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5 Interesting Facts to Know Before Planning Aurora Borealis Tour

February 12, 2019 by wildaboutlapland  

Popularly known as Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis is perhaps nature’s most remarkable visual phenomena. Emerging in numerous forms from patches clouds light to streamers, curtains, arcs or shooting rays, the amazing light display of Northern Lights can be seen in the high altitude provinces like Norway. You might know the cause behind this natural occurrence (clash of solar wind & magnetospheric charged particles), but there many other fascinating facts regarding this dreamlike spectacle that is worth learning.



Before planning your first ever Aurora Borealis tour, you’d want to know interesting facts like:


1 – Aurora is the Roman goddess of dawn & Boreas is a Greek idiom used for north wind, therefore the name Aurora Borealis.


2 – People have seen the Aurora Borealis long ago 1619, and they have had numerous tales connected to them. Inuit assumed the illuminations were the soul of their forerunners playing a game with a walrus skill used as the ball. While as per Finnish folklore a numinous arctic fox is sprinting in the north & touching the mountains with its fur making flickers to appear in the sky.


3 – You enjoy the same visual display with the Southern Lights as you do with the Northern Lights, but since the South Pole is even more inaccessible and inhospitable compared to the North Pole, it’s more complicated to witness the Southern Aurora. Henceforth, the Northern Lights are more acknowledged and get most of the attention.


4 – The diverse colours of the Northern Lights happen because of the different kinds of gas compounds. The most common colour people see it is a pale yellow-green followed by pink and a combination of green and red. Seeing pure blue light is quite rare which is created by high altitude oxygen discovered at elevations of up to 200 miles above the ground.



5 – If you’re desperate to see the amazing Aurora Borealis, then don’t forget to take a quality camera. The auroras are considerably muted to the naked eye & human retinas can limit certain colours. Therefore, seeing through a long-exposure camera setting can provide a higher possibility of a superior sighting.


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Take Delight in the Magnificence of Finland the Best in winters!

January 16, 2019 by wildaboutlapland  

Finland in winters is truly a magical wonderland. There are adequate reasons to fall in love with Finland in winter. The breath-taking winter landscapes, Santa Claus village, the authentic Finnish sauna, ice fishing, snowshoeing along with the enchanting Northern Lights and more captivate everyone. Let us find out how you can make your winter amazing in Finland.


Reindeer Sledding – Heard in stories, seen in movies! Now experience it on your own! It is reindeer Sledding guys! Yes Finland is the ideal place where you can meet these lovely animals and go for reindeer Sledding throughout Lapland enjoying the wilderness and amazing landscape.


Enjoy Finnish Sauna – Sauna is what the Finns originated! And Finnish sauna is the real and authentic sauna that one can experience. And when you are in Finland missing sauna will be foolishness. To make sauna in winter more exciting and enjoyable you should go to the sauna first and then cool yourself down in a lake full of ice. And then try out the Finnish roasted sausages and beer!



Ice Fishing Tour – If you wish to have some peaceful time in Finland then go for an ice fishing tour. Ice fishing is considered as one of the best and unique fishing methods in Finland. And you know what! Ice fishing tour in Finland is accessible to all public and hence you need no license for this amazing activity. For a better ice fishing tour experience you can take help of professional tour operators.


Snowshoeing and the Northern Lights Chase – Do you want to make your Finland tour a bit different and exciting then snowshoeing and the chase for Northern Lights is just perfect thing for you! Walk on deep snow without any problem using the wide snowshoes. Experience the darkness, enchanting northern lights and a sky filled with stars away from the city’s hustle and bustle.


Make a Visit to the Santa Claus’s Village – Santa Claus greets visitors who have traveled a long to meet him in his village i.e. Rovaniemi. Here you can find the Santa Claus post office from where you can send letters to your loved ones.


Have a wintery time in Finland guys!



