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How to Troubleshoot Brother Scanner Error Code 2023?

May 21, 2018 by thomashalls  

When you make possible efforts to launch a scanner application, this irregular error code appears on Brother Printer. If you face such type of scanning errors, immediately call at toll free Brother Scanner Support Phone Number 1-800-956-0247 for quick solutions. But the most important thing is that you can fix brother scanner error code 2023 in the easy ways possible. You can do it just by following some important guidelines suggested by the experienced scanner experts.

Brother Scanner Error Code 2023 is a simple technical error that affects your scanning procedure. There are a lot of possible reasons that results into this technical error. Mainly, when your computer system is not able to communicate properly with the system, you can have this error. This error shows utterly to communication error between brother scanner machine and the computer system.

Effective important instructions are recommended by experienced scanner technicians to troubleshoot brother scanner error code 2023:- You are not alone, who has faced this technical error. This is one of the most common brother scanner errors experienced by almost all users. So there is no more to worry about. Whenever you face such type of error either you can follow these tips and tricks or connect with certified scanner experts to solve this type of technical error simply without any delay.

To tackle this technical error, you should turn off your brother printer and wait for 15 seconds.

Next, you need to turn on the brother printer again and try to scan again.

If you are still not able to scan, you need to eliminate all the power plugs and USB cables from the brother printer and computer system.

You need to check the USB ports carefully. Replace them, if required.

If USB ports are not damaged, you need to reconnect them and try to scan again.

If still, Brother Scanner error code 2023 recurs, you need to uninstall the scanner driver and DSmobilecapture software.

After that, you should download and reinstall both the software and driver.

Finally, you try to scan again. Surely, your this error code will be solved.

When you are unable to make this brother scanner error code 2023 disappear, we are available 24 hour to do it for you. Along with complete troubleshooting solutions, you can tackle any complex error related to brother scanner. No matter how simple or complex error, our certified scanner technicians are technically and professionally known for troubleshooting any error easily. And you can also dial toll free Brother Scanner Helpline Number 1-800-956-0247 to solve such type of errors easily without any trouble.

Source Link:- http://printerfixit365.blogspot.com/2018/05/how-to-troubleshoot-brother-scanner.html

How to improve Scanning Quality in Epson Scanner?

May 18, 2018 by thomashalls  

Although, if you belong to a non- technical background or do not have sufficient technical knowledge, you can scan the documents simply and quickly using the Epson scanner. But what if the scan quality is undesirable? The poor scan quality will lead to an unreadable document and a blurred picture.

Correct measurements have to be taken in order to gain the finest consequences and make scanning quality hassle free with Epson Scanner Technical Support Number 1-800-956-0247. You should follow few important instructions to improve the picture quality in Epson scanner and get improved scanning skills:-

Keep Epson Scanner Glass Dust Free-

Uninterrupted and regular usage of the Epson scanners for a daily period of time results to attract the dust to the machine. You should also confirm that it is fully safe from dust and dirt. The glass panel has the power to catch dust particles. The tiny pieces of dust affects the quality of any scanned document and makes it blurred. In order to secure the glass from scratch ignores rubbing it with hard thing.

Resolution Settings Correction-

Adjustment of the resolution settings to their level is a necessity. Greater number of pixels better is the top quality of your scanned copy. The scanned material is completely dependent on the number of pixels in it. The tinny scanned copies become muddling on expanding therefore, make sure that scanned document should be small in the size. If you have any doubt regarding this, you must call at toll free Printer Tech Support Phone Number for instant help.

Image Scanning Setting Adjustment-

While scanning an image, you need to adjust its sharpness and brightness and contrast, to get a best class scanned copy of the image. All editing things can be done manually. Image alignment can be varied by the page dimension. The image alignment also depends on the obtainable scanning space.

Scanning Quality Of The Output Adjustment-

Few little changes are very needed in the quality of the productivity of scanning. Whenever you save the file, in order to ensure the top quality consequences the level of compression needs to be adjusted. The output quality can be adjusted in the control panel way too simply just by scrolling down to the administration button. Enjoy secure scanning just by taking help just by dialing toll free Epson Scanner Setup Help Phone Number to connect with certified scanner technicians within few seconds. Online scanner experts are comfortably available to guide you step by step for repairing Epson scanner rightly.

Source Link:- https://printerfixit365blog.wordpress.com/2018/05/18/how-to-improve-scanning-quality-in-epson-scanner/

Best Technical Ways To Fix Common Error Codes Of Dell Printer

May 16, 2018 by thomashalls  

Dell printers are made to simplify the task of users as dell printers are specially designed with high technology, which works to offer best quality printing. They have occupied a large space in the corporate workplace because of its features and functioning. Dell is very popular for its service within the users around the world and it also provides Dell Printer Help Support Services to help users and to resolve their technical queries related to dell printers.

