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Ask FAQ for us!

December 10, 2019 by theelix1  

1. So are you guys a real company?


Believe it or not we still do get this question every now and then. Yes we are!!! We have been around since 2014 and have successfully produced and delivered over 50,000 built uppers along with hundred of thousand of other AR related components.


2. Where are you located and can I pick up from your shop?


We are located at 832 S Nova Rd unit 120 Daytona Beach, FL 32114 and as we are an actual factory we do not permit local pickups but we do work closely with a few dealers within the Daytona area that carry our items and will be more then happy to demo our products. In-fact the Volusia Top Gun (our nearest FFL dealer) has Grid Defense firearms on their range daily!


3. Are you Ghost Firearms or Grid Defense?


We begin as Ghost Firearms in 2014 and in 2018 we decided to change our name to Grid Defense to differentiate our firearms from "Ghost 80% type guns". But instead of completely change our name and cause confusion with existing Ghost customers we chose to still maintain and support the original Ghost Firearms product line. All Lower receivers and Complete Firearms will be Grid Defense as of July 2018.


4. Are your items made in America?


We not only use 100% American made products in all of our builds we actually produce a large amount of them right here in Daytona Beach, FL.


5. Do you offer discounts for Law enforcement / First responders?


Yes. Please email in with proof of the above (ID/ Badge) and will will supply you with a discount code for checkout.


6. Has my order shipped?


You will receive an email with tracking information once the order is processed and shipped. Please note sometime, especially during heavy demand periods build times can range. Standard processing times are usually under 3 business days. All items ordered will ship.


7. Can I cancel my order?


Yes. Please email in as soon as possible. if the items ship you may have to receive them and return to us.


8. Can I Add/Change my order?


Most times yes. The sooner you notify us of the change the more likely we will be able to accommodate the change.


9. My package arrived but I'm missing items/ wrong items?


Please notify Sales@ghostrifles.com as soon as you are aware of the mix up. We stand behind all of our items and will work to correct any issues you may have.


10. FFL Policy for Ghostrifles.com


All FFL Items (Serialized Lowers, Complete Rifles, Pistols, Ext...) must ship directly to an FFL Dealer and the receiving dealer must send us a copy of their FFL to FFL@GhostRifles.com.


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IV vitamin infusion- A right way to deal with diseases!

November 2, 2019 by theelix1  

A body gets prone to the diseases if the immune system does not work in a perfect way. That is the reason; a person is suggested to add the right medicine that can help in increasing the function of the immune system in the right manner. Most of the times, people are getting vitamin infusion so as to be healthy and fit. 

IV vitamin help in boosting the energy in the right manner so that the person can remain fit for a long duration of time. If the person is fatigue or having anxiety, then it is suggested to opt for such vitamin treatments. They are best in boosting the immune system so that the person can remain fit for a long duration of time.

The IV vitamin infusion helps in completing the treatment in less duration of time. These treatments can be done in an hour. This treatment can be the best solution for all the people who like to give a perfect look to the skin in the right manner. 

Vitamin drip can even be opted by the people so that the person can get the best solution to their diseases easily. It is the best way of adding the medicine inside the blood without any hassle. So, one should contact the doctor before getting such treatments so that the client can know what are the best as well as adverse effects of vitamin treatment in less time. 

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