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Nike PG 3 Performance Analysis and Review

March 15, 2019 by tinmy2014  

PG13 for MVP? It’s gotta be the shoes right?

Thank you PG you made this so easy that I’m just going to make this short and sweet. You’re the Shimano Curado of shoes PG. (only fishing dudes would get that reference).

The PG3 is Really a shoe with zero flaws just like PG13’s game this year. Cushioning from the HDX has carried over to the. PG3 and the fit has improved slightly from the PG2 while keeping that excellent traction.

Pros: traction, cushioning, fit, stability, containment, adaptable fit, just a fun shoe to play in

Cons: needs a little break in to feel fluid, really bland colorblocking thus far (not performance related)

Best for: any, it’s a Hyperdunk X low with PGs name on it and improved traction, which is a good thing

Sizing advice: true to size, wide footers can go up half a size if needed

Buying advice: as great of a price $110 is, collectors and consumers aren’t clamoring for the latest PG (yet). Wait a week or two and you’ll be able to use coupons and eventually price cuts. Fair is $90 or less, low around $50-60 as usual.


14 ounces about average for a low. Half an ounce lighter than the PG2


Sticking with the NASA theme, we give you circles.. or moons.. or planets..or orbits. Or basketball rims and basketballs? Oh Nike I can never figure you out you’re so sneaky.

The good news is that circles work and that’s all that matters. Circles don’t have sides but they cover you in all directions which is what matters. Whether you’re playing on clean courts, courts with dirt or moon dust, you’re good in the Pg3. The only area I had any issue with at all was the flat lateral edge which could pick up some dust. I had one really bad slip out on a clean court due to that rim but other than that I can’t think of any major issues. Soft rubber, multi directional coverage and nice depth allows the traction to do its job. Well done Nike!

CushioningNot sure why the forefoot outer midsole (93552 portion) is made of a hard rubber. Foot doesn’t sit deep enough for containment purposes and probably adds a little to break in time.

I think everyone will enjoy this cushioning since Nike put the same foam in the PG3 as they did in the HDX. Nike kept the same big forefoot Zoom as last years so yea it’s freakin great with a slightly softer and bouncier foam carrier.

Same super duper thick Ortholite insole as the PG 1 and 2. Top insole is from the WhyNot 2

If you called this foam Lunarfly X Zoom Max Foam instead of injected Phylon or Cushlon, people would probably think it was the best things for their knees. Very smooth heel to toe cushioning just like PG’s game.

Well done Nike!


Top eyelet is higher and further back than the 2 for better lockdown

True to size. So simple isn’t it ? These do start out tight so I recommend thinner socks before you jump into your normal premium socks. I wanted to get these off my feet ASAP when I tried them with thicker socks but dropping to thinner socks gave me a little more breathing room until the shoes broke in.

No dead space, no side to side movement, no heel slip right out of the box. This is just a great fitting one to one fit with no need to break in anything. I was messing around at Dick’s (man that sounds wrong) and they had a size 12 out and I could fit it just fine with only a little extra length. The point being, PG1-3 are adaptive and are not one size fits one. UA, three stripes are you listening ?

The Achilles pillows don’t go down as far toward the heel as the PG2 which gave me a little better better heel lockdown than the 2 since fits right into that notch at the Achilles.

Overall, aside from a short break in period, the fit is excellent. Well done Nike!


If you think softer is better, well stick to the PG2. This upper has a synthetic backing that pops slightly to start but warms up after a few hours. The PG2 did not feature a stiffer backing probably since the mesh was a little thicker overall and is probably where Nike saved half an ounce of weight. Nike has made the materials a little less premium since the PG 1 but hey it works. Do cheaper feeling materials make you play worse or get your more tired ? Nope they just make you feel like you’re playing in more or less expensive shoes. If nicer feeling materials is what you want, you’ll probably love the Why Not 2.

Support and Stability

Like the PG2 the 3 is a high low so support comes from the great fit and the heel counter. No issues here at all

There is a plastic midfoot shank that stiffens up the midsole just enough. No portable rollie pollie action here.

Stability is great as well and is just as wide as the PG2 despite no outrigger.

Zero issues overall with support and stability on the PG 3. Nice job Nike!


Zero issues. Raised midsole, synthetic forefoot straps. We good Nike.


Well sh*t 2019 is killing it or I’m reallly getting good at picking winners. Zero complaints about anything and it’s considered a budget shoe? PG has been balling out with Russ, Aquaman and the Thunder so I think the causal fan may finally get to to know Playoff P..

