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How to fix AOL Message not sent error

November 21, 2019 by Taylor Swift  

When you are trying to send mails and get constantly caught up with the ‘mails not sent’ issue, it can become really frustrating. If you are facing errors with your AOL email and are not able to send messages to the recipients, then you must read this blog. This write-up suggests you different ways by which you can solve the error manually. Following these troubleshooting tricks will surely help. You can also have a word with aol support phone number professionals whenever you feel stuck while executing the steps.

Steps to fix the AOL Message not sent error

The solutions discussed below are not given in any priority order and can be executed as you require. But make sure that you do not miss any of these, to avoid any future troubles.

Internet Connection

The first and foremost thing that you must check is whether your device is connected with the Wi-Fi connection. Failing which you will surely face troubles while send the messages and will be constantly stuck in a loop

Attachment Size Limit exceeds

If you are sending an attachment with your mails, then make sure that they do not exceed the permissible size limit that is 25 MB. If they increase, then your mails won’t be sent

Session Timed out

Spending too much of time on the AOL email platform can sometimes lead to session time out. In this particular case, log out of the email and then login back again

Browser’s cookies and cache

Many times when you do not clear the cookies and cache of the web browser, it can lead to errors in loading the messages and also sending them. Ensure you clear them time to time

Server Issue

Sometimes the server is facing some issues, or the IP address of the email is changed. Wait for some time and then come back to the page after a few minutes and check whether the issue was resolved or not.

Try another browser

If the issue still recurs, then you can try switching to a different web browser and log in to AOL mail. Try to send emails again.

Sometimes there are hidden technical issues that only an expert can identify. Get in touch with aol customer service in case if the error remains.

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How to delete a hacked AOL account?

November 7, 2019 by Taylor Swift  

AOL due to its amazing and user-friendly services, surely becomes the most preferred software by thousands of people across the world. It offers a stress-free user-interface and a free email service. It has made lives quite easy for people, and they use it for navigating through the web, news, weather forecast, and many more. However, one of the annoying things that can happen with anyone is when their account gets hacked. If this happens with you, then you can delete the hacked AOL account and create a new one. To do so, kindly follow the entire blog; and for any further doubts feel free to contact aol tech support phone number.

Reasons why someone deletes the AOL account

Apart from the account getting hacked, there can be different reasons due to which a user decides to delete the account. Some of them include

Ø  Not able to send and receive mails

Ø  AOL website doesn’t load

Ø  Issues in the ‘Account Settings’

Ø  Not supported in Windows

Steps to follow to delete the hacked account

Here is a list of some of the general and easy steps that the users can try manually. Do not procrastinate on this matter as your personal information is at stake.

Ø  On the internet browser, type ‘aol.com’ (without parenthesis)

Ø  Log in to the account ( using your username and password)

Ø  After that, click on ‘My Account’ at the bottom of the page.

Ø  Now, select ‘Manage my Subscription.’

Ø  Answer the security question that follows and then click on ‘Forgot password.’

Ø  Look for a confirmation mail in your email ID.

Ø  Tap on the link in the email and then proceed to reset the password

Ø  Now, on the AOL page, click on ‘Cancel.’

Ø  You will be shown the list of services that won't be accessible once you delete the account

Ø  From the reasons enlisted, choose anyone for deleting the account

Ø  After that click on Okay

Ø  Your account is successfully deleted

While executing the given steps, if you come across any difficulty, then feel free to dial aol customer care. You can directly have a word with the experts, and they will help you to resolve all your queries.

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How To Fix An Aol Error Code 11 Account Cancelled

October 29, 2019 by Taylor Swift  

Does your AOL software snap suddenly and starts displaying error code 11 on the screen? Does your AOL screen start showing bizarre messages such as account cancelled and you have no idea about what is going on? If yes, then this blog comes to your rescue. From enlisting the symptoms of AOL error code 11, its plausible causes and the appropriate solution; you can get the entire piece of information by reading this blog. However, if you want to have a direct word with the tech experts then feel free to dial aol customer care number at any given time.


What is AOL Error code 11 account cancelled issue?

To sum it up in easy words, this error corresponds to when the users try to sign in to their AOL account and they can’t.

Why the error appears on your computer screen?

There are basically four to five different reasons behind the occurrence of this error.

·         When the AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) is not installed correctly

·         When the Windows Registry entries destruct the Operating System.

·         Attack by a foreign object (virus or malware)

·         Losing any AOL file or folder accidentally

How does AOL error code 11 react with the system?

When the particular error code strikes, you can expect the following reactions

·         Slows down the system’s performance

·         Compromises with the speed and efficiency of the computer

·         The Windows Active Program crashes or can crash

How to fix AOL error code 11 account cancellation issue?

Perform the given steps sequentially to avail the best of benefits.

·         Start by repairing the corrupt Windows Registry entries associated with the AOL error.

·         Next, run a complete antivirus scan of your system to detect and fix any existing virus or malware issues.

