rechargeable batteries and a considerable volume of electric charges are drawn when you activate the lock, henceforth you need a smart lock driven by dependable batteries. The below mentioned considerations are also critical when fitting a smart lock in your door.

Ensure the door is always closed appropriately:

Most doors in older homes are a little misaligned; therefore the door should be pushed further to lock it. If this is the scenario in your house, you’ve to sort out the alignment to make sure that the deadbolt retracts & extend freely, particularly when you lock & unlock the door distantly.

closeup of locksmith on old wood door , repair

Typical smart locks avail with big thumb-turn plates:

The inner part of the thumb-turn of a smart lock possesses more security features in comparison to conventional thumb-turns and that’s why it’s bigger. The lock mayn’t fit properly if there’re some trim or decoration that are placed closed to a lock. Ensure there’s adequate space around the door lock so that a smart lock will snugly fit in without causing a problem.

Consider purchasing same lock brand you presently have in your house:

Some lock brands employ the same style of pins within the lock cylinder & that entails you can employ the same key on the locks within your house, if you pick different brands, then you may need to carry more than one key.


Smart keys can still help you keep conventional deadbolt:

If you wish the expedience of a smart lock without losing your conventional deadbolt, then you must get in touch with a professional house locksmith in Durham NC. The interior hardware can be installed easily over the existing thumb-turn offering it that incredible smart feature, without replacing the whole lock unit which includes the deadbolt.

Ensure you contact your property owner prior to installing a smart lock:

Changing your traditional lock to a smart lock may be against your terms of leasing a home, therefore you should discuss with your property owner if you wish to make such changes. In some scenarios, a property owner may concur with you to set up a smart lock but may ask for the key code or a new duplicate key because he wants to sustain his right to enter your room. Ensure you’re comfortable with the terms & conditions of your property owner prior to installing smart locks.


If you are ready to install a smart lock on your existing lock, with rekeying services, please get in touch with a professional locksmith in Durham NC. They’ve the right tools & expertise to install smart locks on all kinds of doors in residential & commercial premises.

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Make Your Home Intruder Resistant With High Security Locks

March 15, 2019 by Hafid Saidi Alaoui  

Home security has turned out be a big issue for many homeowners in Durham NC. Depending on where you are from, you never leave anything unlocked – your car, home, or anything else that means a lot to you. Your greatest worry is to come home after a tiresome day at work and discover that your home has been burgled. And you are quite right with it as there are nearly 4 burglaries happen every minute in the United States, and they are disgracefully difficult to resolve. Only about 13 percent of break-ins get cleared by the police. Recovery of burgled belongings is even less likely to take place.


Typically, homes employ a conventional lock & key procedure. But the fact is this isn’t reliable. The home key is the 2nd easiest thing to misplace. Yes, you can hide your keys in an inconvenient location to make it tough for a potential intruder to find it, but this is still not the ideal solution.




High security locks come in a large variety and they’re emerging market that lets keyless entry to your house. Most of them are computer driven & can be unlocked using smartphone applications. Others employ electronic cards or key fobs to permit access. The best thing about these locking systems is that you can disable users when you want if someone loses your faith or misplaces their card. Intercom systems also have started to rise to prominence, letting communication from one room to another without bodily contact.


Yet another critical feature of advanced security locks is that they employ codes. Instead of having a physical key, a code is employed to gain access to the house. This is perhaps one of the most secure means to gain entry into your house, since only you & a selected group of people you trust have access to your property. Also, it eliminates the requirement for an easily lost card or key, which can fall into the wrong hands and provide anyone entrée to your home.




Especially in urban & city areas like Durham, knowing a reliable locksmith technician and investing in advanced security for your house can save you money and offer you the much needed peace of mind.


Swift Locksmith is your one-stop locksmith in Durham NC whether you are looking for solutions regarding Lockouts, Re-Key, Lost Keys, or lock Repairs. Call us now for a free estimate!


This Blog Originally Posted Here: https://swiftlocksmithinc.wordpress.com/2019/03/15/make-your-home-intruder-resistant-with-high-security-locks/