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New Business Is A Clean Start

October 3, 2019 by Terra Cleaning Services  

Being a business owner, you’ve to take office cleaning quite seriously. Because not just a clean workplace creates a healthy ambiance, it also represents a certain image to your employees and clients. A clean workplace demonstrates that you’re pretty professional in approach. Apart from that, working in a clean workplace can encourage productivity.

Here are 7 reasons why your office should hire a professional cleaning service.

Perfect Cleaning:

You can try to keep your workplace clean, but that wouldn’t be adequate since you’re not a professional cleaner. Keeping workplace clean is much more than simply organizing things at your desk. Pro cleaners know how to keep thing super clean using their years of experience. Furthermore, you don’t have to offer them with all the essential cleaning supplies. They’ll bring their own as they come to your office.


Flexibility & Convenience:

By appointing a professional cleaner, you can rest easy knowing that none of your business works will be disturbed. Pro cleaners not just work around your worker schedule, but they also have flexible hours, meaning that they can work when it’s suitable for you & your workers. This way, you don’t need to delay, stop or rearrange any crucial meetings or business proceedings just because of the cleaning work.


Cost-effective & time saving:

It is affordable to appoint a commercial cleaning unit. The amount of time you’d spend cleaning the area by your own can be better invested either working or hanging out with friends. Moreover, professional cleaners will generally take a fraction of the time you’d take to accomplish the work by your own.


Healthy workers:

Hygiene is closely associated to health. By appointing a commercial cleaning service, your workplace will consequence in much healthier workers & fewer sick days.

As a result, this can guide to improved output.


Consistent supply replenishment:

Particular office supplies are specifically employed for hygiene, such as disposable bathroom hand towels, paper towels, furniture polish, window cleaner, hand soap, trash bags, and toilet papers.

These supplies usually run out on uneven intervals, complicating their tracking & replenishment. This sort of task can be better dealt by a professional commercial cleaning firm.


Lesser liability risk:

When you appoint an office cleaning service, you get knowledgeable and experienced cleaners, and also avoid employee accident.

Business liability for worker injury & mishaps is high enough without incurring more risks from having staff clean the business premises.

Office Cleaning Monterey CA

Less administrative costs:

More administrative & overhead expenses costs mean lesser revenues, whether your business run by an hourly billing system or not. From a financial point of view, it makes sense to appoint an office cleaner.

Depending on managers and employees to clean the workplace means paying premium salary rates for cleaning aid. But if you appoint an office cleaning unit, it entails you will be compensating a lower, market price to keep your workplace hygiene.

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5 Basic Cleaning Tips to Use for Your Home

September 5, 2019 by Terra Cleaning Services  

There’s no better time to give your home a deep and thorough clean. Here are a few expert tips that will transform your living space and save you ample amount of time:

  1. Declutter your home –

There’s a simple basic cleaning tips you can use to declutter your home. If you’ve not used something in the last six months, you should consider throwing away. The only exception to this rule is items and clothes.

Differentiate the “throw away”, donate or “keep” and label them in order to avoid any important things getting thrown away by mistake. Soon, you’ll know how many excess items inside your home and the numbers of additional room you’ll have if you throw away a few things.


  1. Clean your carpets thoroughly –

You’ll be amazed to know how much dirt, dust and hair builds up inside your carpet. It can be especially bad in dining rooms and bedrooms where you’re less likely to move bulky furniture while cleaning.

A thorough clean up will make sure the color and texture of the carpet. Use a top-performance vacuum cleaner or hire a professional allowing you to breathe new life into your carpets. When your furniture is not present in its usual place while cleaning, start thinking about making re-arrangements of specific items. Necessarily, you don’t need to invest in new furniture pieces; but a move around may bring a new function to a room or give it a completely new appearance.


  1. Use rubber gloves to remove pet hairs.

Pets are delight to live with; but seem like a menace, while keeping your home clean and tidy. Both cats and dogs cast their hairs every here and there. This is where you can use a pair of rubber gloves to clean up their hairs.

The rubber gloves are ideal because of the materials they’re made from and the friction it creates, hairs will stick to them naturally. So, whether you want to remove hairs from your sofa, bedding or curtains, your rubber gloves will fix them effortlessly.


  1. Clean your fridge to the fullest.

More often, homeowners often overlook cleaning of fridge. This means the stains, food material and water can build up over time. To get rid of this, you should need a few household items. The first two things include toothpaste and toothbrush.

Use of toothpaste will help you get rid of stains easily and the toothbrush offers the friction as well as precision that you need to get the job done. Once you have a clean and tidy fridge, its right time to handle any lurking smells.

Cut a lemon in half and keep the two halves in your fridge; one on the top shelf and the other part on the bottom shelf. Lemon will absorb any odors naturally and leave your fridge smelling fresh.


  1. Upgrade your wardrobe.

You may get an amazing array of outfits; but chances are that you don’t wear them throughout the year. So, it’s the right time to upgrade your wardrobe. Separate your clothes according to seasons like spring, summer, autumn and winter.

The handy tip to help you out is to organize your clothes by color so that you can put together all the outfits in half the time without hunting out your favorite one.