All types of the dell printers such as Dell 1110toner printer are made to display error codes either on the monitor or on the computer screen. Although, the error codes are normal issues, that can be solved at your own with few easy process. Here, we are explaining little common error with their instant solutions given below:-

Print Head Error:-

Normally, dell printer will cause print head error if there is any jam in the printer. Ink and cartridge is the main reason behind the error.  A printer head is required to stay clean in order to pass ink from the cartridge. Ink cartridge must not be blocked with packaging material or any plastic tape. Most of the printers permit the head cleaning just by choosing an option within the software utility. In the case, the blockage is not causing the Print head error, so this is needed to replace the printer head.

Error Code 009-360:-

Error code shows that the communication failure has been identified by the printer with toner cartridge. To fix the error, previous step you need to perform is powering off the printer for some seconds and power on the printer. See if the issue has solved, if still the error appears, then you should change the cartridge. If you face any difficulty to solve this error code, you can take online Printer Support Number from certified printer technicians immediately.

Paper Jamming-

Paper jamming error related to dell printer occurs if the papers are not placed properly inside the tray. To overcome this critical situation, you need to open the printer’s door properly and smoothly removed the papers stucked inside the printer.

Printing Text in Red:-

The main reason behind the red texting is that the print head not get cleaned regularly. Cleaning the print head is the right option to fix this error.

If the troubleshooting instructions explained above do not assist you to solve the error of dell printer, the best source to find out the best and reliable solution is Dell customer support service, which is easily accessible 365 days 24 hour to offer technical help to dell printer’s problems. You can get live tech support services just by dialing toll free Dell Scanner Support 1-800-956-0247 from certified printer technicians. Online technical experts have good knowledge and vast experience to solve any complex issue within few seconds. They are always available 24 hour to help you for solving any kind of technical inconvenience.

Source Link:- https://printerfixit365blog.wordpress.com/2018/05/16/best-technical-ways-to-fix-common-error-codes-of-dell-printer/

Technical Guidance To Connect Brother Printer to Google Cloud Print:

May 14, 2018 by thomashalls  

Brother printers and scanners are one of the best printers manufactured with high-tech facilities and functions. They are popularly known for their best performance all over the world.  As a user of Brother Printer, if you want to connect it with the Google Cloud Print, then follow the steps given in the tutorial. For further help and support, you can contact experts at Printer Support Phone Number. Google Cloud Print helps you to print via Google Account from any network supporting device. It simply enables you to connect your entire devices to a single or more printer. Moreover, Google Cloud Print is simply compatible with wireless, cloud-ready and non-wireless printers.


Connect your Brother Printer to Google Cloud Printer with the following steps-


Install Google Cloud Print Computer Application:


·         First of all, you need to install Google Cloud Print computer application that helps you to print pages using the Cloud Print.   

Print Items from the Hardware and Compatible Apps:


·         Open the Google Cloud Management Page.

·         Select orange printer button in order to click on “Upload File to Print”.

·         Now, you have to select a file from the computer that is followed by clicking on the “Open” button. 

·         At last, you have to click on the “Print” button once selecting your ready printer.  


Print Using Google Chrome:


·         Here, you can print files and pages that appear on the Chrome Browser, with the help of Google Cloud Print.

·         In the next step, you have to launch your Chrome Web Browser and then click on “Menu” button located in the top right corner.

·         Next, you have to click on the “Print” option in order to search for the “Destination Section”.

·         Now, click on “Change” in order to select your preferred cloud-ready printer.   

·         In the last step, simply press the “Print” button to start printing.


Save Files and Pages in Your Google Drive:


·         Once you complete the above procedure, you need to save files and pages in your Google Driver as well.

·         Launch “Google Chrome Browser” and further click on “Menu” button.

·         Afterward, you have to click on “Print” in order to navigate to Destination section.

·         Further, directly click on “Change” in order to select “Save to Google Drive”.

·         And now finally click on “Save” button to save the changes.

In case, you face any difficulty to connect Brother Printer with Google Print Cloud, grab our technical support over a call at Brother Scanner Support Phone Number +1-800-956-0247. Here, our support team is available round the clock in order to deliver the high-end support on your desk at an affordable cost.


Source Link:- https://printerfixit365blog.wordpress.com/2018/05/14/technical-guidance-to-connect-brother-printer-to-google-cloud-print/

Why Your Printer Papers Keep Jamming?

May 8, 2018 by thomashalls  

Printers have performance features and offer an amazing flexibility that made users first choice and using across this globe. In the sudden cases, users are facing an issue as Printer Paper keeps jamming and this is really a big error. For user convenient, we offer Printer Technical Support Number 1-800-956-0247 that assists you better. This toll free calling number is open round the clock to guide every printer user properly in order to get instant consequences.

