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How to export AOL contacts to Gmail in a CSV file

February 17, 2020 by thomaszones  

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The task of exporting AOL contacts to another mail is as burdening as it sounds. But if you apply the right method and steps, this task can be accomplished within minutes. However, for some, there are yet many hurdles to overcome while laying out the steps and procedure. This is mainly due to the fact that the ‘language’ that has been employed to explain the steps become too complicated for the user to understand. So, if you want to refer to a blog that has all the steps laid down in a simple and easy to understand format, you may proceed to continue reading this content. Or if you prefer to get the help from certified professionals, you can do that too by calling AOL Customer Service Number.


To export AOL contacts to Gmail in a CSV file isn’t that complicated, to begin with. However, if you miss out on even a single step you might have to repeat eth entire procedure all over again. So you need to pay attention to the steps that have been mentioned below and follow them exactly the way it has been written.


How to export AOL contacts to Gmail

You may not have to proceed with any complicate steps if you have only a handful of contacts in your AOL contact list because you can do that manually. But for the people working in big businesses and companies, the contact list has hundreds of contacts and manually exporting them could be time-consuming.

So if you want to continue with exporting AOL contacts to Gmail, follow the steps mentioned below:

·       To begin, you must first log in to your AOL email account and select ‘contacts’ from your account.

·       Since you need to export all of the contacts from the list, click on ‘select all’.

·       After that, choose ‘export’ and select the file format, which would be ‘CSV’ in this case.

·       Now, look for a suitable location for the files to be saved and click on ‘export’.


The steps are simple and easy to understand so you will have no difficulty in following them. However, if you confront any technical issue or complications while executing the steps, you can call AOL Tech Support to get instant help from certified representatives who are proficient in the field of AOL email.


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How to import contacts in AOL email

February 7, 2020 by thomaszones  

AOL Tech Support Phone Number

You may have been using AOL email services with quite promising email benefits. You must be logging in with ease and accessing your account effectively. However, there are some instances when you may need expert support. Import and export account to AOL mail can be those situations. To fix the issue you can contact at AOL Technical Support Numberand get easy fixes. Also, you can proceed with these steps that are given below. You can follow these steps carefully and complete the process with ease. You can go ahead and learn about deleting and updating the contacts.

Import contacts to AOL mail:

·        First of all, you need to log in your AOL account with the correct credentials and also check the Caps lock and Num lock key.

·        Once you are logged into your account, you can see messages and other options in the left panel.

·        From these options, you have to select the ‘contacts’ option and click on it.

·        In the contacts list, you have to go to the tools option and open it.

·        Now you can choose the import option.

·        Then you have to navigate CSV file on your system to import. You only need to select specific files and click on ‘import’ to move these files.

·        It will take few seconds to complete the process, and once it is completed, then you will be able to see the imported contacts on your AOL client list.

·        Further, you can also edit your pictures, info, and job description.

Update contacts:

·        Open your AOL account and click on Contacts in the left panel.

·        You can choose any contact that you want to edit.

·        Next, you have to click on edit and change information and details.

·        Then click on save to complete the process.

Delete contacts:

·        Go to contacts option again that you find on the left side of the panel.

·        Select specific contacts.

·        Press the delete button and get it deleted.

Get the customer support number for further information:

However, this blog has clarified all the steps precisely, and you will be able to import contacts, updates, and delete them easily. Nevertheless, you may get some issues while performing these activities. In such scenarios, you need to contact at AOL Customer Care and fix your issues easily with a step-by-step guide. You can get connected at every time round the clock and get fixed by expert recommendation and customized solution.

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How to Fix AOL Server Error 400 Bad Requests

January 31, 2020 by thomaszones  

AOL Customer Support Phone Number

AOL is highly advanced software that is developed to provide complete satisfaction to the users while accessing email services and communication. However, AOL itself is not completely able to avoid all the issues and lead you to the troublesome situations from time to time. AOL server error 400 bad request is such an issue that happens due to server error of AOL. Nevertheless, you can fix the issue with such ease only if you are fully aware of the error and probable cause of the issue. This blog will help you to get to know about the error and ways to solve it. You can also contact AOL Customer Service Number to get expert guidance.


The probable cause of the error 400 bad request:

You may have the error 400 bad request quite often caused by several issues that lie within AOL account or AOL server. So you need to find out some of them mentioned below:

        When an improper installation gets done for AOL messenger.

        Corrupted windows registry files may also get issues.

        Virus or malware-infected software file may create the error.

        An incorrect URL typed in the web browser may cause trouble.

Now when you try to find the solution, you should keep these causes in mind so that you attempt in the right direction and fix the issue.


A two-method solution of AOL server error code 400:

Generally, there are two globally approved methods that can easily fix the issue with the AOL server. You can proceed with these methods, as mentioned below:

Method 1

        You should start checking and repairing windows registry entries linked to the error code 400.

        Then you can run antivirus programs to scan viruses and remove them.

        Further, you can access disk clean up tool and remove all the junk files and temporary files as well.

        Next, you can update all the system drivers.

        Use Windows 10 system restore to review the changes in your computer.

        You can also try to reinstall AOL Messenger App by performing a clean installation.

        You need to repair missing or corrupted files using windows file checker.

        Check for the updates and install all the available updates.


Method 2

        You should check if the URL you entered was correct and then press the F5 key to keep refreshing the web page.

        Next, you should also check the windows registry of AOL messenger.


Despite applying these methods, if you are still not able to log in to your AOL account, then you should promptly get connected with AOL Tech Support and resume AOL services again.


