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December 12, 2018 by tmblearning  

The intensity of F5 innovation is its capacity to adjust to your remarkable system engineering and blend of uses.


Inferable from the way that F5 items can deal with such a wide assortment of conditions, we offer a wide range of preparing choices to accommodate your specific circumstance.


TMB Learning offers educator drove courses that give a hands-on learning condition, true critical thinking exercises, and quick valuable input. Our courses pursue a far reaching calendar of courses covering a considerable lot of our application conveyance organizing items.






TMB learning gives F5 Training Course in Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi India and UAE who gives a wide scope of courses and Certification way for the IT Professionals. We trust in adventure learning and decrease downtime.


With our vital group, you can get great PC organizing aptitudes to accomplish the advantage in the IT security and systems administration field.


F5 arrange supply arrangements that make applications secured, fast and available. Additionally assist you with improving fitness and enable associations to bring the wiped out of their innovation venture.


All our virtual F5 instructional courses are taken by our extraordinary and master group, who has tremendous experience and information of every one of these courses. They can help you to develop your abilities and learning of system based applications, security and distributed computing.


We offer magnificent F5 Courses to convey perfection and abilities to make your profession splendid and accomplish your goals.F5 Training Course Bangalore






All our virtual F5 instructional courses are taken by our extraordinary and master group, who has tremendous experience and learning of every one of these courses. They can help you to develop your aptitudes and information of system based applications, security and cloud computing.All our virtual F5 instructional courses are taken by our incredible and master group, who has huge experience and learning of every one of these courses. They can help you to develop your abilities and information of system based applications, security and cloud computing.F5 Training Course Bangalore.F5 Training Course Bangalore-organize stack balancer-server stack adjusting.


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PaloAlto Training

December 10, 2018 by tmblearning  

Go to Palo Alto preparing in Dubai. TMB Learning gives more than 2700+ IT and Business instructional classes all through Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Regardless of whether you're searching for redone on location Palo Alto preparing for a private gathering all through Dubai or a teacher drove online Palo Alto class, TMB Learning has the answer for you. 





System security and protecting against interruptions and assaults are the most noteworthy needs for associations. Palo Alto offers a strong and adaptable stage including cutting edge firewalls and propelled interruption innovations alongside some cloud-based contributions to address different security viewpoints. The Palo Alto Networks preparing and affirmation courses are planned soak up exhaustive abilities to introduce, design, oversee and investigate firewalls guaranteeing most extreme hierarchical system security.


Our Palo Alto Training and Certification Courses enable you to get ready and pass the affirmation tests effectively while approving your general system security abilities. TMB Learning, Dubai have a group of ensured teachers enable you to pick up nature and hands-on presentation on designing and controlling Palo Alto's firewall and other system interruption security advancements productively.

TMB Learning, Dubai is a main preparing supplier of Palo Alto Training and Certification Courses to convey expansive system security and cutting edge organize security items usage abilities. Our adaptable methods of different preparing modes including classroom, on the web, private and gathering offer the most helpful approach to get prepared considering your particular adapting needs.

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Best SD-WAN / SDN Training

December 7, 2018 by tmblearning  

So as to meet the preparation needs of TMB Learning. we are continually searching for qualified experts to lead preparing .projects to upgrade the expert improvement of the IT industry.We might want to welcome experts who have significant experience to set out on a compensating preparing venture with us. Experts who are intrigued may continue to present your application for our thought.


What is SDN and NFV?


Programming characterized Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) are rising advancements in systems administration with another way to deal with planning, assembling and overseeing systems.


Open Networking Foundation (ONF) characterizes SDN as: The physical division of the system control plane from the sending plane, and where a control plane controls.


System capacities virtualization (NFV) is based on Cloud Computing ideas. NFV a system design idea used to virtualize whole classes of system hub capacities. These system capacities turn into the building squares of the cutting edge virtualized organize.





Why SDN NFV Training?


All around all Telecom organizations are forcefully sending SDN/NFV advances to upgrade client encounter, offer creative administrations, and too to decrease Opex Spend, this is to enhance ARPU and client improve experience.It is the ideal time to overhaul onces aptitudes not exclusively to get recogonized and generously compensated however to be refreshed with the present innovation patterns.


What does this Course Cover?


This course portrays the fundamental ideas of SDN, NFV, Cloud figuring and how these ideas are interrelated in the cutting edge arrange design. In addition,the course examines the different measures like Open Daylight, Open Network Operating System (ONOS), OpenFlow, OPNFV, OpenStack and so forth. This course likewise gives handson encounter on making OpenFlow switches and controlling them utilizing unified controller utilizing MiniNet.


