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Common Garbage Disposal Mistakes

November 7, 2019 by Plumbing 911  

The garbage disposal is a crucial appliance that most of us take for granted. It makes your post-dinner cleanup a little bit easier, giving you the convenience of modern life. However, homeowners all over the country harbor some misconceptions about how to safely use them. If you are a homeowner, or you are interested in installing a garbage disposal, you’ll want to avoid making the following mistakes.


Using the disposal without maintaining a sequence

It is imperative to use disposal sequentially. Always start by running cool water. Then turn on the disposal and gently put food in. Never dump in foods all at once. Run the disposal until the food is all gone. Finally, turn off the disposal and let the water run for 10 to 15 seconds to ensure everything is flushed out.


Not cleaning the disposal correctly

It’s irksome when odors come out from the disposal. Again, treating it in the wrong way will only worsen the situation. People use bleach or harsh drain cleaners to clean the disposal. Instead, sprinkle some baking soda and throw some fresh lemon or lime slices in to help eliminate odors. Grinding up a few ice cubes will help to remove bits of food that may be caught inside.


Flushing with hot water while grinding waste

Using hot water while grinding waste is the worst choice as it will increase the problem rather than solving. It’s a better idea to use cold water, as this will help fats and greases to move along the pipes intact. Hot water will melt fats, but it will end up clogging your pipes.


Dumping non-food items

A common mistake is to shove down wastes like wooden matches, cigarettes, rubber bands, or twist ties down the drain. Garbage Disposal is meant for only food wastes.


Flushing grease or fat down the disposal

It’s better not to dispose of grease or fat down the disposal as the grease will solidify in your pipes and can give rise to a big problem. Instead, use spare cans or glass jars to cool down grease and fats before tossing it away.


Failing to reset the garbage disposal

If your disposal is malfunctioning, turn the unit off first and then press the reset button beneath the unit which is usually red. This red button acts as a local circuit breaker which might help you reestablish power. Most disposals include a jam key that you can insert into the hole at the bottom of the disposal housing. Make sure to rotate it a few times to see if you can clear the jam. If you try every method above and still fail, then your best option would be to call a service technician.


Garbage disposals are a great way to eliminate food waste, but when they start to malfunction, it can get mess. But, you don’t have to worry anymore as Plumbing 911, plumbing experts are here to take care of garbage disposals no matter what the problem may be. From installation or replacement to repairs and troubleshooting, you can count on them to take care of your garbage disposal.

What to Do When You Have A Plumbing Emergency?

October 17, 2019 by Plumbing 911  

If you own a house, chances are that you will have plumbing problems at least once in a year. But you may not pay attention to it unless it turns into an emergency. In most of the cases, the house owners tend to wait for the plumbers rather taking actions on their own. But have you ever wondered how you should deal with plumbing emergencies? Here are some tips for you today to help you out if you ever get into a plumbing predicament.


  • Don’t get nervous: You shouldn’t feel nervous at all. The situation is not going to get fixed by getting worked up. Instead, during emergency situations, you have to stay calm and take rational decisions. Otherwise, a rash action on your part can turn a simple leak into a major expense. So don’t panic and start working on the rest of the things below before a plumber arrives at your home
  • Turn the water supply off: This is the first thing you should do in any of your plumbing emergencies. You can’t let the water to flow through your pipes when there is a leak in it. Try shutting the valve off for leaking fixtures. But if you don’t find one, turn off the main water supply near your water meter.
  • Turn off the electrical appliances: This one can be dangerous. The water that is leaking out must not reach any electrical sources of your house. Electricity can travel through the water so it can be a threat to everyone in the house. Try to turn off the main electrical switch of your house to be safe in an emergency situation.
  • Clean as much as you can: Try to remove as much water as you can before a plumber comes to your house. Excess water in your house can increase your expenses. The leaking water can damage your flooring, walls, furniture, and more!
  • Don’t fix it on your own: If you don’t have any idea about the issue, better not to fix it on your own. It might end up with more repair cost. You can always contact your local plumbing companies for emergency services. Some of them will even give you a free estimate.
  • Call a Plumber: In some cases, you will have no other options but to call a plumber to help you out with your emergency plumbing needs. Good plumbing companies give their services within 2-3 hours. It’s always better to save some numbers of your local plumbing companies on your cell phone. You never know when an emergency may happen.