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Fix Issues with AOL Mail Image Challenges

January 24, 2020 by thomaszones  

AOL is one of the leading mail provider brands in the world. But the demand for this application is always in high demand in the States. People, there have always been in touch with AOL because in many ways they are better than others. AOL mail helps you add, delete and edit contacts from the groups.

The leverage that AOL gives to all its users is the unlimited storage space, the mail book size is bigger and larger contact list. Apart from all this the AOL Tech Support Number is available 24 x 7. They have a huge mail collector, IMAP support, as well as a message translator.

AOL mail is a free mail provider that attaches files to all the outgoing messages better, secured and faster than any other service provider in the market. This mailing application has the feature of faster service providing all their users with utmost security.

Using AOL is a better way to sending and receiving emails to your contact. One of the best features of AOL emails is the easy editing, adding, and deleting your contacts from the contact list. And to keep the things cool in the application, they have also introduced the feature where you can easily form a group of as many contacts as you can. This will help you eliminated the hassle of including the same person on the mailing ID again and again. It also completely finishes off the hassle where you can get yourself confused in making mistakes and sending the same mail to the person over and over again.

You can easily form a group of people who you contact frequently and then send a single mail to all of them at once. With all these benefits the user also gets to enjoy the help that you can get from the AOL Customer Support Number whenever you have the slightest problem. AOL also has a secured line through which your emails are sent and they have a double check security system that eliminates even the slightest of chance where your details are leaked out. Moreover, as a user, you get the best security and usability in the mailing section.

But at times if you face the image challenges in your AOL mail that means you are unable to attach the image you want to send to your contact then you can directly get in touch with the support team with the customer care number provided in the website.


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Desktop Gold icon disappeared or not working properly

January 10, 2020 by thomaszones  

AOL Desktop Gold is software which caters to each and every basic needs of users on a computer system. This software works to provide the users with all the features like a Web browser, Multimedia streamer, Email service and even enables you to play games. The most commendable feature about this software is that they provide so many features to users without compromising on the security of the interface. AOL Desktop Gold software is highly compatible with both the Mac operating system as well as the Windows operating system. You are able to access the premium features of this software which you have a premium membership of AOL. It must also be said the process to install AOL Desktop Gold on your system by contacting AOL Customer Care Number.

AOL Desktop Gold satisfies millions of users across the globe. People have happily accepted this software because of the astonishing features that it provides the users with. Even after being this efficient, this software also encounters several snags and malfunctions. AOL Desktop Gold icon disappearing or not working is one of those issues. This issue can be caused due to multiple reasons some being having damaged files in the AOL Desktop Gold folder, due to malware or virus on your system etc. In this blog, you can find useful information which would assist you in solving this given error.

Steps to resolve the issue are:

To solve the issue of icon disappearing

·        Look at the bottom of your computer desktop and view the system tray.
·        Press on the arrow icon to display all the hidden item.
·        There you would be able to see the icon of AOL Desktop Gold
·        Right click on the icon and from the options available choose the option to create a shortcut of AOL Desktop Gold
·        After this step, restart your system and examine whether the issue has been rectified or not.

To solve the issue of the icon not working

·        The first thing to be done is to initiate the restart of the system. It is always good to check by restarting the system as some issue automatically resolve by doing this.
·        Clear space in the Hard Disk of the system by deleting unnecessary files present as a shortage of memory could also be the reason for this issue.
·        Scan your system for any possible virus or malware using efficient antivirus software. If any problem does come up, fix it and delete any suspicious files that might be present on your system.

When you complete the process that has been given above, you would be able to access AOL Desktop Gold without any issues by contacting AOL Technical Support Number. The said steps are effective to solve the issue of AOL Desktop icon disappearing or nor working. If some snags are still left behind, it would be apt for you to check whether there are any updates available. If yes, update AOL Desktop Gold and check whether it solves the problem that you are facing.


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How to download an existing AOL Account?

December 31, 2019 by thomaszones  


The unique thing about AOL is that it allows you to access content, whether it is emails, bookmarks or contacts, from any web-enabled device. So even if you have a new computer, you will be able to access your existing AOL account by following some simple steps. However, when accessing your AOL account from a new device, you may receive a security warning meant to keep you in the loop regarding a new sigh in location. If you need help signing in to your existing AOL account from a new device, you can call the AOL Technical Support Number and speak to a trained email expert and ask for assistance. You can also go through this article to get a general idea on how you can download your existing AOL account on a new device so that you can access your email and other user data without any trouble.

Steps to download your existing AOL account

Since AOL is known for its user-friendly interface, setting up your existing AOL account on a new system is a piece of cake. You can refer to the steps given below and follow the instructions to access your AOL account on your new system:

·        Step 1: Open your preferred internet browser and access the AOL webpage.

·        Step 2: Look for the ‘Download for Free’ option on the AOL website.

·        Step 3: Download the AOL setup file and double-click on it.

·        Step 4: Refer to the wizard installation prompts to install AOL on your PC.

·        Step 5: Run AOL on your desktop and enter your login details to sign in.

·        Step 6: After you sign in your AOL data should be accessible on the system.

·        Step 7: If you cannot locate the data, use a USB drive to transfer the files.

·        Step 8: Go to the settings section on your AOL account and click ‘Manage.’

·        Step 9: Look for the option that reads ‘Replace my favorite place with a favorite file’ and navigate to the USB folder to open the file you transferred from your other computer.

If you have any trouble transferring your data, or if you have any doubts about the steps mentioned above, you can call the AOL Technical Support Number and ask for assistance. Professional software experts are available 24 hours a day and will be able to answer any query you may have about your AOL account. From simple login issues to technical errors connected to the server settings, AOL experts will be able to give you a step-by-step guide so that you can implement the best solution to resolve the error as soon as possible.




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