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Top 6 Reasons You Should Board a Cruise to Antarctica

March 17, 2018 by Thomas Kokta  

Cruise to Antarctica for a Lifetime Experience
What do you usually desire in a polar vacation? Is it the surreal glaciers, majestic icebergs, and amazing wildlife at your vision, or the fun and adventurous things you'll get to enjoy? Do you yearn for exploring a wild, frozen place that looks thespian, or an epic experience of sailing through the stormy seas of Antarctica? If all these things are part of your dream vacation plan, there is nothing like boarding a cruise to Antarctica

Below are top 6 reasons you should take an Antarctic cruise and be sure of getting an experience of a life-time.
  1. Mind-blowing Landscape full of Snow and Ice - Each day of your cruise to Antarctica will reveal amazing new landscapes. From infinite bays filled with sea ice and towering snow-capped mountains to marshmallow glaciers and gorgeous icebergs around the Antarctica Peninsula, you will experience the great wilderness in all.
  2. Fascinating Wildlife - The sight of wildlife around the Antarctica peninsula is absolutely fascinating. It is not just penguins but also Black-browed Albatross, elephant, crabeater, Weddell, leopard, and fur seals sharing the ice and minke, humpback, and Orca whales dining in the ocean waters can often be seen from the cruise. Some cruises to Antarctica also cover destinations like the Falkland Islands and the South Georgia Islands, where you can have a close encounter with different species of birds, dolphins, and whales.
  3. Lifetime Adventure of Crossing the Antarctic Circle - Antarctica tour ships are fully equipped ice-breaking vessels capable of taking you beyond the stormy Drake Passage. With the expert crews on board, you can easily cross the Antarctic Circle which is a great achievement in itself. Additionally, you will enjoy gigantic icebergs, and wildlife all along the way. It will be the best adventure you will experience while traveling on a cruise to Antarctica.
  4. your cruise to Antarctica will have plenty of WOW moments that you can capture on camera. You will come back home with snaps of the glorious landscapes of ice and snow, the funny actions of adorable penguins and humpbacks etc. Sunrise and sunset views are magnificent. No matter wherever you point the camera, you can click a photograph worth framing.
  5. Absolute serenity. The iced up wilderness is simply beautiful with a background of deep blue sky. The stunning view you will get from your Antarctica cruise ship, while you are drinking a hot beverage, is something you cannot experience elsewhere. But whenever you come outside, the ice land will ensure you absolute serenity. The soft whisper of wind blowing across the snow is the only sound to be heard, and the rest of the surrounding feels as calm as anyplace on the planet.
  6. Comfortable cruise tour. Even though you go ahead with your plan to visit the most unapproachable area of the earth, you will have plenty of luxury and comfort on an Antarctica cruise ship.
Polar Holidays offers a wide variety of Cruises to Antarctica beginning and ending in South America. It gives you the option to book a cruise directly to the Antarctic Peninsula, or a Peninsula tour combined with a visit to the Falkland and South Georgia Islands, or the Shetland Islands, or a straight cruise to the Antarctic Circle. To let you make the most of your tour, you will be given access to activities like mountaineering, shore exploring and camping etc. Contact Polar Holidays to book the best cruise to Antarctica for a lifetime adventure at +1 (800) 240-2648. You can even send it your message via info@polarholidays.com

What Are The Top Activities To Be Enjoyed In Antarctica?

February 2, 2018 by Thomas Kokta  

There’s no other destination on earth more amazing and overwhelming than Antarctica. The ‘White Continent’ has been the destination of choice for adventurers, explorers,and tourists for generations. While a lot of people may assume that a trip to Antarctica is all about sitting on a ship & looking through binoculars, the fact is if you pick the right company your experience there will be more exhilarating than you could ever vision. There are plenty of activities in Antarctica to keep you occupied and amazed all through your trip. Some of the very best activities that you can’t miss are:

Get up close and personal with penguins:

This is no doubt one of the most popular tourist activities in Antarctica. There are not too many places on the earth where you can get up close &a personal with thousands of penguins. If you travel during the perfect time of year, you can enjoy the experience of walking among the huge colonies.If you’re fortunate enough, you may just get to see a penguin hatching egg, revealing a sweet, feathery baby penguin.



Take a zodiac cruise:

Small in size, a zodiac is a boat that is launched from the cruise ship. It holds around 8 to 10 people. You’ll be able to witness icebergs up close & personal and if you’re fortunate, many different kinds of seals, for example, leopard seals.  As you weave in & out between icebergs, you’ll  enjoy the pure grandiosity that is Antarctica.