Final Consideration –

For a clean and tidy living space, it’s highly suggested to consider hiring Terra Cleaning Services today and we have the responsible cleaners to help you with household chores. For more information, please visit our website at https://terracleaning.net/.

This blog is originally posted here : https://terracleaningservices.wordpress.com/2019/09/05/5-basic-cleaning-tips-to-use-for-your-home/

Basic Cleaning Tips That Anyone Can Use

August 7, 2019 by Terra Cleaning Services  

Keeping up with the daily housekeeping can be a drag, but it doesn’t have to take up all your time. To help you, here we have pulled together some of the basic cleaning tips that anyone can use.

Use a wet rubber glove to eliminate animal fur:

If the pet in your home making you sneeze, there is an affordable solution. A wet washing up globe can easily be dragged over soft furniture like curtains and sofas to remove pet hair.


Make use of a coffee filter to clean up glass or mirrors easily:

Yes coffee is the thing that gets people out of their bed, and now we have found you to provide so much more. Clean up grubby windows without adding any chemical – simply give them a sweep with a clean coffee filter. Believe us it works like magic.


Clean your microwave without any chemical solution:

If your microwave is looking a bit messy after several food explosions, don’t panic – you can clean it for free in just a moment. Just pop a heat-resistant cup of water with half a lemon & its fluids in the microwaves on a high setting for one minute or two. Leave the solution inside the microwave with the door closed for five minutes, then easily wipe the inner side of your microwave. The fragrance of lemon will leave your whole kitchen with a clean and fresh smell.


Clean lime scale from your shower head using vinegar:

If you are in search of a more natural way to clean your house from top to bottom, then vinegar could be your best buddy. Soak your shower head in a solution of boiling water & vinegar to clear any lime scale effortlessly.

Make use of baby oil to eradicate fingerprints from stainless steel:

Baby oil is not only for smoothing & soothing skin – it is in fact, the best material to lift grease as well. If the hood of your cooker or other stainless steel appliances are filthy with fingerprints, add a small volume of baby oil onto a clean microfiber fabric and give them a wipe.


Make use of an old toothbrush to clean your bathroom:

Don’t throw your unused toothbrush as they can be a really helpful tool to clean your bathroom. Use your old toothbrush to get into every nook where your typical vacuum cleaner cannot reach. It is particularly useful in the bathroom, for cleaning difficult to reach regions around the drain or tap.

For more cleaning tips, visit https://terracleaning.net/

This blog is originally posted here : https://terracleaning.wordpress.com/2019/08/07/basic-cleaning-tips-that-anyone-can-use/

The Significance of Deep House Cleaning in Seaside CA

July 11, 2019 by Terra Cleaning Services  

More often, the cleanliness of home is reflected on you and your guests. It will notice small messes that you ignore. The busy work schedule, children’s activities and other important obligations tend to pull you in many different directions. No matter what, these problems leave your home to suffer.

When do you have time to clean your house in Seaside CA, much else do a deep cleaning that will make cleaning it next time that much easier? Most busy California homeowners are hiring house cleaning in Seaside CA to keep their homes clean and tidy.

They often overlook or forgo the thorough cleaning that it may need. Most professional cleaning companies provide a deep clean, which is something that you should consider as a homeowner.


The Important Aspect of Deep Cleaning Service

When you hire a cleaning service, their professional cleaners will clean certain areas on your home regularly. These areas can have a buildup of dirt, grease and grime due to the shortage of cleaning over time.

If a thorough cleaning is impossible before a regular cleaning schedule, these areas of your home may take longer to clean and end up costing you more. Therefore, you should consider deep house cleaning in Seaside CA for improved cleanliness and hygiene.

Professional deep cleaning services will make sure that your home is cleaner and healthier than ever. They will leave you with a home that smells refreshing.

Doing it on a regular basis will make the cleaning much easier and efficient. The reputable cleaners will be able to focus on the high traffic areas of your home and the areas that your family uses the most.

Do you know that a deep cleaning of a home will save money? First of all, your scheduled cleaning services won’t take as long. Secondly, a cleaner home is a healthier home. Generally, germs and harmful bacteria thrive in those areas of your home that are not cleaned regularly.

A thorough cleaning should be done to kill any bacteria or germs before they get a chance to make you and your family sick. This means, you all will have less colds and flu. As a result, you will have less sick days and scheduled appointments to your family doctor.


Final Consideration –

Cleaning is one of the most challenging tasks around the world, be it house cleaning or office cleaning in Seaside, CA. Terra Cleaning Services understand that better than the most as a Seaside CA house cleaning and office cleaning company.

While it may seem like a no-brainer to assume that the difficult part of cleaning is cleaning itself, our cleaners believe it to be remembering what you have cleaned and what you have still left to clean up.

If you are interested in deep cleaning of your home, you should contact Terra Cleaning Services today. We have the experience and expertise to get the cleaning job done in a quick and efficient way. For immediate help with your house or office cleaning in Seaside CA, please get in touch with us today. We’ll reach you as soon as possible at your service!