Everything you want or need in a low top for a lower than average price of $110 (NASA was $120..gotta pay NASA for the use of their name).but if you wait a few weeks you’ll be able to use your coupons to bring the price down to $90 and eventually scoop more up at the $50-60 price point by end of summer or so. Don’t expect PG prices to stay low if he keeps up this play over the next few years though. Every player is a brand now and with great player performances come incremental price hikes *see Kobe, Lebron, Kyrie, Curry, Dame**

I enjoyed these shoes so much I attempted to NikeID them but the blocking and color choices just didn’t look great to me. Maybe Normcore blandness has worked it’s way into basketball but I needed a little more pop with these BHM’s so I swapped the laces for fun.

Color makes the world fun don’t you think ?

Looks sell but I guess at this price point, nobody cares ? Or Nike assumes nobody cares ? Or they want everyone to make IDs? Oh well

Well done Nike

Adidas Dame 5 Performance Analysis and Review

March 13, 2019 by tinmy2014  

Dame’s 2018 Playoff Performance  Oftentimes it’s better to remember the poor performances to identify weaknesses and motivate ourselves to be better than to just think everything is fantastic. The same goes for sneakers.

I really loved playing in the Dame 4 on clean floors or when freshly wiped but guess what, they fixed it on the 5. I don’t think the Dame 5 has quite the fun factor of the 4 but it’s still a great shoe. If you liked the Marquee Boost or Harden V3, these will feel very familiar.

Pros: traction, low to the ground and balanced cushioning, fit, stability, containment, flexible in the right places

Cons: some players may want more cushioning?

Sizing Advice: half size down for everyone unless you’re putting a thicker insole in or you have super wide feet

Buying Advice: $115 retail which isn’t bad but isn’t great. Sign up on Adidas’ Creator Club and get discounts right away. $90 or less is fair, bottom around $50-60 as usual.. which will probably come fairly fast. Looks matter Adidas


15.5 ounces which is about average for an Adidas mid. The Dame 4 weighed 14 ounces btw.


You’re killing me Adidas..if you put these on the 4 and you’d have sexy shoes with great traction. At least Adidas has simplified its story telling and pretty much put herringbone on everything this past year. I found these worked great when clean or freshly wiped with some occasional wiping on dusty floors. Very similar in design to the Marquee Boost/Harden etc..

Slightly wider spacing and about the same width teeth and rubber firmness. The grooves could sharper and the rubber could be softer but overall these work great. I found they got better with wear as the rubber softened up.

Great job Adidas!


The Dame line has gotten slightly lower year over year and these are the lowest of them all. If you enjoy court feel but want a balanced cushioning set up with some bounce back these are for you. These are not quite as bouncy or fun feeling as previous Dames but they aren’t brickish like the Harden BE2 or Curry 6/5 or Havoc. It’s just a nice blend of court feel and impact protection. Think Dame 4 but a tad lower.

Why does the Bounce have less bounce?

Part of the reason is that there is just less foam volume and the fact the use a thinner insole now versus the Dame 2.

Bottom is the Dame 2 insole and it’s at least double the thickness of the 5

Like the Harden, thinner cushioning can still feel pretty good if you make some changes like Adidas did with the Harden V3.

Foam strobel rather than fiberboard like the Dame 2 and 4 used.

Switching to foam allows the wearer to feel that foam just a little more since the foam strobel is softer and more flexible than a typical fiberboard so it kind of evens things out. As I have said before, Boost and Bounce need more volume than something like Zoom. I still really like the cushioning on the Dame 5 but I don’t think it has the comfort of the Dame 2 which wowed me out of the box. This is more tuned for court feel than previous models by a millimeters or two.

If you want a plusher ride like the Rose 6 or you’ll probably want to look elsewhere but if you want a nice balanced set up, the Dame 5 has you covered


These run long, longer than any of the Dames (not as long as the Marquee)so I’d advise half a size down for everyone but the maybe widest of wide footers. I went true to size and while they ran long, I had no issues with the fit since these are a mid (nice try adidas these aren’t lows).

*side note I swapped out the insole from the Dame 2 into the 5 and you can stay true to size if you’re planning on swapping insoles. This is one reason why it feels so long*

No heel slip or side to side movement out of the box and no banging of the toe since the laces hold your foot down and back like any good shoe should.

If you like heel pillows, Adidas took it to another level with the Dame 5’s internal pod system. Does it work better then a standard interior ? Probably not but it works so I can’t complain. And that thing in the front, it’s called a tongue!