Describing instructions to troubleshoot “Printer Paper keeps jamming” an error are very helpful for users. Below are few fundamental instructions which make your errors to be correct. 

Step1:-Initially, you should turn off your computer system and your printing machine. If your printing device is a laser printer, it is not necessary not to generate to fuse any extra heat into. Open a printing device and eliminate that jammed papers and clean all its internal dust and dirty particles.

Step2:- After cleaning all its dirty and dust particles, check carefully whether it is print without any paper jamming issues or not. If yes, ask expert help or support at Printer Repair Technical Support Phone Number that assists you better.

Step3:- Pull out carefully jammed papers which feed into a printing machine. Check that paper which is stuck or skewed including paper scraps. Check sensibly whether you are connecting all connections to a computer system appropriately or not.

Step4:- After removing jammed papers and cleaning of internal as well as external dirty particles from a printing machine. Then you need to close all printer doors which you have opened for the purpose of cleaning. Now print any type of document and then check instantly whether it is printing without any paper jammed errors or not. If still errors arise, then ask expert help through contacting printer support experts.

Online Technical support is the first user’s choice and they prefer it because we solve all technical issues through advance remote access technology. This live tech support is available round the clock for users to get right solutions for any difficulty.  Highly trained and rich experienced printer technicians are very smart for diagnosing different snags that face by a user. They have depth technical knowledge and great skills to resolve any serious technical situation. Online Printer Repair Customer Support team is ready to assist you anytime for any type of technical inconvenience. This team is very perfect for helping you for any error.

Source Link:- http://printerfixit365.blogspot.com/2018/05/why-your-printer-papers-keep-jamming.html

How To Troubleshoot Error Codes Of Lexmark Printer?

May 1, 2018 by thomashalls  

Lexmark is well known name in the world of printing and scanning. Its printers work everything from scan, print and fax and provide a long period of issue free service. But like all the printing machines, it can have few technical errors too. We can troubleshoot the error codes in the easy ways. If you don’t have idea to troubleshoot these error codes, you should call at toll free Lexmark Printer Support Number 1-800-956-0247 for immediate help.


Here are the common error codes with the resolutions:-

1. Error Code — E02

Description: The Lexmark printer is out of paper.

Solution: You need to load the papers carefully in the paper tray.

2. Error Code- E03

Description: - Paper jamming errors with the computers.

Solution: You should turn off the printer and eliminate the paper carefully.

3. Error Code –E04

Description: Fine cartridge is not installed appropriately.

Solution: You need to turn off the Lexmark printer, uninstall the cartridge and place it appropriately.

4. Error Code — E05

Description: Suitable fine cartridge is not installed correctly.

Solution: You need to install the proper fine cartridge after uninstalling the earlier one.

5. Error Code –E06

Description: The paper outcome cover is wide-open.

Solution: Required to close the paper outcome cover. If you stuck into any serious problem, you should connect with printer technicians through toll free Lexmark Scanner Tech Support Number immediately.

6. Error Code-22

Description: - This kind of error code indicates the paper out and paper jamming errors in the printer.

Solution: - To fix this error code, you should check the size of paper and it should not overload in the paper tray.

7. Error Code24:-

Description: - This type of error displayed in the printing device when user feed the paper in the paper tray before invited to do.

Solution: - You will be advised that you should feed the paper manually to get the output.

8. Error code31:-

Description:-This type of error code occurs when the size of paper is not compatible with Lexmark printer.

Solution: - To ignore this type of error code, you make sure that you should use the appropriate specific size of paper of a specific printer and make adjustment for paper size setting.

9. Error code36:-

Description: - When Lexmark printer user overloaded the paper tray, then printer block this error.

Solution: - To overcome from this error code, you make sure that do not cross the limit of paper feeding.

Source Link:- https://printerfixit365blog.wordpress.com/2018/05/01/how-to-troubleshoot-error-codes-of-lexmark-printer/

How To Print A Power Point Presentation From Samsung Printer?

April 17, 2018 by thomashalls  

Have you created an official presentation and you want a hard copy of the presentation? Or you have completed your college project on Power Point and need it in the hard copy? In the case, you are seeking a way to print your PowerPoint presentation. If you want Power point document in the form of hard copy is not that technically sophisticated. This is a simple procedure that you can learn just by reading following blog:-

Open Power Point:-

Firstly launch Microsoft PowerPoint application just by double clicking on desktop icon of Power point. Now you need to open the file you want to print. If you have any difficulty, you can take help from Samsung Printer Tech Support team immediately.

Locate the print button:-

You need to click on file menu positioned on the top left corner of the screen that will open a drop down menu with different options. From the list of options and click on “Print” button. You can choose Print button from the standard toolbar option positioned on the top of the screen.