This blog is originally posted here: https://terracleaning.wordpress.com/2019/07/11/the-significance-of-deep-house-cleaning-in-seaside-ca/

Useful Cleaning Tips to Maintain a Clean Office

June 27, 2019 by Terra Cleaning Services  

Whether you’re an office owner or an employee in Monterey CA, nobody likes to work in a dirty, messy and cluttered workspace. A messy workstation not only leaves a bad impression on clients but also negatively impacts on the productivity of your business.

Likewise most business owners, you want to focus more on increasing productivity of your employees. More often, you forget about cleaning the dirtiest areas of their office like reception, kitchen, washroom, etc. If you are very much concerned about the well-being of your employees, you should invest in professional office cleaning in Monterey CA.


However, it’s your sole responsibility to give your employees a clean, perfectly sanitized, hygienic and refreshing working environment for the success of your business. No matter whether your office is big or small, regular cleaning is important.

Though you can count on reliable office cleaning in Monterey CA, you can consider a few simple tips to maintain the cleanliness of your workspace:

  1. Keep your office space properly organized.

Keeping your office organized daily, if you really want a clean, tidy work environment. Take a close look at your workstation and de-clutter it, if you find unnecessary papers all around the office.

It’s wise to provide drawers to your employees to allow them manage their files and other paperwork in one place. Consider using desk trays and wall pockets to store all the important paperwork. This useful tip can work, if you want to motivate your employees to keep the office surroundings neat and clean.


  1. Prepare a cleaning checklist.

Before taking up the office cleaning task, make sure you prepare a perfectly-defined checklist that will help you get the cleaning job done on time. This checklist should cover all the office areas that need cleaning like reception, conference room, desks, etc. It will eliminate the chances of mistakes and save your valuable time.


  1. Focus on cleaning carpets.

Vacuuming and thoroughly cleaning carpets has become imperative as most of the hidden dust particles get trapped onto the carpet and go deep down inside its fibers. Though they absorb most of the harmful bacteria and allergens, consider a through carpet cleaning regularly.

You can hire office cleaning in Monterey CA who can provide in-depth carpet cleaning services using the latest cleaning methods and tools. They use state-of-the-art cleaning tools to give your carpet a shiny and clean look. All of their cleaners are experts in cleaning hidden dust, mud and other harmful contaminants thoroughly.


  1. Use only the latest cleaning equipment.

It’s important for you to use the latest equipment and tools for cleaning of your carpets thoroughly. If you are expecting good results, you should invest in a good quality cleaning tool like mops, vacuum cleaner etc. This will make your employees a lot easier as it will ensure a thorough clean while promoting a safe and sound working environment.


Bottom Line –

But handling the entire office cleaning on your own is a stressful endeavor. It’s highly recommended to hire Terra Cleaning Services for office cleaning in Monterey CA. Besides, we provide house cleaning in Monterey CA to maintain the cleanliness of your sweet home. For immediate help, feel free to contact Terra Cleaning Services on 831.747.2140.

This blog is originally posted here: https://terracleaning.wordpress.com/2019/06/14/useful-cleaning-tips-to-maintain-a-clean-office/

5 Housekeeping Hacks for Moms

May 18, 2019 by Terra Cleaning Services  

We all want a clean home, right? But sometimes it just is not possible. Between raising kids, running errands and anything else life throws at us; a clean house can easily end up on the back burner, if we let it. While it is easy to let the home ho, it isn’t the best of idea. A clean house is a comfortable & happy house. These 5 housecleaning hacks for moms will help their house stays nice & tidy.


Pick up while you clean:

Mess can hold back you from getting to what requires to be cleaned. So, as you clean, pick up & put things away immediately.

Stock up on supplies:

Rather than having all of your cleaning supplies in one area, have multiple in different rooms. By doing so you can do quick cleans.


Hydrogen peroxide can be your best cleaning buddy:

Hydrogen peroxide is a great multi-purpose liquid. You can spray it on cuts or sores. Furthermore, it also can be employed to clean windows, mirrors and toilets.

Use your vacuum:

Rather than sweeping your floors, just make use of your vacuum. Many have floor options now & it will save you lots of time.


Remove pet hair:

Leave a lint roller in your living room so you can do quick wipe downs to remove pet hair.

Get rid of water stains:

Having issues with water stains? Cut a few lemons and rub them on the stained areas. Give the acid some time to work and then rinse off.

Scrub your oven:

Add a layer of baking soda into your vacant oven & spritz it with vinegar. Get something else dome when it soaks up, then come back and wipe it off quite easily.


Clean your carpets:

When it comes to stains, spraying protein stains with peroxide will get those out. For tougher ones, spray some clear Windex on the stains, put a towel over it, and gently iron it until it is gone.

De-grim your vents:

Air vents are perhaps hardest regions to clean but are really critical for the safety of the home. Put a towel on a butter knife & wipe it along the vent for an easy clean.

Clean as You Go

Don’t leave everything to do all at once. Tidy and clean as you go.


This blog is originally posted here: https://terracleaning.wordpress.com/2019/05/18/5-housekeeping-hacks-for-moms/