Be amazed at the wildlife:

There are not too many places on the planet that have the type of wildlife that Antarctica provides. Besides penguins, which are obviously the prime attractions, one can also witness many different kinds of birds, whales,and seals.

Your  trip to Antarctica would be incomplete with a bit of adventure Antarctica.

Go kayaking:

The majority of Antarctica cruises provides the opportunity to go for a spin in a kayak. You will get to paddle along the shores in a secluded bay, discovering  the landscape at your own pace.

Scuba diving:

If you are the type of tourist that like discovering the underwater world just as much as above, scuba diving is probably the best thing to do in Antarctica. Crystal clear water, unique marine life and gleaming iceberg offer sights that are tough to find anywhere else on the planet.



Whale watching:

Seeing massive pods of the whale up close at any time of day is an incredible experience. If you are fortunate enough, you can see orcas, minke whales and humpbacks surrounding your ship or zodiacs. The most common whale species found in Antarctica are fin, blue, sperm and right whales. Viewing some of the largest marine creatures on the earth with the background of icebergs and snowy peaks is no doubt one of the finest things to experience during your trip to Antarctica.



To make the most of your trip to Antarctica, choose Polar Holidays as your one-stop tour operator. Our partnerships with high-quality specialty cruise lines allow us to provide the best Antarctica tour to our clients. For any kind of help, reach us info@polarholidays.com or +1 (800) 240-2648.

What is The Best Time to Travel to Antarctica?

December 7, 2017 by Thomas Kokta  

You might have tamed most of the world, but one vast stretch of the planet still remains beyond your grasp. What is it?  The answer is “Antarctica”. This frozen continent is located at the end of the earth and has never been occupied by man permanently.

Planning a travel to Antarctica is an adventure in every sense. Even if you’re cruising there like most people do, the emptiness and the solitude will envelop you and bring you down to scale.

Not only solitude comes to mind when you’re first, standing in the middle of a penguin colony on a shoreline of Antarctica. You can ask anyone who’s enjoyed cruising in Antarctica. Be sure to beguiled by the stories about spectacular landscapes, historic sightings, and exotic wildlife species.

Do you wonder what the best time to travel to Antarctica is? Take a look at this post and get a better overview of the seasons that can be experienced in Antarctica.

The peak time for Antarctica visit falls through the spring and summer months – from October to March. The rest of the year is too cold, there is limited, if any, daylight, and thick pack ice makes human access impossible.


The Spring –

The spring in Antarctica entails October, November, and December. Those months mark the early steps of summer, yet the continent is engulfed by in snow.

Want to see the beautiful landscapes? The spring season in Antarctica won’t disappoint you at all. Besides, the snow conditions are icebergs are perfect during this time as the snow and ice not covered with bird’s nests yet.

You are likely to spot baby Crabeater seals and elephant seals while cruising in Antarctica at this time of year. Keep in mind that November is the month when penguins in Antarctica start mating and laying eggs.   Large colonies of different penguin species start to form.


The Summer –

January and February are the summer months in Antarctica. The temperature reaches up to 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Most of the snow has dissipated to higher elevation levels, allowing cruising enthusiasts spot the beautiful rocky headlands.

The summer months are the special times of year to enjoy a considerable level of warmth. After all, the continent is showered with almost 24 hours of sunlight. When the ice starts melting partially in Antarctica, you can enjoy cruising farther south on your expedition.

Seal pups and baby penguins wander around Antarctica in January and February, offering truly striking views of wildlife like no other. You will able to see penguin parents feeding their hungry little ones. These months are also perfect to spot the whale species.

The Fall –

The month of March is fall in Antarctica. It brings in striking sunsets, dips in temperatures, and sea ice stemming from nighttime frosts. Though the fall season seems a bit chilly, it features blooming algae – that coverts ice cliffs to green and pink shades.

Cruising vacationers can be likely to spot whales in March as they’ve returned to feed. Besides whales, you can see Gentoo penguins. These are the interesting creatures to see as they act like miniature Charlie Chaplin.


Conclusion –

This is all about the best time to travel to Antarctica. You should decide whether you enjoy vacationing on the water or in the mild or chilly temperatures. All you need to do is to count on Polar Holidays for an Antarctic adventure to the end of the Earth. We have been traveling and booking expedition cruises around the Polar Regions for almost 20 years.

For a once-in-a-lifetime cruising expedition, contact us to get started!! Let us know about your suggestions on the best time to travel to Antarctica through our Facebook, and Twitter social networks.