Get ready for all inclusive perceived Certification!


This course is OCSA (ONF Certified SDN Associate) affirmation situated and empowers the members to take the OCSA confirmation.


TOC of SDN NFV Training


• Key ideas of SDN


• Describe the SDN design and key capacities


• Describe SDN gauges like OpenFlow, Open Daylight, OpenStack


• Describe Northbound Interfaces, for example, REST and Southbound Interfaces, for example,


OpenFlow and Netconf


• Review the design and advancement of the OpenFlow measures


• Key ideas of Cloud Computing


• Discuss on different Cloud Computing Platforms, for example, OpenStack


• Describe the issues of SDN the board and security


• Describe the key ideas of Network Virtualization and NFV


• Understand how to oversee NFV


• Discuss the present status of advancement of SDN and NFV innovations


• Hands-on lab on making OpenFlow switches and controlling them utilizing unified controller


• OCSA Certification (just whenever picked) 







With many mentors and mentors conveying the I'm Possible Certification, our "family-social gatherings" are unique aptitude advancement proceeding with training meetings highlighting a portion of the world's most notable and regarded Student improvement minds.


The majority of our Certified I'm Possible Trainers and Coaches get access to innumerable I'm Possible advantages. From full access to the majority of our educational modules, ideas, online recordings and exercises, ownership of a completely utilitarian, editable, and accessible profile on our webpage, to limited apparatus and preparing instruments, the full rundown of advantages can be explored at the base of this page.


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Robotic Process Automation in TMB Learning

December 6, 2018 by tmblearning  






Mechanical process robotization (RPA) is the use of innovation that enables representatives in an organization to design PC programming or a "robot" to catch and decipher existing applications for preparing an exchange, controlling information, activating reactions and speaking with other advanced frameworks.


Any organization that utilizes work on an expansive scale for general information process work, where individuals are performing high-volume, exceedingly value-based process capacities, will support their abilities and set aside some cash and time with mechanical process computerization programming.


Similarly as mechanical robots are revamping the assembling business by making higher creation rates and enhanced quality, RPA "robots" are reforming the manner in which we consider and manage business forms, IT bolster forms, work process forms, remote framework and back-office work. RPA gives emotional enhancements in exactness and process duration and expanded efficiency in exchange handling while it raises the idea of work by expelling individuals from dull, redundant assignments.


The innovation of RPA can be connected explicitly to an extensive variety of enterprises.


Process Robotization


Advancements like introduction layer robotization programming – an innovation that impersonates the means of a tenets based, non-emotional process without bargaining the current IT engineering – can reliably do recommended capacities and effortlessly scale up or down to take care of demand. Process computerization can speed up back-office undertakings in fund, acquisition, inventory network the board, bookkeeping, client administration and HR, including information section, buy arrange issuing, making of online access qualifications, or business forms that require "swivel-seat" access to various existing frameworks.


IT support and the executives


Robotized forms in the remote administration of IT foundations can reliably research and tackle issues for quicker process throughput. RPA can enhance benefit work area tasks and the checking of system gadgets. Isolating versatility from HR enables an organization to deal with momentary interest without additional enlisting or preparing.


Mechanized collaborator


As in voice acknowledgment programming or mechanized online colleagues, improvements in how machines process dialect, recover data and structure fundamental substance imply that RPA can give answers to representatives or clients in normal dialect as opposed to in programming code. This innovation can monitor assets for extensive call focuses and for client association focuses.







Key Features



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Top PaloAlto Training in Karnataka

December 5, 2018 by tmblearning  

TMB Learning, IT security and systems administration foundation, offers security preparing for an assortment of maker items. This preparation has been created to help with enhancing foundations and advancing best of breed items for associations over the globe.All these preparation are live intuitive sessions wherein you can raise concerns and talks anytime amid the class. Moreover, we additionally give chronicles of the sessions gone to by you for your future references.





Palo alto Training

Firewall Installation, Configuration, and Management

  • Fundamentals 1 (PAN201)
  • Fundamentals 2 (PAN205)




Palo Alto Essentials 1 ( PAN201 ) Training


Understudies going to this early on level class will pick up an inside and out information of how to introduce, arrange, and deal with their firewall, and in addition setup ventures for the security, organizing, danger counteractive action, logging, and detailing highlights of the Palo Alto Networks Operating System.Palo Alto Networks,Palo Alto Training




Palo Alto Essentials 2 ( PAN205 ) Training


Effective culmination of this two-day, educator drove course will improve the understudy's comprehension of how to introduce, arrange, oversee, and perform fundamental investigating on the whole line of Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation firewalls.