Not really much to talk about here, it just fits. Tie your laces, get on the court, and go.

Nice job Adidas!


Mesh and some suede or synthetic suede. Not bad I guess if you’re looking for value. On par with the Jordan 33 materials at least.

Support and stability

Do these look like lows to you?

No issues with support but these are not lows folks, it’s cut as almost high as the Kobe I. But the collar is flexible just like the Kobe.

With this much flexibility, support will come from the great fit and internal heel counter. No issues here.

Midfoot Support

Although this looks like my “stick my shoe in the pocket test”, it only bends in the forefoot and toe which is great because you want most of stiffness midfoot and back. I’m sure there is a decent internal shank and it’s just the right amount of flexibility like most Dames (the 3 was overly stiff imo)

Arch support is great. Thanks for holding up my flat feet

Stability is excellent with a low to the ground set up and very wide outsole similar to the Marquee Boost.Well done Adidas!


Did the Donald design this shoe?

Banking barrier wheeww how innovative. At least it works but I’m pretty sure consumers would prefer not to see such an eyesore..including me. The previous models didn’t have this barrier and worked just as well.

The banking barrier’s in your face look at me look is why I went with the all black. This barrier is made of tpu unlike the Ariana special aka the N3XT.

No issues here!


Dame Dolla doesn’t mess around. No frills, not too pricey, not full of a bunch of marketing BS. No pegboard lace system, no Continental rubber outsole, no Primeknit, because none of it was ever needed; Get the basics down and you have great shoe. Thank you Adidas and Dame!

Is this the best Dame ever? Yes, I’d say so because Adidas finally got the right combo of everything especially the traction. (Finally!!) but it isn’t for players who want or need more cushioning. Half a size down will work for almost everyone so buying online won’t be too risky. Even half a size long, I had no issues which is what any good fitting shoe be able to do. I also think I enjoy playing in it because it feels almost exactly like the Marquee Boost but with Bounce instead of Boost. The uppers might look different but they all really have the same function regardless of looks. If you love Dame, you’ll love this shoe.

Should you pay retail? Nope, sign up for Adidas emails or get in on the Creator Club. I got a nice 25% coupon in my email so that’s 86 bucks right from the jump. I always see loyalty programs as a bad sign for companies but hey it saves me money at least. Like every Adidas basketball model that hypebeasts aren’t chasing these will sit. $90 or under is fair, low around $50-60 per usual.

Not much else to say about the Plain Dame 5 but stay tuned for my Spawn 3, Pg3 and Why Not 2 reviews (all easy reviews and excellent options to start 2019). I’m trying my best to keep up with the releases! Thank goodness I found another good pickup night !

Nice job Adidas!

UA Anatomix Spawn Low 3 Performance Analysis and Review

March 12, 2019 by tinmy2014  

Two UA guys in the dunk contest finals! Who’d have thunk it?!

My reviews aren’t beauty pageants but if they were, the Spawn 3 might get Miss Congeniality

UA is trying to bring back the Anatomix spawn “franchise”(you know all two models) with the Anatomix Spawn Low. Keep in mind that when the Spawn first came out it was basically Steph’s first shoe so it looked special and had a ton of tech marketing packed in it. Now that Steph has moved onto his 6th shoe (technically 7 with the Curry 2.5 and if want to throw in the 3zero’s, technically 9) UA might say it has similarities to the original words are just words when it comes to sneaker marketing. Here is my review for the original

The real question is, how’s the shoe play? Well minus a few unnecessary holes (that’s what she said) and bubbles, I’m pleased to say it’s great, way better than the Curry 5and 6. Sorry the Curry 2 is still the best of the bunch.

Pros: TRACTION, cushioning, overall fit, stability, containment

Cons: lots of deadspace bubbles on the top of the foot, bulbous

Sizing Advice: true to size for everyone. Half a size down if. you want an even tighter fit.

Buying Advice: wait, looks sell


15 ounces or one ounce heavier than the original low. A little heavier than average for a low


Kobe IX anyone ?

Definitely the highlight of the shoe. Coverage in all directions, soft pliable rubber with thin multi depth blades

You can see the variable depths on this pattern. This allows half the traction pattern to grab some dust while the other pattern restsVery similar idea to the Rose 7

Coming off playing with the Tmac which was no slouch, this was a breath of fresh air. Start and stop on a dime with no need to wipe? it’s like I had coffee, kale and yogurt for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Not recommend for outdoor use. These are already getting chewed up playing indoors only. But boy does does bite.

