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What Is The Best Time To Redesign Your Website?

July 15, 2019 by Jessica Daniel  

This particular section is all about when to redesign your website and why. Nowadays, the Custom Web Site Redesign Services in India are emerging rapidly. On an average every 3 to 4 years, most of the clients prefer to redesign their websites. There are also some clients who are on their 3rd or 4th version of their website.


So, the overall process of revamping and renewal again closely follows the business growth and also the development of the client’s company. A virtuous cycle is also created by this as the growth spurs the redesign. Every version of the site helps in its improvement and so, more opportunities for the business generation are created.


How To Know When It Is The Best Time To Redesign Your Website?

• You are in a need of redesigning your website in case, it starts looking shabby compared to your competitors. So, it is always a very good practice to keep an eye on the online presence of your competitor.


But, if you do not have enough time to do this, then it is better to assign a particular web design agency to do it for you. You will again notice that your site is falling behind basically in terms of design and also user friendliness in case enough time has passed and your competitors are not active online.


• You should possibly think about website redesign if you cannot keep up with new browser versions. This is just because of the continuous release of new browsers such as IE, Chrome or Firefox with certain functionalities on the site including JavaScript effects, dropdown menus, etc.


• So, unless upgraded, it tends to break down. Along with that, the site also starts falling apart technically with errors cropping up all over the place. So, it would be effective while choosing the best Custom Web Site Redesign Services in India.


• Your website does not possess a Content Management System. In case you are still involved in downloading and uploading HTML files on your website, then it is old news. So, it is required to switch over to the super-efficient content management system.


This also allows your website to be updated literally in seconds. As a result, you do not have to maintain hundreds of messy files. Just simply log in and edit the site content.


• In case, you are still making use of huge dollops of the Flash effects, then it is important for you to know that nowadays, the Flash is out of date and instead the HTLM5 and Jquery is in.


Also, it is aided by the body blow by Apple as the IOS devices do not allow Flash. So, the designers are moving away from Flash specifically towards newer more browser friendly technologies such as Jquery and HTML5.


• You may think about a website redesign in case your particular site is invisible to the search engine. Many of the websites are again designed without any specific thought to the search engine friendliness or SEO.


Low visibility of your website can prevent your business from growth. Even, if you do hire an SEO firm in this case for the promotion of your site, then they will find it much difficult to do much.



So, the above mentioned tips are considered to be best while choosing the right Custom Web Site Redesign Services in India.

What Are The Things Needed To Be Kept In Mind At The Time Of Selecting The Best Digital Marketing Company?

July 13, 2019 by Jessica Daniel  

This section is concerned regarding how to select the best digital marketing company in Gurgaon for your needs. Nowadays, digital marketing companies are emerging all over the place. They are being started by everyone from the teenagers to a retired ad executive.


But, still, it is considered to be a difficult task for the clients to distinguish between these particular agencies. Here are given some of the factors which actually matters at the time of picking a particular digital marketing agency.


1. Longevity

This industry is a kind if volatile for the companies who start one day and then disappears the very next. So, it is important to choose such a company which had survived for years in this rough market. Thus, longevity is generally a very good indicator of whether they will be here the next year and also onwards.


2. Realistic Costs

Anything that is considered to be realistic is hard to define as it depends on a lot of factors. Also, most of the clients possess a very good feel of what the budget preferably should be. Multiple quotes also help in setting a median.


Mainly, there are two types of digital agencies which are needed to be avoided, of which the first kind can be called as ‘fishers’. These agencies always quote ridiculously high prices and so, they always wait for the big fish to reel in.


Along with that, they also thrive on the clients who either do not care or do not know better. On the other hand, the second type of agency does anything for getting the business types who will quote very low that will be impossible to service the client over the long term. These two types of agencies should be kept in your mind and are probably the best answer towards selecting the best digital marketing company in Gurgaon.


3. A Solid Sensible Plan

On the basis of brief, you can preferably ask the digital agencies to come up with an initial plan. Always a good plan should possess what, why, when and where in the real terms. From the overall strategy and goals, the particular plan should have a top-down approach. This is again basically in terms of the day to day tactics and also deliverables.


So, one should have a look at the key metrics which will be measured and whether it makes sense to you or not. You also cannot expect an initial plan which possesses too many specifics but, it is also equally important to look for an overall common sense approach.


4. Good All Round Capabilities

There are too many digital marketing companies which possess only one core competency like SEM or SEO and they also cover and try for other areas through outsourcing or partnership. In such specific cases, possibly you might get good results on that one particular service but also, it will get screwed in the other areas.


Good digital firms preferably have solid all the round experience and also expertise.



So, in case you are thinking about how to select the best digital marketing company in Gurgaon for your needs, then the above-mentioned section helps to clear all your doubts.

What Is The Exact Way To Evaluate Design Options Which Are Presented By Your Web Design Agency?

July 12, 2019 by Jessica Daniel  

There are many people out there who are not well aware of how to evaluate design options presented by your web design agency, and then they should consider this section. Also, there is the emergence of many best web design agency in India in these days.

First of all, the presentation of designs and also getting them approved is considered to be a constant part of the life of any web designer.

The clients also get what we are trying to do and this helps in the approval of designs with minor modifications. But, some of the times, actual difficulty is also faced by the clients.

Sometimes, the clients who are brilliant at their profession do not possess the expertise or tools for the purpose of evaluating a particular design. In this regard, they are involved in making some elementary mistakes which again causes a good design to get drastically changed or rejected.

So, here is a discussion regarding a few important things which the clients should be kept in mind at the time of evaluating the design process which is again presented by the agency.

It Is Important To Avoid Snap Judgments

Early on, it is considered to be very important to avoid snap judgments. Design can be extremely subjective and so, with the prolonged exposure to a particular design, the opinion of people can be changed in a drastic way.

So, in spite of deciding immediately, one needs to spend some amount of time with the submitted designs. Apart from that, it is important for your mind to notice the details and also adjust to them. This step is again considered to be the best answer towards choosing the best web design agency in India.

Ask Your Web Design Agency To Properly Explain Their Thinking

It is always very important to ask your web design agency to explain their thinking. Most of the clients launch into their opinion on the design which is a knee jerk reaction. Also, one should arrange a question and answer session with the agency about their thinking.

So, the particular layout has been designed that way and what the specific approach is to the entire website.

There are also times when the clients are very much surprised at the thought process and so, the designers have to put into the design that they did not grasp immediately.

Do Not Involve Too Many People In The Process Of Design Approval

Involving too many people in the process of design can generally spoil the overall thing. This is considered to be very true for the design approvals. There should be a maximum of 3 people in the team of design evaluation.

So, it is considered to be enough to encourage healthy discussion but the presence of some many people can contribute to making the overall thing confused.

Look At The Design As A Whole And Also Its Separate Elements

This is the first thing which is required to be considered. So it becomes very easy to judge how the design looks as a whole. You, as a client, need to be about 60 to 70% satisfied with how the overall design process looks.


So, it is evident from the above section that these are the most important steps which help to find the answer regarding evaluating and also choosing the best web design agency in India.