·         After that, proceed to delete all the unwanted files and folder from your computer (System Junk). Use Disk Cleanup for this particular step.

·         Now, you must update the device’s drivers.

·         After that, you need to restore the Windows system’s changes with the help of ‘System Restore Command.’

·         Once you have completed the above steps, uninstall AIM and reinstall the software again.

·         With the help of the System File Checker Program repair the Windows files.

·         Last but not least, install Windows Update.

Contact the experts in case of trouble

If you find that the error is not getting resolved and you require technical assistance, then take the advice from the professionals at aol support phone number by connecting at the toll-free number.

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Buddy List does not appear at AOL sign in

October 18, 2019 by Taylor Swift  

When it comes to discussing the features of AOL mail, then one thing that undoubtedly stands out and gets noticed is the 'Buddy List.’ Among all the other services offered by AOL such as managing the address book, adding the signature, autocorrect options or more; the Buddy List surely has its added advantages. The list includes your friends, family members, colleagues and more. Whenever they sign into their AOL account, their name pops up on the Buddy List screen, and then you can easily have a conversation with them. But what if, you find that the list fails to appear when your buddy signs in at any time. In this case, you won't be notified whenever your friend signs in to their account, and thereby not leaving you the option of communicating with them. This issue can arise due to a technical glitch. You can resolve the error manually by applying some secure solutions. Read the blog and understand how to get rid of this snag. Anyhow, you can always connect with the  aol customer care number experts at any time.

There can be different reasons associated with this error. It usually depends on the user to the user and the operating system, server, etc. they are operating the AOL mail on. This blog shares some of the standard solutions for resolving this error.

The common solution for resolving the Buddy List not appearing on AOL sign-in error

Solution 1- The users can set up the preferences to 'automatic', so that the Buddy List shows on screen as soon as your buddy signs in

Solution 2- Log out of the AOL mail, close the programs and restart the system. Now again log in to the mail and see if the error is resolved

Solution 3- Take a look at the software preferences and ensure that 'Buddy list' is added.

Solution 4- Back up the files from your AOL software, uninstall it and then reinstall AOL in the system.

Following, are some of the effective solutions that you can try to execute for solving the error. You can also get in touch with the mail experts at  aol support phone number  by dialling the toll-free number.

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How do I fix the AOL error AC 3000

October 10, 2019 by Taylor Swift  

Sever errors and email issues, like AOL Error AC 3000, can be quite irritating, especially if it hinders your work. When you encounter a technical error that does not allow you to communicate with your email contact, you can call the  aol technical support   and ask for help to fix the problem. It also helps to learn some basic troubleshooting steps to fix Error AC 3000, so that you can resolve the issue on your own. This blog includes some simple solutions you can use to get your AOL email account up and running again.

Solutions to fix AOL Error AC 3000

Since AOL Error Code AC 3000 generally relates to a server error, the steps to resolve the problem may require advanced troubleshooting steps. However, before you attempt to resolve the server issue, you can refer to the basic solutions given below to try and fix AOL Error AC 3000:

Solution 1: Reboot the System: The system reboot is by far the simplest, but at times most effective, way to resolve technical errors on your computer. When you see an error message that reads ‘AOL Error Code AC 3000’ you should turn off your computer, modem and router one by one. After waiting for a couple of minutes, you can switch the device back on and then attempt to connect to the internet to check if the issue is resolved.

Solution 2: Check the cables: The most common reason why it is difficult to connect to the server is that there is a problem with the internet connection. While troubleshooting a network problem may require expert assistance, you can first begin by checking the computer cables. When the wires become entangled, it is quite possible that some wire is loose or was otherwise disconnected. You should remove and reattach all the computer and internet cables connected to your system.

Solution 3: Update the Browser: Once you establish that the internet and computer are functioning normally, you can turn your attention to the browser. Even though AOL Mails is compatible with most internet browsers, there are times when users find it difficult to access emails if the browser is outdated. You can go to the settings section and check if you are using the latest version of the browser. If not, you will need to complete the required updates before you can access AOL Mail.

If you find that Error Code AC 3000 still persists then, as mentioned earlier, you will need to implement a more advanced solution to resolve the issue. You can call the  aol helpline number  and get in touch with an experienced software technician to get detailed solutions to fix the error. Technicians are available 24 hours a day to give you a step-by-step guide to troubleshoot any error related to your AOL email account.

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How to unblock emails in AOL Account

September 27, 2019 by Taylor Swift  

Many times, we get irritated with unwanted emails in our account and resort to blocking the same. And, sometimes, some of the email addresses are blocked by AOL itself for which it seems a threat. Taking an odd possibility and a rare situation, when a situation can arise where you have to unblock those blocked emails. This blog will teach you on how to unblock the emails or email addresses and the domain names of the senders in your AOL account, to send and receive the mails and attachments again. You can read the information shared and if required contact the experts at aol helpline number. The process is quite easy and can be implemented even if you are not a geek. You just need to be vigilant enough while executing the steps.