Traction was the one aspect that I was never thrilled about with the OG spawn so I’m beyond pleased with these. Oh andno tearing or ripping of the outsole, well done UA you’re learning ! (Go on UA.com and you’ll see real reviews and experiences from actual customers, yes Curry 6 outsole splitting is real despite the UA defenders)

Well done UA!


Micro G is back and I have no complaints about this set up at all. Micro G firmness changes shoe to shoe but these are what I consider slightly firmer than stock Micro G. I used to love my CFD but when the Curry 2 came out I realized how soft Micro G could get. This iteration is a good blend of court feel, impact protection and bounce.

This little cut out makes transition a little bit smooth a little bit faster

This is what I expected out of HOVR with the Curry 6 but as they always say out with the old and in with the new and back in with the old which is cheaper and better feeling than the new but let’s keep trying to sell the new.

bottom: Ultra thin ortholite insole top: Micro G from the OG

Overall, these feel pretty similar to the original without the big heel to toe drop. But why the bulky looking carrier UA? Looks sell UA. I feel like the Spawn are Duplo inspired. Maybe it’s just Normcore2018 looks 

Nike Kobe 4 Protro Performance Review

March 11, 2019 by tinmy2014  

Just a Retro. Not a protro.

Not much has changed in ten years. The Kobe 4 Protro offers the same pattern and the same soft bite as the original Kobe 4. Traction does start off a little slick, but most Nike’s have been having the same issue as of late. A little bit of break-in time may be required to rub off whatever residue is leftover from the manufacturing process, but once that’s done then it’s pretty much smooth sailing from there.

The rubber seems to be slightly softer than what I remember, so there has been some peeling in a few of my personal high-wear areas of the outsole. Not sure if this will be a common occurrence for everyone, but this has been my experience thus far.

Outdoor hoopers will receive great traction, but due to the softer rubber compound I’m not sure if it’ll be quite as durable as the OG. However, most should be more than happy with the traction no matter if you’re indoors or outdoors.

Full length Zoom Air… just kidding.

The Protro edition of the Kobe 4 is nearly identical to the original. Both use a Phylon midsole and a large volume Zoom Air unit in the heel. However, one minor change between the two is the density of the Phylon itself. It’s a bit softer in the brand-new iteration thus giving a slightly softer feel under-foot. Don’t expect anything drastically different from the OG, if you’ve played in them, and definitely don’t expect a bouncy forefoot ride, but despite the cushion-less forefoot — they’re still pretty comfortable.

This Protro setup offers a lot of rear impact absorption, should you need it, while offering a very stable and low profile ride up front.

If you enjoyed the original setup then you’ll enjoy this version just as much. If you’ve never had the chance to play in the original then you’re in for a treat as these are as close as it gets. If you were looking forward to full length Zoom Air then you’ll be a little disappointed.

Materials look damn near identical to what we saw on the original Kobe 4 back in 2009.

First Gen Flywire midfoot panels are in place and work well. I’m not a huge fan of plastic and thread, but I can’t complain at all about the performance. It works and it’s durable. Not much else you can ask for.

The leather throughout is still synthetic, but like the rubber and Phylon midsole, it feels a bit softer than the OG. I don’t know if it’s actually softer than it once was or if my OG pair were getting old and stiff/dried out. All I know is that this synthetic setup feels and acts like leather really well. So, like the first generation Flywire panels, nothing to complain about. It works. It’s durable. It breaks in nicely.

They fit true to size then and they fit true to size now.

There was a little bit of dead space or volume above the toe area to start but that went away once they materials broke-in — which was very quick. Everything from the lacing to the last to the sculpt of the padding in the heel works just as good as it had. The fit is awesome. However, my favorite fitting shoe of all-time was the Jordan Release Date 2019. Yes, I’m already looking forward to those re-releasing next.

Nothing has changed in this aspect. The heel counter is the same — and it works great. The midfoot glass-based carbon fiber shank is still there — and it works. The tooling is wide in the front while offering a small outrigger — and it works.

The Nike Kobe 4 is one of the greatest basketball shoes of all-time for a reason. Only one thing could have taken these from great to greater and that would have been the inclusion of forefoot cushion. Nike had ten years to think about what they’d do to upgrade these babies and they could have done any number of things to make them slightly improved. React, Cushlon, forefoot Zoom Air, full length Zoom Air… yet, they did nothing. Not a swing and a miss, but a head scratcher for sure.

Didn’t Kobe specifically say he did not want his shoes to be Retroed unless they updated them to today’s standards? Maybe he wanted them to be on that Kyrie wave — having no cushion at all. Maybe he didn’t know the Kobe 4 was a Retro and not a Protro. Who knows.