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Wilderness Tours: Experiencing Adventure during Your Outdoor Vacation

November 28, 2018 by wildaboutlapland  

Are you making plans towards having a vacation for your next outdoor trip? You don’t have to look too far because wilderness tours can offer your remarkable touring services. Ideally, the best way to enjoying a vacation is by making reservations at farther destinations away from home. This way, you are able to detach yourself from the daily happening in your locality, while you interact with nature. Interestingly, wilderness tours packages can facilitate quality touring service for visitors coming into the wilderness for the first time. The purpose is to ensure that your happiness becomes immeasurable in the course of having a vacation in the wilderness.



Perhaps you prefer to unwind at vacation spots close to your home. Wilderness tours packages can convince you to give wilderness vacation a second thought. The facts are that there are various reasons for seeing wilderness tours as the best outdoor traveling option.


1. New relationships
Having a vacation outside of your town can allow you to meet new people who also cherish outdoor outings. Wilderness tours are a remarkable way of not only strengthening existing relationships but also building new ones. Interestingly, you can meet with people that share in your views and aspirations. You will be amazed at how you can freely discuss several issues in an isolated environment engulfed by nature.


2. Safety
One distinguishing aspect of wilderness tours packages is that there are available tours guides who are always at your service. These tour guides have undergone certified practices to ensure your safety is paramount while on tour. Moreover, you rest assured of not losing your way inside the wilderness. After all, the tour guides will encourage you to move in groups.


3. Therapeutic scenery
If you are looking for the quickest way to escape the burdensome city life, you should prioritize having a vacation. As a touring enthusiast, wilderness tours packages can allow you to experience nature in its raw form. The trees and the smell of fresh air are enough reasons you shouldn’t object to a wilderness vacation.



Finally, are you looking for a way of escaping into a serene environment with a strong touch of nature? Wilderness tours packages can make your wishes become a reality while on wilderness tours. Interestingly, you first encounter after a wilderness trip can make you prioritize wilderness tours over other forms of vacations. The reason is that there are a lot of tours packages that you are entitled during your trip.

Discovering Aurora Borealis in Lapland

October 8, 2018 by wildaboutlapland  

Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights are one of the most spectacular phenomenons of nature. Lapland is the ideal destination to experience the magic for you. On an average, the Aurora Borealis appear in the sky around 200 times every year. There is a plenty of opportunities to spot Aurora Borealis in Lapland, if luck is on your side.


Everyone is familiar with the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis, even if they haven’t seen it in person beforehand. Ribbons of colour, created by light particles reacting with different gases, float around the sky, resulting in one of the most incredible sightings to see.


The Aurora is a spectacular light show caused by collisions between electrically charged particles released from the sun that enter the earth’s atmosphere and collide with gases like nitrogen and oxygen. The glittering lights are seen around the magnetic poles of the northern and southern hemispheres.



During the wintertime, the sky above Lapland stays dark for the most of the day and night. However, the Lapland region gets only six hours of sunlight a day. You’ll get a perfect place to hibernate and sleep in and cozy up by the fire.


The shortage of sunlight and close proximity to the Arctic Circle offers Laplander with one of the most awe-inspiring skies in night time. If you are on a vacation in Lapland, you’d better catch a glimpse of famous Aurora Borealis.


The sparse population also helps you see the Northern Lights otherwise known as Aurora Borealis. This spectacular phenomenon transforms the night’s sky into a beautiful blur of colours that range from pale green to pink with splashes of yellow, blue, violet, and red.


The colours of the Northern Lights are created by a collision of gaseous particles within the earth’s atmosphere. The lights seem quite surreal. The perfect time to watch the Northern Lights in Lapland is midnight in local time.


However, there is more than one way to experience the natural phenomena. But it’s totally up to you to choose your experience. You could snuggle up underneath the warmth of a blanket when you glide through the forest on a Reindeer sleigh.



Enjoy Unique Experiences of Aurora Borealis in Lapland, Finland


If you aim to enjoy a winter adventure that you’ll never forget, consider embarking on a vacation to Aurora Borealis in Lapland through Wild About Lapland. Your horizons will expand when you discover sights that you find nowhere in the around.