In 2009, the organization discharged a production characterizing the "cutting edge firewall." Palo Alto Networks characterized this cutting edge firewall as containing application mindfulness, full stack perceivability, additional firewall insight, and redesign ways notwithstanding the full capacities of both conventional firewalls an. Furthermore, the organization characterizes its fiwall innovation by the accompanying capacities:

  • Recognize applications paying little mind to port, convention, hesitant strategy or
  • Recognize and control clients paying little mind to IP address, area or gadget
  • Secure against known and obscure application-borne dangers
  • Fine-grained perceivability and approach command over application get to/usefulness
  • Multi-, low inertness, in-line arrangement


The organization is recorded in the "pioneers quadrant" of research firm .'s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise firewalls.




In 2013 MSM – Mobile Security administrator was added to stretch out the firewall security down to cell phones. In 2014 TRAPS was added to the item list. Traps fills in as a form on endpoint insurance, customer assurance without the standard infection record – rather it takes an alternate view and endeavors to screen, identify, and defeat the passage of the infection into the customer by checking basic section focuses.



  • Morta Security was procured for an undisclosed aggregate in January 2014
  • Cyvera was procured for around $200 million in April 2014  
  • CirroSecure was procured for an undisclosed aggregate in May 2015 
  • LightCyber was procured for around $100 million in March 2017 Palo Alto Networks,Palo Alto Training  


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Best Bluecoat Training in Bangalore

December 4, 2018 by tmblearning  

TMB Learning, IT security and systems administration institute, is putting forth security preparing for an assortment of producer items. This preparation has been created to help you with enhancing foundations and improving best of breed items for associations over the globe.


At TMB Learning, we trust the best coaches are those that have genuine involvement in a complex between systems administration condition. That is the reason our mentors are additionally exceptional security engineers who help associations draftsman, plan, incorporate and convey as long as we can remember cycle of items. 





The Blue Coat Certification Program is accepted to find for those IT experts who need to have the right stuff to utilize Blue Coat items and innovation viably. TMB gives a sort of fantastic virtual instructional classes Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and UAE and it is intended to supply you the most extreme quality learning experience.If you want to be able to separate your IT aptitudes from others, it's a great opportunity to set your arrangement without hesitation and get Blue Coat confirmation preparing from us.


Blue Coat Course Descriptions


Blue Coat Certification Training are little lab-based classes, with an exceptionally active way to deal with learning. Every understudy works with his or her own workstation.


Blue Coat Certified ProxySG Administrator (BCCPA)


The Blue Coat Certified ProxySG Administrator (BCCPA) instructional class is expected for understudies who wish to ace the basics of Blue Coat items


Blue Coat Certified ProxySG Professional(BCCPP)


Design Blue Coat ProxySG apparatuses for high accessibility and multi-site arrangements with the Blue Coat Certified ProxySG Professional instructional class


Blue Coat Director


The Blue Coat Director course is expected for IT arrange experts who wish to ace the basics of the Blue Coat Director. Subsequent to finishing this course, you will understand:Bluecoat Proxy-Proxy Traning


Instructions to introduce and design Director


How Director functions with other Blue Coat items


Instructions to look after Director


Blue Coat Reporter


The Blue Coat Reporter course is planned for IT system and security experts who wish to ace the basics of the Blue Coat Reporter. In the wake of finishing this course, you will get it:


The most effective method to introduce and arrange Reporter


How Reporter functions with Blue Coat ProxySG to process get to logs


Instructions to create reports utilizing different highlights on Reporter


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F5 LTM Training

December 3, 2018 by tmblearning  

TMB Learning, IT security and networking academy, is offering security training for a variety of manufacturer products. This training has been developed to assist you with improving infrastructures and optimizing best of breed products for organizations across the globe.At TMB Learning, we believe the best trainers are those that have real-world experience in a complex inter-networking environment. That’s why our trainers are also advanced security engineers who help organizations architect, design, integrate and deploy our entire life cycle of products.There isn’t a substitute for hands-on experience when learning. All of our courses incorporate practice sessions with labs using technologies much like those in your own organization’s environment. You’ll have the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned throughout the course, and bring those experiences back to the office.





Our Trainning Courses :



  •     RIVERBED
  •     ITIL
  •     DEVOPS
  •     IMPERVA (WAF)
  •     SD-WAN/ SDN


Its great that we are into same type of business. If you think you are interested to offer the courses from our portfolio to your students, we are happy to discuss the partnership with you.Our training program will help establish your organization as serious & notable player in your region offering Online, classroom and one to one.



Contact Us :


TMB Learning

Call Us :+91 9108673674

Whatsapp +91 9489184010

Email:  sales@tmblearning.com


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