For $175 they could have, and should have, given us more. If not more then charge less. Are they cheaper than OG pairs found on the after market? Yes. Of course they are. But what does that have to do with anything? The fact is that we were told one thing while Nike did something else. Again.

The shoe is still great, but if we want things to change then we’re going to have to start voting with our wallets. We can’t use after market pricing, or the Kobe Bryant name, as an excuse as to why Nike is justified in ripping us off. That’s what Jordan Brand has been doing and people are starting to understand that it’s simply not worth it.

I love the shoe, but I won’t let that blind me from the truth. This is not a Protro. It’s a Retro. Just like other all-time great performers, they still perform as great as the day they originally released. Just don’t play us for fools. Be honest from the jump and people will decide for themselves whether or not the $175 is worth a purchase. And please, Nike, notify your retail partners of the typo. They’re still selling these things with the description “Full-length Zoom Air unit means long-lasting responsiveness.” Mamba Face.

Li-Ning Way of Wade 7 Performance Review

March 6, 2019 by tinmy2014  

The Li-Ning Way of Wade 7 Performance Review is finally here.

The Wade models have always been a hit or miss in regards to traction, but the Way of Wade 7 was a major miss. I’m not sure why the Wade Brand is able to deliver quality traction on the takedown models, but when it comes to the main signature it’s always a guessing game as to whether or not you’ll get something good.

For the Wade 7 I slipped. Often. Actually, nearly every time I played in them. The only time I wasn’t slipping and sliding around the hardwood was when I wasn’t on the hardwood. I was on the blacktop. For whatever reason the shoes end up gripping well outdoors but I had no luck with them indoors.

It could be the rubber compound. It could be the pattern. It could be a bit of both. All I know is that they were unwearable for me due to the traction alone. Even constant wiping couldn’t save them.

Supposedly the cushion setup is nearly the same as the Wade 6, which I loved, but the Wade 7 doesn’t feel the same. They don’t feel bad or anything, step-in comfort is amazing, but they feel pretty dead under-foot.

It’s unfortunate because I loved the way the Wade 6 felt so much that it really set the bar pretty high for the Wade 7. Much like the traction, I’m not sure what went wrong here.

If you like a lot of stability then these aren’t bad, but you can get stability from other shoes that don’t ride nearly as high off the floor as these do.

Casual wearers will be fine, but if you wanted some plush or bouncy cushion then you’ll want to stick with the Way of Wade 6.

Materials are nice overall. They’re actually different with each release as well. Some feel much more premium than others, but they all have one thing in common — they’re all built really well.

In terms of modern basketball shoes, these are one of the more well built models on the market. They’re durable and show little signs of wear. For those that have those two items high on their priority list then this might be a reason to consider the shoe.

I personally hold traction and fit much higher, so while this area of the shoe is very good, it’s not quite enough to sway me to lace them up again.

Go down 1/2 size. Even for wide footers. The shoe just runs super long.

Once I received a pair in the length I prefer, I still had some volume around the toe area where the toe cap portion is. The laces only go so far down as well so I couldn’t really remedy that with tightening.

Lockdown is decent, but the laces (I assume) were causing some sort of foot fatigue. I don’t know if it’s because they’re thin or because the shoe overall is stiff/rigid, but they just weren’t ideal. I’d tighten to get the security I want and wound up with my feet feeling like they were going numb, and when I’d loosen then a little then they’d be too loose and flexed awkwardly.

Support is good, but the shoes if very stiff because of it. At least I think that’s why. The carbon fiber plate isn’t very large and looks to only reside at the arch, making torsional support very good, but the forefoot just doesn’t flex well for me. However, tooling is flat and wide, with and extended base acting as an outrigger, so stability was on point. Materials and overlays helped with containment and making sure your foot doesn’t shift over the footbed. But, they just didn’t move well for me.

Overall, I like the Way of Wade 7… off-court. I definitely don’t want to play in them again. Traction was less than desirable while cushion wasn’t anywhere near as awesome as it was last year with the Wade 6. Materials and build quality are great, but the overall function… they’re just stiff. Maybe it’s just me. But this was my experience in the Way of Wade 7 so this is how they played for me.

I’m glad I kept a pair of Wade 6s in the stash because those I feel are the best they’ve done thus far.

If you’ve played in the Nike Air VaporMax  feel free to share your thoughts on them down below in the comment section. You can also check out AnotherPair’s performance review on the Wade 7 for a different perspective.