The time before a plumber arrives at your house is vital. The repairing cost can increase if you don’t know how to deal with such a predicament. If you have any emergency plumbing crisis, then you can consider Plumbing 911. A family owned and operated company providing local plumbing services to Medina, Stark, Portage, Summit, Cuyahoga and Lake counties, Plumbing 911 will ensure the quality of service and skill you deserve.

Why Are My Pipes So Noisy?

September 26, 2019 by Plumbing 911  

Have you recently noticing sudden bumping noises or clinking and clanking sounds coming from the walls? After hearing the disruptive noises, figuring how to get it to stop is your top priority.  With a little help from Plumbing 911, you’ll be able to diagnose the specific reason for your noisy pipes and how you can fix it.

High Water Pressure

Increased water pressure can cause your pipes to be extra noisy and can even cause damage to your household appliances. To resolve this issue, simply have a pressure regulator installed to ensure the water to your home is being delivered at a rate between 40 and 80 pounds per square inch (PSI).


Water Hammer

A thudding noise known as “water hammer” happens when running water suddenly turns off, putting pressure on the shut-off valve. Since this can damage the connection in the pipes, it’s important to resolve this issue right away. The simplest way to resolve the problem is to install water hammer arrestor. These are small devices that connect to the water pipes containing a string-loaded shock absorber that diver the water force.


Copper Pipes

Cooper is a malleable and ductile metal, which means the copper pipes in your home will easily expand as hot water passes through. As the heat passes through and the pipes expand and contract, the pipes can rub against the structure of your home and other pipes, causing a disruptive noise. By lowering the temperature setting on your water heater, the issue should resolve quickly. If it persists, give Plumbing 911 a call to assess the issue!


Loose Pipes

Over time, pipes become loose from regular use but as water moves rapidly through them in large volume, the pipes can rattle and wobble. To minimize movement, install insulation clips or hangers to secure and stabilize the pipes.


To schedule your appointment with Plumbing 911 to have your pipes serviced, give us a call today at (330) 952-1900 or (216) 246-0566.

5 Signs It’s Time to Call a Plumber

August 28, 2019 by Plumbing 911  

If you’re like most homeowners, you prefer to handle plumbing problems in your home on your own but not all problems have DIY solutions. Knowing when to identify plumbing problems that can easily DIYed (think common drain clogs) and major problems that could lead to injury or property damage if tackled yourself. Not sure how to identify the differences? Here are 5 signs it’s time to call a plumber.

A Drop in Water Pressure

A sudden drop in water pressure can be a sign of a hidden water leak, pipe obstructions, or even city supply issues. Diagnosing this on your own can be annoying, frustrating, and can leave you with little answers. A professional plumber will be able to diagnose the cause of the drop in water pressure and provide an appropriate solution.

Major Installations

Any time you are installing new appliances or going through a major renovation (especially in the kitchen!), it’s crucial to hire a professional plumber to do this work for you. Oftentimes, these renovations and appliance installations require relocating things like sinks and refrigerators, which will require moving supply lines and necessary drains. DIYing these changes can result in significant damage to your homes plumbing, leading you to expensive repairs.

Burst Pipes

Normally happening during the cold winter months, burst pipes can lead to major flooding and expensive repairs. When your home experiences burst pipes, it’s best to call in a professional plumber to ensure that the burst pipe is not only repaired properly but that the water abandonment process is begun immediately. With flooding, water can leak below your house into your foundation and affect the soil your home sits on and your plumber will be able to target all of these concerns!

Sewer Odors

Sewer odors are typically a sign of sewer line problems. If you notice sewer-like smells inside or outside of your home, give your plumber a call as soon as possible to help identify the source of the problem to help avoid major sewer backup in your home. 

Pipe Blockage

Are you experiencing regular, sever drain clogs in your home? This could be a sign of a blocked sewer line, which are typically caused by tree roots, non-flushable items building up, or sediment build-up. Calling in a plumber will allow you to accurately pinpoint the source of the problem and will be able to provide a safe solution. If the pipe blockage is due to a cracked pipe or punctured sewer line, your plumber will avoid major property damage to both your home and your neighbors.

Are you planning a home renovation or are experiencing any of these problems? Give Plumbing 911 a call today at (330) 952-1900 or (216) 246-0566 to schedule your plumbing appointment.