Start planning your next retreat to Lapland today for your upcoming holiday. Talk to the experts at Wild About Lapland today and we’ll help you design your dream getaway! Please contact us right now to get started! Come and see the incredible things this wonderful part of the world has on offer!


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3 Best Things to Do in Taiga Wilderness Tours

September 12, 2018 by wildaboutlapland  

Known as snow forest or boreal forest, the taiga represents the largest land mass in the world, covering around 12000,000 km2. It shows a great assortment of sub-climax and succession plant communities responding to variable ecological conditions while lying over the glaciated and patchy permafrost areas Russia and North America. Except a few rare species, the taiga forest is mainly distinguished by coniferous trees including spruces, pines, and larches, growing along waterways. Its pure wilderness can be experienced in the seasonal changes; the climate brings mixed effect of continental and maritime influences. Thus, the beauty of this thick forest looks beyond enchanting for lying in between the summer and winter spots of the Arctic Circle. The taiga wilderness tour can be a great option to take up round the year as it often brings a chance to go deep into the forest and have a quick look at the amazing and indefinable Finnish wildlife as well as natural beauty of Lapland. Moreover, there are custom planned tours for wilderness in taiga which is white, quiet and gives a fascinating feel to you while entering the unfamiliar territory.


Wilderness Tours – Experience of Fascination & Amazement

A mesmerizing experience awaits you in the Wild Taiga which is situated on Finland’s eastern edge, starting from Kuhmo to Suomussalmi. The untamed land, clear rapids and lakes will urge you to hike for an authentic experience. The taiga wilderness tour allows you to breath in new life with rare opportunities to hike in wonderful nature, see and photograph wildlife, as well as to enjoy cultural activities.


Magical Destinations in Finnish Lapland

Finnish Lapland is the place of giving you a dream experience of being in a winter wonderland. Differences are a crucial aspect in the attraction of Lapland where whole day sunlight in the summer takes place of the gloomy winter days. The hubbub of towns and ski resorts in Lapland is just a few minutes away from the serenity of the wild Taiga’s wilderness. The best option to explore the taiga, no matter where do you come from, is by booking a wilderness tour and getting very close to it.


3 Best Things to Do in Taiga Wilderness Tours

There are numerous activities and experiences for you in wild taiga, but some of them are more preferred than others. While on a taiga wilderness tour, you can indulge in anything from biking, trekking and dog-sledding to cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. You could stand at a watch tower, looking out the vast forest area vivid with huge snow wafts, white tracks and frozen trees. It is also an incredible place on the planet earth where you can enjoy the phenomenon of the Northern Lights.


1. The Excitement of Seeing the Northern Lights – Spotting the Northern Lights is a never-to -be-repeated experience for all. Finnish Lapland is the place on Earth where you can see this wonderful natural phenomenon over 200 nights a year. If staring at the dark sky in crunchy winter air is not what you enjoy, wilderness tour is going to make you keep comfortable and fall asleep below the Aurora.


2. Feel the Shower of Midnight Sun – The sun shows above the horizon for more than 70 successive days in the northern areas of Finnish Lapland above the Arctic zone. So you are going to get blessed by the Midnight Sun when you are on a wilderness tour to Finnish Lapland.



3. Snowy Ride with Reindeers and Huskies – Lapland tour brings you snowy rides around by a pack of happy dogs or Santa’s favorite reindeer. Both are going to let you explore the arctic wilderness at its best. Reindeer and Husky rides can last for a few minutes to many hours or even days.


Wild About Lapland offers guided wilderness tours to help you experience exactly what you desire for: be it is to enjoy the Northern lights or to find out how to ice fish or start with a Reindeer ride or feel the precious moments of wandering in a snowy land. To understand and experience the Finnish Lapland’s wilderness at its best, call Wild About Lapland on +358-40-568-8570. You can also mail it at wildaboutlapland@gmail.com to book your wilderness tour!