Ø  The process to unblock the emails in AOL Account.

Ø  Click on the AOL Desktop icon on the screen and log in to your AOL mail account.

Ø  If you have not installed the desktop icon, then you can search for mail.aol.com from the web browser and log in to the account.

Ø  Click on the ‘Settings’ icon on the panel and then click on ‘Spam Settings.’

Ø  Here you can see all the email addresses along with their domain name that you have blocked or were blocked by AOL.

Ø  Put a tick mark near the one that you wish to unblock.

Ø  After that press the ‘Delete’ key on the keyboard and then click on ‘Save.’

Ø  Log out of the account and then sign back again.

Ø  After that, try to send emails to the addresses that you have recently unblocked.

If you find that there is no error while performing the steps and you have successfully managed to unblock the emails, then you are good to go. However, if you find out that you are still not able to send the mails, then you must have a word with the professionals at aol technical support


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HTTP Error 504 in AOL

September 17, 2019 by Taylor Swift  

aol helpline number  AOL mail is a worldwide renowned email platform which is used by millions of users from all across the globe. While using the services of AOL mail, users come across HTTP error. During this error, the user experiences the HTTP Error 504 Gateway Timeout. When such a situation arises, there is nothing that the users would need to be worried about. This is a very common malfunction which comes up while using this email service.

The users of this email service can easily resolve this issue using some simple troubleshooting methods. By reading this entire blog, users would get a clear understanding of the issue which they are facing. Users also have the option of seeking assistance from trained professionals by connecting with aol support.

Explanations to come across AOL mail error 504

There are several reasons because of which the users would find themselves in such a situation. When this arises, the users can take up the below-given solutions to resolve this malfunction:

Ø  The users might face this error when the operating system or the network of the user malfunctions.

Ø  Certain malfunctioning of the email server is also a reason for the users to experience the error 504 gateway timeout.

Ø  When the internet connection is not functioning accurately or even when there is some issue from the end of the Internet service provider.

It is essential that the users understand the source of the issue in order to resolve the malfunction at the earliest.

How to resolve HTTP Error 504 Gateway Timeout in AOL Mail?

If you wish to resolve this error, then there are some steps which the users can take. The most effective process which the users can incorporate is as given below:

Step 1: The primary aspect which the users must undertake is to reboot their operating system. If you find any issue with the device which you are using, rebooting the same would solve most of the issues. If the issue is found to be with the network, refreshing the router would help.

Step 2: If the users are facing the Error 504 Gateway timeout repeatedly, they can try and reopen the page. The users can press the F5 button to refresh their browser page.

Step 3: When this malfunction comes up, the users must try and check the proxy settings of their browser. The users would have the option of uninstalling their browser and reinstalling the same. The users can also opt to use a different browser which would support the usage of AOL account.

If the users are not able to resolve the HTTP error 504 using the above-given steps, then they would have to take guidance from trained professionals by connecting with aol technical support. This service is available for the users on a 24-hour basis and is entirely free of charge. The users can easily dial the toll-free number to connect with the executives at this service.

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How to load AOL on a new computer

September 9, 2019 by Taylor Swift  

aol helpline number  Do you feel that setting up your existing AOL account on a new computer would be a tedious job? You need to give away with all these existing thoughts as the process of loading AOL on a new system is secure. AOL is a web browser and internet service provider which offers its users email accounts other than providing different internet services. It is quite easy to update your account information in a new computer and access AOL software. Your AOL account retains all the information including your username, passwords, emails and other account settings when you set it up on a new computer. The steps are really simple and can be initiated by any user. In case you require any technical assistance, the option of reaching out to aol support  is available 24*7.

The steps to load AOL into a new computer

·         In your old computer, insert a CD into the CD drive and copy the AOL software and its contents.

·         Now power on your new computer. Log in to the system with your username and password.

·         Once the system starts, insert the CD into the CD drive. It will automatically start the setup process and would ask you to install the existing AOL software.

·         If you find that no action is being taken, click on My computer.

·         Navigate to the drive which contains the CD.

·         Look for the file which ends with .exe

·         Click on it to start the setup process.

·         Once you are through with the setup, in the wizard window, click on ‘Current Member.’

·         After that, choose to ‘Add your existing account to this computer.’ To proceed with the steps, click on ‘Next.’

·         Look for the category ‘Select Destination Directory’ Click on the Browse button. Then click on the Program File folder to install the AOL software.

·         The process of installing the AOL software will start, and the setup process takes a few minutes depending on the operating system and speed of the internet connection.

·         Once the software has been set up, enter your existing AOL username and password.

·         Now remove the CD. Restart the system once the setup is complete.

There are also other options available for the users. One can browse AOL software through its official website. However, this is beneficial and effective for checking your emails. But if you want to navigate the experience of browsing seamlessly through your AOL Desktop Gold, it is better to install the existing software in your new system. However, if you come across any issue and want to avail technical help; services of  aol tech support phone number is readily available via a toll-free number.

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