Choose the Printer:-

Choose the Printer that you want to use. Click on drop down menu and select your favorite printer from the list of available printers.

Decide the part of presentation you want to print:-

You can either select to print the whole presentation just by clicking the default setting of “All” for all slides or you can choose the current slide. You can choose a customized part of a specific slide or you can insert your value or slide numbers in the “Slide number” box. If you get any technical issue, you can call at toll free Samsung printer Support Number 1-800-956-0247 for immediate help.

Decide the type of printing:-

Based on the kind of presentation you are doing, you can select the kind of printing you will need for your presentation. You can select between slides, Notes, Handouts and outline view.

Decide the number of copies that you want:-

Insert the number of copies that you want just by clicking on the drop down area in the copies section. Finally, click on “OK” Button to print any type of document.

Thus, you will be capable of printing a PowerPoint document anytime. If you want to print any type of document, you should take instant assistance from certified printer technicians. Online printer technicians are very experienced to solve any type of technical issue. For any technical error, you must call at toll free Samsung Printer Setup Help Phone Number for immediate responses.


Source Link:- https://printerfixit365blog.wordpress.com/2018/04/17/how-to-print-a-power-point-presentation-from-samsung-printer/

Free Customer Support Paper Jamming Errors Of Canon Printer Call 1-800-956-0247

April 16, 2018 by thomashalls  

Are you facing paper jamming issues related to canon printer? Is your canon printer unable to solve paper jamming problems? If yes, we are one of the most successful tech support service provider guiding you properly to solve paper jamming errors related to canon printer. We also provide the best technical answers as per canon printer customer’s requirements and demands. Our printer technicians are very experienced to repair canon printer properly. Our Canon Printer Technical Support Phone Number is the excellent option for you to get your errors resolved.

Corporate Office:-

1073 Rosedale Road,

Valley Stream, NY 11581, USA

USA Phone Number:- 1-800-956-0247


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How To Delete Jumble Files From PC Desktop? Dial 1-866-606-9133

April 13, 2018 by thomashalls  

When your computer system stops working or not responding rightly it means that your system is seriously attacked by some kinds of unwanted items. Due to arriving of temporary files, applications and folders, unused programs and applications, cookies, Internet caches and many others, your device is not capable of working, so you should need Junk Cleaner Installation process immediately. Just by installing junk cleaner tool, you can remove such type of files and programs instantly. It also helps in protecting the computer system safe and secure.

Corporate Office:-

1680 Michigan Avenue,

Suite 700, Miami Beach, FL, 33139

USA Phone Number:- 1-866-606-9133





How To Troubleshoot HP Printer Spooler Error 1053?

April 13, 2018 by thomashalls  

If a user encounters any type of errors while trying to restart print spooler, then this is possible that the “Service Base” calling the “ON Stop” process openly from the “Service” command handler. This “service” rule handler is specifically described in the SC Dispatcher that is positioned in the Advapi32.dll file.   After short span of time, this is displayed that SC Dispatcher Loop thread is not ready to obtain a new service command from the service control manager.  After this control manager will mark the service as “Time out” message. This is the main reason to receive this kind of error message. You can take assistance of HP printer spooler technical assistance has guided users to work with new service of the Microsoft. NET Framework. This process will work in a right way for users and permit all the services to its appropriate state. If you are unable to troubleshoot this error, you can take help from printer experts just by dialing toll free HP Printer Repair Technical Number 1-800-956-0247 within few seconds. Printer technicians are very proficient to guide you properly to solve this spooler error 1053 instantly.

Important Instructions to solve HP printer spooler error 1053 in HP printer:-

Step1:- Run command- You need to open the “Run” command.

Step2:- Services. MSC: - Type the services. MSc on the “Run” box and press “Enter” button.

Step3:- Print Spooler- You need to scroll down the list and double left and hit on the printer spooler indication. If you have any technical error regarding this spooler error 1053, you can take instant help from HP Printer Tech Support team within few seconds.

Step4:- Log on Tab: - Select the LOG “On Tab” button as this is important service to interact with the computer system.

Step5:- Permit service to Interact with PC Desktop- Users must to uncheck the box just by tapping on “Permit service to interact with desktop” file.  Choose on “Apply” section next.

Step6:- General Tab- Selecting of the “General” tab for the print spooler is the last step for users to be performed and select the “Start” button.

If still you are facing HP printer spooler error 1053 again and again, you can call directly certified printer technicians just by dialing toll free HP Printer Technical Support Phone Number to get immediate technical assistance.  Printer technicians are very knowledge and rich experienced to guide you properly for this spooler error easily.

Source Link:- https://printerfixit365blog.wordpress.com/2018/04/13/how-to-troubleshoot-hp-printer-spooler-error-1053/